For people 85 years and younger it is the #1 cause of death.

Learn new ways to fight and prevent any type of cancer at the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0

Especially for those who are affected by cancer, have a loved one with cancer, or want to prevent a recurrence.

Dr. Michael New
Hosted byMichael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD Renowned Naturopath and Cancer care specialist with over 30 years of transformative healthcare experience.
Hosted byNasha Winters, ND, FABNO Renowned Naturopath and Cancer care specialist with over 30 years of transformative healthcare experience.

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July 9th - 15th, 2024

Dr. Michael New
Hosted byMichael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD Renowned Naturopath and Cancer care specialist with over 30 years of transformative healthcare experience.

Hosted byNasha Winters, ND, FABNO
Expert in metabolic oncology, on a mission to revolutionize cancer care through integrative and holistic methods.

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I Can't Explain What I'm Going Through.

It begins with the shock of diagnosis. Then, the immediate confusion: Why Me? Medical bills follow. And the fear of what lies ahead is always around the corner.

Worldwide, millions bravely face cancer and yet the numbers continue to rise.

1 in 2 of us will be diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 4 will die from it.

It is the second leading cause of death, worldwide. But, for those of us who are 85 years old or younger, it is the #1 cause of death. 

And yet, we know there’s reason for hope. 

New treatments and recent innovations in cutting-edge technologies are providing effective ways to diagnose and fight cancer.

Understanding Cancer is the 1st Step to Vanquishing it.

Today, we stand at the brink of a new era in cancer care—moving towards healing with a holistic approach that encompasses stress management, nutrition, detoxification, and lifestyle modification.

At this summit, you’ll realize how magnificent your body is and how you can trigger its ability to correct itself and heal.

Join us and understand how your own body works. Discover what nutrients you need to maximize your optimal health. 

And learn, how to stay as far away from cancer as possible. 

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Learn From These 50+ World-Leading Experts

Day 1

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Assess Your Cancer Risk And Terrain

  • Discover how to evaluate your exposure to harmful substances like heavy metals, chemicals, and pathogens to understand cancer risk
  • Understand the importance of nutritional assessments and addressing deficiencies to strengthen your body’s defenses against cancer
  • Learn about effective tools and strategies, including specialized labs and detoxifying agents, to mitigate cancer risks and improve overall health

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Cancer Prevention Is The Real Cure

  • Explore the dramatic changes in cancer perception and prevalence over the past two decades
  • Understand that cancer is influenced by more than genetics—lifestyle and environment matter too
  • Learn to proactively assess and reduce cancer risks by better understanding your environmental and lifestyle factors
Nasha Winters ND 2

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Future Insights: Integrative Oncology and Patient Care

  • Discover the evolving landscape of Integrative Oncology and its potential to transform cancer care
  • Learn about the differences and advantages of standard and integrative oncology approaches
  • Explore the effectiveness of a multidisciplinary approach in enhancing patient outcomes in oncology
Michael Karlfeldt ND PhD 400x400 1

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Holistic Cancer Care: Adaptive And Integrative Strategies

  • Explore the complexity of the cancer ecosystem and the need for adaptive treatment strategies
  • Understand cancer’s role as a survival mechanism and the potential of natural therapies
  • Learn about the integration of complementary medicine for holistic cancer management
Dr Jockers 400x400 1

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Your Nutrition & Fasting Plan Against Cancer

  • Understand how insulin, blood sugar, and nutrient-sensing pathways impact cancer growth
  • Learn the science behind fasting to disrupt cancer development
  • Discover how to use press-pulse cycling as a novel approach to combat cancer development
Adam Payne MBA

Adam Payne, MBA

Uncover Alternative Pathways: It's Not Just Your Genes

  • Discover actionable benefits of metabolic over genetic approaches in treatment
  • Understand how metabolic pathway mapping can significantly improve cancer treatment outcomes
  • Explore the benefits of advanced absorption technology to deliver polyphenols directly to cells for enhanced health
Mary Hardy MD

Mary Hardy, MD

Explore Gentle Cancer Treatments

  • Explore curative approaches to cancer treatment that move away from traditional destructive methods
  • Learn how cancer cells manipulate metabolic processes and how targeting these pathways could lead to effective treatments
  • Examine the role of mitochondria in cancer progression and explore strategies to correct their function to combat the disease
Matthew Halpert PhD

Matthew Halpert, PhD

Overcome Immune Ignorance To Re-engage The Immune System Against Cancer

  • Understand how immune ignorance contributes to cancer and the role of dendritic cells in reversing this process
  • Explore breakthroughs in dendritic cell applications that enhance cancer treatment efficacy
  • Gain insights into Immunocine’s platform and its broad applications in enhancing cancer therapies
Sylvie Beljanski 400x400 1

Sylvie Beljanski

Discover Your RNA's Role In Cancer & Health

  • Understand the non-selective nature of chemotherapy and its effects on the body
  • Discover the role of specific RNA Fragments in supporting bone marrow to produce vital blood cells
  • Gain insights into how maintaining platelet levels is crucial for mental health during chemotherapy

Day 2

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Transform Your Life After A Cancer Diagnosis

  • Discover how to reframe cancer as an opportunity for personal transformation and healing
  • Understand the importance of evaluating and improving relationships, diet, and environment to support your body’s recovery
  • Learn actionable steps to create an action plan for lifestyle changes that promote health and well-being

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Don't Guess: Data-Driven Cancer Care Strategies

  • Explore the “Test, Assess, Address” methodology that uses comprehensive patient data for precise cancer care
  • Learn about the wide range of tests that guide tailored treatment strategies for cancer
  • Discover the value of considering environmental and health factors beyond genetics in cancer treatment
Joseph Antoun MD PhD MPP 400x400 1

Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

Your Guide To Fasting And Nutrition For Cancer Care

  • Discover the ideal nutrition plan tailored for cancer patients to support healing and resilience
  • Learn what to eat before and after cancer treatments to maximize recovery and effectiveness
  • Understand how nutrition and fasting cycles can be optimized for cancer patients, including the ideal fasting regimen
Veronique Desaulniers 400x400 1

Véronique Desaulniers, DC

Conquering Breast Cancer By Using These 2 Treatments

  • Gain inspiration from Dr. V’s personal breast cancer journeys and her integrative healing approach
  • Learn about her signature 7 Essentials System® for breast cancer recovery
  • Discover why your genes don’t determine your destiny and the power of an integrative approach
Jennifer final

Jennifer Simmons, MD

Discover Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

  • Understand what breast cancer is, and why it’s increasingly affecting younger women
  • Discover proactive steps for breast cancer prevention and what actions to take upon diagnosis
  • Uncover the role of estrogen dominance in breast cancer prevalence
Dennis Holmes MD

Dennis Holmes, MD

Discover Cryoablation: A Non-Surgical Breast Cancer Treatment

  • Discover what cryoablation is and how it offers a non-surgical option for treating breast cancer
  • Understand the criteria for eligibility and the effectiveness of cryoablation in cancer care
  • Gain knowledge about the recovery process following cryoablation treatment
Isaac Eliaz MD new 2024

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

How Your Mind And Heart Contribute To Cancer Recovery

  • Gain insights into Dr. Eliaz’s personal and professional journey to understand cancer and impermanence
  • Understand how heartfulness and mindfulness can aid in healing from cancer
  • Discover effective strategies for achieving inner peace that support cancer recovery
Geo Espinossa

Geo Espinosa, ND, LAc, IFMCP

Get The Facts: Testosterone And Prostate Cancer

  • Uncover the truth behind common myths linking testosterone directly to prostate cancer
  • Gain a deeper understanding of testosterone’s complex roles in the body and its impact on prostate health
  • Explore the latest research on testosterone levels and prostate cancer, including the safety and efficacy of testosterone replacement therapy
Leigh Erin

Leigh Erin Connealy, MD

Integrative Approaches For Early Cancer Detection

  • Discover essential tests for early cancer detection and proactive prevention methods
  • Learn why cancer can occur even in healthy individuals and the importance of analyzing cancer drivers
  • Explore comprehensive strategies for cancer prevention through personalized care
Kevin Conners 2024

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Unlock Your Healing With Rife Technology

  • Discover how Rife technology passively activates the immune system for healing
  • Learn how overnight use of Rife technology allows you to live your life uninterrupted
  • Understand how Rife technology is customizable to individual health needs
Ben Tammetta 1

Ben Tammetta

Uncover The Power Of Hydrogen Therapy In Cancer Care

  • Discover how hydrogen therapy suppresses cancer spread and supports the body’s immune defense
  • Learn about hydrogen’s role in reducing inflammation and its benefits for cancer patients
  • Explore how boosting mitochondrial energy with hydrogen can enhance overall health and treatment efficacy

Day 3

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Fortify Healthy Cells To Combat Cancer

  • Discover the importance of strengthening healthy cells to resist cancer spread and improve resilience
  • Understand how nutrient-dense foods and living foods with diverse colors can enhance your body’s defense mechanisms
  • Learn about utilizing healthy frequencies from nature and advanced technologies to support and fortify your healthy cells

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Enhance Cancer Outcomes With Metabolic Flexibility

  • Learn how the shift from ancient diets to processed foods affects our health and disease risk
  • Understand how metabolic flexibility, influenced by ancient eating, impacts cancer outcomes
  • Explore the genetic and environmental changes over millennia that affect modern health, stressing the benefits of whole foods
Nathan Crane 2024

Nathan Crane

Uncover The Link Between Toxins, Detox, And Cancer

  • Understand how eliminating toxins can prevent cancerous epigenetic changes and improve your health
  • Discover the alarming link between rising cancer rates and chemical exposure in daily life
  • Gain strategies for identifying and mitigating major toxins to enhance cancer prevention
Cyrus Khambatta PhD 400x400 1

Cyrus Khambatta, Phd

Uncover The Link Between Hyperinsulinemia And Cancer

  • Understand how dietary fats influence blood sugar and insulin’s role in cancer progression
  • Discover dietary strategies to reduce inflammation and manage insulin resistance.
  • Gain insights into the direct link between hyperinsulinemia and cancer risks
Zach Bush MD

Zach Bush, MD

Explore Ecology's Role In Healing And Health

  • Discover the history of soil contaminants and biome destruction & relationship to growth patterns in cancer
  • Understand how mitochondrial energy and biological connectivity contribute to cellular health and regeneration
  • Learn about the integration of physics in biology and how natural connections influence human metabolism and healing capabilities
Nathan Goodyear MD 400x400 1

Nathan Goodyear, MD

Discover Therapy Stacking In Integrative Oncology

  • Learn how multiomics and precision therapy stacking revolutionize treatment personalization in oncology
  • Understand the evolution of chemotherapy dosing from historical practices to current precision-guided therapies
  • Explore real-life examples of how therapy stacking in integrative oncology enhances patient outcomes
Jason Prall

Jason Prall

Uncover The Power Of Your Circadian Rhythm In Healing

  • Discover how your circadian rhythm impacts cancer, metabolic dysfunction, and mitochondrial bioenergetics
  • Understand the vital roles of sleep, clock, and period genes in regulating your body’s internal clock
  • Learn to harness the power of circadian rhythms to optimize your health and healing processes
William Pawluk MD MSc 400x400 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Unlock The Potential Of PEMFs In Cancer Care

  • Understand the distinction between beneficial PEMFs and harmful EMFs, and their impact on health
  • Discover how PEMFs act in the body and their specific benefits for cancer patients
  • Learn which PEMF equipment and resources are crucial for effective cancer therapy
Valter Longo PhD 400x400 1

Valter Longo, PhD

Discover Fasting Mimicking Diets For Cancer Therapy

  • Discover how Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMD) offer a non-toxic approach to cancer treatment
  • Understand the synergistic potential of combining diet with immunotherapy to combat cancer
  • Explore the role of FMD in preventing cancer escape pathways and fostering non-toxic drug development
Catharine Arnston 1

Catharine Arnston

Discover Algae's Secret For Disease Prevention

  • Learn why mitochondria protection is vital for cell energy and overall health
  • Discover algae’s unique properties and nutrients not found elsewhere
  • Uncover how algae’s evolutionary link to mitochondria can restore and protect health
AJ Lanigan 1

AJ Lanigan

Beta-Glucan's Role In Cancer Defense

  • Discover Beta-Glucan and its impact on cancer research
  • Learn about gut microbial modulation and Beta-Glucan roles on immune system
  • Uncover how Beta-Glucan works with chemotherapy, improving treatment efficacy

Day 4

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Maximize Your Immune System To Fight Cancer

  • Discover how to use dietary changes and anti-inflammatory foods to boost gut health and support your immune system
  • Understand the role of comprehensive immune system tests like Lymphocyte Map with Cyrex to assess and improve your immune function
  • Learn about various supplements, vitamins, herbs, and probiotics that enhance immune system resilience during cancer treatment

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Discover Mistletoe's Role In Revolutionizing Cancer Care

  • Learn about mistletoe’s long medicinal use and its evolution into a modern cancer treatment tool since the 1920s
  • Understand how mistletoe extract supports cancer therapy through immune modulation and tumor cytotoxicity, improving patient outcomes
  • Explore how mistletoe complements standard cancer treatments, reducing side effects and enhancing the overall quality of patient care
Lloyd Burrell

Lloyd Burrell

Explore The Link Between EMFs And Cancer Risk

  • Discover the basics of EMFs and their various sources in everyday life
  • Understand the scientific evidence on how EMFs might affect your health and their potential link to cancer.
  • Gain practical solutions to minimize EMF exposure and safeguard your health
Deanna Hansen 400x400 1

Deanna Hansen

Decompressing Fascia: The Missing Link in Healing

  • Discover Deanna Hansen’s journey with fascia, and learn how the right treatment can be pivotal in overcoming trauma
  • Understand the vital role of decompressing fascia and practicing diaphragmatic breathing
  • Explore techniques to manage pain and improve health through targeted breathwork and self-care practices
Peter Kan


How To Fight Against Inflammation & Immune Suppression

  • Understand the intricate relationship between inflammation, immune system suppression, and cancer
  • Explore the drivers behind immune suppression and strategies to restore balance
  • Discover a roadmap to rebalance and restore immune system function effectively
Nicolas Pineault 2 400x400 1

Nicolas Pineault

Wireless Radiation = The New Smoking

  • Discover how daily exposure to cell phones and power lines could elevate your cancer risk
  • Understand the effects of wireless radiation on sleep quality and cellular health
  • Gain practical strategies to shield yourself from wireless radiation, amidst regulatory oversight lapses
Christine Schaffner 400x400 1

Christine Schaffner, ND

Unlock Cancer Care: Terrain & Bio-Regulatory Medicine

  • Learn the role of the extracellular matrix in cancer care and how to support its health through effective drainage techniques
  • Uncover the importance of addressing interference fields in cancer tissues to enhance treatment efficacy
  • Identify resonance and coherence differences between healthy and cancerous tissues to develop targeted cancer therapies


Your Guide To Integrative Oncology And Cancer Diagnosis

  • Learn how to navigate a cancer diagnosis with insights into obtaining multiple professional opinions and understanding their purposes
  • Understand the vital roles of an Integrative Oncologist in education, collaboration, and communication throughout your cancer journey
  • Discover the importance of precision diagnostics and adaptive therapy strategies to achieve and maintain a state of ‘No Evidence of Disease’
Nalini Chilkov LAc OMD

Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD

How To Manage Your Cancer Treatment Side Effects

  • Discover how to restore energy and manage fatigue from cancer treatments
  • Understand steps to clear brain fog and improve memory post-treatment
  • Learn safe supplement use and microbiome nourishment for better immunity
Neel Butala

Neel Butala, MD, MBA

From Cancer Treatment To Prevention

  • Learn about the shift towards cancer prevention and the importance of early interventions
  • Understand how focusing on prevention rather than treatment can reduce healthcare costs
  • Discover the benefits of personalized cancer screening schedules for early detection

Day 5

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Integrate Holistic And Oncology Cancer Therapies

  • Discover effective ways to combine holistic therapies with traditional oncology treatments to enhance their efficacy and protect healthy cells
  • Understand the importance of oxygenation and supplements like quercetin, omega, and vitamin C to support your body during radiation and chemotherapy
  • Learn how to fortify your immune system before and after surgery with herbs, supplements, and dietary adjustments to improve recovery and outcomes

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Uncover The Future Of Integrative Cancer Care

  • Discover advancements in integrative oncology that combine metabolic health with personalized treatment strategies
  • Learn about the Metabolic Train Institute of Health’s work in developing innovative metabolic therapies
  • Explore how new healthcare models prioritize the patient’s overall well-being and individual needs in cancer treatment
Sharon Stills 400x400 1

Sharon Stills, ND

Discover How Holistic Methods Enhance Your Cancer Care

  • Discover Dr. Stills’ unique holistic cancer treatment insights from her personal experience
  • Understand how a robust immune system aids in cancer prevention through holistic care
  • Gain insights into integrating holistic practices for comprehensive patient well-being
Charles Meakin MD MHA MS

Charles Meakin, MD, MHA, MS

Uncover The Power Of Repurposed Drugs For Cancer Patients

  • Discover how repurposed drugs are transforming cancer care, offering new avenues for treatment
  • Understand the significant data backing the role of repurposed drugs and their integration into current cancer therapies
  • Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of utilizing repurposed drugs, ensuring safe and effective implementation
Lee Cowden 400x400 1

William Lee Cowden, MD, MDH

Your Tools For Integrative Cancer Healing

  • Explore how pancreatic enzymes affect cancer cells
  • Understand the significance of mitochondrial toxicity in cancer development
  • Learn about the evidence supporting cancer as a microbial disease and integrative treatment tools
Maya Shetreat

Maya Shetreat, MD

Gain Insight Into Holistic Cancer Therapies And Healing

  • Discover the benefits of Heart Rate Variability and its role in enhancing cancer treatment outcomes
  • Understand the impact of plant-based and quantum medicine in targeting cancer more effectively
  • Explore how psychedelics and vibrational therapies can influence cellular memory and overall health
Ahmed Elsakka MD

Ahmed Elsakka, MD

Discover The Role Of Ferroptosis And Iron Homeostasis In Cancer

  • Understand the balance of iron homeostasis in both normal and cancerous cells and its implications for cancer progression
  • Discover how antioxidant defense mechanisms protect cells against the damaging effects of iron oxidation
  • Learn about ferroptosis, a novel cell death mechanism, and its role in modern cancer treatments
Dagmara Beine PhD

Dagmara Beine, PhD

Navigate Pediatric Cancer With Confidence

  • Understand why traditional pediatric oncology falls short and why a more comprehensive approach is needed
  • Discover how addressing nutrition and terrain can transform the pediatric cancer journey
  • Learn about the role of emotional support and integrative therapies in healing during and after conventional treatments
Tomas Duraj MD PhD

Tomas Duraj, MD, PhD

Researching Cancer Bioenergetics For Future Solutions

  • Delve into the evolving landscape of cancer metabolism research and its implications for treatment
  • Explore the journey from laboratory studies to clinical application, emphasizing the role of molecularly-driven therapies
  • Learn how to navigate cancer treatment options based on the latest research, fostering patient education and autonomy
Cathleen King DPT

Cathleen King, DPT

Regulate Your Nervous System To Navigate Chronic Illness

  • Learn how to manage diagnosis anxiety with nervous system regulation tools
  • Understand Cell Danger Response and its mitigation through trauma resolution
  • Explore relationship improvement with diagnoses using the Primal Trust™ mentorship program
Liz Curran

Liz Curran

10 Healing Factors From Radical Remission Research

  • Learn the core principles of Radical Remission and its holistic healing methods
  • Explore essential lifestyle modifications across physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realms
  • Understand how holistic lifestyle shifts can dramatically improve cancer recovery and remission

Day 6

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Integrate Integrative And Traditional Cancer Therapies

  • Discover how to combine high-dose vitamin C IV, ozone therapy, and other integrative treatments with traditional cancer therapies to enhance efficacy and reduce side effects
  • Understand the benefits of advanced treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, photodynamic therapy, and EBOO to improve oxygenation and immune function during cancer treatment
  • Learn how to use metabolic therapies, herbal supplements, and immune-boosting protocols to support your body’s natural defenses and improve treatment outcomes
Piper Dobner ND MS

Piper Dobner, ND, MS

Explore The Gut Microbiome's Impact On Cancer

  • Explore fecal transplants’ role in restoring and managing your gut microbiome effectively
  • Understand how adjusting your microbiome can impact cancer treatments and improve outcomes
  • Learn about integrating fecal transplants with conventional cancer therapies to boost health
Mark Lintern 400x400 1

Mark Lintern

Discover Cancer's Origins From A Different Perspective

  • Discover cancer’s origins through theories like Somatic Mutation and Metabolic Theory to inform treatment options
  • Explore the Warburg effect role in cancer metabolism and its implications for targeted treatments
  • Examine the influence of fungal pathogens on cancer, proposing a new paradigm of cell suppression for therapy
Angus Dalgleish FMedSci FRACP FRCP

Angus Dalgleish, FMedSci, FRACP, FRCP

Examine The Connection Between COVID Vaccines And Cancer

  • Understand the intricate relationship between cancer and COVID vaccines, highlighting potential impacts
  • Dive into the safety and efficacy of COVID boosters for individuals with cancer
  • Evaluate ongoing research and recommendations regarding COVID vaccinations for cancer patients
Raj Jana 400x400 1

Raj Jana

How To Heal Your Cancer Trauma For Better Treatment Outcomes

  • Learn how addressing cancer trauma early in treatment boosts therapy effectiveness
  • Understand why emotional resilience reduces cancer-related stress
  • Discover tools that help patients cope with cancer and improve treatment outcomes
Andrew Lacy MBA

Andrew Lacy, MBA

Safe And Non-Toxic Imaging With Prenuvo

  • Discover the advantages of Prenuvo’s whole-body scans for safe, non-toxic imaging and how it compares to traditional MRI techniques
  • Understand the differences and implications of screening versus diagnostic MRIs, and the specific benefits of whole-body scans
  • Learn about the importance of establishing a health baseline using non-invasive imaging techniques to monitor wellness over time
Ralph Moss PhD

Ralph Moss, PhD

Connecting Metabolism With Cancer And Type 2 Diabetes

  • Gain insights into Ralph Moss personal journey with cancer and diabetes, exploring the changes he made to his lifestyle.
  • Discover the connection between metabolism, cancer, and diabetes, and how nutritional interventions can help manage and prevent recurrence
  • Understand the latest research and strategies for managing both cancer and type 2 diabetes effectively
Gerald Peter Curatola DDS

Gerald Peter Curatola, DDS

Discover The Link Between Oral Health And Cancer

  • Explore the connection between oral health and cancer, highlighting the role of integrative approaches in prevention
  • Learn how holistic and alternative solutions enhance traditional cancer treatments by addressing root causes
  • Understand the critical importance of a holistic approach in tackling and overcoming cancer
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Transform Cancer Outcomes With Immunotherapy And Innate Healing

  • Discover the evolution of patient-led oncology and its pivotal role in personalized cancer treatment
  • Gain insights from recent pancreatic cancer studies and patient experiences at specialized clinics
  • Learn how the latest research and patient empowerment are revolutionizing cancer outcomes

Day 7

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

How To Monitor Cancer Progress With Simple Blood Tests

  • Discover how the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and lymphocyte-to-monocyte ratio in a CBC can indicate inflammation and immune system function during cancer treatment
  • Understand the significance of monitoring inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, ferritin, and sed rate to track cancer progression and treatment efficacy
  • Learn the importance of tracking LDH levels and circulating tumor cells to assess cancer cell activity and the potential for metastasis
Ronald Alexander PhD MFT SEP

Ronald Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP

Transform Trauma: The Link Between Creativity & Happiness

  • Understand the neuroscience behind mindfulness and its impact on your emotions, happiness, and mental health
  • Discover techniques to transform negative emotions into creative and positive states, enhancing your well-being
  • Explore the connection between a creative mind and intuitive decision-making, along with natural mind/body healing rhythms
John Richardson Jr

John Richardson, Jr.

Laetrile: Medical Freedom Or Quackery?

  • Uncover the historical challenges and legal battles faced in advocating for Laetrile as a choice in cancer treatment
  • Explore the personal stories and significant opposition faced by advocates of Laetrile
  • Learn about the ongoing efforts to promote Laetrile in the context of medical freedom
TJ Hills 400x400 1

TJ Hills

How Genetic Nutrition Improves Your Estrogen Health

  • Learn how to control your estrogen with genetic nutrition to avoid health issues like breast cancer
  • Understand the lifelong impact of estrogen, from natural body processes to external influences like cosmetics
  • Find out how to ensure healthy estrogen metabolism to avoid conditions like endometriosis
Petra Davelaar ND 400x400 1

Petra Davelaar, ND

Unlock Energy: The Secret Of Deuterium-Depleted Water

  • Discover how low deuterium fatty acids can help your body handle extreme conditions
  • Uncover the role of ketones in enhancing cellular communication for better endurance and health
  • Learn about deuterium-depleted water’s potential to produce significantly more energy than ATP
Stacy McCarthy

Stacy McCarthy

Discover Holistic Healing With Yoga For Cancer Care

  • Understand the true meaning of aligning body, mind, and soul through the practices of yoga
  • Explore holistic health from the perspective of yoga to improve overall wellness
  • Gain simple rituals that promote harmony in all areas of your life, enhancing daily living
Gemma Kochis and Dorian Greenow

Gemma Kochis and Dorian Greenow

Guide Cancer Therapies with Blood, Ketone, and GKI Testing

  • Discover the importance of accurate testing in managing cancer therapies
  • Learn how ketogenic diets influence glucose control and enhance cancer treatment outcomes
  • Explore how Keto-Mojo enhances practitioner support and boosts patient adherence with the MyMojoHealth tool
George Yu MD

George Yu, MD

Enzymes and Proteases in Cancer Treatment

  • Dive into how immunology shapes therapeutic approaches in cancer treatment
  • Learn about the role of calorie restriction and ketogenic diets in reducing cancer progression
  • Understand the significance of combining PET and CAT scans for a metabolic approach in cancer diagnostics
Monisha Bhanote MD ABOIM FCAP

Monisha Bhanote, MD, ABOIM, FCAP

Boost Cancer Prevention: Gut Health & Cellular Integrity

  • Explore cellular health as a crucial foundation for effective cancer prevention
  • Discover the critical role of the gut microbiome in influencing cancer dynamics
  • Learn integrative strategies to enhance overall health and actively combat cancer
Vineet Datta MD

Vineet Datta, MD

Implement Multi-Analyte Genomic Precision Oncology In Practice

  • Understand the complexities of treating challenging cancers and the role of multi-analyte genomics
  • Explore how multi-analyte genomics provides new options for managing advanced, refractory cancers
  • Discover the latest data on genomic strategies and the hope they offer for future cancer treatments

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11 Things Your Cancer Program Needs To Address

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30 Cancer Fighting Foods Guide

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  • The Food with the Most Gut Healing Short Chain Fatty Acid: Butyric Acid
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  • The Oddly Shaped Asian Mushroom That Raises Intracellular Antioxidants and Improves Mitochondrial Function!
  • The Secret Nutrients in Fermented Foods and 10 Best Ways to Consume Them!

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Break Free Of Survival Mode & Reduce Your Cancer Risk

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Unlock the secrets to a holistic approach to life, medicine, and cancer treatment with this exclusive look into A collection of chapters from the best-selling book, The Survival Paradox by Dr. Isaac Eliaz. Come along as he shares his profound insights and guidelines, encouraging a paradigm shift in thinking and understanding. Discover the power of seeing the big picture, understanding the dynamic interdependence of everything within and outside the body. Dr. Eliaz emphasizes the importance of aligning the big picture with the small details, allowing for more refined and powerful treatments. By viewing each individual as a whole and tailoring treatments accordingly, we can better serve their unique needs, goals, and desired outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding and approach to cancer care.

Learn more in this collection of chapters from the best-selling book, The Survival Paradox

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Super Charge Your Health To Protect Yourself Against Cancer: How PEMF Therapy Can Help Prevent Cancer, Enhance Overall Cancer Treatments, And Aid In Recovery

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Embark on a transformative journey to optimal health with the ebook, “Super Charge Your Health To Protect Yourself Against Cancer.” This guide explores the revolutionary realm of PEMF therapy, revealing its pivotal role in cancer prevention, treatment enhancement, and recovery support. Uncover the science behind PEMF, empowering yourself with practical strategies to seamlessly integrate it into your routine, reducing cancer risks. Discover how this non-invasive technology can synergize with traditional treatments, heightening efficacy while minimizing side effects. Whether you seek holistic cancer prevention or navigate treatment challenges, this ebook provides valuable knowledge to revolutionize your journey toward optimal health and resilience. Seize control of your well-being for a healthier, cancer-resistant future.

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6 Steps To Dealing With A Cancer Diagnosis

6-Steps To Dealing With A Cancer Diagnosis

By Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but the Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters offers a supportive and empowering path forward. This 6-step guide will give you the path and resources to get started.

You’ll find information about connecting with a Terrain Certified Advocate who can give you personalized support and guidance. Additionally, you’ll learn how to locate a practitioner trained in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer, ensuring you receive tailored treatments and integrative care.

Remember, you are not alone. By following the Metabolic Approach, you are taking proactive steps towards healing. Stay hopeful and confident—you’ve got this!

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Winning the war on cancer

Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards A Natural Cure

By Sylvie Beljanski

This book, written through the eyes of Dr. Beljanski’s daughter, Sylvie Beljanski, tells the true story of one woman’s quest to carry on her father’s legacy and to discover a new cancer treatment. The book combines scientific information with a tale of defiance, hope, despair, personal growth, and love. It provides:

~ Holistic Cancer Understanding: Gain insights into holistic perspectives on cancer, exploring natural approaches that complement conventional medical practices.

~ Research and Advocacy: Learn about Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s groundbreaking research and Sylvie’s advocacy efforts, uncovering lesser-known avenues for cancer research and raising awareness about potential natural solutions.

~ Empowerment and Hope: Receive empowering information and stories that provide hope to those affected by cancer, offering alternative options and a renewed sense of control over their health journey.

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A New Alternative for Your Cancer Patients

A New Alternative For Your Cancer Patients

By Matthew Halpert, PhD

The Immunocine Dendritic Cell Treatment (IDCT) protocol is a less invasive, more precise way to treat multiple types of cancer.

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5g in 5 minutes bonus cover New

5G In 5 Minutes - Quick And Rational Guide On 5G Radiation

By Nicolas Pineault

“5G” has officially made it to the buzzword status, and is now in the news worldwide — in some countries more than others. But what’s the rational truth about 5G? Should you be worried? Reassured? What does science really say about the health risks associated with this vast increase in radiation exposure? This short report will shed some light on all of these questions, and help you make informed decisions about how you use technology.

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5G How To Protect Yourself and your loved ones

5G How To Protect Yourself (and your loved ones)

By Lloyd Burrell

EMF toxicity has become unrelenting, due to 24/7 exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from cell towers, Wi-Fi and now, 5G. Learn what 5G is exactly, the dangers and what you can do to protect your family. Authored by Lloyd Burrell, a globally-recognized leader in EMF health, this concise but powerful eGuide is about understanding the risks and how to avoid them.

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Heart-Brain-Fascia Coherence: The Bridge To Wholeness

By Christine Schaffner, ND

Explore the intricate web of connections within your body! Emphasizing fascia’s vital role in facilitating communication between the heart and brain, this eBook delves into the concept of coherence as a state of resilience and manifestation, shedding light on how it can be harnessed to foster harmony between individuals and the Earth. With practical applications that unlock the potential of this internal communication network, you will gain insights into harnessing fascia as a fiber optic network within you. This comprehensive journey concludes with a thoughtful reflection on the sources referenced, leaving readers with a profound understanding of our interconnected existence.

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The Cellcare Plate

The #CellCare Plate Cookbook

By Monisha Bhanote, MD, ABOIM, FCAP

#The CellCare Plate Cookbook offers a valuable collection of plant-based, gluten-free recipes designed to enhance overall health. Each dish is crafted to nurture the microbiome, bolster the immune system, and improve cellular health. Perfect for enriching your health journey, these recipes align with holistic wellness principles and support sustainable health practices. As you explore these delicious dishes, you’ll discover how each ingredient works to promote a thriving internal ecosystem, enhancing both vitality and disease resistance. This cookbook is a crucial resource not only for cancer patients but for anyone seeking to support their body’s natural defenses through nutrition. Enjoy transforming your meals into powerful tools for wellbeing.

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The Not So Radical Cancer Diet

The Not-So-Radical Cancer Diet

By Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Download Dr. Kevin Conners’ groundbreaking eBook, a helpful distillation of his talk at the “Cancer Breakthroughs Summit,” where he discusses the potential risks of ‘one-size-fits-all’ cancer diets and offers practical dietary advice for cancer patients. Gain valuable insights into how a balanced, personalized approach to nutrition could impact your journey with cancer, learning why certain strict dietary regimens could do more harm than good. As a bonus for Summit registrants, you’ll also learn about our FREE, LIVE interactive show with Dr. Conners where you can engage in a dynamic Q&A session, getting your burning questions answered by this leading expert in the field.

Conners Clinic, under the expert guidance of Dr. Kevin Conners, is a transformative alternative cancer coaching center that advocates for a comprehensive, holistic approach to health. Rather than treating symptoms, we focus on helping members in identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases like cancer. Our goal is to educate and empower individuals to understand and facilitate their body’s healing journey through personalized dietary and nutritional protocols, extensive resources including courses, video libraries, and exclusive weekly interactions with Dr. Conners. All of this can be accessed from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re battling cancer or seeking help with any chronic health condition, we’re committed to being your ally in healing. At Conners Clinic, we’re not just about treatment – we’re about teaching you to reclaim your health.

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Two Meditation Albums from Dr. Ronald Alexander Wise Mind Open Heart Meditation and Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation

Two Meditation Albums From Dr. Ronald Alexander: Wise Mind, Open Heart Meditation And Mindful Meditations For Creative Transformation

By Ronald Alexander, PhD, MFT, SEP

Wise Mind, Open Heart A

Meditation Series on Mindfulness and Core Healing Wise Mind,

Open Heart is a series of mindfulness meditations from pioneering psychotherapist, Ronald Alexander, PhD to help listeners make a dramatic difference in their ability to remain calm, focused, and nonreactive when dealing with stress, anxiety and changes in their lives. Produced as a companion to Ronald Alexander’s widely acclaimed book Wise Mind, Open Mind together they provide practical and innovative tools to help one through today’s stressful times.

Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation

Access your inner resources to manifest greater vitality & creativity

Mindful Meditations for Creative Transformation helps listeners to access their core creativity, empowering them to pursue their passions even when faced with challenges and letting go of any resistance that they might have to making a change. Based on Dr. Ronald Alexander’s widely acclaimed book Wise Mind, Open Mind these meditations help you to listen and pay attention to what you might otherwise overlook—whether it’s a fresh idea or a new way of perceiving a situation. Learning to tap into your core creativity helps you remain enthusiastic and resilient regardless of circumstances, because you’ve learned that you can always rely on this powerful force to lead you out of the woods of the unknown and into the clearing.

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How Healing Happens

How Healing Happens

By Cathleen King, DPT

Do you want to learn how you can consciously self-regulate your own biology through the power of your brain and nervous system?

In this guide, Cathleen King, DPT, CEO and Founder of Primal Trust™ Academy and Community, gives you a thorough overview of both the science and approach to self-healing for chronic illness and chronic stress related conditions.


  • Cell Danger Response Theory, the Autonomic Nervous System, Polyvagal Theory, and the Limbic System
  • Somatic healing, the vagus nerve, and why you need more than brain retraining to sustain healing
  • What Cathleen King learned from her own healing journey, from being chronically ill and bed bound with chronic Lyme, CFS, POTS, mold toxicity, Panic Disorder, anxiety, and multiple chronic diagnoses, to living a full life and leading 10,000+ people through her revolutionary self-healing program
  • How she was a way-shower, combining both top-down and bottom-up healing modalities, melding functional neurology exercises, vagus nerve toning, neuroplasticity, and somatic healing
  • Insights and a full, comprehensive break-down and explanation of the Primal Trust™ membership, the original platform for combining brain retraining, somatics, vagus nerve toning, and trauma healing

Plus 5 powerful self-regulation exercises, including a guided somatic meditation audio, for you to start your own journey today! This books acts as a mini-program on its own.

Learn the art of brain retraining, somatic healing, and true self-discovery, and you too can experience How Healing Happens…

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A Doctor Who Dared Cover

“A Doctor Who Dared” - Cancer Control Journal-Sep/Oct-Nov/Dec 1976

By John Richardson, Jr

RNC’s stunning discovery of this Cancer Control Journal from 1976 provides many unique glimpses into Dr. John A. Richardson’s battle with the government about his use of Laetrile/Vitamin B17 for his patients during the 1970s. Many of the articles provide vivid details of both the arrest of Dr. Richardson and his subsequent trials, fighting for the Medical Freedom of Choice he believed his patients deserved.

Some articles included in the 46-page booklet are:

  • A Doctor Who Dared
  • Doctor on Trial
  • Laetrile: Forbidden Weapon Against Cancer
  • Laetrile Called Political, Not Scientific Controversy
  • Laetrile ‘Smugglers’ Saw U.S. Protecting Cancer ‘Industry’
  • Patients Praise Laetrile
  • Dr. Richardson Sues Board for Return of His License
  • New Tributes Flood Doctor’s Trial
  • The Great Apricot Kernel War (Parts I and II)
  • Government Bureaucrats Stifle Cancer Research
  • FDA Uses Double Standard on Laetrile
  • Amygdalin on FDA’s GRAS List, Dean Burk Reveals
  • FDA Must Explain Finding Laetrile Safe and Harmful
  • FDA Scorns Laetrile Laws
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Cancer and the Gift it Brings

Cancer And The Gifts It Brings

By Sharon Stills, ND

This gift will guide you on how to explore a mind-body approach that will leave you feeling more empowered and healthier than you’ve ever felt, despite your cancer diagnosis. I would also like to remind you that as you read the following pages: you are a patient WITH a cancer diagnosis. You are not a “cancer patient.” You are still you – and yes, cancer will be a part of your story, but it doesn’t have to be the whole book. You do not always control what happens to you, but you can always control how you respond.

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unlocking longevity ebook02 1

Unlocking Longevity: The Power Of The Fasting Mimicking Diet

By Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

“Unlocking Longevity” serves as your definitive guide to the science and practical experience of the fasting mimicking diet, presented in an engaging and informative format. Delve into the transformative potential of this revolutionary approach to health and longevity. Explore the science underpinning this innovative program, shedding light on its capacity to facilitate weight loss, increase energy levels, and enhance longevity. Moreover, discover how scientific evidence supports its use for patients with cardiovascular, Diabetes and Cancer. “Unlocking Longevity” effectively bridges the divide between scientific research and its real-world application. Gain access to the understanding and implementation of fasting mimicking diets, supported by step-by-step guidance. Grasp the profound advantages this approach offers for various health conditions. This book serves as your gateway to a healthier, longer life through the principles of fasting mimicking.

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The Foundation of Health

The Foundation Of Health: Restoring And Regulating The Body’s Energy Production

By Petra Davelaar, ND

Dr. Petra’s eGuide provides an overarching all-inclusive 10-step approach to restoring and regulating the body’s energy production that will revolutionize medicine for human benefit.

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The Ultimate Guide to Fascia

The Ultimate Guide To Fascia: The Benefits Of Fascia Decompression For Pain, Illness, Aging And Trauma

By Deanna Hansen

Fascia is the most often overlooked tissue that is critical to our health. When your fascia is healthy, it allows for the ease of flow of nutrients into the cells and the removal of toxins and waste from cells. Unfortunately, modern life, including “tech posture,” environmental toxins, stress, and more, have resulted in fascia stagnation. Learn how to decompress and release fascia adhesions to open flow and release old debris and toxins to turn on the body’s innate healing potential.

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Clinician Guide What Common Blood Tests Reveal About Cancer Risk VIP

Clinician Guide: What Common Blood Tests Reveal About Cancer Risk

By Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD

Understand Common Biomarkers that reflect the Tumor Microenvironment

Learn to recognize early signs of recurrence among cancer survivors

Recognize the multiple biochemical signals that emerge from a pro-carcinogenic tumor microenvironment

Become the long-term health partner that patients in your community are seeking

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The Beljanski Approach to Cancer VIP

The Beljanski Approach To Cancer

By Sylvie Beljanski

Discover the pioneering journey of Mirko Beljanski, the “Father of Environmental Medicine,” in unraveling the link between DNA destabilization and cancer through natural extracts. “The Beljanski Approach to Cancer” eBook delves into his groundbreaking research and its profound implications on natural, non-toxic cancer treatment strategies. Embrace a new vision for battling cancer, supported by decades of scientific advancement and the ongoing mission of The Beljanski Foundation.

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Radical Remission Action Plan E Book

Radical Remission Action Plan E-Book

By Kelly Turner, PhD

Dr. Kelly Turner traveled the world and analyzed more than 1,500 cases of cancer patients that overcame the odds of a dire prognosis — as well as the healing experts who helped these incredible survivors find remission.

While learning their amazing stories of perseverance, ten common healing factors appeared again and again in the survivors’ stories. These ten common factors became the basis for the books, Radical Remission and Radical Hope, and the Radical Remission Docuseries.

Your Radical Remission Action Plan outlines the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing factors from Radical Remission research, as well as 20 ways to introduce the 10 Healing Factors into your life — Starting Today!

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Leverage the Power of Hydrogen Therapy

Leverage The Power Of Hydrogen Therapy: 10 Key Benefits For Cancer Recovery by


Discover the key ways hydrogen therapy can aid in cancer recovery and improve your daily wellness.

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10 Life Changing Principles Your Oncologist Didnt Tell You

10 Life-Changing Principles Your Oncologist Didn’t Tell You

By Cancer Doctor (Adrian)

Adrian, the CEO of Cancer Doctor, shares 10 life-changing insights he wish his mother’s Oncologist had share with them which could have saved her life.

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Algae Protects Mitochondria Health With Superoxide Dismutase SOD

Algae Protects Mitochondria Health With Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

By Catharine Arnston

Living long without chronic disease, like cancer, is achievable. The secret is to protect your mitochondria. Download this FREE Mitochondria Health guide to learn why and how damaged mitochondria cause disease and aging and how to prevent this damage with a powerful antioxidant only found in ENERGYbits® spirulina algae called SOD (superoxide dismutase). SOD is proven to protect mitochondria and prevent chronic disease.

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Metabolic Health Revolution Embracing Natural Solutions for Disease Prevention

Metabolic Health Revolution: Embracing Natural Solutions For Disease Prevention

By Adam Payne, MBA

There are two major approaches to cancer. Do you know which one your doctor subscribes to? It’s important to understand both views and what actions you can take for each – and some of them are totally natural.

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FREE Case Preview To Determine Eligibility For Breast Cancer Cryoablation

FREE Case Preview To Determine Eligibility For Breast Cancer Cryoablation

By Dennis Holmes, MD

Wondering if You or Someone You Know Is A Candidate for Cryoablation.?

As A Bonus to Cancer Breakthrough Summit attendees, Dr. Holmes offers a FREE case preview to determine if you or someone you know is a candidate for cryoablation.

For the Case Preview, Dr. Holmes will review recent mammograms, ultrasound, MRI and pathology reports and imaging studies and provide an assessment of eligibility for cryoablation. No office visit is required. All reports and imaging studies can but submitted online.

This is a $250 Value.

A follow-up appointment can be scheduled virtually if found to be eligible for cryoablation.

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Meet Your Summit Hosts

Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD, stands out as a leader in the realm of natural health and cancer care. With over three decades of dedicated practice, Dr. Karlfeldt has molded his career around the holistic treatment of chronic diseases, particularly cancer, rooting his approach in the belief that healing encompasses more than just the physical body. His journey, fueled by a personal encounter with cancer in his family, has solidified his commitment to transforming fear into understanding and empowerment for those battling this formidable disease.

Dr. Karlfeldt’s extensive training began under the mentorship of Dr. Ingemar Wiberg, a leading figure in Swedish Naturopathy, setting the foundation for a career that spans the globe. His approach is not a one-size-fits-all; it’s a tailored experience designed to make every patient feel seen and heard. This personalized care extends beyond his clinic, The Karlfeldt Center, into his educational efforts on platforms like Amazon Prime’s “True.Health with Dr. Karlfeldt” and the HealthMade Radio Show & Podcast.

The upcoming Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0, hosted by Dr. Karlfeldt, is not merely an event; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for attendees to dive into the latest in cancer treatment, prevention, and holistic care from more than 50 experts worldwide. By joining the summit, participants are not just gaining access to invaluable knowledge but are also stepping into a community ready to support them on their journey to healing. With Dr. Karlfeldt’s guiding hand, this summit promises to be a transformative experience, offering hope, knowledge, and empowerment to those touched by cancer.


Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, is not just a seasoned expert in integrative cancer care; she’s a testament to the power of holistic healing. Having faced a dire diagnosis of end-stage ovarian cancer at just 19, Dr. Winters turned her grim prognosis into a lifelong mission of hope, education, and transformation in cancer treatment. Her personal battle with cancer fueled her dedication to exploring and advocating for integrative approaches to cancer care, making her a sought-after consultant and speaker globally.

Dr. Winters’s journey from patient to pioneer has led her to develop comprehensive programs and educational materials aimed at both medical professionals and the public. Her work emphasizes the critical role of vetted integrative therapies in enhancing cancer treatment outcomes, culminating in her vision to establish a cutting-edge metabolic oncology hospital and research institute in the US. This initiative aims to merge the best of conventional care with advanced integrative therapies, all within a healing environment.

Attending the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0 to hear from Dr. Winters offers participants an unparalleled opportunity. Her insights into metabolic approaches, the clinical use of mistletoe, and her global mission to transform cancer care provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration. For those navigating the complex world of cancer, Dr. Winters’s story and expertise illuminate a path forward, emphasizing that beyond the darkness of a cancer diagnosis lies the potential for healing, resilience, and a thriving life.

Join us and take a powerful step forward in your journey against cancer.

You are stronger than ever before.

Cancer is not just a battle—it's a war we can win.

As the cancer epidemic continues to escalate, the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0 aims to address the urgent need for a holistic solution beyond the confines of conventional medicine.

With cancer diagnoses on the rise and the complexities of patient care,  this summit emphasizes the need for a comprehensive strategy to combat this global health challenge.

This is why Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Dr. Nasha Winters are leading the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0. It is a unique opportunity to discover innovative ways to prevent, manage, and overcome cancer.

With an assembly of over 50 experts, including renowned doctors, researchers, and holistic health practitioners, participants will learn about groundbreaking methods to restore health and vitality. This summit isn’t just about cancer – it’s a movement to change how we fight cancer and create hope where there was none.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey towards wellness, join us at this pivotal summit. Together, we can redefine the future of cancer care and reclaim the vibrancy of life.

What You Will Learn at the
Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0

…And much much more!

Why You’ll Love the
Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0

Watch At Your Convenience

Every video is available for 24 hours, so you can watch at a time that works for you.


When you join us at the summit, you’ll receive valuable bonuses you can put into action immediately.


You’d pay thousands of dollars to learn about these topics in a classroom. They’re yours for free.

For people 85 years and younger it is the #1 cause of death.

Learn new ways to fight and prevent any type of cancer at the Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2.0

Especially for those who are affected by cancer, have a loved one with cancer, or want to prevent a recurrence.