PCOS is the #1 cause of infertility in women…

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Hosted by Felice Gersh, MD World-renowned Integrative Gynecologist
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It’s Not Just About Your Ovaries

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects 1 in 10 women. And yet, more than half remain undiagnosed, and many more are under-treated and uninformed of the long-term health risks. 

PCOS is the #1 cause of female infertility, but it’s not just about reproductive health; it’s a lifelong metabolic and hormonal challenge, too. It affects the skin, hair, and mood, and it’s a major risk factor for cardiometabolic diseases. In fact, by age 40 a woman with PCOS has 7 times the risk of developing diabetes! And it persists beyond menopause, accelerating the effects of aging.  

By joining the PCOS SOS Summit, you’ll gain valuable insights from Dr. Gersh, who has personally experienced the challenges of PCOS and has successfully treated thousands of PCOS patients. At this summit, you’ll meet experts from a wide range of fields who share their insights, strategies, and groundbreaking treatments to better manage PCOS.

Because it isn’t just about PCOS; it’s about you. It’s about breaking the cycle of frustration, feeling empowered, and truly thriving with PCOS. 

Join us and take the first step toward that future.

How Are All of These Different Problems Happening in MY BODY?

To many medical professionals, PCOS is just a condition of irregular periods that can be controlled with birth control pills, and if you want to get pregnant, fertility treatments. 

But PCOS is so much more than that. 

It’s a whirlwind of emotions, challenges, and daily battles, from the unpredictable menstrual cycles and the diet-defying weight gain to the silent battles with self-image due to hair loss, facial hair, and stubborn acne. 

It’s the weight of depression and the sting of societal judgment. It influences how we feel about our bodies and our future. But it’s also the risk of autoimmune disease, diabetes, and heart disease.

What if there were a way to navigate this storm that went beyond short-term symptom suppression to achieve actual healing? What if you could build a life where PCOS doesn’t dictate every choice? A future where you feel in control, informed, and empowered.

With the right knowledge and tools, you can reclaim your health and well-being. Whether it’s restoring balance, starting a family, or simply feeling confident in your own skin…

You deserve to live your best life. 

Join the PCOS SOS Summit, hosted by Felice Gersh, MD, and learn the most effective strategies for treating and controlling PCOS.

Become the version of yourself you’ve always envisioned.

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Learn From These 40+ World-Leading Experts

Day 1

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Introducing The PCOS SOS Course: Your Post-Summit Path To Healing

  • Understand how PCOS is diagnosed: key signs include androgen excess, irregular periods, and ovarian cysts
  • Recognize the top symptoms associated with PCOS and how they appear differently in women
  • Grasp why insulin resistance plays a foundational role in PCOS, exacerbating various challenging symptoms
Jaclyn Smeaton ND 400x400 1

Jaclyn Smeaton, ND

Master Advanced Lab Tests To Understand Your PCOS

  • Understand the intricacies of PCOS and the limitations of baseline blood work in diagnosing it
  • Dive into the capabilities of DUTCH testing, especially in assessing ovarian and adrenal gland functions
  • Discover the key patterns in DUTCH testing that can guide tailored treatment plans for PCOS
Joseph Antoun MD PhD MPP 400x400 1

Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

Gain Metabolic Health With The Fasting Mimicking Diet

  • Discover the Fasting Mimicking Diet and how women with PCOS can use it
  • Learn how fasting is key to restoring metabolic health
  • Understand what a good nutritional program for women with PCOS looks like
Megan Marie Stewart 400x400 1

Megan-Marie Stewart

Navigating PCOS: Advocacy & Insights

  • Explore Megan-Marie Stewart’s journey with PCOS, delving into its impact on mental health and daily life
  • Understand the importance of community and family in battling PCOS
  • Dive into the mission and future of the PCOS Awareness Association and the renowned PCOS CON
Aumatma Simmons ND 400x400 1

Aumatma Simmons, ND, MS, FABNE

Navigating The Fertility Journey With PCOS

  • Discover how PCOS fertility encompasses far more than just ovulation
  • Understand what forms the optimal fertile state when trying to conceive with PCOS
  • Learn about key nutrients and herbs to consider for fertility with PCOS
Lyn Patrick ND 400x400 1

Lyn Patrick, ND

Unmasking Everyday Chemical Exposures That Contribute To PCOS

  • Learn about the health impacts of common chemical and toxic metal exposures
  • Identify common everyday exposures that harm the body and alter blood sugar and insulin regulation
  • Understand how these exposures cause conditions besides metabolic syndrome and PCOS
April Johnson AFMC INHC 400x400 1

April Johnson, AFMC, INHC

Simple Lifestyle Changes To Combat PCOS

  • Understand how smart food choices help regulate insulin, avoiding complicated diets
  • Discover the significant impact of small lifestyle modifications on PCOS healing
  • Learn about effective supplements to enhance your PCOS management journey
Jo Yang 400x400 1

Jo Yang, MA, NBC-HWC, 200 YTT

Yoga & Coaching: A PCOS Health Transformation Guide

  • Learn the benefits of a dedicated health coach in managing PCOS and receiving personalized support
  • Explore how yoga paired with health coaching promotes physical and emotional wellness for people with PCOS
  • Discover how yoga brings together the mind, body, and spirit to help overcome insomnia, binge eating, infertility, and other PCOS challenges
Ari Whitten MS 400x400 1

Ari Whitten, MS

Recharge Tactics: Enhance Mitochondria To Fight Fatigue

  • Learn to enhance mitochondrial function with targeted exercise, strategic fasting, and mindful breathwork to combat fatigue
  • Discover the critical links between chronic stress, compromised health, and persistent tiredness, and how to break the cycle
  • Gain actionable insights on boosting your energy levels, irrespective of your current fitness status

Day 2

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Skin & Hair

  • Understand how PCOS can be a root cause of chronic cystic acne and its connection with skin health
  • Consider the pros and cons of traditional treatments for acne, hair loss, and facial hair in relation to PCOS
  • Discover whole-body approaches that address the root causes of skin and hair issues, including a top vitamin tip for acne healing
Doreen Bloch 400x400 1

Doreen Bloch

Personalized Prenatal Supplements For PCOS

  • Learn how Ellement helps you customize prenatal supplements based on unique health conditions like PCOS and hyperthyroidism and dietary restrictions such as veganism
  • Identify which prenatal nutrients you need and which additives you should avoid
  • Discover how to maximize the effectiveness of your prenatal supplements by starting them early, taking the right supplements at the right time of day, and adjusting the dosing to support your developing pregnancy
Mark P. Trolice MD MBA FACOG FACS FACE 400x400 1

Mark Trolice, MD, MBA, FACOG, FACS, FACE

Get Pregnant With IVF: What PCOS Women Need To Know

  • Understand the importance of preconception health to increase IVF success
  • Gain insights into PCOS conception success rates using IVF and other advanced reproductive technologies
  • Learn strategies for improving maternal and infant health throughout the fertility journey
Carrie Jones ND FABNE MPH 400x400 1

Carrie Jones, ND, FABNE, MPH

Balance Your PCOS: A Guide To Estrogen Metabolism

  • Understand why estrogen detoxification is necessary and the steps involved
  • Learn how to improve detoxification and why products like DIM may not suit everyone
  • Discover tips, supplements, and dietary sources that support estrogen metabolism
Dale Bredesen MD 400x400 1

Dale Bredesen, MD

The Link Between PCOS And Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Learn how PCOS and Alzheimer’s disease share many of the same key factors
  • Understand the role of inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormones in both conditions
  • Discover tips for reducing risk and reversing cognitive decline
Trudy Scott CN 400x400 1

Trudy Scott, CN

Discover GABA: Your Ally For Metabolic Health & Anxiety Relief

  • Understand the prevalence of anxiety in women with PCOS and the role of GABA
  • Discover the link between low GABA in women with PCOS and vitamin D
  • Learn from case studies how GABA aids in easing lifelong anxiety, emotional eating, and binge eating in PCOS patients
JJ Virgin CNS BCHN EP C 400x400 1

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

Build Muscle, Balance Insulin & Lose Weight To Heal PCOS

  • Discover how building muscle can improve insulin resistance and help weight loss for people with PCOS
  • Explore various resistance training and nutritional strategies for effective muscle gain and weight loss
  • Understand the essential role of protein and proper workout recovery in muscle building
Lara Briden ND 400x400 1

Lara Briden, ND

PCOS Relief: Learn About Cyclic Progesterone Therapy

  • Discover how your menstrual cycle works and the basics of hormones to better understand your body
  • Explore cyclic progesterone therapy and how it might offer relief for those with PCOS
  • Question the common use of oral contraceptives and learn more to make choices that are right for you
Pearl Warner 400x400 1

Pearl Warner, CPE, LE

Harness Electrolysis To Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair

  • Explore the benefits of electrolysis over laser hair removal and find out which method is best for you
  • Understand the basics of electrolysis, including ideal candidates, the process, duration, and sensations during treatment
  • Gain practical tips for finding a qualified electrolysis professional for effective, personalized treatment

Day 3

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Weight Loss Resistance

  • Recognize the challenges of weight management for women with PCOS, whether they are lean or obese
  • Understand the link between body composition and inflammation in unhealthy weight gain
  • Implement simple dietary changes to improve insulin sensitivity and shift your body into a weight-losing state
Valter Longo PhD 400x400 1

Valter Longo, PhD

Explore Fasting Mimicking Diets For Disease Treatment & Longevity

  • Understand how Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMD) can contribute to longevity
  • Learn about FMD’s impact on pre-diabetes/diabetes, cancer, and cellular regeneration
  • Discover how to incorporate FMD into your lifestyle
Sasha Ottey MHA MT ASCP 400x400 1

Sasha Ottey, MHA, MT (ASCP)

Advocate For PCOS: A Global Perspective

  • Understand why patients are the driving force behind increased awareness of PCOS
  • Learn how nonprofit advocacy groups are working to keep patient priorities at the center of research and innovation
  • Discover ways to become involved in changing the PCOS landscape
Fiona McCulloch ND RAc 400x400 1

Fiona McCulloch, BSc, RAc, ND

Tackling Androgen Excess: Acne, Hair Loss & Unwanted Hair

  • Learn how to manage androgen excess and symptoms like hirsutism, acne, and hair loss in PCOS
  • Understand why treating insulin resistance is crucial for patients with PCOS
  • Discover the benefits of cyclic progesterone therapy for PCOS and its effects at different life stages
Robert H. Lustig MD MSL 400x400 1

Robert Lustig, MD, MSL

Food & Metabolism: Unveiling Their Link To Psychiatric Disease

  • Understand the link between food, metabolic health, and mental health
  • Discover the damaging effects of ultra-processed foods and sugar on metabolic and mental health
  • Learn about various low-insulin diets that can improve both metabolic and mental health
Cynthia Thurlow 400x400 1

Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Reduce Inflammation With Fasting: A Strategy For PCOS Patients

  • Understand how intermittent fasting supports blood sugar regulation and lowers insulin levels
  • Discover how women can successfully fast with their menstrual cycles
  • Learn about the role of nutrition in managing PCOS
Deanna Minich MS PhD FACN CNS IFMCP 400x400 1

Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP

Food & Hormones: Mastering Your Endocrine System

  • Understand how nutrition impacts hormones and the endocrine system
  • Learn how to support liver health to optimize estrogen metabolism and detoxification
  • Discover the benefits of a high fiber, plant-varied diet
Benjamin I. Brown ND 400x400 1

Benjamin Brown, ND

Customized Nutrition And Herbal Supplements For You

  • Understand the evidence-based nutritional and herbal supplements for PCOS
  • Deep dive into a wide range of supplements that can improve skin, hair, weight, and fertility
  • Gain insights into safe dose regimes and other clinical considerations
Tana Amen BSN RN 400x400 1

Tana Amen, BSN, RN

Explore The Connection: Hormones, PCOS & Mental Health

  • Discover the connection between hormones, PCOS, and mental health from personal experience
  • Understand the significant role of nutrition in managing PCOS and its effects on mental health
  • Learn how a balanced hormone profile can influence mental health, particularly in individuals with PCOS

Day 4

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Menstrual Irregularity

  • Learn the difference between regular and irregular cycles and the importance of maintaining a natural rhythm
  • Learn why birth control pills may not treat hormonal imbalances or restore menstrual health
  • Discover the importance of fertility to women’s health and supplements that promote menstrual regularity
Joel Kahn MD FACC 400x400 1

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Protect Your Heart: Essential Insights For Women

  • Discover why heart disease is the most common cause of death in women and how it can be diagnosed years before a heart attack
  • Understand that heart disease can be reversed to a degree before a heart attack occurs
  • Learn how hormone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of heart disease in women


Learn About PCOS: An Evolutionary Response To Lifestyle & Environment

  • Understand the role of evolutionary medicine in the context of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Discover the pathophysiology of insulin resistance and chronic systemic inflammation in PCOS
  • Learn about PCOS as a risk factor for pregnancy complications and pre-eclampsia
Ann Marie Chiasson MD MPH 400x400 1

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH

Unlocking Energy Medicine: Holistic Healing For PCOS

  • Understand the relation between the energy field and the physical body
  • Learn how energy movement can assist with PCOS symptoms
  • Discover techniques to move energy in the physical body for better health
Sandra Scheinbaum PhD 400x400 1

Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD

Unlock Healing From PCOS: The Role Of A Health Coach

  • Appreciate the role of health coaches as allies, accountability partners, and guides on your healing journey
  • Learn how health coaches can ease crucial lifestyle changes that improve your health
  • Discover the emotional support and obstacle-overcoming strategies that health coaches provide
Susan Bratton 400x400 1

Susan Bratton

Reignite Your Libido: A Matrix Of Desire And Arousal

  • Understand the complex matrix of libido, desire, and arousal to boost your sexual health
  • Learn how matriarchal intimacy differs from patriarchal intimacy and its impact on women’s sexual health
  • Explore the benefits of lifelong intimacy on longevity and the steps towards extending your sex span
Angela Grassi MS RDN 400x400 1

Angela Grassi, MS, RDN

Uncover The Right Supplements For Managing PCOS

  • Learn why to use supplements for PCOS and how they can help manage this condition
  • Understand what to consider when choosing the right supplements for PCOS
  • Discover the most evidence-based supplements for PCOS and how to evaluate their effectiveness
Margie Bissinger PT MS CHC 400x400 1

Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC

Cultivate Happiness Habits For Healing PCOS

  • Understand how cultivating a positive mindset can aid in healing PCOS
  • Learn strategies to manage negative thoughts and reduce stress and techniques to increase happiness
  • Discover how choosing the right exercises can improve blood sugar control and happiness
Tallene Hacatoryan MS RD 400x400 1

Tallene Hacatoryan, MS, RD

Achieve Weight Loss With PCOS: A Nutrition-Based Approach

  • Understand the interrelation between insulin resistance, diet, and PCOS
  • Learn how a gluten and dairy-free diet can aid in managing PCOS, inflammation, and hyperandrogenism
  • Discover the impact of diet and lifestyle changes on PCOS weight loss

Day 5

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Infertility

  • Understand that fertility is more than ovulation and its broader health implications
  • Learn about the increased risk of miscarriage and pregnancy complications associated with PCOS
  • Gain insight into strategies to improve preconception health and support a thriving pregnancy
Beatriz Olson MD FACP 400x400 1

Beatriz Olson, MD, FACP

Women’s Hormones & PCOS: Insights From My 30+ Years Experience

  • Understand how the current world environment confuses our biology and hormone metabolism
  • Learn why the American diet damages our hormones and health and the vital role of insulin and fat cells
  • Discover methods to regain wellness, fertility, and understand the importance of early intervention
Anna Cabeca DO OBGYN FACOG 400x400 1

Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG

Optimize Hormones With The Keto Green Diet For PCOS

  • Learn about the importance of diet and specific nutrients in managing insulin resistance
  • Understand the benefits of a Keto Green lifestyle and intermittent fasting in managing insulin resistance
  • Discover the importance of regular exercise and eliminating hormone disruptors for optimal hormonal health
Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Managing Autoimmunity With Lifestyle And Diet

  • Discover the connection between autoimmune processes and PCOS, and explore diet strategies to enhance metabolic health
  • Learn practical tips on how to modify your diet and reduce autoimmunity triggers by incorporating beneficial foods
  • Gain insight into the importance of estrogen and the potential benefits of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women
Aly Cohen MD FACR FABOIM 400x400 1

Aly Cohen, MD

Manage Hormonal Impact Of Chemicals: Here's Your Plan

  • Discover the pervasiveness of synthetic chemicals and understand the regulatory issues in food, drinking water, and personal care products
  • Learn about common toxins in our lives, their health effects, and where can we find them
  • Discover helpful tips to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals without making yourself crazy
Katherine Maslen 400x400 1

Katherine Maslen, ND

Navigating Irregular Cycles: Causes And Solutions

  • Learn what a healthy menstrual cycle should look like
  • Understand the causes of menstrual irregularities
  • Discover how to create a healthy period through positive action based on a naturopathic assessment
Nathan S. Bryan PhD 400x400 1

Nathan Bryan, PhD

Discover Nitric Oxide: Your Master Hormone For Heart Health

  • Learn about the role of nitric oxide in regulating blood flow and maintaining a healthy circulatory system
  • Understand the consequences when the body can’t produce nitric oxide effectively
  • Discover proven strategies to enhance nitric oxide production for better heart health
Tom OBryan DC CCN DABCN CIFM 400x400 1


Rebuild Your Microbiome: A Key To PCOS Health

  • Grasp the importance of a diverse microbiome for optimal health
  • Understand the key strategies for rebuilding and maintaining a robust microbiome
  • Learn the link between a diverse microbiome and disease prevention
Mindy Pelz 400x400 1

Mindy Pelz, DC

Unlock Food & Fasting Secrets For Your Hormones

  • Discover the links between food, fasting, hormones, and menstrual cycles to leverage nutrition for hormonal balance
  • Understand diverse nutritional needs for producing different reproductive hormones
  • Learn the perks and techniques of time-restricted eating for managing hormone levels and enhancing well-being

Day 6

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Anxiety, Depression, And Binge Eating

  • Discover the alarming prevalence of anxiety and depression among women with PCOS
  • Understand how sleep disturbances, nutrient deficiencies, and other PCOS-related challenges affect mental health
  • Learn top natural strategies for improving mental wellness, without pharmaceutical interventions
Carl Chip Lavie MD FACC FACP FCCP 400x400 1

Carl (Chip) Lavie, MD, FACC, FACP, FCCP

Exercise: Your Medicine For Optimum Health

  • Understand the importance of physical activity and exercise in achieving optimal health
  • Discover the significance of muscular fitness in insulin regulation
  • Learn the differences between exercise and fitness and their impacts on cardiorespiratory health, the prognosis for CVD, and cancers
Jenn Simmons 400x400 1

Jennifer Simmons, MD

Guide To Breast Cancer: Hormones, Screening, And Prevention

  • Learn about breast cancer screening and prevention, including mammography and its alternatives
  • Understand the complex relationship between estrogen, menopause, and hormone replacement therapy and how they affect breast cancer
  • Gain knowledge on how to effectively respond to a breast cancer diagnosis and navigate through the journey
Ashley Levinson 400x400 1

Ashley Levinson

Unleash The Power Of Your Patient Voice

  • Realize why advocacy matters for PCOS patients and how it influences legislation, research, and care
  • Learn about the role of the patient voice in influencing these sectors
  • Understand the importance of heart4pcos, an annual campaign, and how to advocate for the best PCOS care
Mark Tager MD 400x400 1

Mark Tager, MD

Achieve Beautiful Skin: Hormones & Diet

  • Discover the role of hormones and diet in maintaining skin health and beauty
  • Understand the interplay between diet and hormones and how it impacts your skin
  • Learn about nutritional supplements that can help balance hormones for healthier skin
Angela D. Mazza DO ABAARM FAAMFM ECNU CDE 400x400 1


Discover The Link: PCOS And Thyroid Health

  • Review the role of the thyroid in fertility and why it’s crucial to screen for thyroid dysfunction in PCOS evaluations
  • Discuss the increased frequency of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in PCOS patients and possible underlying causes
  • Understand the impact of PCOS-associated inflammation on optimal thyroid function and growth
Ben Weitz DC CCSP CSCS 400x400 1

Ben Weitz, DC, CCSP, CSCS

Ease Your PCOS Symptoms With Chiropractic Care

  • Learn about the common occurrence of back and pelvic pain in women with PCOS and their relation to muscle spasms and inflammation
  • Discover the benefits of chiropractic adjustments in reducing PCOS-related back and pelvic pain
  • Understand how nutritional supplements like magnesium, calcium, and fish oil can reduce muscle spasms and inflammation
Jennifer Roelands MD ABOIM 400x400 1

Jennifer Roelands, MD, ABOIM

Telemedicine: A New Frontier In Integrative PCOS Care

  • Understand the transformative role of telemedicine in facilitating holistic PCOS care with an online integrative OB/GYNs
  • Discover the intricate connections between PCOS, the gut microbiome, and symptoms such as acne and mood swings, and why PCOS isn’t just a reproductive issue
  • Learn about alternative approaches to treating PCOS, such as the balance plate model and the 12-hour overnight fast, and the potential drawbacks of birth control pills

Day 7

Felice Gersh MD 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Symptom Spotlight: Insulin Resistance

  • Why insulin resistance is almost universal in women with PCOS
  • Traditional and natural approaches to improving insulin sensitivity
  • How plastics amplify insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance in PCOS patients
James Greenblatt MD 400x400 1

James Greenblatt, MD

Depression And Anxiety In PCOS Patients

  • Learn about the significant rise in anxiety and depression among PCOS patients and why traditional remedies might not always be effective
  • Understand the link between insulin resistance, inflammation, and nutritional deficiencies in exacerbating anxiety
  • Discover the importance of addressing these underlying causes of mental health issues in PCOS patients for more effective management
Peter Bowes 400x400 1

Peter Bowes

Pursue A Longer Healthspan: What You Need To Know

  • Learn what ‘healthspan’ means and why it’s a vital concept for well-being
  • Understand the negative impact of ageism on health and longevity
  • Discover the importance of routine and sleep in promoting a longer health span
William Pawluk MD MSc 400x400 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Addressing PCOS: Unraveling Causes, Symptoms, And The Role Of PEMFs

  • Uncover the primary causes of PCOS, such as hyperinsulinemia, and environmental factors
  • Understand the wide range of PCOS symptoms and their impact on your health
  • Discover the importance of Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) in addressing both the causes and symptoms of PCOS
Dana Al Sheikh 400x400 1

Dana Al Sheikh

Restore Emotional Health For PCOS

  • Understand the emotional and societal factors that contribute to PCOS symptoms
  • Discover the significance of connecting with suppressed parts of ourselves and integrating them for holistic healing
  • Learn the importance of community support in navigating the emotional side of PCOS and healing
Farshid Sam Rahbar MD FACP ABIHM 400x400 1

Farshid Rahbar, MD, FACP, ABIHM

Revitalize Your GI Health: Integrative Approaches To PCOS & Digestion

  • Understand the critical role gut health plays in managing PCOS
  • Explore holistic approaches to gastrointestinal health and gain insights into the gut microbiome, SIBO, SIFO, and bile reflux
  • Gather practical tips and knowledgeable strategies to rejuvenate and maintain your GI health

You’re also getting these bonuses FREE

PCOS SOS Sneak Peek

PCOS SOS Sneak Peek

By Felice Gersh, MD with Alexis Perella

Enjoy this sneak peek of PCOS SOS, Dr. Gersh’s bestselling book. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the most common female endocrine disorder and cause of female infertility in the world. Women with PCOS may suffer from acne, menstrual irregularity, infertility, obesity, autoimmune disease, diabetes, and heart disease. Traditionally, doctors treat symptoms one at a time, often with a new regime of pills for each symptom. This approach never addresses the underlying causes of PCOS so women are medicated but never healed.

With decades of experience as a board-certified OB-GYN and Integrative Medicine doctor and with the knowledge gained from her personal PCOS journey, Dr. Felice Gersh has helped thousands of women lose weight, heal their acne, reverse their chronic diseases, and reclaim their fertility.

In seven simple but revolutionary steps, PCOS SOS shows women how to beat PCOS naturally, replacing pills with powerful, scientifically-backed lifestyle interventions that harness the body’s capacity to heal. Practical, easy-to-understand, and even easier to follow, PCOS SOS is the guide that will help each woman with PCOS chart her personal journey to true health and wellness.

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Period Repair Manual

Period Repair Manual Natural Treatment For Better Hormones And Better Periods

By Lara Briden, ND

A free download of the first two chapters of Dr. Lara’s book, Period Repair Manual.

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Hormone Repair Manual

Hormone Repair Manual

By Lara Briden, ND

A free download of the first two chapters of Dr. Lara’s book, Hormone Repair Manual.

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Your Guide to Toxin Free Beauty Products for Clear Glowing Skin. PCOS Edition

Your Guide To Toxin-Free Beauty Products For Clear, Glowing Skin... PCOS Edition

By Hayley Hanks

Restoring healing and beauty to the cells and the soul with non-toxic beauty products created from farm-fresh ingredients.

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Published Research on PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: An Evolutionary Adaptation To Lifestyle And The Environment


This is a collection of recent publications on the Pathogenesis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

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Reduce the Impact of Stress on the Body with PEMFs

Reduce The Impact Of Stress On The Body With PEMFs

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Want a simple way to be smarter, healthier, and stronger? You’re going to have to tackle the way your body processes stress. Drop your email below to get Dr. William Pawluk’s guide, Reduce the Impact of Stress on the Body With PEMFs and learn the #1 way to keep your stress levels in check – even in a highly stressful world.

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The Wahls Protocol Cooking For Life

The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan To Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

By Terry Wahls, MD

Dr. Terry Wahls has created a companion cookbook to help people adopt and sustain each level of the Wahls™ diet plans. This gift contains the introduction The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life describing my recovery from severe disability and how I teach the concepts I used for my healing in my clinics at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Iowa City. It also includes five delicious recipes to help get you started on healthy eating.

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Heart Attack Prevention Guide Live Long and Prosper

Dr. Kahn’s Guide To Avoiding A Heart Attack

By Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Heart attacks kill hundreds of thousands in the USA alone every year. Yet, most heart attacks are preventable. Heart disease can be identified years before a heart attack. A plan to prevent and reverse the deadly outcome is known and teachable.

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How to Use Amino Acids like GABA and Tryptophan to End Sugar Cravings and Ease Anxiety eGuide from Trudy Scott CN

How To Use Amino Acids Like GABA And Tryptophan To End Sugar Cravings And Ease Anxiety

By Trudy Scott, CN

Food Mood expert, Trudy Scott, covers how the targeted individual amino acids such as GABA, tryptophan, DPA, glutamine and tyrosine can be used to end carb, sugar, gluten and alcohol cravings (with no feelings of deprivation) and also ease anxiety and panic attacks quickly. Results are illustrated with powerful case studies. Be sure to listen to Trudy’s interview with Dr. Gersch where she discusses how GABA helps improve the metabolic effects in PCOS. It also eases anxiety and helps with preventing emotional eating in women with PCOS too.

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Nutrition Lifestyle Approaches for Healthy Hormones

Nutrition & Lifestyle Approaches For Healthy Hormones

By Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP

This 2-page free educational download provides select nutrition and lifestyle approaches to help with overall endocrine and hormone health.

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Eat the Rainbow Toolkit

Eat The Rainbow: Tools To Help You Eat The Full Rainbow Of Healthy, Plant-Based Foods

By Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP

This toolkit will help you eat the full rainbow of healthy, plant-based foods. It includes a Rainbow Food Tracker and Shopping List to help you add colorful foods to your daily eating.

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All Things V Report

All Things "V" The Ultimate Women's Guide To Feeling Happier And Healthier "Down There"

By Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG

Dr. Anna’s 40-page chapter on beating vaginal dryness and irritation, from the the All Things V eBook.

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Resistance Training Cheat Sheet

Resistance Training Cheat Sheet

By JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

It’s never too late and it’s never too soon! If you are 40+, the most important exercise you can do is resistance training. Starting at age 40, you can lose up to 1% of your muscle mass per year—and even more strength and power. This has a devastating impact on metabolism, as muscle is the biggest tool you have to impact your metabolic rate and quickly improve insulin sensitivity.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way! Adding resistance training into your weekly routine will ensure your body is “built to last.”

I put together this handy cheat sheet for you to quickly set up your home gym and get started!

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Recipes for Real Health

Recipes For Real Health

By Jennifer Simmons, MD

Real food creates real health.

There is a perception that eating in a way that promotes one’s health is boring, lacks flavor, texture, and is somehow unsatisfying. This fuels the belief that eating healthy is hard.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Eating well can not only be delicious, but it can change the way you feel.

My team and I wrote this recipe guide to show you how wonderful and delicious life can be while following a plant-based diet.

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PCOS Meal Plan

PCOS Meal Plan

By Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, PCOS Dietitian at the PCOS Nutrition Center

There’s so much confusion on what to eat for PCOS. Get your free PCOS weekly meal plan complete with delicious whole food recipes for PCOS and done-for-you shopping list.

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7 Day Meal Plan Challenge

7 Day Meal Plan Challenge

By Tallene Hacatoryan, MS, RD | PCOS Weight Loss

A quick & easy guide to eating a PCOS friendly diet, gluten and dairy free.

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Functional Medicine Coaching

Functional Medicine Coaching

By Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD and Elyse Wagner, with an introduction by Dr. Mark Hyman

Your guide to functional medicine health coaching. Learn how it works, why it’s transforming healthcare, and how you can access this incredible resource.

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Yoga for PCOS A Holistic Approach to Hormone Health

Yoga For PCOS: A Holistic Approach To Hormone Health

By Certified Health Coach & Yoga Instructor Jo

Discover the transformative potential of yoga for managing PCOS with our e-book, “Yoga for PCOS: A Holistic Approach to Hormone Health”. Learn how yoga complements medical treatments by fostering hormonal balance, reducing stress, and promoting emotional stability. Embrace consistency and patience as your allies on this journey, unlocking gradual yet exciting benefits. Regardless if you’re new to yoga or are a seasoned yogini, this e-book offers helpful insights. Begin your journey today and harness the ancient wisdom of yoga to empower your PCOS management.

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Intermittent Fasting Guide

Intermittent Fasting Quick Start Guide

By Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Download the free Intermittent Fasting guide to support an anti-inflammatory autoimmune lifestyle.

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Thyroid Talk Sneak Preview

Thyroid Talk Sneak Preview


Did you know? An alarming 20 million individuals in the USA are suffering from some form of thyroid disease. Women are at a higher risk – with a five- to eight-fold increase over men. This isn’t a problem limited to the later stages of life either; it can arise anytime, especially during the latter half. I’m Dr. Angela Mazza, and I have written my soon-to-be-published book “Thyroid Talk,” as a beacon of hope amidst this crisis. My mission? To usher countless individuals out of the shadows of this health epidemic, illuminating a path towards vitality and well-being.

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Staying Younger As We Get Older

Staying Younger As We Get Older

By Beatriz Olson, MD, FACP

Dr. Beatriz Olson’s e-book.

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PCOS Your Pelvic Floor Cover

PCOS & Your Pelvic Floor

By Amanda Olson, DPT, PRPC

In this guide, we’ll explore the relationship between PCOS and pelvic floor health. We will also discuss treatment options and lifestyle changes that can help manage PCOS-related pelvic pain, with a focus on the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy.

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Meet Your Summit Host

Felice Gersh 400x400 1

Felice Gersh, MD

Dr. Felice Gersh is more than a distinguished Integrative Gynecologist; she’s a PCOS “cyster” and a staunch champion for research-driven, holistic treatments for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Dr. Gersh earned her medical degree from the USC School of Medicine and furthered her studies in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles. She later graduated from the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, becoming a dual board-certified Integrative Gynecologist. Today, she is a full-time practicing physician and serves as the medical director of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine.

Her mission is clear: enlightening, empowering, and equipping those grappling with PCOS with transformative tools and treatments. The PCOS SOS Summit presents a unique opportunity to delve into PCOS, guided by someone intimately familiar with both its clinical and personal aspects.

Honored as the “Physician of the Year” by the Orange County Medical Association for 16 consecutive years, Dr. Gersh’s commitment to holistic care and evidence-based PCOS treatments is without equal. Her open-mindedness, scientific curiosity, and her personal connection to PCOS shaped by her own medical journey have led her to pioneer groundbreaking approaches to restoring whole-body PCOS health.

That is why she’s the expert in treating PCOS. 

Join her at this summit and find out why you no longer have to live with unresolved symptoms and lack of information. 

You no longer have to live with disappointing, lackluster treatments.

Joining Dr. Gersh means accessing a treasure trove of experience and expertise. Her unique perspectives, shaped by personal challenges and professional achievements, offer invaluable insights. 

At this summit, you’ll discover how to take charge of your health so that PCOS stops dictating your life.

What You Will Learn at the

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Client Testimonials

PCOS is the #1 cause of infertility in women…

Discover how to clear the acne, reclaim your hair, and lose stubborn weight at the PCOS SOS Summit

Especially recommended for mothers and their daughters looking for lasting solutions in the treatment and control of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Discover how to clear the acne, reclaim your hair, and lose stubborn weight at the PCOS SOS Summit

Especially recommended for mothers and their daughters looking for lasting solutions in the treatment and control of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.