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Yoshi Rahm, DO

Dr. Yoshi Rahm is a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician with a separate board certification in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Dr. Yoshi grew up in the countryside outside of a small town in Northern California. His simple upbringing, which included living without electricity, TV, phone, or even a flushing toilet gave him an early appreciation for healthy living and connection to nature.

He is a husband and a father to three amazing little souls, ages 2, 4 and 7 and wonderful dog, Olive, who keeps Dr. Yoshi in running shape in the nearby mountains.

In 2011 Dr. Yoshi started Oasis Family Medicine Montrose, which is a suburb of Los Angeles near Pasadena. The Oasis Family Medicine Team is an amazing team of 13 dedicated to creating a safe space for healing their patients using healthy and simple lifestyle modifications as the baseline to healing then moving into natural healing modalities and finally allopathic methods when appropriate, always tailoring any and all therapies to the individual client.

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