Russell John Kort

Dr. Russell John Kort is the clinical lead for DoctorEMF:tm:. He is an author, public speaker, and was named innovator the year in 2019 for BrainTap Technologies.

Dr. Kort believes that exposure to chemicals and pathogens (environmental toxins) over the past 20 years has increased at an exponential rate, which corresponds with the advent and proliferation of wireless technology (technology toxins). There is a great need to educate on the global health issues associated with EMFs and the stress caused from these Environmental and Technological Toxins (ETT). Millions are suffering from unexplained neurological, neurobehavioral (anxiety, depression and PTSD), eye, ear, heart, sleep, and immune issues from environmental and technology toxins (ETTs). He teaches that all dis-ease is caused by stress from toxins, trauma and thought, based on Dr. Robert Naviaux’s groundbreaking model, the Cell Danger Response (CDR). When we are exposed to these cell danger stressor(s), biological responses occur sequentially, and can cause heart, skin, and immune issues.

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