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Reveal 50+ Ways to End Chronic Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout at the Medicine of Mindset Summit

With Simple Shifts That Take Minutes a Day, Ease Anxiety With a Healthy, Positive Mindset, and Reverse Physical Pain With Mindfulness Meditation and Other Groundbreaking Methods at the Medicine of Mindset Summit.


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Jana Danielson Award-winning Wellness Entrepreneur


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Dr. Anita M. Jackson CEO of Power HER Success Alliance

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Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you wandering in the dark, unable to find the knowledge you seek? Then this summit is for you.

The power of your mind impacts your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Without the proper mindset, we feel overwhelmed, anxious, disconnected, abandoned, and lonely.

Give yourself access to the knowledge you need for the answers you keep asking yourself.

This summit is for you if:

You deserve to live a full life of abundance. It’s time to view your future with happy possibilities again.

How we perceive the world can physically affect our brains, cells, bodily functions, and even our longevity. In other words, mindset is medicine. It’s time to choose a different path for your health.

This is where art and science unite to create change and healing for humanity.

Before medicine came from a pharmacy in a pill bottle, it came to us by other means. Through wisdom. It came from the knowledge of those who understood our pain. They returned to us with solutions, treatments, and lifestyle changes. Their goal? To get us back on a path to wellness.

That is exactly what The Medicine of Mindset Summit is. Knowledge to get you back on the path to wellness. And this is also why this summit will leave its thumbprint on humanity.

Here are a few takeaways from the upcoming summit:

Learn From These 50+ World-Leading Experts

in the field of Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Mind/body Medicine and Chronic Illness Management


Jana Danielson
My Pain Journey
  • We all have a story and our host, Jana Danielson, shares hers with you
  • Jana's two year medical journey searching for a diagnosis that never came, left her on 11 different medications when she was 21 years old
  • She was told by her medical team that her pain was in her head and she was seeking attention
  • Learn how she turned her mess into her message which has now become her mission. This might be the story that inspires your own transformation!
Alex Howard
Reset Your Nervous System for Deep Healing
  • Decoding your fatigue can reveal all kinds of information about your body and its ability (and often its inability) to heal
  • Why is resetting your nervous system key and where do you start
Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc
Heart-Body Medicine vs Mind-Body Medicine
  • The Survival Paradox is a groundbreaking discovery that relates to both health & disease
  • Discover unique insights around meditation and the mind and specifically the 'catch 22' of positive thinking that often accompanies mind-body medicine
  • Learn about our energetic qualities of our heart and how its physiology contains the blueprint for unconditional love, compassion and infinite healing and how we can access this transformative healing ability
Marci Shimoff
Living in the Miracle Zone
  • Do you want to be happy for no reason?
  • All you need to do is live in the Miracle Zone
  • Gain insights into the 7 Areas of Happiness that pave your way to the Miracle Zone specifically, Marci will show you how the Love Response (which is the scientific opposite of the Stress Response) can impact our health and wellness in a positive way
Eric Robins, MD
Trauma, Energy & Healing
  • How is trauma stored in the body and its musculature and why does this trauma block energy flow in the body and its meridians?
  • Learn how do we get into the Fight
  • Flight, Freeze area of our nervous system and how it negatively impacts our body's ability to heal as well as some strategies we can use to get out of this FFF situation
Dr. Sue Morter
Energy Medicine & Quantum Self Healing: Interpertation of Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Have you heard the term Quantum healing yet have no idea what that means?? Well, you are in for a treat as Dr. Sue explains the concept of Quantum healing in a beautifully simple way and then connects that to The Energy Codes: The 7 Step System that awakens your spirit, heals your body and helps you to live your best life.
Kashif Khan
How Your DNA Drives Your Mindset
  • There is a connection between our mood & behavior and our genes
  • There is also a connection between our epigenetics and our health
  • We will cover these topics and will identify the other systems in our body, other than our brain, that can be a major driver of our mindset
David 'Avocado' Wolfe
Creating Your Best Life
  • This episode unpacks so much goodness around superfoods, super herbs. and medicinal mushrooms
  • We will also cover the significance of the colours of the foods we eat and how they nourish us and how they help to increase our frequency


Jana Danielson
Breath & Spinal Movements
  • What is the difference between our stress response and our trauma response in our body?
  • Learn the difference and how to know what your body does in each state and how to work your way out of them.
  • The discussion of the biology of trauma vs the psychology of trauma will wrap this session
Nathan Crane
Using the Science of Your Mind to Stop Cancer
  • 80% of of our health & wellness is in our mind, emotions, belief systems and our spirituality
  • Learn how the body can reverse disease like cancer using mindset
  • Learn how to become a cancer conqueror
  • And finally, learn about the role of inflammation when it comes to our understanding of cancer
Aimie Apigian, MD
Why Trauma is Your Biology & Not Psychology
  • What is the difference between our stress response and our trauma response in our body?
  • Learn the difference and how to know what your body does in each state and how to work your way out of them
  • The discussion of the biology of trauma vs the psychology of trauma will wrap this session
Udo Erasmus
Raise Your Standard of Nutritional Input
  • Oils: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • How and why oils become damaged and why is this detrimental to our health
  • The relationship between healthy fats and brain optimization
Brandy Gillmore
What is your body telling you? Discover how to finally heal yourself
  • What can you do when meditation does not seem to be working, when affirmations are not enough.
  • Brandy will take you through her 6 year journey from wheelchairs, walkers and canes to full healing based on her own hopeful placebo research
Hemal Patel, PhD/Evie Jennes
Learn how clinical evidence proves that meditation changes biology/ Gain a deeper understanding of the science behind mediation and its affect on wellness, disease, and so much more
  • Impact of meditation on biochemical changes
  • The potential of meditation to impact blood factors that modulate disease
  • Large studies underway to cover deep aspects of how meditation impacts human potential
  • Introduction to InnserScience Research Fund
  • How meditation change transform our cells
  • Current progress with Dr. Joe Dispenza
Dr. Edward Group
The Root Cause of Disease: The Solutions to Elevated States of Mind
  • When we go beyond the symptoms, the inflammation, and the diagnosis we are left with the 2 simple root causes of all disease
  • Learn about the 4 pillars that have the power to reverse many of the ailments and diseases that plague you
  • Solutions like detox and cleanse will also be covered
Mas Sajady
Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life
  • We hear more and more about frequency these days when it comes to our mental and physical health
  • This session will introduce you to a method called Exponential Intelligence (XI) which can help you understand how to connect to your super sub-conscious so that you can deal with stories that may no longer be serving your life


Jana Danielson
Elixir Magic
  • Join our Medicine of Mindset Summit host, Jana as she fulfills a childhood dream of hosting her own cooking show. Well, maybe that is a stretch, not so much a cooking show, rather it is 15 minutes of her sharing her magic elixir recipe
  • For the last 2 years, this is how she and her husband have started their mornings and they both feel the healthiest they have ever felt! This elixir is a warm cup of goodness that supports thyroid health, boosts endurance and energy, improves mood and reduces stress. You will love it!
Ari Whitten, PhD Candidate, CES, PES
The Role Mitochondria Play in Producing & Enhancing Your Energy
  • Our trillion of cells have mitochondria, we have come to know mitochondria as the power stations of our cells.
  • In this conversation, Ari Whitten shares how they are so much more than that and how our stress, fatigue and burnout can shift our mitochondria from energy mode to defense mode and why it is so important for us to know how we can positively impact this shift.
Debra Poneman
Slowing, Stopping & Reversing Age with the Power of your Mind
  • Can the power of the mind slow the aging process?
  • Gain an understanding about how you can increase your capacity for becoming positive and optimistic as secrets to reverse aging are shared
Eileen McKusick
Tuning your Electric Body
  • We are electric beings
    When our electrical grid system is balanced we are healthy and happy, however when we are out of balance in our biofield it can cause a disruption in our physicals, emotional and spiritual health and wellness
  • Tuning forks offer a simple, effective solution to rebalancing our electrical system which results in our electric bodies leading us to health and happiness
Kevin Ellis
Improve Your Mindset for Stronger Bones and a better life
  • We all agree that bone health is important to pay attention to as we age
  • It is important to also recoginize that psychological stressors impact our health and our bones
  • Learn about other, less talked about causes of bone loss and how can we use nutrition to improve our body, mind and bones
Dr. Kyrin Dunston
The Underground Natural Hormone Secrets for Women over 40 to Thrive
  • Would you agree that a positive mindset or closed off thinking have opposing impacts on our health and wellness and how we see ourselves
  • Our powerful mind makes us believe that we can or cannot do something in our lives
  • See this in action in this session as learning a lesson from a patient totally changed Dr. Kyrin's life
Erica Hornthal
Move Your Body, Move Your Mind
  • Let's redefine movement as this impacts our mind body connection
  • Have you wondered why the body plays such an important role when it comes to our mindset
  • This session highlights dance/movement therapy, why should we know about it, how it influences how you think/feel
  • P.S. You do NOT need to have any dance training to benefit from this session
Teri Cochrane
A Bio-Individual Approach to Living Your Optimal Life
  • What is the Cochrane Method and how did personal experience lead Teri to create this Method?
  • Your solution to the Big 4 'disruptors' of our health involve the concept of the Wildatarian Lifestyle
  • Discover the nuance of this lifestyle and why it is important to understand that there is no one healthy food or supplement for everyone
Lynne McTaggart
The Power of 8 - The Missing Link to Human Optimization
  • How has the Intention Experiement proved the pure power of group intention
  • In a world where the focus has been on 'self-care', how can this inwaard focus actually mis-direct us from the power of connection and service to others
  • Learn about the Power of 8 and how did this concept highlights that altruism is often overlooked, yet is the true essence of intention in healing


Jana Danielson
Pelvic Floor Health Redefined
  • "You called it the WHAT?!" Our summit host, Jana, has heard this more than a few times in response to her launching the world's first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women she calls the Cooch Ball
  • In this mini-session learn about this side of Jana's expertise as she shares some of the myths about pelvic floor health, including that becoming a mom or going through menopause automatically means that you become a lifetime member of the "Pee Club"
  • Jana will share the importance that breath and bloodflow play in improving your pelvic floor function
Dr. Sharon Stills
The Powerful Role of Mindset in Healing
  • What if 'prescriptions' for healing were to leave your job, get that pet you've always wanted, go on a trip, ground, or journal?
  • Learn how you can understand the importance of being an active participant in your health and the role mindset plays in overcoming disease


Psychedelics, biohacking and mental health
  • Many believe that Plant Medicine is a trend when in fact, Mother Nature has been supplying us this type of medicine for thousands of years 
  • Join expert, Shawn Wells as he takes us through his story and the history of psychedelics as a viable solution to anxiety and depression 
  • Becoming educated in this area of medicine could save your life or someone you love
Jessica Weaver, CFP, CDFA, CFS
Money Mindset
  • The power of your mindset and how it relates to money
Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM
Dealing with Serious Disease as a Christian
  • What are the components of a Biblical approach to healing and how rethinking prayer & healing can change your life
Esther Blum
How to make menopause your b*tch: master menopause with nutrition, hormones & self-advocacy
  • Learn how mindset factors into the journey of menopause and what types of testing should a woman have done in perimenopause to best prepare for this amazing stage of life
  • How does our mindset impact standing in our truth while managing our families, work, moments of rage and ourselves
Dr. Darren Weissman
Develop Your Own Mind Medicine
  • What is the core philosophy of the Lifeline Technique?
  • Get ready to gain insights into how can you shift reactive emotions, triggers and negative patterns and earn an appreciation for the power of infinite love and gratitude
Susan Bratton
Ageless Vitality
  • The role our mindset plays in our confidence, sensuality and sexuality is the focus of this session
  • What is the role of mindset when it comes to our health and how does an experience like long C0v!d impact our body and our mind and how do we move beyond that experience
Heather Aardema
The Mindset of Living Lighter: Your Path to Declutter Your Body, Your Mind and Your Home
  • Is clutter ruling your life?
  • How do you define clutter and does it mean more than just having lots of 'stuff'?
  • This session will cover examples of mind, body and home clutter and you will learn simple ways to shift to take a lighter path and how can this make a difference in our health


Jana Danielson
Our Thoughts as Language
  • Do you have a fear that you would like to conquer in 2023?
  • Do you feel like the voices in your head keep you from making positive shifts in your life?
  • In this mini-session, Jana will take you on an adventure as we deconstruct the language of our mind, a.k.a. our thoughts
  • Be sure to watch right until the end as you will get to witness Jana overcome two of her fears - her fear of letting go and her fear of heights!
Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
The Role of Rest in Mindset
  • How are sleep and rest different?
  • In this presentation you will learn about the 7 types of rest and which of these 7 most impact mindset
  • Learn strategies about fixing rest deficit and how can we improve our lives with this knowledge
Sabrina and Tristan Truscott
Raise Your energy to Rock Your Life
  • How can blocked energy in our body lead to negative emotions that feel like they take over our lives?
  • How can you use emotions to learn how to 'read' the state of your energy body? 
  • Learn the answers to these 2 important questions plus we will touch on the saying "the diagnosis is often worse than the disease" in this conversation
Michael Roesslein
There's Nothing Wrong with You: Finding (and healing) Yourself in a Chaotic World
  •  It is time that we shift from a perspective on wellness that is rooted in fitness and nutrition to one that is rooted in mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic foundations
  • Learn what role the environment we were brought up in plays on our mental & physical health as adults 
  • Strategies on how you can break unhealthy patterns that seem to be contributing to the very problems you are trying to solve will be covered
Dr. Ryan Wohlfert
Upgrade Your Mind & Spine for Optimal Health
  • Are you living with chronic pain, fatigue, a supressed immune function or other chronic symptoms?
  • Your brain being in survival mode could be the main reason you cannot properly start your healing journey
  • We tend to focus on 'fixing' the physical symptoms vs looking for and treating the root cause which could be emotional or spiritual
  • When we start to focus on our spine and posture as they relate to our physical, mental and emotional levels of health, we can then tap into the 4 Pillar Model System that has been proven to retrain the mind-body connection so that you can live a high quality of life
Deanna Hansen
Release your past, live your present, love your future
  • What is fascia and how can it impact your body's abililty to heal and release trauma?
  • Learn the 'why' behind the value of diaphragmatic breathing as integral part of your healing
  • Also featured in this session is why it is so important to move 'into' pain vs 'avoiding' pain
Beth O'Hara, FN
Mindset in MCAS & Other Severe Chronic Illnesses
  • How common is flight or fight for people with chronic illness and how can shifting out of this state make a difference in your overall health
  • Learn strategies to make this shift out of flight or fight and get a sense of the role a spiritual practice plays in nurturing your mindset to a new nervous system state
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C
Understanding The Power of Ayurvedic
  • Learn how a 1000 year old ancient practice can support healing your auto-immune system and so much more
Nadine Artemis
The Secrets to Holistic Dental Care and Living Beauty
  • Did you know that our skin has its own biome, or mouth has its biome just like our gut has its own biome?
  • Naturally caring for our skin and teeth has never been easier and Nadine explain why and how!


Jana Danielson
Mindset & our Youth
  • It is a family affair today! Jana is joined by her husband, Jason and their 3 sons - Tyler, 22, Will, 19 and Tommy 17
  • Listen in on their family discussion about what mindset means to the boys, how they navigate their lives our tech-driven world and what advice they give parents who are raising kids in this world
Tom Moorcroft, DO
The Missing Key to Healing Chronic Infections
  • If you or someone you know is living with Lyme Disease or MCAS, this session is for you!!
  • Learn how love and gratitude is often a missing piece of healing from an environmentally acquired illness
  • Learn about the roll sleep and breath play in optimizing brain detoxification and overall healing
Tom McCarthy
Use Your Superconscious Mind to Heal
  • What is the superconscious mind, how does it work and how can we tap into its unlimited abilities to heal?
  • This session will focus on helping you understand how to let go of old patterns so that the software program in our mind gets an upgrade so that we can live from a new reality
Tracy Steen
Why People Like Us Do Things Like This
  • How can determining smaller more achievable goals in fitness, wellness and nutrition make a bigger impact long term vs grandiose goals that fizzle out?
  • In this episode, Tracy will show us how a mindset of "people like us do things like this" can get you to living the life you have always dreamed of
Dani Williamson, MSN, FNP
Living Wild & Well
  • Think it is too late for you to make impactful wellness habits a part of your life?? Think again
  • After 24 years of chronic lifestyle dis-ease, our speaker Dani Williamson will show you how this is totally possible as she did it herself!
  • This session will touch on how childhood trauma impacts our wellness as an adult and why is it important to know your ACES score when you choose to start to heal your body
Dr. Margaret Paul
Inner Bonding: A Path to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  • We hear about the importance of self love, yet what does loving yourself actually mean?
  • Learn the 4 ways that people abandon themselves that create stress in our lives and understand how the concept of Inner Bonding can create a spiritual connection that is very important for our physical health.
Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PHDc
The Neuropsychology of Feminine Leadership
  • Are there differences between the female and the male brain? Heck yes! Learn about the 4 different women in each of us and how empowered we can become when we know what each phase means
  • We also touch on why burnout occurs more for women when we subscribe to a more masculine pattern of living
Rosemary Bourne
Unlocking the Connections in the Body/Mind Using Acu-Light Therapies
  • This session features Peter Mandel's Esogetic Method, the key concepts in the system which have affected our understanding of working with the Body/Mind and our subconscious thoughts and feelings that we often have so awareness of
  • If the Esogenic Method is new to you, you will get clarity and instructions on some of the ways people can use Esogetics at home for self healing
Caitlin Thompson
Empowered Healing Through Intentional Ritual
  • The story of Kambo, a secretion that comes from a Tree Frog is the focus of this conversation
  • Learn more about this naturally occurring medicine from Mother Nature's Pharmacy and hear Caitlin's experience in how it was an important part of her healing jounrey from Lyme Disease


Jana Danielson
How to 'live' your Medicine of Mindset Experience
  • Phew! We made it! What a week! Join Jana in today's mini session as she offers up some simple advice on how you can ensure that all of the inspiration and motivation you are feeling from your summit experience continues to impact you long after the summit ends
  • You truly have the keys to transform your life at your fingertips, the trick is to know how to take this information and turn it into education and then into wisdom. Let Jana show you how!
Dr. Miles Nichols & Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc
Microbes and Mental Health
  • What is the connection between mindset and autoimmune conditions like chronic fatigue?
  • Learn how basic strategies like breathing and meditation impact the body and as a bonus we will dive into how having poor vagal tone can negatively impact our mindset
Angelique Trabal
Frequency Therapy for Beauty, Wellness & Anti-Aging
  • Learn how understanding frequency therapy can be used to balance the mind, body, and spirit
  • Think beauty from the inside out
Stacy McCarthy
Master the Big 3 for Abundant Joy and a Body You Love
  • The Big 3 are game changers
  • In this session we will discuss the importance of rituals in our day and why so so many people do not stick to their intentions about good habits and rituals
  • Stacy will also talk about going beyond the 'celebrity' of yoga and what the layers of a yoga practice can mean in your life
Russell Mariani
How Your Microbiome Impacts Mindset
  • Did you know that gut health has a direct impact on our health?
  • Learn all how functional nutrition, hydration and our gut microbiome affect mindset
Jamie Kunkle, ND
The Placebo Effect
  • Learn how the placebo effect can powerfully effect whole body treatment in the medial field
Georgia Foster
Why Negative Thinking is a Habit You can Unlearn
  • What is sabotaging success and how does hypnosis work to unwind these belief systems
  • Learn how you can make healthy emotional changes quickly and why is self-esteem key to making change in our lives
Kristi Holt
Emotional Intelligence
  • We are familiar with IQ, yet, are you familiar with your EQ?
  • Our emotional intelligence is all about acknowledging and feeling our emotions, it is also about our abiliity to use simple strategies for emotional management
  • Kristi will share how can we learn to express emotions in healthy ways

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Meet Your Summit Hosts


Jana Danielson

Jana Danielson is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who, through her experience with physical pain, turned her mess into her message, which has now become her mission. She is also an Amazon International Best Selling Author, Founder of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies and the Metta District, her online wellness community.


Coaches and consults with tens of thousands of women from all over the world to help improve their quality of life, their confidence, and their impact in this world.

After her experience with chronic pain, Jana discovered the healing power of a mindset shift, which she now uses to help her clients heal.


Jana Danielson is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur, best-selling author, and the owner of Lead Pilates, Lead Integrated Health Therapies, and her online wellness community, The Metta District.


Dr. Anita M. Jackson

Dr. Anita M. Jackson is the founder/CEO of Power HER Success Alliance and AMJ Productions and Publications. She is fast becoming a sought after feminine transformational mentor, speaker, leader, and success coach within the feminine empowerment movement. She has an unquenchable passion to lead a movement of women to a higher level of being and doing that literally creates a tipping point of healing for others worldwide.


Mentors women professionals and entrepreneurs in knowing “I Am Enough” while helping them lead, live, and leverage their unlimited potential, power, and purpose in life, business, wealth, and so much more.

Dr. Jackson is a firm believer that you are already ENOUGH exactly as you are – and she has made it her mission to spread that message as far and wide as possible.


Dr. Anita M. Jackson has more than 32 years of experience in human, spiritual, and entrepreneurial development and transformation as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Organizational Psychologist.

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Reveal 50+ Ways to End Chronic Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout at the Medicine of Mindset Summit

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