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The Truth Is…

Living with a chronic disease can be overwhelming, confusing, and disheartening. You’ve been searching for answers, trying various treatments, but nothing seems to provide lasting relief. The truth is, there may be a hidden piece of the puzzle that you haven’t explored yet—the trauma disease connection.

Here’s what you need to know: Trauma, whether from childhood experiences, accidents, or current life events, can have a profound impact on your physical and mental well-being. It’s not just a matter of genetics or external factors. Trauma can leave imprints on your body and mind, manifesting as chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and unexplained symptoms.

But here’s the thing—the trauma disease connection holds the key to your healing journey. By addressing the underlying trauma, you can unlock a path to true and lasting wellness. This is where The Biology of Trauma™ 3.0 Summit comes in.

Here are some of the solutions that you’ll learn at The Biology of Trauma™ 3.0 Summit:

🟢 Heal Your Brain with Depotentiation Techniques

Learn groundbreaking techniques to heal your brain’s emotional processing center, the amygdala. Discover how depotentiation techniques can manage and alleviate the impacts of trauma, paving the way for physical and emotional healing.

🟢 Revolutionize Treatment with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model

Unleash the power of the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model, a game-changer in trauma therapy. Explore the six comprehensive steps that can transform the way trauma and addiction are treated, offering hope and healing for chronic illness.

🟢 Break Free from Functional Freeze States with Healing Strategies

Gain insights into functional freeze states and their profound impact on physical health. Learn practical strategies to break free from these frozen states and embark on a transformative healing journey.

🟢 Activate Your Vagus Nerve for Restoring Balance

Discover the vital role of the vagus nerve in trauma healing and restoring bodily balance. Explore techniques, including yoga, that engage the vagus nerve and promote profound healing from the inside out.

🟢 Move Towards Calm: Incorporate Movement for Anxiety Relief

Learn how movement can alleviate anxiety and promote a sense of calm. Explore the embodied perspective of anxiety and discover the connection between posture and anxiety. Unleash the power of movement to manage anxiety and improve your well-being.

🟢 Become an Empowered Empaths with Specialized Healing Techniques

Empaths and highly sensitive individuals face unique challenges on their healing journey. Explore specialized techniques to heal from trauma and PTSD, empowering you to harness your unique strengths and live a fulfilling life.

At The Biology of Trauma™ 3.0 Summit you’ll learn from +40 leading experts in trauma therapy, neuroscience, functional medicine, mental health, psychology, and physiology. Their diverse perspectives offer a 360-degree view of managing the trauma-disease connection, providing you with the knowledge and tools to reclaim your health and vitality.

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what you'll learn at biology of trauma summit

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Learn from these 40+ world-leading experts

Day 1

Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten, MS

Strengthen Your Stress Buffers & Build Resilience Now

  • Discover why physiological resilience is crucial and often more important than psychological resilience
  • Understand the factors determining post-traumatic disorder versus post-traumatic growth
  • Learn to ask better, more insightful questions when feeling stuck based on research from Mitochondrial Psychobiology
Irene Lyon

Irene Lyon, MSc

Uncover The Functional Freeze's Role In Your Healing Journey

  • Understand what a functional freeze state is and how it manifests in the body
  • Learn to recognize when physical health symptoms are linked to a functional freeze
  • Discover helpful strategies to facilitate the next stage of healing from a functional freeze
Sachin Patel

Dr. Sachin Patel

Learn How To Curb Your Fight Or Flight Response

  • Learn about the connection between mouth breathing and a dominant fight or flight state, and why nasal breathing is beneficial to your health
  • Understand the role of breathing as a healing modality, capable of shifting our bodily states
  • Discover Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as an effective biofeedback and neurofeedback tool for trauma relief
Diane Poole Heller Ph

Diane Poole Heller, PhD

Explore Your Attachment Style's Impact On Digestion & Energy

  • Learn how early environmental factors influence our ability to connect with others
  • Gain insight into dealing with avoidant or ambivalent attachment styles
  • Understand the reasons behind our fear of relaxation and why we must work towards achieving it
David Rabin MD PhD

David Rabin, MD, PhD

Safety: More Than Just The Physical

  • Learn the importance of emotional control for safety
  • Understand how giving tools helps in feeling safe
  • Know the facets of safety beyond the physical realm
Isaac Eliaz MD

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Overcome The Survival Paradox: Your Trauma & Epigenetics Journey

  • Learn about the multi-level responses caused by trauma
  • Discover the role of the survival paradox protein in inflammation
  • Understand the various stages of letting go and how our past traumas may contribute to diseases like cancer

Day 2

Alex Howard 300x300 1

Alex Howard

How To Decode & Conquer Your Fatigue

  • Learn the different components of chronic health conditions
  • Understand the two maps of fatigue to effectively decode your fatigue
  • Discover how to identify and address the first trauma to heal in relation to fatigue
Christine Schaffner June 20 New

Christine Schaffner, ND

Uncover Trauma’s Frequencies In Tissues

  • Learn about the biological impacts of trauma on the extracellular matrix
  • Understand how the lymphatic system plays a role in releasing trauma
  • Discover the frequencies and movements of emotions in tissues
Kenneth Swartz

Ken Swartz, MS

Recover From Trauma With A Powerful Antioxidant

  • Understand the crucial role of mitochondria in cellular function
  • Learn about the benefits of C60 in enhancing mitochondrial health and immune system function
  • Discover how C60 can increase Dopamine production by reducing chronic inflammation
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND inactive

Marisol Teijeiro, ND

Enhance Sleep, Digestion For An Effective Trauma Healing Journey

  • Discover how castor oil can potentially shift your system closer to a parasympathetic state
  • Learn about the usage and benefits of castor oil packs for health optimization
  • Uncover the connection between parasympathetic activation and enhanced trauma recovery
Suzie Senk

Suzie Senk

Learn Powerful Sleep Hacks For Insomnia

  • Understand the intricate connection between sleep, stress, and trauma
  • Discover the correlation between the cortisol-melatonin cycle and sleep quality
  • Learn effective dietary choices and sunset routines for optimal sleep
Reed Davis

Reed Davis, HHP, CNT

Decode Your Health Symptoms With Relevant Lab Work

  • Understand how stress can trigger imbalances and cause metabolic chaos in your body
  • Discover the HIDDEN model as a tool for identifying symptoms of metabolic chaos
  • Learn how to eliminate the barriers obstructing your body’s natural healing process

Day 3

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Is Your Body Warning You? Pay Attention To Signs

  • Understand the messages your body sends related to physical symptoms
  • Learn about Protector Parts and their link to Physical Illness
  • Explore the concept of competing parts causing fatigue and exhaustion
Jennifer Partridge

Jennifer Partridge

Use Tapping For Chronic Illness & Lead A Life Of Purpose

  • Understand the relationship between unprocessed emotions and chronic symptoms such as colitis
  • Learn about EFT Tapping and its role in supporting trauma healing across the emotional, mental, and physical planes
  • Explore how proactive trauma healing through Tapping can facilitate not just relaxation but also an inspiring, purpose-driven life
Catharine Arnston

Catharine Arnston

Feel Great Again: Algae Secrets For Energy & Immune Health

  • Uncover the Power of Algae: Learn about different types of algae, their benefits, and why they are essential for your health
  • Boost Energy and Immunity: Discover why algae is crucial for mitochondrial health and how it can enhance your immune system
  • Who Needs Algae: Understand who can benefit from incorporating algae into their routine and why it is a valuable addition to your overall well-being
Dr. Amie Hornaman New

Dr. Amie Hornaman

You, Your Thyroid, And Mood: Unravel The Connection

  • Understand the strong association between Autoimmune conditions, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the trauma response
  • Discover how the presence of an autoimmune condition can indicate a stored trauma pattern in the nervous system
  • Learn to recognize early signs of thyroid problems, which share symptoms with the trauma response, to prevent its progression
Debi Silver

Dr. Debi Silber

Recognize The Trauma Of Betrayal In Your Health

  • Understand betrayal as a distinct type of trauma and its unique impacts on an individual’s well-being
  • Learn about Post Betrayal Syndrome and the common symptoms associated with it
  • Recognize the five stages of betrayal healing and uncover why individuals often find themselves stuck in Stage 3
Judith Orloff MD

Judith Orloff, MD

Empower Yourself: Healing Techniques For Empaths & PTSD

  • Explore common sources of trauma for empaths and highly sensitive individuals
  • Understand why empaths can often be misunderstood or seen as aloof
  • Learn about the potential gifts that await empaths on the other side of healing
Michael Karlfeldt

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Harness Light Therapy For Trauma-Induced Health Issues

  • Discover how trauma is an energy problem, manifesting when the body perceives a threat it may not have the energy to confront
  • Learn about the dorsal vagal response in the autonomic nervous system that can result in a low-energy state, impacting the body’s systems and metabolism
  • Understand how light therapy can bring energy into a system stuck in a chronic trauma or freeze response without draining existing energy

Day 4

Stephen Porges

Stephen W. Porges, PhD

Uncover The Mechanism Behind The Trauma-Disease Connection

  • Understand the three distinct states of the nervous system and how they influence our wellbeing
  • Identify patterns people often get stuck in, which can negatively affect their health
  • Learn how to read assessments and gain insights into the state of your own nervous system
Vincent Pedre 1

Vincent Pedre, MD

Recover: Gut Healing For Stress & Trauma

  • Understand the gut-brain axis and its bidirectional communication
  • Discover the impact of trauma on gut health
  • Learn about the link between stress-induced inflammation and gut disorders
William J. Walsh PhD FACN

William J. Walsh, PhD, FACN

Uncover The Links: Trauma Triggers & Epigenetic Diseases

  • Learn the crucial role of DNA repair in preventing aging, cancer, heart disease, and mental health disease
  • Understand the importance of your environmental choices in protecting the integrity of your DNA
  • Discover new tools for shielding your DNA, particularly if it is undermethylated and thus more vulnerable to oxidative stress
Janet Winhall

Jan Winhall, MSWFOT

How The Felt Sense Polyvagal Model Revolutionizes Treatment

  • Understand the limitations of current models in treating trauma and addiction
  • Learn the difference between Neuroception and Interoception and their roles in trauma therapy
  • Familiarize yourself with the six steps of the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model and how it can revolutionize treatment for addiction and chronic illness
Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen

Uncover The Role Of Your Neck In Trauma Healing

  • Discover why the neck plays a crucial role in trauma healing
  • Understand the impact of surrounding tissue on vagus nerve function
  • Learn to stimulate the vagus nerve and how essential oils can offer support
Neil Nathan 300x300 1

Neil Nathan, MD

Recover From Sensitivity: Dealing With A Sensitive Body & Mind

  • Gain a fresh perspective on how diseases can trigger a trauma response in our bodies, not just the other way around
  • Identify the three key triggers that enhance the sensitivity of your body, driving a cellular-level trauma response
  • Understand the importance of addressing the biology and conditions that cause a trauma response to avoid feeling invalidated and misunderstood

Day 5

Peter A Levine PhD BOT

Peter A Levine, PhD

What You Need To Know: Breathwork, Syndromes & Healing

  • Discover the common root of all syndromes and their connection to trauma responses
  • Grasp the principles of working somatically with syndromes, promoting healing and balance
  • Understand the potential concerns of traditional breathwork when dealing with syndromes
Marna Pacheco

Marna Pacheco

Debunk Blanket Myths With Neuroscience

  • Learn about weight distribution in weighted therapy
  • Explore the crucial role of nerve activation
  • Challenge common misconceptions about weighted therapy
Bruce H. Lipton PhD New

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Decoding Fear Epigenetics: Can Diseases Be Predestined?

  • Learn how your belief systems shape your epigenetics, influencing your physical state
  • Understand the power of environment creation at both micro and macro levels for better health
  • Gain insights into the deep connections between cellular-level programming and your overall biology
Thomas Hubl

Thomas Hübl

Discover The Truth About Being Trauma-Informed

  • Understand how to enhance precision in trauma work
  • Discover the link between trauma and the onset of physical illness from a comprehensive perspective
  • Rethink and redefine healthy professional boundaries in the context of trauma

Sukie Baxter

How To Change Your Posture To Improve Anxiety

  • Learn to perceive anxiety from an embodied perspective and recognize the signals of disembodiment
  • Explore the correlation between your posture and feelings of anxiety
  • Discover how incorporating movement into your routine can positively impact anxiety levels
Luis Mojica

Luis Mojica

Learn About The Link: Trauma, Nutrition & Gut Health

  • Learn how your dietary choices influence your adrenal glands and potentially contribute to stress and trauma responses
  • Understand the pivotal role of blood sugar levels in triggering stress and trauma responses, and steps for maintaining healthy levels
  • Discover the specific foods that can assist in soothing a trauma response, offering an opportunity to manage your physiological responses through diet
Dr. Tom OBryan


Heal Gut & Autoimmune: Uncover Trauma's Impact, Find Your Way Out

  • Discover the Gut-Autoimmune Connection: Uncover the significant impact of trauma on autoimmune conditions and learn about the role of the gut in these processes
  • Address Chronic Inflammation: Understand the five pillars underlying chronic inflammatory diseases and identify the three internal factors influencing your inflammation genes
  • Take Action for Healing: Gain practical steps to prevent and reverse autoimmunity while accelerating trauma therapy, dedicating just one hour a week to these actionable measures

Day 6

Dr. Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, MD

Overcome Stress & Enjoy Life With Functional Medicine

  • Learn about the effects and experience of chronic fatigue at a relatively young age
  • Gain insights into the importance of biological resilience in managing chronic conditions
  • Discover the types of stressors that can activate our longevity pathways and contribute to overall wellbeing
Arielle Schwartz

Arielle Schwartz, PhD

How Trauma Causes Disease & Accessing The Vagus Nerve

  • Uncover the interplay between trauma and disease via the autonomic nervous system
  • Grasp the role of the vagus nerve in restoring bodily balance and its application in yoga for trauma healing
  • Safely initiate a mind-body connection through a step-by-step guide of six steps
Ginger Healy MSW LCSW

Ginger Healy, MSW, LCSW

Harness Bottom-Up Tactics For Trauma

  • Understand the meaning behind “you are the strategy” in trauma
  • Learn the importance of trauma-informed and attachment-focused care
  • Discover “felt safety” as a strategy in trauma care
Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis

Learn To Build Stronger Bones In Spite Of Trauma

  • Uncover the profound connection between trauma and bone health
  • Understand the influence of childhood stress on your bone strength
  • Learn about the diet essentials for building robust, healthy bones
Austin Perlmutter 1

Austin Perlmutter, MD

Unlock Brain Wellness: Get Your Mind Unstuck

  • Discover the crucial link between the immune system and brain health
  • Understand how diet and sleep influence neuroplasticity and the brain-immune pathway
  • Learn the role of nature exposure in regulating stress pathways and promoting brain wellness
Eva Detko New

Eva Detko, PhD

Heal Trauma With Powerful Depotentiation Techniques

  • Understand the criteria that lead to trauma encoding and the complex neurochemical processes that contribute to it
  • Gather knowledge on the role of the amygdala in trauma encoding and its responses
  • Learn how depotentiation techniques can be employed to manage and potentially alleviate the impacts of trauma on the amygdala
Anis Khalaf Bio Image

Dr. Anis Khalaf

Guide Your Recovery With These 5 Chinese Elements

  • Discover the connection between Chinese elements and trauma recovery
  • Understand Element Typing in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Learn about the impact of toxic emotions on the body

Day 7

Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. Gabor Mate

Learn When & Why The Body Says No

  • Understand the profound connection between trauma and disease from a family physician’s perspective
  • Delve into the science behind how trauma alters our physiology
  • Explore the intriguing links between personality types, anger, our immune system, and their role in disease occurrence
Ellen Vora

Ellen Vora, MD

Learn The Secrets Of Anxiety’s Anatomy

  • Understand anxiety as a bodily reaction, not just brain chemistry
  • Learn the difference between avoidable and purposeful anxiety
  • Know how to recognize antidepressant withdrawals
William Pawluk 300x300 1 300x300 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Explore Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) In Chronic Stress & Trauma Healing

  • Understand the utility of PEMFs (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) for shifting from a trauma physiology
  • Learn the differences between PEMFs and EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields)
  • Grasp the nuances of using PEMF devices for chronic stress management and healing
Dr. James Gordon

Dr. James Gordon

Trauma Work Transformation: The Impact Of Five Drawings

  • Acknowledge that trauma is a universal human experience affecting everyone differently
  • Understand the importance of professionals addressing their own trauma for effective work
  • Learn about the components of a comprehensive program designed for full trauma transformation
Joe Polish

Joe Polish

Understand The Biology Of Connection & Apply The 5% Rule

  • Explore how trauma can sometimes serve as an excuse, impeding personal growth
  • Understand the deep-rooted causes of all addictions
  • Discover the concept of intimacy and its relevance to personal connections
Ariel Garten Bio Image

Ariel Garten

Rewire Your Mind: Meditate To Reprogram & Reduce Trauma

  • Learn to Embrace Meditation: Discover why meditation can be challenging and gain insights on how to overcome the difficulties
  • Understand Your Thoughts: Develop a new relationship with your thoughts and learn techniques to navigate them effectively
  • Harness the Power of Meditation: Explore how meditation can help you break free from limiting narratives and gain control over your mental state

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Choose to buy this summit today and get a complete ONLINE Digital Buddy Pass. You can share it with your significant other, loved one, friend, or even your primary care practitioner.

There’s so much to gain and nothing to lose.

Only $197

Regular Price: $394
You Save 50%

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60-day money back guarantee.

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Patient Success Stories

“Yes, everyone has some type of Trauma. And when we don't know how to handle it, it remains in our bodies as stress our diseases.

Thank you for the tools offered in this summit. Meditation was the BEST advice. I have been using it since I watched the summit the first time. Then learned even more tools when I watched it the second time! I have started meditating 2 times a day. Wow, it has helped sooooooo much! It takes practice and patience with yourself. I am working soooo hard on getting the FEAR out of the way! THANK YOU BUNCHES for the seminar! I have been stuck in freeze mold for over 6 years now. But today I can shift my mind to live despite trauma and heal! Slowly but it is working through the help of Dr. Talks!!!”


“This truly changed my life. It started me on a healing journey where I have learned that life-long nervous system dysregulation is at the heart of my health issues.

It took me 10 years of not feeling well to figure this out. No doctor  (allopathis or functional), naturopath, physical therapist or counselor was ever able to offer me the hope that I have now. Calming my nervous system has started a process of healing that is slow, but is helping me move to a place of thriving, not just surviving.”


“I suffered from chronic fatigue and brain fog every day for years.

Since using tools I actually have many good days. Dr. Aimie is so committed to our healing journey.”


“This has changed my life. I have been given tools and they have been used and were incredibly successful as I have been through some rigorous testing in a recent family crisis.

I am calm now, even in the face of extremely triggering and challenging situations, which in the past would have rendered me unavailable, stuck in the freeze and unable to help myself and my family who desperately needed me . Dr Aimie is very dedicated, caring, and attentive and I am so grateful and thankful for her.”



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Choose to buy this summit today and get a complete ONLINE Digital Buddy Pass. You can share it with your significant other, loved one, friend, or even your primary care practitioner.

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