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Laura Frontiero, FNP-BCLeading Gut, Toxin, and Mitochondria Expert.
Founder of BioRadiant Health Virtual Clinic, and
Host of the Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit 2022

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Hosted by

Ari Whitten, MSEnergy and Fatigue Specialist, Founder of The Energy
Blueprint, and Best-Selling Author

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You’re Exhausted and Sick of Missing Out on Life

You used to be the first person at the office and the last person to leave the gym. But lately, you’re not yourself. Your energy, when it appears, is sporadic (at best).

You’ve lost yourself. You’ve always been a doer, a creator, a leader. You used to chase one goal after another. Now you don’t trust yourself to tackle the BIG dreams because you’re too exhausted to take them on. Your body and brain can’t keep up with your ambitions in life.

You want more from life. You haven’t given up. Yet, you’re stagnant. You’re stuck. In short, your body changed. But your drive stayed the same. There’s nothing worse than having a secondary role in the story of your life.

It’s early on to make a permanent change. A change that stays with you for good. Join us at The Mitochondrial Energy Summit and take the first step toward a long happy life, and a vibrant future.

At The Mitochondrial Energy Summit, you’ll learn from top experts on how to revitalize your health, overcome symptoms, and boost your energy levels.

How much longer will you try to figure it out on your own?

exhausted and sick of missing out on life
heal your mitochondria to reclaim your energy edge

Heal Your Mitochondria to Reclaim Your Energy Edge!

Cellular energy is the energy our cells use to do everything, and it comes from healthy, functional mitochondria. Mitochondria are little powerhouses inside your cells that produce all the energy you need to stay alive and heal your body from chronic health issues. When we are experiencing mitochondrial decline, we function on sheer willpower. Because there’s just not enough energy to get it all done.

Also, mitochondrial health is foundational for solving your symptoms and chronic health conditions. Without it, you experience an array of debilitating symptoms that stand in the way of living your best life. These could be low energy, brain fog, moodiness, irritating digestive issues, hormone imbalances, pain, headaches, joint/muscle/bone problems, sleep disturbances, and skin irritations to name a few.

To reclaim your energy, and hit peak levels of physical, mental, and biological performance, you need to heal your mitochondria.

At The Mitochondrial Energy Summit, you’ll discover groundbreaking solutions and strategies to solve your mystery health symptoms, plus prevent and reverse mitochondrial energy decline.

We’re breaking down the latest advancements in science, medicine, technology, micro-cellular biology, nutrition, and more to help you boost your brain power, improve your energy, solve chronic health issues, and strengthen your resilience.

Learn From These 50+ World-Leading Experts


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
A Welcome Message from Laura and Ari
  • The Story behind why Laura and Ari partnered to bring you the best speakers in the mitochondrial energy health space
  • How Laura and Ari became experts in their respective fields of study and influence
Ari Whitten, MS
Ari Whitten, MS
The Power of Red Light Therapy For Enhanced Energy
  • How to use red light for mitochondrial healing plus the long list of health conditions it supports
  • What you need to know when purchasing a red light unit
  • How to dose red light for the best results, and what not to do
  • The spectrums of light and what each does for the human body
William Pawluk, MD, MSc
William Pawluk, MD, MSc
How PEMFs Can Boost Your Body's Energy
  • Learn how PEMFs are positive for your health compared to EMFs
  • What are the basic actions of PEMFs in the body, especially for mitochondrial function and energy?
  • Understand which PEMF devices are the best to use and own in your home
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC
Boost Mitochondrial Energy & Resilience With a Healthy Heart
  • The important measurements of heart health and what your cardiologist is missing
  • A review of heart supplement ingredients: what is important to know, and what to look for on the label
  • How heart health impacts both females and males. It’s not just middle-aged men problem
Trina Felber
Trina Felber
Why Your Dental Products Are Slowly Killing You
  • The unknown link between bad breath, gum disease, and heart disease
  • How to heal gum recession with simple techniques
  • How toothpaste ingredients (triclosan, SLS, peroxide) cause gut dysbiosis
  • How mouthwash is the nuclear option and is causing you more harm than good
  • The three key ingredients to look for in your next toothpaste
  • The use of red and blue light therapy for healthy gums and teeth
Dr. Stephanie Estima
Dr. Stephanie Estima
Hormones and the Cyclical Nature of Female Energy Production
  • How hormone fluctuations influence energy, brain metabolism, focus, and mood
  • Hormonal changes through the arc of a woman's life: perimenopause to menopause
  • Action items to optimize mitochondrial function, energy, brain metabolomics, and joy/happiness
Nicolas Pineault
Nicolas Pineault
Electro-Pollution (EMFs) Are Taking Your Energy
  • Gather the latest research on how EMFs are lowering mitochondrial energy production
  • Find out the link between EMFs and fatigue, low energy levels, and brain fog
  • Learn what new sources of EMFs we need to think about in 2023
Datis Kharrazian, PhD
Datis Kharrazian, PhD
How To Know If You Have Poor Mitochondrial Health And The Best Way To Fix It
  • How to know if your mitochondria are functioning poorly, and in which area of your body (muscles vs. brain)
  • Why stress is essential to mitochondria (and how the absence of certain types of stress is the main driver of mitochondrial dysfunction)
  • How to customize your mitochondria treatment plan to your individual needs
  • The most essential thing for rebuilding your mitochondria (stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis)


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
The Gut-Energy Connection: Solve Your Mystery Health Symptoms
  • Learn why gut health is so critical to mitochondrial functioning
  • Explore the missing piece to having lasting and all-day energy
  • Reveal the first step you must take in restoring your health
Anurag Singh, MD
Anurag Singh, MD
Improve Your Healthspan with Mitophagy and Urolithin A
  • Urolithin A is a post-biotic, derived from polyphenols in pomegranates; learn its powerful active influence on mitophagy
  • The appropriate dosing levels for Urolithin A to receive a therapeutic effect, and how can we add this to our healthy daily routine
  • How mitochondrial function relates to cellular health and lifespan
Ari Whitten, MS
Ari Whitten, MS
Mitohormesis: The Critical Missing Piece To Your Health
  • Uncover the critical thing most doctors are missing when it comes to mitochondrial health
  • Learn about ‘positive’ stress and how it actually helps our mitochondrial grow and thrive
  • The top free things you can do to start building back your mitochondrial and reverse the aging cycle
Kevin Ellis
Kevin Ellis
Prevent Osteoporosis & Build Stronger Bones
  • Understand the connection between mitochondria and bone health
  • Learn the importance of bone density and bone quality in determining fracture risk
  • Find out what happens to our bones when there is dysfunction in the mitochondria
Ken Swartz
Ken Swartz
Health Benefits Of C60 For Reducing Oxidative Stress
  • Learn what are the 4 big antioxidants and how each works in the body
  • Find out the dark and good side of oxidative stress and how to balance it
  • Know the main causes and solutions for oxidative stress
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Eat and Exercise To Optimize Mitochondrial Health
  • The most optimal exercise regimen for mitochondrial health
  • Learn why your muscles are the organs of longevity
  • How to eat to optimize your mitochondrial health (and why protein is key)
Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc
Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc
Stress, Survival and Mitochondrial Function: How Much is Too Much?
  • How our survival response relates to mitochondria function
  • An overview of the ‘survival paradox', and its main culprit, the so-called “paradox protein”
  • The problem of ‘overdoing’ it with antioxidants and how to safely use them
Catharine Arnston
Catharine Arnston
The Secret To Recovering And Protecting Mitochondria
  • Find out how chronic disease is out of control due to missing nutrients and increasing toxins
  • Understand that mitochondria generate all our cell energy – and protecting them is essential for each of our lives
  • Discover how Algae uniquely protects/restores mitochondria and this protects/restores our health
Scott Sherr, MD
Scott Sherr, MD
The Benefits Of Methylene Blue For Mitochondrial Health
  • Why the world's oldest drug may be a game-changer for your energy and brain function
  • How methylene blue works to optimize mitochondrial health (the unique mechanisms!)
  • Who should and shouldn't use methylene blue plus optimal dosing for different needs


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
10 Sneaky Toxins Stealing Your Energy
  • An overview of the most important toxins you need to know about including ’forever chemicals’, and what to do about them
Kendra Gensemer
Kendra Gensemer
Harnessing The Power Of Infrared Saunas For Energy And Vitality
  • Why infrared sauna is effective for supporting mitochondria energy production
  • How infrared sauna supports a multitude of health conditions
  • Practical ways to use your infrared sauna for energy and overall wellness
  • What to look for when buying an infrared sauna
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH
Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH
Low Energy And The Biology Of Trauma
  • The Difference Between Stress and Trauma
  • Three Ways To Recognize Unresolved Stored Trauma
  • The 3 Key Ingredients to Trauma Healing
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC
Is Low Energy The First Sign Of Liver Overload?
  • The connection between your liver health and mitochondrial energy production
  • How to safely and successfully do a liver flush
  • Why liver and gallbladder health is not optional in your healing journey
  • What to do if you have already had your gallbladder removed
Natalie Jill
Natalie Jill
How To Shortcut Your Approach To High Energy In Midlife And Beyond
  • How to hack your routine so you get the most out of your healing strategy
  • Explain the power of decision and vision in making or breaking your health goals
  • How to truly get and stay ‘on purpose’
Christine Schaffner, ND
Christine Schaffner, ND
Human Biofields: The Missing Insight To Reclaim Your Wellness
  • How to get into your natural rhythm for healing
  • The important meaning of human biofields
  • Photodynamic therapy and its role in energy production
  • The role of circadian rhythm in mitochondrial health
Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD
Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD
The Cell Danger Response & Mitochondria
  • The two phases of the disease cycle: Disease generation and healing (and why modern medicine leaves out the second phase)
  • Why the body gets stuck in disease and can't turn on healing
  • Find out what is the next phase of medicine
Fuel Delivery, Blood Sugar & Your Mitochondrial Health
  • Explain the danger of high blood glucose on your brain cells
  • The impact of high versus low blood sugar levels on your brain-immune-gut axis
  • How to resolve blood sugar dysregulation naturally
Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC
Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC
How To Detox Toxic Metals That Cause Fatigue
  • The top offending metals and how each one reduces your ability to produce energy
  • How to best assess for toxicity levels in your body
  • The best nutrients for helping eliminate heavy metals from your body


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
10 Baffling Symptoms of Leaky Gut That Cause Low Energy
  • Most leaky gut symptoms are NOT related to digestive issues. In this talk, you’ll learn the unusual symptoms that point towards a problem with your gut microbiome
James L. Chestnut, MSc, DC
James L. Chestnut, MSc, DC
The Key To Health, Energy, And Longevity
  • The right way vs. the wrong way to approach mitochondrial health (and longevity in general)
  • The failure of the ‘drug for every disease’ model, and why you should opt out of that approach
  • Why a simple shift of studying human health the way a biologist would study any other species, makes ALL the difference in how you approach health
Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP
Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP
Proven Methods To Recover Your Energy Permanently
  • The top root causes of low energy and what to do about it today!
  • Uncover hidden infections and toxins at the cellular level
  • Explore a proven method for solving your health issues
Kelly McCann, MD
Kelly McCann, MD
Environmental Toxicants And Mitochondria Damage
  • The alphabet soup of environmental chemicals: DDT, PCBs and Dioxins, BPA, PFOS, pesticides, toxic metals, phthalates, and more
  • The wide variety of symptoms environmental exposures cause
  • How toxins damage the mitochondria, impact the immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system
  • Uncover where toxins are lurking in your life, home, and hobbies…and how to reduce them
Jason Prall
Jason Prall
Melatonin's Antioxidant Benefits For Longevity And Energy Production
  • Why melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant in your body
  • The 3 mechanisms of melatonin to reduce oxidative stress
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm's impact on melatonin, gut, and cellular health
Nirala Jacobi, ND
Nirala Jacobi, ND
Explore Gut-Related Causes Of Fatigue
  • Digestive impairments and malabsorption are a cause of fatigue. Here's what you can do about it
  • Learn about microbiome metabolites and their impact on our energy output
  • Understand how bacterial and fungal overgrowth and endotoxicity contribute to fatigue
Jason Hawrelak, PhD, ND
Jason Hawrelak, PhD, ND
The Gut-Mitochondria Connection
  • The 3 key pathways of gut health that support mitochondrial health
  • The causes of leaky gut that most people don't realize (and how to build a resilient gut)
  • A new popular dietary change people are making now that unknowingly damages your microbiome health
  • The critical things you must DO and NOT DO to nurture your microbiome for mitochondrial health
Brian Vaszily
Brian Vaszily
The Most Dangerous Daily Source of Toxins On Your Body
  • Understand the concept of ‘greenwashing’ and how to avoid it in your personal care products. Know why it's dangerous
  • Learn why toxins in cosmetics and personal care products are now the WORST offenders when it comes to toxic-overwhelm in your body
  • Gather the most effective ways to look for independently certified organic cosmetics / personal care products
Stephanie Seneff, PhD
Stephanie Seneff, PhD
The Harmful Combination of Deuterium and Glyphosate: An Alarming Problem for our Health
  • What deuterium is, and why it’s important for our health
  • How glyphosate disrupts deuterium homeostasis
  • How to solve the deuterium-glyphosate problem


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Parasites: 5 Ways We Get Exposed, And How To Solve It
  • Common causes of parasite infections, why they are there, and what you can do to eliminate them from your body
Terry Wahls, MD
Terry Wahls, MD
Mitochondrial Dysfunction Drives Worsening Disability
  • Understand how poor mitochondrial function drives the development of fatigue, mood disorders, and disability. Especially when observed in people with multiple sclerosis and other neuroimmune issues
  • Learn how the western diet and modern lifestyles compromise mitochondrial function. And what you can do about it!
  • Know what simple dietary changes you can implement today to revitalize your mitochondrial function tomorrow
Dr. Sarah Myhill
Dr. Sarah Myhill
How To Diagnose Your Chronic Fatigue
  • A look at the symptoms: how to know if you have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • How to correct mitochondrial dysfunction responsible for CFS
  • The importance of thyroid and adrenal health in your healing process
Eric D. Gordon, MD
Eric D. Gordon, MD
Unraveling Chronic Illness And Chronic Disease
  • The role of the Cell Danger Response in Keeping us Sick
  • Why "safety signals" and "cellular communication" are the key to getting over chronic illness
  • Understand what this means for your mitochondrial health and your body
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC
Why Mitochondria Are The Powerhouses Of The Heart
  • Learn how the number one cause of death can be prevented
  • Understand how to address many cardiac issues simultaneously with a mitochondria centered approach
  • Know the reason our energy goes down as we age
  • Find out the common drugs that interfere with heart energy production
Dr. Eric Osansky
Dr. Eric Osansky
Thyroid Triggers And Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Why both high and low thyroid hormones can negatively affect mitochondrial health/energy production.
  • Learn more about the thyroid-gut-mitochondria connection
  • Action steps people with thyroid autoimmunity can take to restore their health and reverse mitochondrial dysfunction
  • How common medications prescribed to those with hyperthyroidism can disrupt the mitochondria
Elisa Song, MD
Elisa Song, MD
Restoring Mitochondrial Function in Children
  • Learn the difference between mitochondrial dysfunction versus mitochondrial disorders in children
  • Find out the underlying cause of mitochondrial dysfunction in children
  • Understand how to recover mitochondrial function in your child
Kelly Kennedy
Kelly Kennedy
Fascia And Lymph Strategies For Energy Enhancement
  • Overview on what our lymph and fascial systems are
  • How the lymph and fascia affect our overall health and play a role in the FLOW of energy
  • Factors that create stagnation and rigidity in our lymph and fascia which affect energy flow and cellular communication
  • How to support lymph and fascia to support mitochondrial health, energy FLOW, and healing
Reed Davis, HHP, CNT
Reed Davis, HHP, CNT
How Functional Lab Testing Guides Holistic Lifestyle Choices
  • How to identify an entire constellation of healing opportunities with just a few labs that tell us what to work on
  • How to employ the general principles of health building to resolve every chronic, stress-related health problem
  • Why even "root cause" medicine fails to stop the cycle of trial-and-error for most people with an unwanted health condition


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
10 Easy And Low-Cost Ways To Boost Your Brainpower
  • Learn the most common signs of brain fog and the link between mitochondria dysfunction and your brain symptoms
Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC
Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC
Ignite Your Energy With Minerals
  • Learn the four aspects of how and why Copper is so essential to our health
  • Understand how energy is really made in our tissues/organs/cells
  • Join in to reveal the biggest gap in modern medicine
Dr. Elena Villanueva
Dr. Elena Villanueva
Create Your Healing Strategy: Symptoms Are Complex
  • The three most common causes that lead to cellular dysfunction and low energy
  • The role of your traumas, emotions, and thoughts in your healing process
  • The science of bioenergetics and supporting your energy field
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Chris Masterjohn, PhD
Dietary Individualization For Mitochondrial Health
  • Why one-size-fits-all diet approaches are problematic
  • Keys to using nutrition to improve mitochondrial health
  • The genetics-nutrition interplay and why it matters
  • Dr. Masterjohn's unique and unusual superfood list to optimize mitochondrial function
Evan Hirsch, MD
Evan Hirsch, MD
How To Resolve Long COVID Naturally In 4 Steps
  • How to determine which infections are contributing to your Long COVID
  • The major reason why the providers you've seen haven't helped
  • The reason why you feel worse during treatment and what you can do about it
Jaban Moore, DC
Jaban Moore, DC
Mold: The Ultimate Mitochondria Destroyer
  • Find out what mold and mycotoxins really are
  • Learn what symptoms are caused by mold illness
  • Understand why mold affects everyone differently due to their genetics, toxic load, and other variables
  • Gather why solving this problem is critical to your health and energy production (for now and in the future!)
Michael T. Murray, ND
Michael T. Murray, ND
Using Nutrition To Optimize Your Mitochondria
  • The truth about "antioxidants" and why things are not what you've been told
  • Why stress is essential to mitochondria (and how the absence of stress wrecks mitochondria)
  • Why taking antioxidants close to exercise may sabotage your results
  • The single most important thing for longevity
Kent Holtorf, MD
Kent Holtorf, MD
Peptides: Health, Longevity, And Reversing Chronic Disease
  • The common denominator to every chronic disease: mitochondrial dysfunction
  • An overview of peptides and how to use them
  • The immune system’s involvement in mitochondrial function and hormone regulation
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Effective Treatment Of Long COVID, Fibromyalgia, And Fatigue
  • How to identify and treat fibromyalgia, long COVID, and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Why low energy causes pain and how to become pain-free
  • The energetics of chronic health conditions


Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC
The 7 ‘Positive’ Stressors That Build Your Energy and Heal Your Cells
  • Learn about the healing power of hormesis and how to incorporate these simple strategies into your daily routine
Eric Balcavage, DC
Eric Balcavage, DC
The Thyroid-Mitochondria Connection
  • Are mitochondria more important than thyroid hormone? (Why mitochondria come first)
  • Should you use thyroid hormone medication to fix your thyroid function? (What to do before you resort to that)
  • How your body decides what levels of hormones should be present
  • The most essential steps to rebuilding optimal hormone and thyroid function
Todd Watts, DC, PSCD
Todd Watts, DC, PSCD
Parasites: The Common Energy Thief Hidden In Our Bodies
  • Uncover myths and truths about parasites and their effect on your body
  • Why supporting ATP energy production is critical for eliminating parasites
  • Gather the best strategies for toxin and parasite removal from your body
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C
Toxic Relationships With Stress
  • Why most people have a toxic relationship with stress (based on a misunderstanding)
  • What is "trauma"? (and why understanding it correctly matters in a big way)
  • The distinction between post-traumatic stress disorder vs. post-traumatic growth
  • How lack of stress/challenge/adversity makes you weaker
  • What it means to be constantly stuck in a loop of fixation on the self
Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD
Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD
The Genetics Of Mitochondria Health For Life-Long Energy
  • Discover the top Top 3 genes that affect detox and mitochondrial health
  • Learn why detoxing is important to your genetics
  • Gather tips for solving and improving your genetic puzzle
John Lieurance, DC
John Lieurance, DC
High Dose Methylene Blue & Melatonin For Detox, Energy Production And Rejuvenation
  • Methylene blue explained: what it does and how it works
  • Treating symptoms with photobiomodulation and how to optimize it
  • High-dose melatonin dosing for detoxing metals
Amish Shah
Amish Shah
The Natural Law: Management Of Chronic Fatigue
  • The ancient practice of Ayurveda for healing gut and cellular health
  • An overview of Ayurvedic techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and massage, that can contribute to improved gut and cellular health
  • The Ayurvedic signs that you have inflammation and imbalance, and how to address it
Mark P. Mattson, PhD
Mark P. Mattson, PhD
Intermittent Fasting And Optimizing Mitochondria
  • The remarkable health benefits of intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating
  • How intermittent fasting works to improve mitochondrial and overall health and longevity
  • Understand how Autophagy triggered by fasting promotes cellular health and boosts energy levels

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Meet Your Summit Hosts

Laura and Ari
Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC & Ari Whitten, MS

Join your hosts, Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC, and Ari Whitten, MS, both pioneers in the field of mitochondrial health. With decades of experience and a passion fueled by personal health transformations, they are ready to guide you on this journey to better health.

Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC, is a functional medicine health consultant with a rich background as a nurse practitioner. She brings her 25-year experience of practicing medicine and helping people overcome health struggles to the table, offering an evidence-based approach to optimal health. Having worked in the country’s largest healthcare system, she’s seen firsthand that ‌traditional ways of treating chronic health issues fall short. This realization led her to functional medicine and a successful journey toward solving her patients’ and her own health issues, and ultimately starting her own entrepreneurial dream: a virtual functional medicine practice where she helps people from all over the world. Her method involves finding the root cause of health problems, and guiding individuals toward health through natural mitochondrial support, gut rebuilding, and safe toxin removal from the body. Laura is living proof of the success of her approach, and she understands the needs of her clients from a deeply nurturing and personal perspective.

Ari Whitten, MS, is the founder of The Energy Blueprint and a best-selling author. His mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge to overcome fatigue and increase energy levels using scientific solutions. With over two decades dedicated to health and energy enhancement research, Ari possesses profound expertise in mitochondrial health, circadian rhythm and sleep, nutrition, gut health, light therapies, fitness, and hormetic stress. Thousands have already benefited from his comprehensive lifestyle program that provides evidence-based solutions for chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

Learning from Laura and Ari means tapping into their wealth of experience and expertise, understanding their unique perspectives formed by personal struggles and professional triumphs, and accessing proven methods and solutions that they have developed over the years. Their collective mission is to empower people to take control of their health and not let mitochondrial decline hold them back. Their personalized, compassionate approach, coupled with their professional experience, makes them vital sources of knowledge and guidance in your journey toward optimal health and boundless energy.


Laura Frontiero is the founder and CEO of Bio-Radiant Health, creator of four online functional medicine health summits, and has served thousands of patients in the clinic and virtual setting as a Nurse Practitioner over the last 22 years. Her work in the health industry marries both traditional and functional medicine.

Laura’s online and virtual wellness programs help her high-performing clients bio-elevate their health by boosting energy, renewing mental focus, and feeling great in their bodies. In a word, she helps people thrive again! Her belief is that to create optimal wellness, first we need to identify and clear the root causes of our health problems, usually toxins, chronic infections and stress, then eliminate inflammation, and restore gut and mitochondria health.

Her signature system helps reclaim what she calls “The Energy Edge”. For each person it’s a unique journey back to their highest mental, physical and biological performance. When your body is bio-optimized, and you’re operating at your peak level, you are unstoppable, productive, happy, and fulfilled.

In addition to clinical medicine, Laura is passionate about educating her clients; she’s also a Master Leadership Trainer who has mentored hundreds of students on shifting mindset and being responsible for their own health. Her mission is to help them navigate the myths in modern medicine, eliminate negative self-limiting beliefs, remove toxins from the body, and restore health for peak performance.

Ari Whitten.jpg

Ari Whitten, MS is the founder of The Energy Blueprint. He is the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy, and Eat For Energy: How To Beat Fatigue, and Supercharge Your Mitochondria For All-Day Energy. He’s a natural health expert who takes an evidence-based approach to human energy optimization. He has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist, has completed extensive graduate training in Clinical Psychology, and holds a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Ari is a tireless researcher who has obsessively devoted the last 25 years of his life to the pursuit of being on the cutting edge of the science on health and energy enhancement. He has deep expertise in mitochondrial health, circadian rhythm and sleep, nutrition, gut health, light therapies, fitness, and hormetic stress.

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You used to be the first person at the office and the last person to leave the gym. But lately, you’re not yourself. Your energy, when it appears, is sporadic (at best). You’ve lost yourself. You’ve always been a doer, a creator, a leader. You used to chase one goal after another. Now you don’t trust yourself to tackle the BIG dreams because you’re too exhausted to take them on. Your body and brain can’t keep up with your ambitions in life. You want more from life. You haven’t given up. Yet, you’re stagnant. You’re stuck. In short, your body changed. But your drive stayed the same. There’s nothing worse than having a secondary role in the story of your life. It’s early on to make a permanent change. A change that stays with you for good. Join us at The Mitochondrial Energy Summit and take the first step toward a long happy life, and a vibrant future. At The Mitochondrial Energy Summit, you’ll learn from top experts on how to revitalize your health, overcome symptoms, and boost your energy levels. How much longer will you try to figure it out on your own?

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