Gregg Gonzales

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with questions. As a child, I would walk up to complete strangers and ask them open-ended questions – just because I truly wanted to know their answers! I find it remarkable that I get to do this as my work and through the organic evolution of holding space and asking heart-centered questions, I found the answers people shared told a story. A powerful, honest, raw, and sometimes vulnerable story about their human experience. As the pandemic ripped through our lives, the birth of The SpeakEasy Method took shape. What I found was a process that enables those who have always wanted to share their story with the world but struggled with how to get started do so in a unique, efficient, and powerful way. I have helped dozens of people fulfill their dream of becoming a writer and author by enabling them to write with their voice in a collaborative way which produces the foundation of a first draft that is full of honesty and energy. I am so excited to also see how The SpeakEasy Method unlocks creativity and self-awareness beyond anything I have experienced before. My authors have commented how “their story doesn’t stop” once our recording sessions end and they feel inspired to write and express themselves like never before.

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