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Joel Kahn, MD, FACC – America’s Heart Doctor Discusses Nature and Your Health

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“How about a natural therapy for blood pressure, for anxiety, for depression?” asks Dr. Joel Kahn.

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC of Detroit, Michigan, is a preventive cardiologist and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Kahn is also the founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan and the author of several books on heart health and integrative medicine.

Today, he has important information to share regarding a study that concerns us all. What if you could lower daily asthma, psychotropic, or antihypertensive medication by a third or more? Imagine if you could do this by increasing the number of times you are exposed to nature. That is exactly what this study found.

In this video, Dr. Joel Kahn shares the results of a new study that reveals the cross-sectional associations of different types of nature exposure with psychotropic, antihypertensive, and asthma medication.

Nature Can Have A Positive Impact on Mood

For context

It’s been widely known that exposure to nature can have a positive impact on mood by reducing stress, increasing feelings of calm and relaxation, and boosting overall mental well-being.

For example, exposure to natural environments like parks, forests, and bodies of water has been thought to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

However, reviews of previous studies made on this topic have evaluated the evidence and found it to be inconsistent or suggestive.

Enter Dr. Turunen

Dr. Anu W. Turunen of the Department of Health Security from the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare in Kuopio, Finland, led a cross-sectional study to find consistent, statistically significant evidence to back this claim.

What did the study find?

Regardless of your socioeconomic status, you can lower your dependence on psychotropic, antihypertensive, and asthma medication by increasing the frequency with which you visit green and blue spaces.

Reversing Heart Disease Naturally

“I’m always looking for clues like this to try to reduce or avoid medication in my practice,” states Dr. Kahn, “and I’m sure you are looking for that too,” he adds.

As a preventive cardiologist, Dr. Kahn specializes in preventing and treating heart disease. In general, preventive cardiologists focus on helping patients maintain optimal heart health and reduce the risk of developing heart disease through lifestyle changes, medical treatments, and other interventions.

The goal of preventive cardiology is to reduce the risk of heart disease and promote heart health in individuals, regardless of their current heart health status. This type of medicine places a strong emphasis on lifestyle management to reduce the risk of symptoms and reverse heart disease naturally.

Dr. Joel Kahn is also the Co-Host of the upcoming Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit happening from February 28th to March 7th.

Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing

“You’ve probably heard of Forest Bathing,” says Dr. Kahn, “for the past 30 years in Japan, this has been a common practice,” he adds.

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is a practice originating in Japan that involves immersing oneself in nature to improve health and well-being. The practice involves spending time in green spaces or other natural environments, such as bodies of water, to gain better psychological and physiological advantages and health.

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and improve mood, as well as boost the immune system. Forest bathing is considered a form of ecotherapy and is growing in popularity in recent years.

Immerse Yourself In Nature

“You have to go to them!” Exclaims Dr. Kahn, referring to forests, parks, lakes, and other bodies of water.

“But seeing Green or Blue views can also improve your health. If you can look out your house and see a lake, or a forest, or trees. That’s a nice little shortcut, too,” he adds.

Before you paint your walls blue and green, consider taking a walk to the nearest park.

Remember, it’s not the amount of time you spend outdoors that counts, but the number of visits you make that lead to the greatest improvement in your health.

Main Takeaways

Nature's Therapeutic Potential for Health: Dr. Joel Kahn highlights the remarkable potential of nature in positively impacting various health aspects, such as blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. He emphasizes the significant role of exposure to natural environments, like parks and bodies of water, in reducing stress and enhancing overall mental well-being. A study led by Dr. Anu W. Turunen reinforces the idea that frequent visits to green and blue spaces can lead to a substantial decrease in dependence on psychotropic, antihypertensive, and asthma medications, regardless of socioeconomic status.

Preventive Cardiology and Natural Heart Health: As a preventive cardiologist, Dr. Kahn focuses on maintaining optimal heart health and reducing the risk of heart disease through lifestyle changes and interventions. He underlines the importance of lifestyle management in naturally reversing heart disease and preventing symptoms. This approach involves empowering individuals to take control of their heart health and emphasizes the significance of the upcoming “Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit.”

Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing) and Health Benefits: Dr. Kahn introduces the concept of “Forest Bathing” or Shinrin-yoku, a practice originating in Japan that involves immersing oneself in nature for health benefits. He explains that spending time in green spaces and bodies of water can lead to psychological, physiological, and immune system improvements. While forest bathing is a prominent example, Dr. Kahn suggests that even incorporating natural views into daily life, such as observing lakes or trees, can contribute to better health outcomes. The key takeaway is that both physical immersion and visual exposure to nature can enhance well-being and potentially reduce the need for certain medications.

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