Andrew Salisbury

Andrew Salisbury is originally from Cambridge England. In 2006 he founded Corsidian in Mexico to provide contact centers software to the largest banks and call centers. Over 6 years it expanded to offices in 5 countries and installations in 13 countries and was the largest provider of call center software in Latin America. The company was sold in 2011 to Aspect Communications.

In 2015 Andrew started Purity Coffee to create awareness of the health benefits of coffee where every decision is based on health. Last year Purity was recognized in INC Magazine’s 5000 fastest growth companies at number 193 and 2nd fastest growth coffee company in the US. Purity Coffee’s mission is to improve the world’s health through coffee with a focus on its benefits for Liver and Type II Diabetes.

He lives in Atlanta with his wife Amber and 15 year old daughter Leela. One of his proudest accomplishments is that he still holds the world record for the longest bungee jump of 3147ft from a helicopter.

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