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Alzheimer’s disease may feel like a death sentence  but there’s more to Alzheimer’s disease than meets the eye. 

We can make significant strides toward healing by taking a holistic approach – focusing on stress, nutrition, hormonal balance, infections, detox strategies, and lifestyle factors.

Fact is, you are not powerless in the face of a diagnosis. And you CAN make a difference!

Whether you’ve watched a loved one struggle with the memory loss, isolation, and pain of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, or you want to do all you can to protect yourself and prevent Alzheimer’s, these expert talks will help!

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These are the experts you want by your side when it comes to treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. And you’ll have direct access to their talks, including video, audio, and transcripts completely FREE when you take action today.

Dale Bredeson, M.D.

Alzheimer’s Is Optional

David Perlmutter, M.D.

Reversing Dementia

Mark Hyman, M.D.

Your Brain On Food

Plus 40+ other Talks from the reverse Alzheimer's summit

That’s right, you also get access to ALL the other expert talks from the 2022 Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit, hosted and interviewed by Dr. Heather Sandison.

Here’s everything you’ll learn when you get started today for FREE…

Manage stress: Learn coping strategies to minimize the stress associated with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment.

How to prevent Alzheimer’s: Our memories may slightly diminish as we age, but memory loss is not inevitable. Learn how to fortify your brain against an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Find hope: Hear from the world’s Alzheimer’s experts about cutting-edge technology, scientific advancements, and medical options to reverse the signs of Alzheimer’s.

Treat the whole person: Discover why many doctors consider Alzheimer’s to be an autoimmune disorder and learn how to heal your whole body to heal your brain.

Detox to heal: Learn how toxins in your home, food, and work may be contributing to memory loss and what you can do to create a healthy, clean oasis instead.

Find connections: Learn how Alzheimer’s disease may be connected to Cancer, Lyme disease, Autism, and more – and what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Eat to live: Hear from doctors and other experts about the latest in nutritional science to support a healthy brain. (And discover the potential healing power of fasting.)

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Identifying The Earliest Markers of a Brain On Fire

Isaac Eliaz, MD

Mastering Your Biochemistry to Reverse Alzheimer’s & Neurological Disease

Heather Sandison, ND

The Current Research On Dementia Prevention & Reversal

Christine  Schaffner, MD

Your Guide to Brain Hygiene

Brant Cortright, PhD

The Neurogenesis Diet & Lifestyle

Peggy Sarlin

Brain Health For Caregivers

Tom Fabian, PhD

Digesting The Gut-Brain Connection

Kara Fitzgerald, ND

Younger You: Aging is Optional

Max Lugavere

Genius Foods For Brain Health

Matt Cook, MD

Using Peptides To Reverse Dementia

Kashif Khan

The Genetics of Alzheimer’s And Why It’s A Choice – Not Your Destiny

Kenneth Sharlin, MD

A Neurologist’s Perspective on Reversing Alzheimer’s


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