Becoming Cancer Free

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Nathan Crane

MODULE 1 – The Foundations

MODULE 2 – Step 1 Take Back Your Power Accelerate Your Healer Within

MODULE 3 – Step 2 Build Your Integrative Success Team The Synergistic Power of the Right Support Team

MODULE 4 – Step 3 Trade Fight or Flight for Heal and Thrive Parasympathetic Mastery

MODULE 5 – Step 4 Detoxify your Life Remove and Reduce Everything That Causes Cancer

MODULE 6 – Step 5 Nourish and Rejuvenate the Most Scientifically Validated Anti-Cancer Solutions

MODULE 7 – Step 6 Medicinal Movement, Move Daily for Life

MODULE 8 – Step 7 Make It Last, A Holistic Plan for Health and Healing

MODULE 9 – Closing and Next Steps

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