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Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC, is more than an expert in gut health. She’s a champion of health resilience who has faced and overcome chronic illness personally. As CEO of DetoxRejuveNation.com and the voice of the Your Health Reset Podcast, she’s on a mission to empower people to comprehend and manage their health effectively.

From confronting SIBO, GERD, to mold and heavy metal toxicity, Sinclair refused to accept a grim prognosis. Instead, she explored the root causes of her health challenges and navigated a path to healing, an odyssey that fueled her passion to aid others with similar experiences.

Today, Sinclair has empowered thousands to navigate complex digestive issues and chronic illnesses. Also, she guides health experts to uncover the root causes of health issues, bridging the chasm between standard medical advice and the intricate reality of gut health.

Known affectionately as “The Liver Lady” and Detox RejuveNation’s Chief Talking Officer (CTO), Sinclair, alongside her partner Michael Spandel, leads a movement that inspires change and empowers individuals to deliver their best.

By addressing the root causes behind chronic illness, they have restored health and happiness for a myriad of people, from NASA scientists to pro athletes. Her holistic approach incorporates physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements, creating a multi-faceted healing process.

In her 1-1 and group coaching, Sinclair applies an array of techniques, from biochemical protocols to somatic trauma release and practical detox principles in functional medicine. As a certified Toxicity and Detox Specialist, she leans on the latest health data, delivering compassionate guidance born from her personal triumph over complex chronic illness and trauma.

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September 3, 2024

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