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The Truth Is…

The truth is, living with diabetes can often feel like you’re caught in a relentless storm. It’s not just about the daily struggle to manage blood sugar levels, but also the constant worry about the potential complications that can arise. From heart disease to neuropathy, from vision problems to kidney damage. It can feel overwhelming, and sometimes, it might seem like there’s no end in sight.

But here’s the good news: you’re not alone in this journey, and there’s a wealth of knowledge and support available to you. Together we’ll uncover innovative strategies and treatments to reverse type 2 diabetes. 

These presentations offer a wealth of knowledge from leading experts, providing you with the tools to take control of your health and live a fulfilling life, despite diabetes. You’ll learn about groundbreaking dietary strategies, the power of rest, the role of the gut microbiome, and much more. It’s time to empower yourself and transform your life with diabetes.

The truth is, that you are stronger than diabetes, and with the right knowledge and tools, you can live a vibrant, healthy life.

At the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit, you will find a community that’s with you every step of the way. Because every step you take toward reversing type 2 diabetes is a step toward reclaiming control. It’s a step towards regaining your quality of life, and restoring your health. 

And that is a journey worth embarking on.

Here are some of the solutions that you’ll learn at the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit:

🟢 Unravel Diabetes and Aging Link: Learn how type 2 diabetes accelerates aging. Use this knowledge to cut carbs and prevent diabetes-related aging.

🟢 Discover Parasites, Mold, and Blood Sugar Connection: Understand how parasites and mold toxicity affect blood sugar. Gain insights to explore the root cause of diabetes.

🟢 Explore PhotoBiomodulation for Metabolic Dysfunction: Understand photobiomodulation and its impact on metabolism. With this knowledge appreciate light’s role in metabolic health.

🟢 Benefit from Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM): Understand the science behind FSM and its impact on insulin sensitivity. Employ specific FSM treatment protocols for managing type 2 diabetes.

🟢 Achieve Metabolic Flexibility: Define metabolic health and understand the factors leading to metabolic disease. Adopt actionable steps to restore metabolic flexibility and overcome metabolic syndrome.

🟢 Harness the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: Understand how intermittent fasting can improve insulin sensitivity and overall health. This could be your guide to starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

At the Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Summit, you’ll meet incredible experts in diabetes, heart health, Alzheimer’s, bone health, and more, all gathered to share their knowledge and empower you to take charge of your health journey. You’ll find that they are dedicated to researching deeply into your pain points and developing unique healing solutions. They don’t just cover up symptoms; they focus on addressing the root cause of your concerns.

Unfortunately, each of these presentations will only be available for 24 hours.

Do you want to watch the presentations whenever you want, any day or a week from today? Do you want to know more than you’ll ever expect so you never again compromise on caring for your health?

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Step 1

Check Out The Speakers

Learn from these 40+ world-leading experts

Day 1

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

How Pam Transitioned: From Cravings To Healthy Choices

  • Learn about Pam’s transformative journey from unhealthy cravings to nutritious choices
  • Understand the challenges and triumphs of transitioning to a healthier diet
  • Gather insights on how to resist the allure of carbs and sweets
William Pawluk MD MSc 400x400 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

How PEMF Therapy Heals Type 2 Diabetes Damage

  • Learn about the healing potential of PEMF therapy for type 2 diabetes, distinguishing it from harmful EMFs
  • Understand the benefits of PEMF therapy for diabetes prevention and treatment, with optimal devices for diabetics
  • Gather resources to harness the power of PEMF therapy for managing type 2 diabetes and promoting well-being
Mindy Pelz DC 400x400 1

Mindy Pelz, DC

Menopause Reset & Fasting: Balancing Diabetes

  • Explore the benefits of fasting and how it can lead to a healthier life for women of all backgrounds
  • Discover the top benefits of fasting and its role in balancing diabetes
  • Learn the essential steps for women to put in place fasting
Nasha Winters ND FABNO L.Ac Dipl.OM 400x400 1

Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, LAc, DiplOM

Metabolic Flexibility: Secret To Overcoming Metabolic Syndrome

  • Define metabolic health and understand the factors leading to metabolic disease
  • Learn how to identify if you have lost metabolic flexibility and the importance of restoring it
  • Gather actionable steps to instill metabolic flexibility for overcoming metabolic syndrome
Audrey Wells MD 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Sweet Dreams: Your Sleep Definitely Affects Your Diabetes Management

  • Understand the bidirectional relationship between diabetes and sleep, where poor sleep quality impairs insulin response
  • Recognize the importance of screening for sleep disorders in individuals with diabetes due to its impact on overall health
  • Focus on developing sleep skills rather than relying solely on medications to improve diabetes management
Joel Kahn MD FACC 400x400 1

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

The Diabetes-Heart Disease Reversal Connection

  • Learn about the strong link between diabetes and heart disease. Understand the need for prevention and lifestyle changes
  • Understand the importance of screening diabetic patients for silent heart disease. This ensures early diagnosis and intervention
  • Know why adopting a heart prevention diet and lifestyle can effectively reverse diabetes. Reduce the risk of heart-related complications
Megan Ramos 400x400 1

Megan Ramos

Intermittent Fasting Strategies For Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

  • Learn the effectiveness of intermittent fasting for reversing Type 2 Diabetes and its underlying mechanisms
  • Gain practical insights on how to implement intermittent fasting for diabetes management
  • Discover the expected results and benefits of incorporating intermittent fasting into your lifestyle
Ken Swartz MS 400x400 1

Ken Swartz, MS

Optimize Mitochondrial Function For Diabetes Control

  • Explore how C60 can aid individuals with diabetes, improve brain fog, and boost mitochondrial function
  • Discover the benefits people experience after daily C60 consumption for over a month
  • Learn what to consider when shopping for C60 products and how to make informed choices

Day 2

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Len's Journey: Feeling Better With Expert Guidance

  • Discover Len’s experience of feeling revitalized through expert guidance
  • Understand the importance of personalized care in managing type 2 diabetes
  • Learn about the benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) in diabetes management
Vinita Tandon MD 400x400 1

Vinita Tandon, MD

Learn How To Treat Your Insulin Resistance

  • Learn what insulin resistance is and why it’s crucial for your health
  • Understand the signs, symptoms, and diagnostic methods of insulin resistance
  • Gather insights on proactive lifestyle changes and the importance of programs like Lifeforce
William Hsu MD 400x400 1

William Hsu, MD

Fasting Mimicking Diet Benefits For Diabetes Care

  • Learn about the importance of fasting in the healing process for diabetes management
  • Understand what a Fasting Mimicking Diet is and how it differs from Intermittent Fasting
  • Discover the shortcomings in the current model of diabetes care and how fasting can address them
Heather Sandison ND 400x400 1

Heather Sandison, ND

Alzheimer's As Type 3 Diabetes

  • Discover the connection between brain health and blood sugar regulation in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Understand why Alzheimer’s is referred to as Type 3 Diabetes and whether dementia can be reversed
  • Learn about the challenges patients/residents face with dementia and how to support them through effective treatment strategies
Mike Collins 400x400 1

Mike Collins

Quitting Sugar: Can It Reverse Diabetes For You?

  • Understand that quitting sugar is not just about changing your diet but involves substance use disorder recovery
  • Learn how excessive researching on the topic can have harmful effects on your journey towards reversing diabetes
  • Gather insights into the transformative power of quitting sugar for diabetes reversal and overall health improvement
Thomas P. Seager PhD 400x400 1

Thomas P. Seager, PhD

Cold Exposure For Improved Insulin Sensitivity

  • Discover the benefits of deliberate cold exposure on mitochondrial health
  • Understand how cold exposure activates brown adipose tissue and stimulates fat browning
  • Learn about the significant improvement in insulin sensitivity with mild cold exposure in Type 2 diabetes patients
Margaret Floyd Barry 400x400 1

Margaret Floyd Barry, RWS, NTP, CGP, FNTP

Power Within: Health Journey Strategies & Mindset

  • Embrace the power of implementation for a successful health journey
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right health professional to guide you
  • Build resilience, embrace change, and develop self-knowledge for sustainable health improvements
Orville Kolterman MD 400x400 1

Orville Kolterman, MD

Gut Microbiome For Glucose Management Revealed

  • Understand the connection between gut health and metabolic syndrome in people with type 2 diabetes
  • Identify dysfunctions in the gut microbiome that impact glucose management and insulin sensitivity
  • Learn about the evidence for using synbiotics to improve gut health and glycemic management in type 2 diabetes

Day 3

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Uncover Your Path To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes, Despite Family History

  • Understand the transition from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes
  • Learn about the motivation behind reversing diabetes naturally
  • Discover the impact of family history on diabetes management
Kevin Ellis 400x400 1

Kevin Ellis

Osteoporosis & Diabetes: Building Stronger Bones

  • Understand the connection between bone health and diabetes
  • Learn about osteopenia and osteoporosis, their prevalence, and identification methods
  • Explore treatment options beyond medication and discover the possibility of rebuilding bone even after loss, regardless of family history and genetics
Sharon Stills 400x400 1

Sharon Stills, ND

The Intersection Of Thyroid, Adrenal & Blood Sugar

  • Learn how to test thyroid function through lab tests and understand the interactions between blood sugar and adrenal health
  • Explore the types of fatigue experienced in thyroid and blood sugar issues
  • Discover the connection between heavy metals and diabetes and their impact on blood sugar levels
Michael Karlfeldt ND PhD 400x400 1

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Photo Biomodulation Corrects Metabolic Dysfunction

  • Discover what photo biomodulation is and its impact on the body’s metabolic functions
  • Understand the importance of light and its effect on metabolic dysfunction
  • Learn about different colors’ photo sensitizers and their role in correcting metabolic issues for improved health
David Jockers DNM DC MS 400x400 1

David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Nutrition Strategies For Inflammation & Blood Sugar

  • Identify root causes of inflammation and how to measure it through lab tests
  • Understand the importance of healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity
  • Learn about the significance of proper stomach acid, bile flow, and the best foods for blood sugar and hormonal health. Discover how intermittent fasting can reduce inflammation
Joseph Antoun MD PhD MPP 400x400 1

Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

The Novel Diabetes Remission Program: Nutrition Technology To Regress Diabetes

  • Discover the breakthrough Nutrition Technology supporting diabetes remission
  • Understand how physiological fasting reduces insulin resistance and promotes cellular rejuvenation
  • Explore the potential benefits of the Diabetes Remission & Regression Program for Type 2 Diabetics
Kevin Conners DPSc FICT FAARFM 400x400 1

Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Type 2 Diabetes And Cancer Connection Unveiled

  • Understand the intriguing connection between Type 2 Diabetes and cancer
  • Explore the unique challenges faced by diabetic patients in fighting cancer
  • Learn about cutting off cancer’s fuel source and effective management strategies for diabetic cancer patients
Phillip Wilson 400x400 1

Phillip Wilson

Effectiveness And Safe Use Of Relax Saunas For Those With Diabetes

  • History, research and benefits of far-infrared saunas
  • Differences from both traditional Finnish saunas and other portable and wooden infrared saunas
  • Research on far-infrared saunas, circulation and the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Differences between far-infrared saunas and far-infrared lights
Cyrus Khambatta

Cyrus Khambatta, PhD

How To Control Diabetes With A Plant-Based Diet

  • Understand the dietary causes and biological mechanisms of insulin resistance
  • Learn how a low-fat, plant-based, whole-food lifestyle can maximize insulin sensitivity
  • Know the profound impact of diet on insulin resistance and overall health

Day 4

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Learn How To Optimize Your Morning Blood Sugar Levels In Type 2 Diabetes

  • Learn the significance of maintaining a morning sugar level of 75
  • Discover the keys to successful fasting for diabetes management
  • Understand the benefits of expert guidance in achieving optimal blood sugar levels
Jen Pfleghaar DO FACEP 400x400 1

Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Thyroid & Blood Sugar: An Intriguing Connection

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism and its overlap with blood sugar problems
  • Understand the intriguing connections between blood sugar and thyroid health
  • Discover how stress can affect the thyroid and blood sugar levels, and explore strategies for thyroid healing
Margie Bissinger PT MS CHC 400x400 1

Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC

Diabetes And Osteoporosis: Unraveling The Link

  • Learn why people with diabetes are at an increased risk of osteoporosis and fractures
  • Discover essential exercises for building and maintaining strong bones
  • Understand the role of stress, happiness, and key nutrients/supplements in managing bone health and diabetes
JJ Virgin CNS BCHN EP C 400x400 1

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

Uncover Your Ideal Protein Intake For Optimal Body Composition

  • Learn the simplicity of focusing on what truly matters for your health
  • Understand why protein intake is a critical factor in controlling blood sugar levels
  • Discover how tracking protein and food with the right tools can support healthy blood sugar levels and why body composition matters for better glycemic control
Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Uncover How CGMs Reveal Choices To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

  • Learn how CGMs provide invaluable insights into lifestyle choices
  • Understand the connection between CGMs and Type 2 Diabetes reversal
  • Gather knowledge on making informed decisions using CGM data
Deanna Hansen 400x400 1

Deanna Hansen

Uncovering Fascia Decompression Improves Circulation

  • Understand how fascia decompression can significantly improve circulation in the feet and legs, benefiting diabetes management
  • Learn practical steps to alleviate foot pain and plantar fasciitis through effective fascia decompression techniques
  • Gather insights into the powerful influence of posture on diabetes and overall health, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper posture
Isaac Eliaz

Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc

Uncover Toxins' Role In Diabetes & Survival

  • Understand how the survival paradox protein galectin-3 contributes to insulin resistance, diabetes, and other cardiometabolic issues
  • Learn about the rising epidemic of diabetes and its association with toxins, and explore possible prevention and intervention strategies
  • Gather insights into Dr. Eliaz’s protocol to address diabetes and metabolic conditions by addressing underlying toxic contributors

Day 5

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Unlock The Mindset: How 'Diabetes Decoded' Dropped Cholesterol By 57 Points

  • Discover how the “Diabetes Decoded” program can be a life-changer
  • Understand the correlation between mindset and cholesterol management in type 2 diabetes
  • Learn about the dramatic drop in cholesterol levels through the right approach
Gin Stephens 400x400 1

Gin Stephens

How Intermittent Fasting Heals Your Body

  • Learn how intermittent fasting benefits diabetes and prediabetes, improving insulin sensitivity and health
  • Understand the concept of a clean fast and its importance during intermittent fasting for optimal results
  • Gather practical steps to start and maintain an intermittent fasting lifestyle, avoiding common mistakes in the process
Austin Perlmutter MD 400x400 1

Austin Perlmutter, MD

Powering Your Brain Metabolism For Success

  • Learn how energy powers our brains and where this energy originates
  • Understand the link between blood sugar dysregulation and brain health issues
  • Discover the best strategies to restore and protect healthy brain metabolism
Jodi Sternoff Cohen 400x400 1

Jodi Sternoff Cohen

Essential Oils: Support For Your Blood Sugar

  • Learn about the effective use of essential oils to support blood sugar regulation and overall health
  • Understand how natural remedies, such as essential oils, can play a role in healing the body and managing diabetes
  • Gather insights into achieving a parasympathetic state through essential oil therapies for improved well-being
Joel Fuhrman MD 400x400 1

Joel Fuhrman, MD

You & Your Heart: Reversing Diabetes Connection

  • Understand the limitations of the established medical protocol for diabetes control
  • Learn about Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet, which can lead to a 50% reduction in medications and potentially eliminate the need for insulin
  • Gather insights into reversing diabetes through a balanced diet and lifestyle changes for heart health and diabetes management
Sinclair Kennally CNHP CNC 400x400 1

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Revealing Links: Parasites, Mold & Blood Sugar

  • Learn about the epidemic of parasites and mold toxicity today and why it is worse than ever before
  • Understand how toxicity and parasites can impact blood sugar regulation and lead to dysregulation
  • Gather insights into root cause medicine and its potential impact on diabetes and blood sugar management, along with practical ways to support the body’s healing process
Debra Atkinson MS CSCS 400x400 1

Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS

Recover: Small Moves, Big Impact On Diabetes

  • Learn the three key factors in starting an exercise routine for better blood sugar control and improved insulin resistance
  • Understand common mistakes hindering progress in diabetes management and how to overcome them
  • Gather practical and easy ways to incorporate movement, measure success, and stay committed to diabetes control

Day 6

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Blood Sugar Challenge: Caregiving Amidst Sleep & Seizure Issues

  • Understand the challenges faced by caregivers of adult children with seizure disorders
  • Learn about the importance of sleep and its disruptions in diabetes management
  • Discover the benefits of the Blood Sugar Challenge Program for caregivers
Gina Moreno John MD MPH 400x400 1

Gina Moreno-John, MD, MPH

Uncover Impacts Of New Weight Loss Drugs On Your Health

  • Understand the challenges of obesity and the importance of new treatments
  • Learn about the new weight loss medications Wegovy and Saxenda and their potential impact on health outcomes
  • Anticipate future advancements in weight loss medication and their potential benefits
Robert Lufkin MD 400x400 1

Robert Lufkin, MD

Learn: Type 2 Diabetes As A Driver Of Aging

  • Understand how type 2 diabetes is primarily a disease of insulin and how it drives most chronic diseases
  • Learn about the connection between insulin resistance, aging, and the worsening of chronic effects in T2DM patients
  • Gather insights into the importance of reducing carbohydrate intake to effectively address and prevent diabetes-related aging
Betsy Greenleaf DO FACOOG Distinguished 2 400x400 1

Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Distinguished)

Investigating Diabetes And Pelvic Health Interplay

  • Understand the impact of diabetes on pelvic health, including nerve damage, urinary tract infections, and sexual dysfunction
  • Explore the connection between diabetes-related circulation issues and pelvic complications
  • Learn about pelvic floor muscle dysfunction in individuals with diabetes and its potential consequences
Carolyn Ledowsky 400x400 1

Carolyn Ledowsky

Genes' Role In Making You Susceptible To Diabetes

  • Learn about key genes predisposing individuals to type 2 diabetes and their roles in glucose metabolism
  • Understand how lifestyle factors influence the expression of these genes
  • Explore nutrients or herbs that may aid in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes
Carolyn McMakin MA DC 400x400 1

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC

Using FSM To Reduce Insulin Resistance & Support Pancreas

  • Understand the science behind Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and its impact on insulin sensitivity and leptin resistance
  • Learn about specific FSM treatment protocols for managing type 2 diabetes and supporting overall pancreatic function
  • Discover the metrics used to measure success and long-term benefits of FSM, including improvements in blood sugar levels, weight management, and quality of life
James Barry 400x400 1

James Barry

Your Kitchen's Healing Power For Type 2 Diabetes

  • Learn the art of meal planning to support blood sugar handling and better diabetes management
  • Discover healthy food choices and recalibrate your palate for improved blood sugar control
  • Set up your kitchen for success, master grocery shopping, and decipher food labels to make informed choices

Day 7

Beverly Yates ND 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Uncover The Supplements That Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar

  • Learn about the link between congestive heart failure and prediabetes
  • Discover the benefits of a tailored supplement bundle for blood sugar management
  • Understand the natural ways to combat blood sugar challenges
Betty Murray PhD Candidate MS CN IFMCP 400x400 1

Betty Murray, PhD-Candidate, MS, CN, IFMCP

Learn: Menopause Impact On Metabolism & Diabetes

  • Understand the intricate impact of hormonal changes during menopause on metabolism, diabetes risk, and complications
  • Learn about the role of insulin resistance and other key hormones in the development of type 2 diabetes during menopause
  • Gather practical steps to manage hormonal imbalances, improve diabetes, and address related issues like weight gain and osteoporosis
Dr. Jennifer Martin Schantz 400x400 1

Dr. Jennifer Martin-Schantz

Understanding The Trauma Of Diabetes

  • Learn about medical trauma associated with diabetes and its impact on mental health
  • Develop coping skills to manage the emotional and psychological challenges of living with diabetes
  • Explore the benefits of working with a therapist to resolve trauma and improve overall well-being
Dr. Sanda Moldovan 400x400 1

Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Diabetes & Oral Health: The Link To Gum Disease

  • Understand the concept of biological dentistry and its relevance to diabetes
  • Learn about gum disease and how it affects diabetics
  • Discover practical steps to reverse bleeding gums at home, restore oral health, and address silent oral infections that can impact diabetes management
Kent Holtorf MD 400x400 1

Kent Holtorf, MD

Discover: Peptide & T3 Supplementation For Reversal

  • Learn about immune dysfunction’s role in diabetes development and associated complications, affecting various organs and functions
  • Understand the function of peptides to treat core pathophysiology in diabetes, reducing insulin resistance and preventing complications
  • Gather insights into T3 supplementation’s significance, especially in cases of low thyroid in diabetics, to improve insulin resistance and manage complications
Karen Brody 400x400 1

Karen Brody

Rest: Your Remedy For Diabetes Management

  • Discover the transformative power of rest as a remedy for managing diabetes and improving blood sugar issues
  • Understand the significance of breathing exercises before meals and how it can positively impact your health
  • Learn about the benefits of incorporating yoga nidra, a sleep-based meditation, into your rest practice to promote overall well-being
Eric Gordon MD 400x400 1

Eric D. Gordon, MD

Chronic Inflammation & Insulin Resistance Revealed

  • Know how inflammation drives insulin resistance and its connection to genetic factors
  • Gain insights into the complexities of chronic inflammation and insulin resistance
  • Discover the impact of chronic inflammation on diabetes and its management

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Reversing Type 2 Diabetes With These Simple Tasty Recipes to Boost Energy and Fight Inflammation

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With These Simple Tasty Recipes To Boost Energy And Fight Inflammation

By Beverly Yates, ND

This Diabetes Recipes eBook offers simple, delicious, blood sugar friendly recipes for a variety of meals. Each recipe is gluten-free and has no added sugar. Yum!

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Reverse Type 2 Diabetes by Using Continuous Glucose Monitors to Gain Actionable Insights

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes By Using Continuous Glucose Monitors To Gain Actionable Insights

By Beverly Yates, ND

This eBook provides insights, tips and FAQs about CGMs. Numerous benefits of CGMs are listed. Common scenarios are discussed where the device provides health data that makes the critical difference in achieving a healthy blood sugar range. This PDF provides users and those curious about CGMs with places to look for what might be confusing about CGM health data results. This PDF is for everyone who cares about blood sugar related health issues.

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Blood Sugar Reboot New

Blood Sugar Reboot: 8 Weeks To Better Glucose Control

By Jen Pfleghaar, DO, FACEP

Struggling with erratic blood sugar levels? It’s time for a reset! “Blood Sugar Reboot: 8 Weeks to Better Glucose Control” is your comprehensive guide to reclaiming control over your health.

Dive into an 8-week transformative journey meticulously designed to stabilize blood sugar levels, optimize insulin function, and foster a lifestyle that supports long-term health.

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  • Easy-to-understand breakdowns of the science behind glucose metabolism.
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  • Nutritional insights to choose foods that stabilize blood sugar.
  • Stress management techniques to prevent glucose spikes.
  • Real-life success stories offering inspiration and motivation.

Unlock the secrets to stable blood sugar, reduced medication dependency, and a future free from the worries of insulin resistance. Begin your rejuvenating journey today with “Blood Sugar Reboot: 8 Weeks to Better Glucose Control”. Your path to balanced health starts here.

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Sweet Dreams Your Guide to Managing Diabetes with Super Sleep

Sweet Dreams: Your Guide to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes With Super Sleep

By Audrey Wells, MD

If you want to optimize your blood sugar levels, the power of healthy sleep is available to you. Whether you are at risk for diabetes or diagnosed with diabetes, this e-book will reveal the incredible relationship between SLEEP and insulin, blood sugar, appetite, and weight gain. Discover which sleep disorders specifically affect people with diabetes, and learn if a sleep evaluation is right for you. Prepare to shatter myths about obstructive sleep apnea and gain a deeper understanding of its causes and treatment options. And guess what? You’ll find out the pros and cons of home sleep apnea testing, empowering you to take the next steps in a sleep evaluation. Unleash the secrets to enhancing your sleep quality, transforming your sleep environment, and establishing healthy sleep patterns. Don’t waste another night without slumber on your side– awaken to the revitalizing power of truly healthy sleep.

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3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook

3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook

By Kevin Ellis

Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of hip fracture by up to 210% and other fractures by up to 120% according to meta-analyses showing. Fractures can be painful and life-changing and reduce quality of life in your later years. Learn the secrets of building stronger bones with the 3 Secrets To Stronger Bones eBook today! Presented by BoneCoach™ Kevin Ellis. Reviewed by medical doctors and our team of credentialed experts. Get confident in your stronger bones plan today.

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Balanced Blood Sugar Better Gut Health More Energy Your Guide to Fighting Inflammation and Fatigue with Carbon 60

Balanced Blood Sugar, Better Gut Health, & More Energy: Your Guide To Fighting Inflammation And Fatigue With Carbon 60

By C60 Purple Power

Dear Friend,

We hope you enjoy this FREE e-book, Balanced Blood Sugar, Better Gut Health, & More Energy: Your Guide to Fighting Inflammation and Fatigue with Carbon 60.

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You’ll learn how to incorporate C60 into your daily routine for increased energy, mental clarity, a balanced immune and inflammatory response, and improved mood and overall well-being.

You’ll also learn how C60 can support balanced blood sugar, improve gut health, and help you enjoy more energy.

As we age, our body’s ability to produce its own antioxidants drastically declines, which increases the oxidative burden your cells are under. That is why antioxidant protection is especially important for those over the age of 40 or for those with high exposure to free radical damaging factors.

But why should you care about oxidative stress? Oxidative stress, aka “free radical damage”, is a significant factor in most chronic illnesses and inflammatory conditions.

C60 lifts the oxidative burden the cells are under so they can do their job…leading to more efficient energy production, hormone production, stem cell production, and immune cell production. This allows the body to do what it was designed to do…heal itself naturally.

Most users of C60 note an increase in energy and mental clarity within 30 days of daily use. With longer use, other benefits realized can be quite profound…

Please continue reading for more information about this Nobel Prize-winning super antioxidant.

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PEMFs for Enhanced Well being Addressing Pain and Inflammation Including Diabetes

PEMFs For Enhanced Well-being: Addressing Pain And Inflammation, Including Diabetes

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

A silent killer might have taken up residence in your body. Do you know what it is? Inflammation. Nearly 50% of all deaths are caused by inflammation-based diseases. Drop your email below to get Dr. William Pawluk’s guide, PEMFs for Enhanced Well-being: Addressing Pain and Inflammation, Including Diabetes. Discover the simple and effective way to fight inflammation at the source.

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Unlocking the New Science New

Unlocking The New Science: Environmental Health, Mitochondria, And The Rising Tide Of Chronic Illness, Including Diabetes

By Eric D. Gordon, MD

There is a rising tide of Chronic Illness, and the current medical model has a major blind spot resulting in incomplete healing, lingering symptoms, and debilitating illness. If you are suffering from a chronic medical condition that affects your ability to function in your daily life, your body could be stuck in the Cell Danger Response. Learn what happens in the Cell Danger Response 3-Phase Cycle, the vital role of the mitochondria in the recovery process, and much more.

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2000 Calorie Healthy Microbiome Meal Plan

2000 Calorie Healthy Microbiome Meal Plan

By Pendulum

A four-week fiber-rich meal plan, 2,000 calories per day comprising 84 delicious meals designed just for you and your patients. This meal plan has been vetted by registered dietitians and certified diabetes care and education specialists. Please note that these meal plans do not account for food allergies or dietary preferences – substitute as you wish!

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Unlocking Type 2 Diabetes Regression Remission with Fasting Mimicking Diets

Unlocking Type 2 Diabetes Regression & Remission With Fasting Mimicking Diets

By L-Nutra Health

Delve into L-Nutra Health’s visionary approach, using precision nutrition to empower type 2 diabetes individuals to thrive without medication. Uncover the science behind Fasting Mimicking Technology (FMT), discover the Remission and Regression Protocol’s transformative 12-month journey to reducing or even removing entirely diabetes medications, and embrace the Longevity Diet’s power. Join the movement to reshape diabetes care, where innovation, science, and personalized guidance converge for a diabetes-free future.

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Embracing Rest as a Vital Component in Diabetes Care

Embracing Rest As A Vital Component In Diabetes Care

By Karen Brody

Lay down and enjoy a Daring to Rest yoga nidra experience.

Though it comes from the yogic tradition, yoga nidra doesn’t look like a typical yoga class―the entire practice is done lying down. As you listen to a guided meditation by Daring to Rest founder Karen Brody, you’re gently taken into complete inner stillness, effortlessly releasing into a healing state that works on both cellular and subtle body levels. This is 30 minutes of supreme relaxation.

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How to Detox on A Daily Basis

Daily Detox Guide For A Healthy Heart

By Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Rather than an extreme detox program, Dr. Kahn teaches a daily detox. The fewer the contaminants that come in, the easier the detox. This guide will help you avoid toxicity in the first place.

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Beginners Guide to the Nutritarian Diet

Beginner's Guide To The Nutritarian Diet

By Joel Fuhrman, MD

The Nutritarian Diet is the gold-standard of healthy eating styles. It’s based on the most heart-healthy, cancer-protective plant foods on the planet.

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Solcere Keto Guide VIP

Solcere Keto Diet Guide

By Heather Sandison, ND

The ultimate way to adapt your body to the keto diet.

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6 Different Styles of Fasting

6 Styles of Fasting

By Mindy Pelz, DC

Discover a world of health and vitality with “6 Styles of Fasting”. This e-book provides an exploration of each fasting style, helping you tailor your approach to fit your unique lifestyle and health goals. From intermittent fasting to time-restricted eating, alternate-day fasting, and more, you’ll gain insights into the benefits, strategies, and tips for successful implementation. Elevate your fasting journey and enjoy enhanced well-being with this bonus content!

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10 Health Longevity Tools That I Use VIP

10 Health Longevity Tools That I Use

By Robert Lufkin, MD

The most powerful tool that most of us will ever use to affect our health and longevity is the lifestyle we choose. And that is a choice that we get to make every moment of our lives.

I went on a personal journey with four chronic medical diseases that conventional health care was unable to cure. I was left with only a drawer of prescription medicines and worsening symptoms and a shortened lifespan.

This forced me to dive deeply into the latest medical research and breakthroughs that showed a common driver for most chronic diseases. And that the most effective way to control this was not through pills or surgery but through the lifestyle choices we make.

This is a compilation of ten of the most useful lifestyle tools that I use myself and with my coaching patients to improve health and longevity. They are easy to adopt and integrate into your daily routine. I was able to start to see the results within a few days. Become the person that you deserve to be and live life to the fullest.

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Empowering Individuals with Diabetes 5 Steps to Control Pain and a Detailed 9 Part Video Series 1

Empowering Individuals With Diabetes: 5 Steps To Control Pain And A Detailed 9-Part Video Series

By Deanna Hansen

Loss of blood flow to the feet and resultant foot pain is incredibly debilitating, especially for a person with diabetes. Understanding the fascia system is key to not only supporting efficient circulation but also for managing pain and overall health. You can follow the simple at-home techniques to start releasing and decompressing your fascia and learn ways to open the flow in your body to improve oxygenation to cells, as well as strengthening exercises to pull your body back into better alignment.

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The Last Resort Sugar Detox Guide

The Last Resort Sugar Detox Guide

By Mike Collins

100 Page ebook walking through our entire process!

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Keto Food Pyramid

Keto Food Pyramid

By Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, LAc, DiplOM

Use Dr. Nasha’s Keto Food Pyramid as a guide to a diet that supports metabolic flexibility.

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Blood Sugar Balance Cheat Sheet Checklist

Blood Sugar Balance Cheat Sheet + Checklist

By Jodi Sternoff Cohen

With this FREE copy of our Blood Sugar Cheat Sheet + Checklist you will:

  • Find out how you can balance your blood sugar
  • Discover the best essential oils for balancing the underlying cause of blood sugar issues
  • Learn the BEST WAY to get started with essential oils and balance your blood sugar

The following assessment can help you identify what essential oil blends can be used to support balancing your blood sugar.

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Top 12 Blood Tests to Measure Inflammation

Top 12 Blood Tests To Measure Inflammation

By David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

This image-rich 25-page, research-based guide can be read through in less than 20 minutes the key lab tests you can request from your doctor (or perhaps you have previous labs to look at) that will give you an idea how inflammation is impacting your health.

Here is What You Will Discover:

  • What is Chronic Inflammation and How Does it Develop?
  • The Inflammation – Mitochondrial Dysfunction Connection
  • The Most Well Studied Markers for Inflammation
  • The Importance of Blood Sugar and Fasting Insulin Levels
  • What is a Functionally Healthy Cholesterol and Triglyceride Level
  • And Much More

You will learn how to read important markers on your blood test in a way that most doctors are not trained on so you can really understand your inflammatory load and the action steps to bring down inflammation in your body so you can thrive in life!

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DNA Testing and Why it Might Be Good for Your Health Webinar

DNA Testing And Why It Might Be Good For Your Health Webinar

By Carolyn Ledowsky

There is a lot of confusion around DNA testing and many patients coming to us at MTHFR Support have heard of it but do not understand what the results can reveal about their health condition. If you’ve ever wanted to better understand what we mean by MTHFR or other genes, and whether DNA testing is something you would like to do for yourself to better understand your health condition, you will love this webinar.

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Top 25 Diabetes and Pelvic Health Tips with Coupon

Top 25 Diabetes And Pelvic Health Tips With Coupon

By Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Distinguished)

Explore the essential 25 tips to enhance pelvic health for individuals with diabetes. Don’t miss the chance to grab a 10% discount on your initial purchase from The Pelvic Floor Store.

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Emu Oil An Ancient Solution for Modern Diabetes

Emu Oil: An Ancient Solution For Modern Diabetes

By Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Distinguished)

Uncover the hidden potential of an ancient secret that offers modern relief to common symptoms of diabetes. This is a comprehensive and inspiring guide authored by leading experts in the field. Delve into scientific evidence supporting emu oil’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-regenerating properties. This book offers hope for a future where emu oil could significantly enhance the quality of life for diabetes patients worldwide. Discover easy uses and home recipes. A must-read for those seeking alternative and practical approaches to managing diabetes.

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Sleep Your Way to Improved Metabolic Fitness in Diabetes Management

Sleep Your Way To Improved Metabolic Fitness In Diabetes Management

By Betty Murray, PhD-Candidate, MS, CN, IFMCP

Introducing “Sleep Your Way to Improved Metabolic Fitness in Diabetes Management” is an essential ebook for those seeking to improve their sleep quality and overall health. This comprehensive guide takes you on a journey to understand the intricate relationship between sleep and metabolic fitness, providing practical tips and techniques to optimize your rest. Packed with expert advice backed by the latest scientific research, this ebook offers invaluable insights on creating a sleep environment that fosters rejuvenation, setting a consistent sleep schedule, and incorporating relaxation techniques to promote deep, restorative sleep. Unlock the secrets to a healthier, more energetic lifestyle by mastering the art of restful sleep, and watch as your metabolic fitness soars to new heights.

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The Power of Protein Packed Recipes Guide

The Power Of Protein Packed Recipes Guide

By JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN, EP-C

My two best recommendations that I give to women over 40: eat more protein and focus on building muscle!

Every recipe in this guide takes a protein-first approach to ensure that you’re optimizing your protein quota and getting the many, many benefits of this critical macronutrient.

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Muscles in Minutes

Muscles In Minutes (Based On The Best-Selling Video Series)

By Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS

Dozen of exercises with start and end images, suggested modifications for more or less challenging movement to use those muscles as a blood sugar sponge with the best form for least risk, most benefit.

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Food Filters for Chronic Illness Support

Food Filter: Histamine: Irritants Hiding in Modern Healthy Foods

By Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Help support your body and chronic symptoms by understanding food filters. You may not experience any symptoms when eating high histamine or high oxalate foods, but you may find that these food filters are instrumental in speeding up your healing process.

Who is likely to benefit from eating low histamine? People with Liver stagnation, parasites, EMF exposure and EMF sensitivities, Chemical exposures, Certain medical conditions may increase the risk of histamine intolerance like gastrointestinal disorders, GERD, and liver conditions.

While this is not an all-or-nothing food filter, if you’re going to eat low histamine, remember — your body may take several days to calm down after histamine rich foods, and it is also responding in real time to chemicals, EMFs, parasite activity, and so much more. With oxalates, start slowly. As always, work with your practitioner before making any dietary changes.

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Skinny Sleep

Skinny Sleep: How To Lose Weight While You Sleep

By Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

In my years as a physician, it’s become abundantly clear that sleep is suffering. Whether this is because of increased stress, poor diets, or spikes in screen time and EMF exposure, deep, nourishing sleep is disappearing, and weight gain and poor health outcomes are taking its place.

This guide is a distillation of many years of clinical work to show you that, as much as exercise and diet play a role in fat loss, the secret to real and lasting physiological change isn’t happening at the gym — it’s happening while you sleep. Plus, you’ll get a full rundown of my Skinny Sleep Protocol and quick tips and tools to start making profound changes today.

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Detoxify Your Mouth

Detoxify Your Mouth: The Real Secret To Health And Longevity

By Dr. Sanda Moldovan

The e-book “Detoxify Your Mouth,” written by Dr. Sanda, discusses the significance of maintaining good oral health and preventing potential health risks associated with common dental practices. The book emphasizes the importance of identifying and treating toxicity that can arise from certain dental treatments. It encourages patients to opt for safe dental treatments that do not pose unnecessary health risks and stresses the need for regular oral health maintenance to achieve optimal overall health.

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Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Rob DeMartino 1

Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome - Dr. Rob DeMartino

By Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC

Dr. Rob DeMartino, D.C. – Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome – 2021 FSM Advanced

Dr. DeMartino discusses the relationship between diabetes and metabolic syndrome, two common health conditions that are affecting a growing number of people worldwide.

Explores the underlying causes of diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and how these conditions can lead to a variety of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, blindness, and kidney failure.

Discusses how Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) can be used to help manage diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

FSM is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar levels, and promote overall health and well-being.

The presentation is presented by Dr. Rob DeMartino, a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner who has extensive experience using FSM to treat a variety of health conditions.
Here are some of the key points that are discussed in the presentation:

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects the way the body metabolizes sugar (glucose).
Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems.

The underlying causes of diabetes and metabolic syndrome are complex and involve a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

FSM is a non-invasive, drug-free therapy that can be used to help manage diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

FSM works by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and improving cellular function.

FSM has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, reduce blood sugar levels, and promote overall health and well-being.

The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and FSM. It is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals who are interested in learning more about these conditions and how FSM can be used to help manage them.

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Mold Illness And The Holtorf Updated Peptide Protocol For The Rapid Treatment Of CIRS (HUPPRTOC)

By Kent Holtorf, MD

An EBook that will provide an updated treatment protocol to rapidly treat CIRS with Peptides

  1. With a greater understanding of the pathophysiology of CIRS, beneficial alterations to the current standard Shoemaker protocol for CIRS can significantly increase the effectiveness of the present protocol.
  2. Understand the vicious cycle that perpetuates and amplifies the symptoms and severity of mold illness, and understand the multiple dysfunctional symptoms commonly seen in patients affected by mold.
  3. Understand how immune-modulatory peptides can effectively address the immune dysfunction, which is the core abnormality in CIRS and mold illness.
  4. With an expanded use of biomarker testing, a greater understanding of the underlying abnormalities present in each particular case can be obtained to provide more directed therapeutic strategies and improved outcomes compared to the current treatment protocols.
  5. Understand that immune modulators, including peptides and other therapies that effectively address the immune dysfunction, which is the core abnormality in CIRS and mold illness, should be the first step in treatment.
  6. Understand the potential dark side of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP)
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Weekly self care plan 1

Weekly Self-Care Plan

By Dr. Jennifer Martin-Schantz

This is a weekly self-care plan that includes ways to reduce stress and increase self-care specifically created for patients with diabetes.

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10 Offally

10 Offally Great Recipes + 20% Discount Code To

By James Barry

20 of our favorite Offal-centric recipes to support you in getting more organ meats into your diet. Plus save 20% of your next order at

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The Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer Connection

The Type 2 Diabetes And Cancer Connection

By Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM

Unravel the intricate relationship between diet, diabetes, and cancer in this transformative eBook. Dive deep into why some commonly-held beliefs among medical professionals about diet may not only be misleading but potentially life-threatening. Discover why the plate in front of a patient could be their most powerful ally or their greatest adversary. From the sweet cravings of patients to the high-stakes decisions of oncologists, journey through the myriad misconceptions about food’s role in health and disease. Unearth the pivotal importance of diet in diabetes management, often underemphasized, and explore the dynamic role family plays in a patient’s health journey.

Whether you’re a patient, a loved one, or a healthcare professional, this eBook will empower you with knowledge, guiding you towards informed decisions and a more balanced, healthier life. Dive in to harness the healing power of food, debunk myths, and steer clear of dietary pitfalls.

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Excellent summit. I am a healthy 55-year-old athlete who was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes. My cholesterol has always been around 120 triglycerides 32 and LDL under 60 resting heart rate 43 and BP 120/80 No warning at all.

I have adopted a whole foods plant-based diet and exercise vigorously every day and my docs listened to me and as of today took me off all meds. Thank you for your knowledge and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle and reverse diabetes with diet and lifestyle. I am forever grateful.


I wish I stumbled upon this Incredible summit sooner, but I'm so happy to binge on it. It’s jam-packed and full of health insights with real live stories.

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Dr. Yates' extensive knowledge, understanding, diligence, professionalism,  patience, and care give us the quality of life to be active seniors over 68 years old!

Mahalo Dr. Beverly Yates!!


In 2018 my Alc 5.8 indicated I was prediabetic.  I saw a dietician at the Diabetic Center.  A physical in 2019 showed my blood test results for A1c at 5.8.

I then asked Dr. Yates for her help in lowering my A1c through diet.  She recommended the program "Day Two" in 2019.  With Dr Yates's help, the program, and regular blood testing I'm excited to share that my A1c is 5.6.


Dr Yates has a way of communicating about your health clearly and effectively

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