Sarah C. McEwen, PhD, NSCA-CPT

Dr. McEwen is a Cognitive Psychologist and has 15 years of research experience in both academic and clinical settings. Dr. McEwen has a PhD in Psychology and completed her NIH T32 Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience in the UCLA Department of Psychology. She has extensive experience in human functional brain imaging in the fields of severe mental illness, neurodegenerative and neurocognitive disorders, using innovative multi-modal MRI approaches to identify brain changes in structural and functional connectivity and neurochemical markers of exercise-dependent neuroplasticity. Dr. McEwen is a Senior Research Scientist at the Providence Saint John’s Health Center: Pacific Brain Health Center in Santa Monica, CA where she conducts precision medicine, randomized controlled trial research in patients with mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. McEwen also serves as an Editor for the peer-reviewed journal NeuroReport. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics at the Saint John’s Cancer Institute and was previously a research scientist in the School of Medicine, Departments of Psychiatry at UC San Diego and UC Los Angeles.

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