Jeffrey McDonnell

After experiencing a profound and at first unwelcome spiritual awakening in 2011, Jeffrey left a highly successful 26-year career in leadership at a Fortune 10 company in 2015 and has found a life filled with passion and purpose. His most cherished roles are a family man, an organizational healer, and a conscious business champion. He has raised Donna Eden’s and Dr. David Feinstein’s tiny organization into a world leader in teaching energy healing and elevating consciousness. In the process, he has learned a great deal about the power of our body’s subtle energies and the innate ability we all have to self-heal. Equally important, he has mobilized a group of well-meaning people into a powerful global force. Jeffrey will share with you his journey and how Donna’s and David’s approach, Eden Method, have profoundly changed his life, and ultimately inspired him to want to teach and support others to lead their businesses from the place of love, compassion, passion, and purpose.

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