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Meet Your Speakers

Day 1

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 2

Terry Wahls, MD

Welcome To The Multiple Sclerosis And Neuroimmune Summit

  • Hear Dr. Terry Wahls’ inspiring story of her diagnosis and struggle with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, and her determination to slow her decline
  • Understand the incredible results of her diet and lifestyle interventions that surprised her family, colleagues, and physicians
  • Learn about her remarkable recovery within a year, from being unable to sit up for more than 10 minutes to being able to bike 18.5 miles


Ari Whitten MS 400x400 1

Ari Whitten, MS

Your Mitochondria And Your Energy

  • Understand the connection between fatigue and mitochondrial health, including how mitochondrial efficiency and numbers decline with age
  • Learn about the issues caused by lack of mitochondrial “challenge” in our current living environment
  • Discover key steps in rebuilding your mitochondria and energy, including how to correctly dose your “challenge” for optimal mitochondrial training


Nicole Beurkens

Nicole Beurkens, PhD, CNS

Uncover Why Nitric Oxide Is Called The "Miracle Molecule"

  • Understand the importance of nitric oxide for overall health, including brain and heart functions
  • Learn about the natural decline in nitric oxide production after age 40 and the body’s pathways to synthesize it
  • Discover connections between oral bacteria and nitric oxide, plus tips to boost its production effectively


Dr. David Perlmutter

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

Unlocking Neurodegeneration And Neuro-Inflammation Secrets

  • Learn how mitochondria affect immune cells and synapses, and why mitophagy is crucial for neuroimmune conditions
  • Explore the impact of bacteriophages on neurological conditions and the latest stem cell therapy research for MS
  • Understand the link between uric acid, fructose, and brain health


Garrett Salpeter

Garrett Salpeter

Enhance Your Function: Power Of Neuroplasticity

  • Explore how neuroplasticity can enhance or impair neurological functions
  • Understand the differences and benefits between electrical therapy devices, helping you choose the right one
  • Learn effective ways to boost nerve growth and manage spasticity with direct current therapy


Drew Ramsey

Drew Ramsey, MD

Navigate Depression And Anxiety With New Tools

  • Explore the critical impact of light on mental health and mood improvement strategies through sleep hygiene
  • Learn what nutritional psychiatry is, its role in mood enhancement, and the unique benefits of friendship versus talk therapy
  • Discover mental fitness activities for health improvement and the emerging role of psychedelic medicine in treating mental health issues


David Jockers Mini Talk

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Intermittent Fasting: Your Inflammation Solution

  • Explore why stabilizing blood sugar is crucial for inflammation control and how intermittent fasting can bolster hormone balance
  • Dive into the science behind senescent cells, their impact on the body, and ways intermittent fasting helps eliminate them
  • Gain insights on various intermittent fasting methods and eating habits for resilient cells and a stronger body


Day 2

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

How I Developed The Wahls Protocol® And Why It Matters To You

  • Learn about the essential elements of the Wahls Protocol®, a comprehensive program developed by Dr. Terry Wahls
  • Understand how this program is designed to address the environmental factors that contribute to the development of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune conditions
  • Discover why the Wahls Protocol® matters to you, especially in relation to brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve health


Brian Richards

Brian Richards

Unlock The Power Of Near Infrared Light

  • Learn the negative effects of artificial lighting and the benefits of switching to sources rich in near-infrared light
  • Discover what photobiomodulation is and how it utilizes near-infrared light to enhance your body’s healing processes
  • Gain insights on how to use red light and near-infrared light to improve heat tolerance, enhance sleep and mood


Jocelyn Strand

Jocelyn Strand, ND

Your Oral Microbiome And The Brain Health Connection

  • Discover how keystone microbes influence oral and brain health by transforming the microbial actors in your mouth
  • Understand the link between gum disease and systemic inflammation
  • Learn preventative strategies for ‘fuzzy teeth’ and explore the consequences of a ‘leaky mouth’ on overall health
Stephanie Venn Watson

Stephanie Venn-Watson, DVM, MPH

Unlock The Benefits Of Pentadecanoic Acid (C15)

  • Understand pentadecanoic acid’s vital role in enhancing brain health and promoting longevity
  • Discover common reasons for low C15 levels and their effects on health
  • Learn where to find C15 in foods and effective ways to monitor and adjust your intake
Jeffrey Bland 300x300 1

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, CNS

Food Talks: Choosing Health Or Disease For Us

  • Discover the difference between polyphenols and flavonoids and their impact on health
  • Learn which foods can influence our genes towards health or disease, focusing on those rich in polyphenols
  • Explore how traditional diets versus westernized diets affect our physical structure and well-being


Dale Bredesen MD 400x400 1

Dale Bredesen, MD

Managing And Improving Cognitive Health

  • Explore a recovery story from severe cognitive impairment, highlighting actionable steps to reverse cognitive decline
  • Understand the three toxins that worsen cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s and MS
  • Explore how precision and functional medicine can reverse cognitive decline
Joseph Antoun MD PhD MPP 400x400 1

Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

Revitalize Your Cells With Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

  • Discover how to rejuvenate biological markers of aging and promote cellular youthfulness with the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)
  • Understand the contrasts between water fasting and FMD, including their unique impacts on your health and aging processes
  • Explore how FMD supports overall wellness, optimizes metabolic health, and preserves muscle mass while reducing fat


Day 3

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Access The Tools To Help You Adopt The Wahls Protocol

  • Learn about the ways you can improve your diet and self-care routine
  • Discover the tools created by Dr. Terry Wahls to support people making changes to their diet and self-care routines
  • Understand the resources available, including her books and her programs to support reclaiming your health journey


Kevin Ellis 400x400 1

Kevin Ellis

How To Build Stronger Bones

  • Uncover the link between bone health and multiple sclerosis, along with celiac disease’s impact on bones
  • Understand osteoporosis and osteopenia, including their implications for overall health
  • Learn about evaluating bone strength, and strategies for preventing bone loss and enhancing bone building


Catharine Arnston 400x400 1

Catharine Arnston

Algae: An Ancient Secret that Could Protect Your Mitochondria

  • Understand what algae and cyanobacteria are, and how superoxide dismutase (SOD) in these organisms could protect mitochondria
  • Learn about the role of changing SOD levels in aging and its impact on mitochondrial damage, alongside the best food sources for SOD
  • Discover the key nutrients in spirulina and chlorella, and how these algae support detoxification and improve sleep quality
Trevor Wicken

Trevor Wicken, MS, CES, MES, MEPD, NKT 2

Revitalize Abilities: Virtual Exercise For Recovery

  • Discover how virtual exercise programs can enhance vision and mobility, featuring a success story of a mom’s return to soccer
  • Learn three brain-stimulating methods to potentially reverse disabilities through exercise
  • Understand proprioception and interoception’s roles in effective exercise training for reducing disability


Gretchen Hawley

Gretchen Hawley, PT, DPT, MSCS

Gain Function: Best Exercises For You

  • Discover how MS Physical Therapy specialists tailor exercises for faster mobility gains
  • Understand why functional exercises are key to unlocking improvements for MS patients
  • Learn how to maximize your neuroplasticity and strengthen neural pathways and muscles with tailored functional exercises


Deanna Hansen 400x400 1

Deanna Hansen

Ease Your MS Symptoms By Releasing Fascia Tightness

  • Discover what fascia is and its impact on MS and neuroimmune conditions
  • Learn simple techniques to alleviate fascial scarring, enhancing mobility
  • Explore how releasing fascia tightness can improve breathing and reduce back pain


Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Revitalize Health With Restorative Therapies

  • Explore the initial steps to restore function by identifying and treating the root causes of cellular dysfunction
  • Learn about the role of exosomes and various stem cells in repairing neurological damage and enhancing recovery
  • Understand the potential of peptides in managing and improving symptoms in MS patients


Angel Sanchez

Angela Sanchez, MSN, FNP-C, MSCN

Track MS Progress: Key Biomarkers Explained

  • Discover the use of MRI, spinal fluid, and blood biomarkers in managing MS
  • Uncover the role of OCTAVE biomarkers in monitoring disease activity
  • Understand biomarkers’ impact on treatment choices, especially for sensitive patient groups

Day 4

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

How To Work With A Health Coach To Achieve Your Goals

  • Understand how health coaches can help improve health behaviors, similar to how athletes and businesses use coaching to enhance performance
  • Learn how working with a health coach can help patients achieve greater success on their healing journeys, from the perspectives of Dr. Terry Wahls and Health Coach Beth Schultz
  • Gather insights into the research-backed behavior change model that can transform patients and elevate a health practice


Jim Ohneck

Jim Ohneck

Discover Laser Therapy For Pain Relief

  • Understand how laser therapy’s specific light frequencies penetrate the body to reduce pain
  • Explore research on laser therapy’s effectiveness in chronic pain from spinal cord and peripheral nerve damange to reduce pain and improve quality of life
  • Learn about home-use laser devices, treatment duration, and the stories of patients who’ve seen improvements


Fabio Fontana PhD and Dmitri Leonov

Fabio Fontana, PhD and Dmitri Leonov

Integrating Light Therapy With Acupuncture For Health

  • Understand how combining biophysics with acupuncture principles supports brain and nervous system functions
  • Gain insights into the potential benefits of light and acupuncture to support better control of pain
  • Learn how light frequencies may collectively support cellular function and neurological health
Amy Myers 1 1

Amy Myers, MD

How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Health

  • Learn the signs and risk factors of SIBO and its health implications
  • Understand the impact of herbicides like Roundup on gut microbiome and autoimmune links
  • Discover which probiotics can help or hinder SIBO management and tackle related digestive issues


Tom OBryan New


Unveil Neuroimmune Disease Triggers

  • Uncover the top causes of inflammation and how Toll-Like Receptors can mistakenly trigger excessive immune responses
  • Learn about zonulin’s role in leaky gut and the link between common foods and neurological symptoms
  • Discover how long it takes to reduce an immune response to problematic foods


William Hsu MD 1

William Hsu, MD

Intermittent Calorie Restriction: Beyond Traditional Fasting

  • Learn how FMD provides a gentler alternative to traditional fasting methods
  • Understand FMD’s effects on MS symptoms and aging through animal studies
  • Identify issues and solutions for managing conditions like obesity and diabetes related to fasting


Elisa Song 400x400 1

Elisa Song, MD

Boost Health With Microbiome-Brain Connections

  • Hear a family’s journey to overcoming autoimmune and neuroimmune challenges through microbiome management
  • Learn about the crucial early development phase for immune and nervous system health
  • Understand the role of specific bacteria in autoimmunity and strategies for a healthy microbiome, including fermented foods vs. probiotics


William Pawluk MD MSc 400x400 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Using PEMF Therapy For Nervous System Health

  • PEMFs, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, are a significant tool in the field of health and wellness, particularly in managing nervous system damage
  • Understanding the difference between PEMFs and EMFs is crucial for their effective application
  • PEMFs have been shown to be beneficial in managing MS, highlighting their potential in the field of neurology

Day 5

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls’ Big Hairy Audacious Goal

  • Dr. Terry Wahls is committed to changing the standard of care for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or a neuroimmune condition, emphasizing the critical role of diet and lifestyle choices in disease progression or recovery
  • Understand that it typically requires 30 years of high-quality, peer-reviewed research to significantly alter medical standards of care, a journey Dr. Wahls has been undertaking for 15 years
  • Gain insight into the major milestones of Dr. Wahls’ research journey thus far, and learn about the future work she plans to conduct in this field


Kenneth Sharlin New

Kenneth Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

Functional Medicine: Transform MS & Neuro Care

  • Understand MS diagnosis through 2017 McDonald criteria and factors affecting clinical outcomes
  • Learn the five pillars of lifestyle interventions for brain health
  • Explore how OCTAVE and OCT tests combine with functional medicine to optimize treatment for MS and neuroimmune conditions


Brandon Beaber

Brandon Beaber, MD

Your Neuro Wellness Path: Insights & Hope

  • Learn how MRI and clinical insights can forecast better health prospects
  • Explore safe family planning, breastfeeding benefits, and MS treatments
  • Uncover effective wellness and dietary strategies essential for health improvement


Megan Weigel

Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-C, MSCN

Your Guide To Integrative MS Management

  • Understand the detailed effects of alcohol on health, identifying the fine line between safe and unsafe use for people with MS
  • Emphasize the importance of quality sleep for MS management, including cognitive behavioral therapy and dietary adjustments
  • Delve into the advantages of energy medicine for those feeling stagnant in their MS treatment journey


Rosalind Kalb

Rosalind Kalb, PhD

How A Wellness Mindset Boosts Your Health

  • Understand cognitive behavioral therapy basics and how it can help build a wellness mindset
  • Learn how to address loneliness and the “Pie Exercise” benefits for you and your support circle
  • Discover how to develop a wellness mindset to tackle the mental side of health challenges


Debbie Ozment

Debbie Ozment, DDS, MS, ABAAHP, NBC-HWC

Discover The Link Between The Mouth, Gut, & Brain

  • Learn how oral health is pivotal in reversing severe health declines, leading to remarkable recoveries
  • Discover the critical role of mouth pathogens in cognition and overall health
  • Explore natural oral care practices and their systemic health benefits


Donna Hartlen

Donna Hartlen

GBS And CIDP: Pathways To Recovery And Hope

  • Understand the mechanisms of nerve attack in GBS and CIDP and explore treatment options
  • Recognize early signs of peripheral nerve issues and implement effective self-care strategies
  • Discover support groups and hear inspiring recovery stories to foster hope and resilience

Day 6

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Inspire Your Journey With These Transformative Stories

  • Gain insights and inspiration from people who have utilized the Wahls Protocol® to support their healing journeys and have experienced transformative results
  • Through personal interviews, learn about their path to recovery, the challenges they faced, and how their lives were profoundly changed by implementing the principles of the Wahls Protocol®
  • Understand the powerful impact of Dr. Wahls’ approach, not just theoretically, but through real-world success stories of individuals who have witnessed its transformative potential


Mary Ruddick

Mary Ruddick

Discover Ancestral Keys For Neurological Recovery

  • Discover recovery paths from dysautonomia via ancestral diet and lifestyle insights
  • Learn health links between ancestral diets, facial structure, and neurological well-being
  • Uncover melatonin’s extended benefits and bright light therapy for neurological health


Monisha Bhanote New

Monisha Bhanote, MD, ABOIM, FCAP

Your Path To Harmonize Gut, Immune, And Brain Health

  • Discover how Ayurvedic practices offer a holistic path to balancing gut health, immune function, and brain wellness
  • Discover how immune cells coordinate brain and systemic health to create harmony or chaos
  • Understand the roles of microglia and astrocytes in the brain and spinal cord
Georgia Ede

Georgia Ede, MD

Dietary Keys To Uplift Your Mental Health

  • Explore a diet’s power to overcome panic disorder and severe anxiety
  • Understand the brain benefits of lower carbohydrate intake and nutrient-rich foods
  • Learn to identify insulin resistance and its link to mood and brain health


Steven Gundry

Steven Gundry, MD

Unlock Gut & Brain Health With Lectin Insights

  • Discover recovery through lectin management for brain and gut health.
  • Learn which foods are high in lectins and understand the critical connection between “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”
  • Learn how to shield yourself from harmful lectins and their consequences


Sarah Ballantyne

Sarah Ballantyne, PhD

Discover Essential Nutrients For Your Brain Health

  • Understand how focusing on nutrient-rich foods boosts brain health
  • Explore how diet, exercise, and social determinants shape overall health
  • Identify crucial nutrients for the brain and how balanced eating supports health


Day 7

Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Research Studies- Learn About Future Research Opportunities In The Wahls Research Lab

  • Discover why this research studies are needed
  • Understand how diet studies differ from drug studies and the importance of observational studies, inteventional studies and why randomization is important in the research process
  • Learn how you can participate in research studies


Hollie Schmidt

Hollie Schmidt

The Importance Of Your Role In Research For MS Care

  • Learn about the Accelerated Cure Project for MS and the significance of personal involvement in research
  • Understand the various types of research studies, including observational and interventional, and their impact on MS care
  • Discover how to participate in global observational research studies, contributing to MS research from anywhere
Folake Taylor MD

Folake Taylor, MD

Yes- Recovery From Progressive MS Is Possible

  • Discover real-life recovery from primary progressive MS, highlighting personal resilience and effective strategies
  • Delve into the early indicators and underlying causes of progressive MS for proactive management
  • Gain insights on discussing treatment changes with your treating specialist


Margaret Christensen

Margaret Christensen, MD

How To Balance Hormones & Detox For Brain Health

  • Explore the link between hormones and brain health, highlighting estriol and progesterone’s protective roles
  • Discover how toxins affect hormones and the importance of key minerals for balance
  • Learn simple tips for boosting oxytocin and the benefits of limbic retraining for hormone health


Darin Ingels

Darin Ingels, ND

Uncover Hidden Causes Of MS & Neuroimmune Issues

  • Discover the power of low-dose immunotherapy in inspiring recovery stories from MS and neuroimmune conditions.
  • Understand the critical role of mast cells in contributing to a “leaky brain” and its implications for neuroimmune health
  • Learn how to identify and address hidden triggers of MS through innovative approaches to immunotherapy and cellular health


Patrick Porter

Patrick Porter, PhD

Beyond Genetics: Discover Your Power Within

  • Discover how mirror neurons and non-invasive brain stimulation techniques influence your health beyond genetics
  • Learn how the body’s systems, combined with binaural beats, can elevate your overall well-being.
  • Learn about different types of brain stimulation and their potential to improve your physical and mental health


You’re also getting these bonuses FREE

Unlocking the Power of Cellular Health for MS Support

Unlocking the Power of Cellular Health for MS Support

By Terry Wahls, MD

This PDF is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Dr. Wahls’ research. It highlights the impacts Dr. Terry Wahls and her research team have had on multiple sclerosis research. Through the philanthropic support from people around the globe, Dr. Wahls and her team have been able to conduct ground-breaking research into the effects of diet and lifestyle on multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, as well as traumatic brain injury. We also provide links to the nutrition- and lifestyle-related publications from Dr. Wahls and her team. Using this handout, you can easily review these published, peer-reviewed papers and books. We also provide contact information for the team so you can learn how to help Dr. Wahls and her team in investigating a health condition that matters to you and your family.

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What is Damaging Your Patients Nervous System

What is Damaging Your Patient's Nervous System

By Terry Wahls, MD

The nervous system is highly complex and coordinates sensory information and movement, guiding our experience of the world. Our emotions depend upon our nervous system. So does our ability to think, remember, and reason. Our ability to feel pain, temperature, and touch, to see, hear, taste, and smell, to move and know where we are in space—that all depends on our nervous system, which is wonderfully complex. If you have anxiety, depression, brain fog, or fatigue, your brain is affected. If you have chronic pain, your brain and/or peripheral nerves are likely affected. In this guide, Dr. Terry Wahls explains our nervous system, its key parts, how they work together to create our experience of the world, and how our nervous system can malfunction, leading to a wide variety of symptoms.

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Top Targeted Supplements for Autoimmune and Neuroimmune Patients On The Wahls Protocol®

Top Targeted Supplements for Autoimmune and Neuroimmune Patients On The Wahls Protocol®

By Terry Wahls, MD

People often ask what the most important nutrients are for one to consider when adding supplements to one’s self-care program. Dr. Wahls reviews which supplements are the most helpful to stabilize disease activity for multiple sclerosis and neuroimmune patient.

One of the most common questions Dr. Terry Wahls receives from the public is which supplements should I be taking to support my healing journey. In this video, Dr. Wahls reviews the basic diet and lifestyle she recommends everyone adopt if they have a neuroimmune condition. She then discusses her approach to determining which supplements may be helpful for an individual’s self-care and wellness program.

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Brain Regeneration Guide Cover

The Brain Regeneration Guide

By David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

This image-rich, 42 page, researched-based guide can be read through in less than 1 hour and will show you the best strategies and protocols to regain control of your mood, memory and long-term brain health.

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Brain Food on a Budget

Brain Food on a Budget

By Drew Ramsey, MD

This PDF includes tips and tricks for shopping for brain food on a tight budget. It includes 5 of Dr. Ramsey’s favorite recipes and shopping lists for them.

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Transformational Health Guide Re Vitalize Your Brain

Transformational Health Guide Re-Vitalize Your Brain

By Kenneth Sharlin, MD, MPH, IFMCP

Sleep plays a critical role in digestion, absorption of nutrients, and clearing toxins from the brain. ​ It is important for hormone secretion, memory consolidation, and overall brain health. Eating a plant-based diet with healthy fats, moderate protein intake, and plenty of fiber supports brain health and reduces inflammation. Avoiding processed foods, trans fats, and excessive sugar is important. Exercise is essential for brain health. ​ Cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow to the brain, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the growth of new brain cells. ​ Resistance training helps improve memory, balance, strength, and flexibility. ​ Cognitive activities combined with movement enhance brain function. ​ Recharging and optimizing thoughts is crucial for brain health. ​ Choosing positive thoughts, practicing heart coherence, and focusing on regenerative emotions like gratitude and love can improve mental well-being and reduce stress. ​ Social connection is important for brain health. Loneliness and social isolation can increase inflammation and negatively impact brain function. ​ Connecting with others, engaging in meaningful conversations, joining clubs or classes, and maintaining relationships can improve overall health and well-being.

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Beat Bone Loss An Autoimmune Guide to Building Stronger Bones Cover

Beat Bone Loss: An Autoimmune Guide To Build Stronger Bones

By BoneCoach™

Rapid bone loss and increased fracture risk are implicated in a range of autoimmune diseases. More and more people affected by autoimmune disease are realizing the importance of preserving their bones and preventing osteopenia and osteoporosis. Download this FREE BoneCoach™ eBook “Beat Bone Loss: An Autoimmune Guide To Build Stronger Bones” and start improving TODAY!

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Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition

Minding My Mitochondria, 2nd Edition

By Terry Wahls, MD

In her book, Minding My Mitochondria (2nd Edition), Dr. Terry Wahls describes her healing journey from profound disability back to vibrant health. This is the first chapter of the book describing my descent into severe disability, my discovery and use of functional medicine and electrical stimulation of muscles that would lead to dramatic recovery of function and the many environmental factors that likely contributed to my developing multiple sclerosis. Minding My Mitochondria is available in Europe on Amazon and in Kindle format in the United States.

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The Wahls Protocol A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles Revised and Expanded 1

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles, Revised and Expanded

By Terry Wahls, MD

The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles (Revised and Expanded) details Dr. Terry Wahls’ descent into profound disability and her creation of a diet and lifestyle program that restored her health and vitality. In the introduction, Dr. Wahls describes in detail how she went from athletic to wheelchair dependent in three short years, studied the basic science models of multiple sclerosis, and created the Wahls Protocol®, which restored her health and ability to live her life. Chapter One: The Science of Life, Disease, and You reviews the science of how our daily choices influence the expression of our DNA or genes, which determines the level of health and vitality we have. It also describes how our mitochondria contribute to vitality, signs of mitochondrial strain, and how to restore your mitochondrial health. Chapter One also talks about food as medicine, key micronutrients and their main functions in the body, and key sources for those important nutrients. Also included is a list of available translations of the Wahls Protocol and the publishing companies who produced them.

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The Wahls Protocol Cooking For Life

The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

By Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls has created a companion cookbook to help people adopt and sustain each level of the Wahls™ diet plans. This gift contains the introduction The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life describing my recovery from severe disability and how I teach the concepts I used for my healing in my clinics at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Iowa City. It also includes five delicious recipes to help get you started on healthy eating

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The Wahls™ Paleo Diet Level 2 Cheat Sheet

The Wahls™ Paleo Diet Level 2 Cheat Sheet

By Terry Wahls, MD

One page summary of the diet that Dr. Wahls is used in her clinics and clinical trials to restore cellular health. Great for the refrigerator.

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What Is Your Mission

What Is Your Mission?

By Terry Wahls, MD

Creating new desirable habits takes effort. Extinguishing undesirable habits takes even more effort. Dr. Terry Wahls discusses how the tools she uses in her clinical trials and clinical practice help people successfully create health-promoting habits and turn away from health-destroying habits.

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Learn to Make Dr. Terry Wahls Favorite Ferments

Learn to Make Dr. Terry Wahls' Favorite Ferments

By Terry Wahls, MD

Sharing an appreciation for ferments. The earliest evidence of fermentation dates back 100,000 years. Back then, our ancestors used salt and the naturally occurring lactobacillus to make various forms of fermented vegetables, a practice that has continued for thousands of generations!

I have since discovered a way to make kimchi that does not use a saltwater brine. I make it the same way I make sauerkraut. Red pepper chili flakes, ginger, and garlic create the heat. You can adjust the amounts of those ingredients according to your taste preference and heat tolerance. Kimchi is wonderful as a side. I also add it to soups and stews just before eating, or stir it into a skillet meal just before serving so that the health-promoting bacteria are not killed by cooking. Kimchi also makes a terrific addition to salads. Jackie likes to add kimchi to her
breakfast eggs (she tolerates eggs as do the rest of my family, but for me eggs will trigger face pain).

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Thrive in Overdrive

Thrive in Overdrive

By Patrick Porter, PhD

In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, no one is immune to stress. Why?Because our lives are too overloaded. Thrive in Overdrive shows you how torid yourself of the happiness-robbing condition called stress and enjoy a balanced life, but without giving up your overdrive lifestyle that makes sure you stay ahead of the game. The book, written by recognized how-to self-help expert, Dr. Patrick Porter, is based on methods that have been time-tested by over a million clients worldwide. He uses true stories, anecdotes, and deceivingly simple creative visualization exercises to demonstrate that, yes, you can have it all.

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Your Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

Your Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation

By Rosalind Kalb, PhD

Particularly in multiple sclerosis, studies suggest that meditation and mindfulness help reduce pain and anxiety.

We spend a great portion of our days scattered, unable to give our full attention to what is in front of us. This can lead to life feeling out of control. Even when you can’t control the here and now, you can learn to control your response to it through meditation and mindfulness.

That’s why we’ve created a meditation practice specifically designed for people living with multiple sclerosis.

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Monday Mantras with Megan

Monday Mantras with Megan

By Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-C, MSCN

The bestseller, “Monday Mantras with Megan,” offers an approachable and lighthearted guide to help you improve your mental, emotional, and physical health through mindfulness and simple practices. Enjoy the introduction and first week of your journey!

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Top 10 Tips For Progressive MS Recovery

Top 10 Tips For Progressive MS Recovery

By Folake Taylor, MD, FACP

You have a diagnosis of progressive multiple sclerosis. Now what? Here’s a tool that can give you a jump start on the most important steps to reverse the effects of progressive multiple sclerosis on your day-to-day symptoms and function. There is hope. Recovery is possible. By following a blueprint of a tried and proven path, you no longer have to wonder what to do or how to do it. You no longer need to feel lost, hopeless, or in despair. You just need to trust the process. You can get your life back.

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Change Your Diet Change Your MInd Chapter 3 Why Most Nutrition Guidelines Are Wrong

Change Your Diet, Change Your MInd: Chapter 3: Why Most Nutrition Guidelines Are Wrong

By Georgia Ede, MD

One complete chapter from Dr. Ede’s best-selling comprehensive new book about nutrition and mental health, Change Your Diet, Change Your Mind. This is chapter 3: Why Most Nutrition Headlines Are Wrong. This 21-page chapter gives you an inside look at the hopelessly flawed field of nutrition epidemiology–“the science behind the science” of flip-flopping nutrition headlines and confusing dietary guidelines–so you can see for yourself why so much of what we have been led to believe about brain food is false. Widespread myths about everything from the goodness of whole grains and the cancer-fighting properties of fruits and vegetables to the dangers of red meat and saturated fat all stem from the wholly unscientific guesswork that is nutrition epidemiology. This chapter is full of interesting historical tales, humorous real-life examples of brain food studies, and practical advice about how to easily identify and avoid falling for the flashy food headlines and unwieldy, archaic dietary guidelines that have been misleading us for decades and jeopardizing our good mental and physical health.

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How to Test for Insulin Resistance

How to Test for Insulin Resistance

By Georgia Ede, MD

Knowing how insulin resistant you are is like having a crystal ball into your physical and mental health future. This guide contains a complete list of tests, along with their ideal target ranges, to show you where you fall on the insulin resistance spectrum, which is an excellent indicator of your overall metabolic health. Some of these tests cost nothing and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Most others are inexpensive and widely available blood tests. If you have signs of insulin resistance, you can turn your metabolic ship around in a matter of weeks simply by making the right changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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Enhancing Motor Function in Multiple Sclerosis

Enhancing Motor Function in Multiple Sclerosis

By Garrett Salpeter

“A Case Series in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Using Direct Current Electrical Stimulation to Inhibit Spasticity and Improve Outcomes” is a significant article focused on the application of NeuFit’s Neubie electrical stimulation device in the management and treatment of symptoms in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). This innovative approach leverages the principles of neuromuscular re-education and neuroplasticity, emphasizing the body’s ability to relearn and improve neurological functions through targeted electrical stimulation.

For MS patients, this technology represents a beacon of hope and potential improvement in quality of life. It plays a critical role in assisting MS patients to regain lost functions, enhance strength, and reduce the debilitating effects of spasticity which are commonly associated with multiple sclerosis. The approach is grounded in the science of neuroplasticity, which posits that the brain and nervous system’s adaptability can be directed toward recovery and functional improvement, even in conditions traditionally seen as progressively degenerative. The significance of this article lies in its detailed presentation of patient experiences, clinical methodologies, and the underlying science that supports the use of NeuFit’s technologies in managing neurological conditions. It is particularly valuable for MS patients seeking new, non-invasive options for managing their symptoms, potentially reducing reliance on medications, and improving overall mobility and independence.

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The Cellcare Plate

The #CellCare Plate: Plant-Based Gluten-Free Recipes to Naturally Bio-Hack Your Wellbeing

By Monisha Bhanote, MD, ABOIM, FCAP

The #CellCare Plate recipes are a collection of carefully crafted, plant-based meals designed specifically for individuals navigating the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis and other neuroimmune conditions. Each recipe emphasizes nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory ingredients that support cellular health and promote a balanced gut microbiome, crucial for modulating immune and neurological functions. These easy-to-prepare dishes not only aim to enhance your daily nutrition but also to improve overall brain health, immune system resilience, and quality of life. Whether you are new to dietary management of MS or looking to expand your culinary repertoire, the #CellCare Plate offers delicious, wholesome options to nourish your body and support your health journey.

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The Ultimate Guide To Fascia The Benefits Of Fascia Decompression For Pain Illness Aging And Trauma

The Ultimate Guide to Fascia - The Benefits of Fascia Decompression for Pain, Illness, Aging and Trauma

By Deanna Hansen

Fascia plays a vital role in maintaining structural integrity and facilitating cellular communication by allowing nutrients to reach cells and waste to be removed. When fascia is healthy, it supports overall bodily function, but if compromised, it can lead to a breakdown in communication within the body. This is particularly relevant for individuals with MS, where compromised fascia can exacerbate symptoms by creating adhesions and scar tissue that obstruct cellular flow and contribute to further dysfunction. This comprehensive guide will teach you about this important system and how to support its health to promote health and healing.

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Neuroplasticity for Multiple Sclerosis Recovery Innovative Strategies to Rebuild Function and Enhance Quality of Life

Neuroplasticity for Multiple Sclerosis Recovery: Innovative Strategies to Rebuild Function and Enhance Quality of Life

By Garrett Salpeter

Unlock the transformative potential of neuroplasticity for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) recovery with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re an MS patient, caregiver, or healthcare professional, this book offers invaluable insights and practical strategies to rebuild function and enhance quality of life. Through compelling real-world stories, such as Wendy’s journey from wheelchair dependency to walking her son down the aisle, you’ll discover how innovative therapies like the NeuFit Method and the Neubie device can accelerate recovery. Dive into the science of neuroplasticity, explore the benefits of a nutrient-rich diet like the Wahls Protocol, and learn the importance of exercise and sleep in supporting neural adaptation. With a holistic approach, this book empowers you to harness the brain’s remarkable ability to reorganize and form new neural connections, paving the way for significant improvements in function and well-being.

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The Use of Class IV Lasers in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Lesion Pain

The Use of Class IV Lasers in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Lesion Pain

By Jim Ohneck

This White Paper discusses how High-Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) works and can be used as an adjunctive pain management treatment for Spinal Cord lesion pain. The author, Jim Ohneck is a Fellow of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and has been involved in the research and development of the technology for over twenty years,

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PEMFs for Pain and Inflammation

PEMF Therapy For Pain And Inflammation

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

A silent killer might have taken up residence in your body. Do you know what it is? Inflammation. Nearly 50% of all deaths are caused by inflammation-based diseases. Drop your email below to get Dr. William Pawluk’s guide, PEMFs for Pain and Inflammation. Discover the simple and effective way to fight inflammation at the source.

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The Octave MSDA Test

The Octave (MSDA) Test

By Octave

Check out our flyer to learn more about Octave’s Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) Test and how it supports shared decision making between you and your clinician.

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Harnessing the Power of Acupoints and Light Therapy Advance Welleness Solutions for Multiple Sclerosis

Harnessing the Power of Acupoints and Light Therapy: Advance Welleness Solutions for Multiple Sclerosis

By Tao Patch

Learn how you can use acupoints to relieve MS symptoms.

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Terry Wahls, MD 400x400

Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls is a remarkable individual who has not only revolutionized her own life but has become a beacon of hope for millions of people around the world. As a clinical professor of medicine and a survivor of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dr. Wahls has transformed the way we view and approach the management of this complex condition.

Facing the challenges of MS firsthand, Dr. Wahls was once confined to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Determined to take control of her health, she embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and pioneered a unique protocol that combined dietary changes, functional medicine, and lifestyle modifications. The result? Dr. Wahls not only restored her own health but is now pedaling her bike to work every day, defying the limitations of her previous condition.

Dr. Wahls’ personal experience has inspired her to share her knowledge and insights with others. Through her books, including “The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine,” she has empowered countless individuals to take charge of their health and explore new possibilities for overcoming the symptoms of MS.

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