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Hosted by Jen Pfleghaar, DO, ABOIM Double Board Certified Physician, Emergency Medicine & Integrative Medicine

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imagine waking up and feeling...good

Imagine Waking Up and Feeling... Good

Rather than waking up tired. With weight gain that you can’t shed despite your best efforts. Shackled by mood swings that interrupt your social life and brain fog that affects your relationships.

These symptoms could be a sign of thyroid disease. Thyroid symptoms are subtle.

They disrupt our daily routine and push upon our lives making us feel deeply uncomfortable. For many they fly under the radar. Undetected and seemingly-unrelated we ignore them. Until it’s too late and our thyroid is destroyed. But we shouldn’t ignore them. Thyroid disease can put you at risk for heart disease and osteoporosis.

The stakes are high. The stakes are everything.

Get reliable information on thyroid disease, its symptoms, treatments, and lifestyle modifications at the Heal Your Thyroid & Reverse Hashimoto’s Summit.

More than 40 experts in nutrition, endocrinology, mental health, autoimmunity, and toxicants will provide a 360-degree view on managing thyroid diseases, offering groundbreaking solutions to help you overcome your symptoms.


Shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid is a small gland located at the front of your neck. It’s responsible for producing thyroid hormones that regulate many bodily functions, including metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, and even mood. When the thyroid gland isn’t functioning correctly, it can have far-reaching effects on your body.

Thyroid diseases are among the most common endocrine disorders, with around 200 million people suffering from some form of thyroid disease globally. Women are particularly affected, with 1 in 8 women developing a thyroid disorder during their lifetime.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take control of your thyroid health to see your energy levels increase, shake off that constant fatigue and witness your mood improve. And finally reach and maintain your optimal weight.

At the Heal Your Thyroid & Reverse Hashimoto’s Summit you’ll be able to understand your condition better and you’ll also learn practical solutions to address your symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Sign up now and be empowered with actionable insights to tackle your condition head-on, so you can live your life to its fullest potential.

save your thyroid

Learn From These 40+ World-Leading Experts

Day 1

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Uncover Signs Of Thyroid Issues

  • Learn to recognize hypothyroidism through symptoms like constipation, sensitivity to cold, and unexplained weight gain
  • Understand hyperthyroidism’s symptoms, including weight loss, heart palpitations, and sensitivity to heat
  • Know the importance of getting tested if you identify with any of these symptoms for optimal health
Ari Whitten

Ari Whitten, MS

Beat Fatigue, Energize Mitochondria For All-Day Power

  • Understand why mitochondria and the brain are the two key regulators of energy levels in the body
  • Learn about the role of mitochondria in fatigue and the implications for overall health and vitality
  • Discover methods to enhance mitochondrial health, including the concept of hormesis and its potential benefits


Michelle Sands ND

Michelle Sands, ND

Is It Menopause Or My Thyroid?

  • Understand why Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism are often overlooked in women during perimenopause and menopause
  • Learn about the crucial tests to ask your doctor for, ensuring the detection of possible thyroid issues
  • Discover how perimenopause and menopause can impact the thyroid and affect its functioning


Eric Balcavage DC

Eric Balcavage, DC

The Thyroid Debacle: Understanding The Issues

  • Understand the shortcomings of current allopathic and functional models of hypothyroidism
  • Learn about cellular hypothyroidism and the Cell Danger Response, shedding light on the body’s reaction to illness
  • Grasp the concept of Thyroid Allostasis versus Homeostasis and explore the Hypothyroid Spectrum, thereby gaining a broader understanding of thyroid conditions
Isaac Eliaz MD

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Integrative Approach To Healing After Thyroid Cancer

  • Understand the thyroid’s role in our metabolism and its interplay with the adrenals, especially in the context of thyroid cancer
  • Learn about the factors influencing the prognosis of thyroid cancer, and how to approach its treatment
  • Discover the role of galectin-3 and modified citrus pectin in thyroid cancer, and their potential impact on thyroid hormone production
Elisa Song

Elisa Song, MD

Holistic Approach To Children's Thyroid Health

  • Understand the prevalence and risks of autoimmunity in children, including the three biggest risk factors for developing these conditions
  • Learn about the critical role of the gut microbiome in children’s immune and brain development and strategies to optimize its health
  • Discover actionable methods for kids to engage their Vagus Nerve for improved gut-immune and gut-brain connections
Joel Kahn MD 300x300 Image 1 300x300 1

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

The Heart & Thyroid: What You Need To Know

  • Understand how the thyroid regulates metabolism, including the heart’s function
  • Know that both hypothyroid and hyperthyroid states can increase the risk of heart disease
  • Learn about the importance of iodine in your diet and why detailed thyroid health assessments are essential for all patients


Day 2

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Learn The Secrets Of Thyroid Tests

  • Learn what labs to request for a comprehensive thyroid panel including TSH, free T3, free T4, and thyroid antibodies
  • Understand the importance of vitamin D levels and hormone checks in assessing thyroid health
  • Gather knowledge on additional tests like saliva cortisol and organic acid testing for insights into adrenal and gut health
Evan Hirsch​

Evan Hirsch, MD

Increase Your Energy Naturally In 4 Steps

  • Learn about the energy drainers you need to eliminate to boost your energy naturally
  • Understand why previous treatments might not have worked and why you may feel worse during treatment
  • Discover the four-step process to identifying and addressing the causes of low energy and fatigue
Christiane Northrup M.D 1

Christiane Northrup, MD

Energy Vampires: Impact On Our Health

  • Understand the concept of ‘Energy Vampires’ and how they can significantly impact overall health and wellbeing
  • Discover the connection between trauma, relationships, and thyroid health
  • Learn strategies for healing and recovery from the effects of ‘Energy Vampires’ on your health


Dr Miles Nichols

Dr. Miles Nichols

Fatigue & Thyroid: Links With Infections & Nutrients

  • Understand the connection between thyroid dysfunction, fatigue, and infectious triggers such as H. pylori
  • Learn about the correlation between thyroid antibody levels and certain infections, and how treating these infections can reduce thyroid autoimmunity
  • Discover the importance of B12 for energy and the effect of parietal cell and intrinsic factor antibodies on its absorption and metabolism
Dr. Emily Kiberd

Emily Kiberd, DC

Working Out Without Burnout For Hashimoto's

  • Learn the importance of focusing on muscle tissue when trying to boost energy and lose weight with Hashimoto’s
  • Understand why it’s crucial to shift from chronic cardio to resistance training for those managing Hashimoto’s
  • Discover how to effectively tailor workout programs for women with Hashimoto’s to avoid flare-ups and extreme fatigue


Deanna Hansen Bio Image

Deanna Hansen

Breathe Life Into Your Thyroid: Diaphragmatic Breathing

  • Understand the significance of conscious breathing and how it influences your neck alignment for improved thyroid health
  • Learn about the role of tongue alignment and how it can either obstruct or benefit your thyroid
  • Gain insight into the impact of adhesions, scar tissue, and the importance of maintaining fascia health for optimal thyroid function


Dr. Eric Osansky

Dr. Eric Osansky

Hyperthyroid Symptoms In Hashimoto's (Hashitoxicosis)

  • Understand the distinctions between hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism and the specific condition of Hashitoxicosis
  • Discover additional reasons why individuals with Hashimoto’s may experience hyperthyroid symptoms
  • Learn how to differentiate between Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s with hyperthyroid symptoms, along with various treatment and symptom management options


Kent Holtorf 1 300x300 1

Kent Holtorf, MD

Unraveling Thyroid Physiology In Chronic Illnesses

  • Learn about the complex thyroid physiology, including its central and local control, and how these processes are affected by chronic illnesses
  • Understand why TSH and serum thyroid levels may not accurately reflect peripheral tissue thyroid levels in chronically ill individuals
  • Discover the relationships between Hashimoto’s and mitochondrial dysfunction, intrathyroidal and systemic infections, and the significance of increased rT3, decreased T3/rT3, and FT3/rT3 ratio
Ken Swartz

Ken Swartz, MS

C60: Vitality For Vibrant Health

  • Understanding the potent antioxidant properties of C60 and how it benefits overall health
  • Discovering the science behind how C60 enhances mitochondrial efficiency
  • Learning about the potential longevity benefits of C60 seen in animal studies

Day 3

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Create Your Non-Toxic Sanctuary

  • Understand the importance of replacing common household items with non-toxic alternatives to support thyroid health
  • Learn about using alternatives like cloth paper towels and napkins, glass or stainless steel drinking containers, and silicone or glass food storage to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Realize the benefits of small changes in creating a healthier home environment and using it as an opportunity to educate others
Margaret Christensen

Margaret Christensen, MD

Hormonal Axis & Thyroid Health

  • Understand the relationship between the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis and thyroid health
  • Learn about the role other hormones play in maintaining thyroid health
  • Discover the potential impact of COVID and the spike protein on the thyroid gland


Felice Gersh 2023

Felice Gersh, MD

Estrogen's Role In Optimal Thyroid Function

  • Understand that estrogen is a family of hormones, with estradiol playing a key role in maintaining optimal function of thyroid hormone receptors
  • Learn how low estradiol levels, such as in conditions like PCOS and menopause, can lead to suboptimal thyroid function despite normal blood levels
  • Recognize that estradiol contributes to a healthy gut microbiome and immune system, and that low levels can increase the risk of conditions like leaky gut, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and other autoimmune diseases


Nafysa Parpia ND.jpg

Nafysa Parpia, ND

Thyroid, Autoimmunity, & COVID: Exploring The Link

  • Understand if and how thyroid disease can be a comorbidity for COVID-19, potentially influencing disease severity and outcomes
  • Explore whether COVID-19 can precipitate thyroid issues, shedding light on the complex interactions between infectious diseases and autoimmunity
  • Gain awareness of the vital role of thyroid health in the broader context of pandemic preparedness and response


Alison Vickery​

Alison Vickery, FDN-P

The Thyroid-Mast Cell Connection

  • Understand the complex relationship between thyroid issues and mast cell activation, and why traditional thyroid support may not be sufficient
  • Learn how certain infections, like Bartonella, can impact thyroid function and trigger mast cell activation
  • Discover the importance of simultaneous work on trauma, infections, and toxicity to reverse mast cell activation, and the role of supporting lymphatics in protecting the thyroid
Zachary Feder

Zachary Feder

The Psycho-Emotional Roots of Hashimoto's: Self Censorship

  • Understand the emotional roots of Hashimoto’s disease, often related to self-censorship and suppressing one’s truth
  • Explore how childhood experiences and family dynamics contribute to autoimmunity, particularly the internalization of self-assault
  • Learn techniques for self-healing, including awakening to stifled aspects of your voice and negotiating between adult and child perspectives within your psyche
Tracy Tranchitella ND

Tracy Tranchitella, ND

COVID's Impact On Adrenal Glands And The HPA Axis

  • Understand the effects of COVID on the adrenal glands and the HPA axis, and how these relate to long COVID
  • Learn about the symptoms of HPA axis dysfunction, including autonomic nervous system dysfunction, orthostatic intolerance, fatigue, dizziness, and blood pressure issues
  • Discover the strategies to address HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction in the treatment of long COVID


Evan Brand CFMP FNTP

Evan Brand, CFMP, FNTP

Mold, Dysbiosis & Hashimoto's Connection

  • Understanding the prevalence and impacts of mold toxicity on the brain, hormones, and gut
  • Uncover the connection between chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and mold toxicity
  • Learn about various protocols and testing strategies for mold toxicity


Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis

Thyroid Health & Bone Connection: Hidden Link

  • Understand the connection between thyroid health and bone health, and how conditions like Hashimoto’s contribute to bone loss
  • Learn about osteopenia and osteoporosis, their causes, common treatments, and the role of gut health in maintaining bone health
  • Discover the importance of diet and exercise in bone health, and recognize the misconceptions surrounding osteoporosis

Day 4

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Master The Art of Breath Work

  • Discover two simple breath techniques, fox breathing and the 4-7-8 breath, which can be used to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby reducing stress
  • Recognize the importance of avoiding a constant stress state to protect thyroid health and overall well-being
  • Learn how to practice these breathing exercises in everyday situations to manage stress and promote calmness
Terry Wahls copy

Terry Wahls, MD

Diet To Reduce Fatigue, Brain Fog & Improve Mood

  • Understand how dietary choices can significantly influence mood, sleep, fatigue, and overall quality of life
  • Discover the overlap between Hashimoto’s, Lyme, and other autoimmune conditions with neurological and psychological symptoms, and multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Learn about the benefits of the modified Paleolithic diet (Wahls elimination), shown in research to be effective in reducing fatigue and improving life quality


Sharon Stills 300x300 1

Sharon Stills, ND

Natural Healing For Thyroid Issues

  • Learn how natural healing methods can form a critical part of your journey towards better thyroid health
  • Identify potential roadblocks that may be hindering your progress towards recovery
  • Understand the importance of mindfulness and living in the moment as key aspects of the healing process


Dr. Kevin Conners Bio Image 300x300 1

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Dietary Peptides & Antibodies In Hashimoto's

  • Understand the role of dietary peptides in Hashimoto’s disease
  • Learn about the concept of molecular mimicry and how it relates to Hashimoto’s
  • Know the importance and process of antibody testing in managing Hashimoto’s


Alison Marras

Alison Marras

Nutrition For Gut & Thyroid Health

  • Discover dietary templates like protein-forward Paleo/AIP that can enhance thyroid and gut health
  • Learn about nutrition support strategies for blood sugar balance and adrenal support, which can positively affect thyroid health
  • Understand the importance of mindful eating, and dispel common myths around long-term dietary restrictions for managing Hashimoto’s


Peter Osborne

Peter Osborne, DC

Overcoming Hashimoto's: Fill In the Missing Links

  • Discover the 14 nutrient deficiencies that can hamper your thyroid function and understand their impacts
  • Identify the most common Hashimoto’s triggers to be ruled out for comprehensive healing
  • Evaluate whether your current thyroid medication might be hindering your full recovery, and understand the role of gluten in thyroid disease
Samuel Shay DC IFMCP

Samuel Shay, DC, IFMCP

Thyroid Dyads & Infections Of Hashimoto's: A Deep Dive

  • Learn about the ‘Thyroid Dyads’ – the five main systems that may be contributing to your thyroid issues
  • Understand which functional tests are often overlooked but crucial for individuals with thyroid concerns
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that individuals make when trying to optimize their thyroid health


Dr. Marisol Teijeiro ND inactive

Marisol Teijeiro, ND

Castor Oil Packs For Thyroid Health

  • Learn how a castor oil pack can be used to support thyroid health
  • Understand the connection between a healthy liver and thyroid function
  • Discover the practical steps in utilizing castor oil packs for thyroid support


Day 5

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Sleep Better: Unlock Nightly Bliss

  • Learn how to optimize your sleep environment by reducing light and electronic interference
  • Understand the connection between your sleep patterns and thyroid health
  • Gather tips on natural supplements like L-Theanine and Passionflower to improve sleep quality
Alan Christianson

Alan Christianson, NMD

Thyroid Reset: Resetting Your Health

  • Learn about the latest research findings on the causes of thyroid disease and the growing belief in its reversibility
  • Understand the role of iodine in thyroid health, including its sources, absorption methods, and implications for thyroid medication
  • Discover the best iodine tests and learn how to manage iodine intake effectively


Jessica Peatross MD

Jessica Peatross, MD

Water Damage & Autoimmune Thyroid Conditions

  • Understand the likelihood and risks of water damage in homes
  • Learn about the pathogens and toxins commonly found in water-damaged homes
  • Know the potential link between these factors and autoimmune thyroid conditions


Wendie Trubow MD MBAIFM.jpg

Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFMCP

Toxins & Thyroid Autoimmunity: A Dangerous Mix!

  • Learn about the profound impact of toxins on the endocrine system and their contribution to disrupting hormone balance
  • Understand how toxins play a significant role in the development of autoimmune diseases, including Hashimoto’s
  • Discover actionable steps to mitigate the effect of toxins and improve overall health


Jill Carnahan

Jill Carnahan, MD

Unexpected Healing Pathways

  • Learn to perceive illnesses as potential blessings and catalysts for change
  • Understand strategies for creating a cleaner home environment, including purifying air and water
  • Explore the root causes of illnesses and how to address them effectively


Keesha 2023

Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

Autoimmunity: Unraveling The Trauma Connection

  • Acknowledge that everyone experiences trauma, which can manifest physically in autoimmune conditions
  • Understand the connection between trauma and autoimmunity, revealing how emotional health impacts physical health
  • Discover the Freedom Framework, a therapeutic model for addressing and resolving trauma to improve autoimmune health


Dr. Rodger Murphree 300x300 1

Rodger Murphree, DC, CNS

Hypothyroid Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

  • Understand the potential role of hypothyroidism in causing fibromyalgia symptoms, including chronic pain
  • Learn that identifying and addressing low thyroid issues can significantly improve conditions for fibromyalgia patients
  • Know the importance of comprehensive thyroid health assessments for pain management


Day 6

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Thrive In Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  • Understand the importance of monitoring thyroid levels during pregnancy, especially free T4, for the baby’s development
  • Know the significance of thyroid hormones in breast milk production and the need to ensure their adequacy postpartum
  • Learn to be proactive about thyroid health for successful pregnancy, breastfeeding, and fertility, through proper testing and evaluation
Jaban Moore

Jaban Moore, DC

Parasites: Overlooked Cause Of Thyroid Problems

  • Gain a basic understanding of parasites, learn to recognize symptoms of parasitic infections, and learn methods to address these infections
  • Understand the potential connection between parasitic infections and thyroid health
  • Explore the relationship between parasitic infections and autoimmunity, including the role of mold in recurring parasitic infections


Kashif Khan New 300x300 1

Kashif Khan

Healing Thyroid With DNA Breakthroughs

  • Learn about how advancements in DNA analysis can potentially resolve thyroid issues
  • Understand that the approach to healing goes beyond addressing the problem to improving the overall ‘terrain’ or bodily environment
  • Recognize that effective root cause healing extends beyond thyroid health, promoting broader wellness


Darin Ingels 1

Darin Ingels, ND

Infectious Causes Of Hashimoto's

  • Understand how infectious diseases can trigger Hashimoto’s and identify the microbes most frequently associated with the condition
  • Explore whether treating the underlying infection can fully address Hashimoto’s disease, alongside potential treatment strategies
  • Learn about low-dose immunotherapy and its potential benefits in managing Hashimoto’s disease


Thomas Moorcroft

Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Tick-Borne Infections, Autoimmunity & Thyroid

  • Understand the role of chronic environmentally acquired illnesses, such as infections and mold illnesses, in triggering autoimmunity
  • Learn about the core components of healing from toxin-induced autoimmunity and the importance of safety and familiarity in the process
  • Discover the crucial role of sleep and breathing in brain detoxification and overall healing from autoimmunity, Lyme, mycotoxins, and other environmentally acquired illnesses


Anshul Gupta

Anshul Gupta, MD

Toxins & Hashimoto's: Making The Connection

  • Understand how toxins contribute to Hashimoto’s disease and learn about the most common heavy metals that can damage the thyroid
  • Discover the underlying mechanisms by which mold can cause harm to the thyroid
  • Learn about the three-step process to reversing Hashimoto’s disease for a healthier thyroid function


Day 7

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Cold Therapy: Rejuvenate Like A Pro

  • Learn about cold therapy as a means to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, muscle recovery, and elevate mood through the release of dopamine
  • Understand that cold therapy can increase brown adipose tissue leading to increased metabolism, which is beneficial for those with thyroid issues
  • Know how to safely begin cold therapy, by gradually introducing cold water at the end of your shower and practicing slow, controlled breathing
Kelly Halderman 2023

Kelly Halderman, MD

Optimizing Thyroid Health With Genetic-Focused Nutrition

  • Learn about Dr. Kelly Halderman’s personal journey of reversing her Hashimoto’s through a genetics-focused approach
  • Understand the basics of genetics and the common single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) observed in individuals with thyroid issues
  • Discover how to optimize genetic aberrations with targeted nutrition, potentially improving thyroid health


Robert Floyd MD IFMCP

Robert Floyd, MD, IFMCP

Enhancing Mitochondrial Health For Hashimoto's

  • Learn about the negative impacts of the standard American diet and environmental toxins on mitochondrial health, leading to increased autoimmune diseases
  • Understand how mitochondrial damage can potentially lead to various autoimmune conditions, including Hashimoto’s disease
  • Discover how enhancing mitochondrial health can significantly improve autoimmune disease outcomes


Kelly Kennedy 300x300 1

Kelly Kennedy

Lymphatics & Your Thyroid

  • Understand the relationship between the lymphatic system and the thyroid gland
  • Learn about the role the lymphatics play in maintaining thyroid health
  • Gather insights into how lymphatic health can influence thyroid function
Dr. Lane Freeman

Dr. Lane Freeman

Integrative Dentistry: Beyond Oral Health

  • Learn what integrative dentistry is and how it extends beyond conventional dentistry to encompass a more holistic approach
  • Understand the risks associated with toxic materials in dentistry, as well as conditions like periodontal disease, root canals, and chronic infections
  • Discover effective treatment protocols within the scope of integrative dentistry for managing these conditions and improving overall health


Ariel Garten

Ariel Garten

Calm Your Storm With Meditation And Heal Your Thyroid

  • Understand the scientific workings of meditation in your brain and its powerful effects on autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s
  • Learn the fundamental techniques of correct meditation practices that can help to heal your thyroid
  • Discover how Muse, a multi-sensor meditation device, can guide and improve your meditation practice, leading to better health outcomes

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4 Weeks To A Healthier Thyroid

By Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

A 4 week course to improve your thyroid health using nutrition, sleep, breathwork and movement.

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5 Strategies to Lose Weight with Hashimotos copy

5 Strategies To Lose Weight With Hashimoto's

By Emily Kiberd, DC

Top 5 strategies to lose weight with Hashimoto’s with Dr. Emily Kiberd including optimal labs values, what to eat, how to workout, and other lifestyle factors to simply lose the stubborn Hashimoto’s weight.

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Understanding Hashimoto's - A Path To Wellness

By Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Understand the basics of Hypothyroidism versus Hashimoto’s – know what to look for and gain insight into the 3 Stages of Hashimoto’s. Learn what the conventional model misses, know what specifically to ask your doctor to test for so that you have a complete assessment of what is going on in your body.

What is your body telling you? What are the common symptoms? Learn how they can be triggered or worsened by factors including diet, stress, heavy metals, environmental toxins and viral load.

Get access to actionable healing strategies, lab testing, and treatment protocols to help get you back on the path to feeling great again.

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10 Most common mistakes made by Thyroid patients copy

10 Most Common Mistakes Made By Thyroid Patients

By Anshul Gupta, MD

Thyroid patients are often eager to improve their health and well-being by striving to lose weight, gain more energy, or enhance their thyroid levels. Despite their best efforts, however, they may not see the desired outcomes. This can be attributed to 10 common mistakes that most thyroid patients make. This e-book provides valuable insights into these errors, helping you understand why your hard work isn’t yielding the expected results. By avoiding these mistakes, you can optimize your thyroid health and achieve your goals.

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Dr. Wahls Diet Cheat Sheet for Managing Autoimmune Disease copy

Dr. Wahls' Diet Cheat Sheet for Managing Autoimmune Disease

By Terry Wahls, MD

Start here with my research-backed recommendations for reclaiming your health. Following the Wahls Protocol® can be as easy as downloading this one-page cheat-sheet to hang on your refrigerator. Every time you visit your kitchen, check to see how your food choice aligns with Level 2 of the Wahls Protocol®.

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Mindset and Stress Reduction copy

Mindset And Stress Reduction

By Sharon Stills, ND

When we are born they wait for us to take our first breath to signify the start of our life. When we die, it is the last breath with which we say good-bye. The breath sustains us from life through our death. It is the answer to our healing yet we often ignore it and allow it to breathe through us on autopilot. I encourage you to begin a formal practice of meditation. What you do “on the cushion” will flow over into what you do in your everyday life. The breath can and will relax and heal you.

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Pretox Protocol Cover copy

The Pre-Tox Protocol: How to Prepare Your Body for Detoxification

By Nafysa Parpia, ND

There’s a problem with quick cleanses and detox diets — most of them will make you feel worse before you feel better. That’s because your body’s detoxification pathways are clogged and not adequately prepared for a big flush of heavy metals, cellular waste, and other toxic chemicals.

Learn the Pre-Tox Protocol that will end symptoms and frustrations during and after complex “detox” regimens, a system that addresses your entire biological terrain and clears your natural detoxification pathways to prepare your body to optimize any big flush of heavy metals, cellular waste, and other toxic chemicals.

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Thyroid 101 Everything you Need to Know About Your Thyroid copy 1

Thyroid 101: Everything you Need to Know About Your Thyroid

By Kent Holtorf, MD

“Thyroid 101: Everything you Need to Know About Your Thyroid” is a comprehensive eBook that provides an accessible and informative guide to understanding the thyroid gland and its impact on overall health and well-being.

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3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook

By Kevin Ellis

Worried about fractures as you age? Build stronger bones and prevent fracture and injury with the 3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook today! Presented by BoneCoach™ Kevin Ellis. Reviewed by medical doctors and our team of credentialed experts. Get confident in your stronger bones plan today.

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Support Your Thyroid with Carbon C60 copy 1

Support Your Thyroid with Carbon C60: Your Guide to Fighting Inflammation and Fatigue

By Jessica MacNaughton & Ken Swartz

Enjoy this FREE e-book, Support Your Thyroid with Carbon C60: Your Guide to Fighting Inflammation and Fatigue

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Fix Your Fatigue Book PDF copy

Fix Your Fatigue Book

By Evan Hirsch, MD

Why am I so tired? Isn’t there a protocol that I can just follow and get my life back? If you’re asking these questions, then this book is for you. The truth is that there is a cause for your fatigue. There are lots of causes. The problem is that everyone with chronic fatigue has multiple causes and they all need to be addressed in order to resolve your fatigue. Hi, I’m Dr. Evan Hirsch and I suffered with chronic fatigue for 5 years before I achieved resolution using the Fix Your Fatigue Program that I pioneered in my medical practice. I have helped hundreds of people resolve their chronic fatigue and I’m on a mission to help 100,000 more with this book, my blog, online courses, 1-on-1 consults and the training of providers. I want to help you achieve the energy you need to enjoy your life. In Fix Your Fatigue, I will show you the step-by-step proven system of how to find the real causes of your chronic fatigue and how to resolve them so you can achieve abundant energy and reclaim your life!

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Building Your Innate Systems Ability To Ward Off Infectious Disease copy 1

Building Your Innate System's Ability To Ward Off Infectious Disease

By Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

Right now, your body is dealing with things that have never come up before, in the entire history of our planet. Your immune system is navigating new chemicals, toxins and EMF pollution – not to mention dangerous pesticides in our food AND of course, the global health crisis. All of that impairs your built-in ability to ward off disease… BUT you can support that built-in ability to heal in SO many ways. This FREE 27-page eGuide is loaded with the wisdom of a superbly respected leader in health and wellness, Dr. Keesha Ewers, we hope you will let this NEW eGuide educate and help you to integrate these tools and strategies. Enjoy!

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Tips for Better Sleep copy

Tips for Better Sleep

By Darin Ingels, ND

Poor quality sleep leads to chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood changes, and can make inflammation worse. Many people with Hashimoto’s disease and other autoimmune illnesses suffer from sleep disturbances from difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, frequent waking and restlessness. Download Dr. Ingels guide on his top tips to help get better quality sleep and get the rest your body needs to heal.

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Biohack Your Biohacking with the 10 Pillars of Health copy

Biohack Your Biohacking with the 10 Pillars of Health: A commonsense guide to functional medicine and functional genetics

By Samuel Shay, DC, IFMCP

A clear, straight-forward guide to understand and clarify the 10 categories of health, the key questions to ask yourself in each category, and the associated functional tests. A practical field guide to natural health optimization.

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Thyroid Gut Connection Masterclass

Thyroid-Gut Connection Masterclass

By Dr. Eric Osansky

In this Thyroid-Gut Connection Masterclass, Dr. Eric Osansky discusses 5 Steps to help you restore your gut microbiome, which in turn can help you restore your thyroid health.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

  • How a disrupted gut can affect the thyroid
  • 5 Factors which can cause a leaky gut
  • How to detect and remove gut infections
  • What is the best way to reinoculate (probiotics vs. food)
  • Dietary approaches that can cause an imbalance in the gut flora
  • How to protect and maintain a healthy microbiota
  • Strategies to improve microbiota diversity and composition
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Warrior Way Cookbook copy

Warrior Way Cookbook

By Peter Osborne, DC

From Dr. Osborne’s kitchen to yours… The Warrior Way Cookbook will provide you with healthy gluten-free recipes made with whole foods to help nourish you and your family. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides and desserts! Discover 15 grain-free recipes to nourish the gluten-free warrior in you!

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How Do I Know If I Have Parasites copy

How Do I Know If I Have Parasites?

By Jaban Moore, DC

This is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable information on identifying and determining the presence of parasites in the human body. The document covers various types of parasites that can affect humans, including intestinal worms, protozoa, and other common parasites.

The guide starts with an overview of what parasites are, how they can enter the body, and their potential health risks. It then delves into the signs and symptoms that may indicate a parasitic infection, such as digestive issues, unexplained weight loss, skin rashes, and fatigue. The document also includes detailed descriptions of specific symptoms associated with different types of parasites, helping readers to recognize potential red flags.

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5 Steps to Control Your Pain Instructional 9 Part Videos Series copy

5 Steps to Control Your Pain & Instructional 9-Part Videos Series

By Deanna Hansen

Understanding the fascia system is key to supporting thyroid health lifelong. Learn about the importance of releasing your fascia not only for thyroid health but also for managing pain and overall health. You can follow the simple at-home techniques to start releasing and decompressing your fascia and learn ways to open the flow in your body to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment.

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The Message of Autoimmunity copy

The Message of Autoimmunity

By Zachary Feder

Uncover the psycho-emotional roots of autoimmunity.

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The Insiders Guide to Lymphatic Support For The Thyroid copy

The Insider’s Guide to Lymphatic Support For The Thyroid

By Alison Vickery, FDN-P

Over 8 Proven Techniques To Support Your Thyroid.

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Mold Illness copy

Mold Illness and Peptide Protocol for CIRS

By Kent Holtorf, MD

This 80-page eBook details new, evidence-based treatments for mold illness and explains how to effectively diagnose and treat mold-related disease and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS). The eBook will review the groundbreaking work and current standard of care, the Shoemaker protocol for CIRS, and demonstrate how peptides can augment and replace many aspects of this protocol to achieve faster recovery and superior efficacy.

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Cease Fire Stop Attacking Your Thyroid copy

Cease Fire: Stop Attacking Your Thyroid

By Dr. Miles Nichols & Nichola Schuler

This e-book is an in-depth look at what Hashimoto’s thyroid disease is, the root causes of autoimmunity, and how to resolve or, at the very least, improve a case of Hashimoto’s.

We start at the beginning with an overview of the thyroid and how it functions, delve into the interconnectedness of the microbiome and thyroid health, and discuss testing, treatment, and dietary interventions for the thyroid. Enjoy a comprehensive overview of how to heal and support the thyroid to enhance and optimize your health and wellbeing!

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Anti Viral Hydrating Elixirs With Everyday Ingredients 1 copy

Immunity Boosting, Hydrating Elixirs Using Everyday Ingredients

By Darcie Purcell

Advances in cellular biology are teaching us just how connected our physical body is to the things we interact with daily. From the water you drink to the food you eat to the information you consume — it all plays a role in how your DNA expresses and how your body thrives at a cellular level. This 11-page course transcript will teach you about the top 5 viral entry inhibitor foods, ingredient combinations to increase hydration and boost cellular voltage, and much more.

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Cold Therapy and the Thyroid copy

Cold Therapy and the Thyroid

By Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

What is cold therapy? This guide will explain what cold therapy is and how it can benefit your health and your thyroid. This guide will also give you a plan to start implementing cold therapy into your daily life right now!

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Thyroid TLC Diet and Lifestyle Guide Cover

Thyroid TLC Diet and Lifestyle Guide

By Michelle Sands, ND

Created by Dr. Michelle Sands, this guide will help you understand your thyroid health, what affects it, and how to give it the TLC it needs to heal with simple diet and lifestyle strategies!

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Easy Autoimmune Paleo Meal Plan Grocery List

Easy Autoimmune Paleo Meal Plan & Grocery List

By Alison Marras

This 1-week Thyroid & Gut Loving Meal Plan & Grocery List is designed to reduce inflammation and boost energy with easy, tasty meals developed by Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Cookbook.

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Meet Your Summit Host

Dr Pflegha Copyjpg 1

Dr. Jenny Pfleghaar has dedicated her life to delivering holistic health care, which combines conventional Western medicine with evidence-based alternative methods. She’s a graduate of the Ross University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Beyond her formal education, Dr. Pfleghaar is a certified practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine, which is a testament to her commitment to promoting a patient-centered approach to care.

Her broad expertise encompasses various areas, including environmental medicine, women’s health, chronic disease management, and integrative cancer care. Dr. Pfleghaar’s emphasis on the root cause of disease, bio-individuality, and the dynamic balance of mind, body, and spirit makes her an instrumental figure in the functional medicine field.

Dr. Pfleghaar is not just an expert in her field, but a passionate advocate for her patients. She believes in empowering individuals to take charge of their health through education, fostering a therapeutic partnership that enables patients to cultivate healthier lifestyles and reach their optimal wellbeing.

Joining the summit to learn from Dr. Jenny Pfleghaar means gaining valuable insights from a physician who expertly combines the scientific rigor of Western medicine with the holistic view of alternative approaches. She is a beacon of hope for those struggling with chronic diseases, offering innovative perspectives and practical solutions that address the root cause of health issues rather than merely patching-up symptoms. Her comprehensive, empathetic, and empowering approach to healthcare is something everyone can benefit from. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in functional and integrative medicine!

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