Shelly Lefkoe

For the past 30 years Shelly has been helping people free themselves of unwanted behavior and emotional patterns. Shelly believes that information and motivation isn’t enough to help people change when change is hard. So what does?  The answer: finding our hidden beliefs and then changing them.  How does she know this?  Besides a few research studies that show her approach works, she’s helped thousands of clients make lasting changes in their emotions and  behavior with her method of finding and then dissolving beliefs. Shelly is a lively and thought provoking guest. She shares compelling stories that both delight and entertain.  And when people listen to her, then tend to act on her suggestions in ways that improve their lives. Her approach called the Lefkoe Method has impacted over 200,000 people Worldwide resulting in lasting change in longstanding issues.  People often say that her approach was the first one that worked for them even after they’d tried everything.

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