Sleep apnea is a major risk factor for heart disease…

Reclaim Your Nights, Recharge Your Days with the Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia

For those aiming for a comfortable night's sleep to ensure daytime energy, safeguarding mental well-being, physical health, and longevity.

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Hosted byAudrey Wells, MD
Sleep and Obesity Medicine Specialist.
Founder of Super Sleep MD, a platform dedicated to helping individuals with sleep apnea.

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Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea

80% of People Have Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea. An early diagnosis can save your life from heart disease.

Sleep disorders are more than just tired eyes and yawning. They can pave the way for serious health complications. From heart disease and diabetes to mental health challenges, sleep’s impact is profound and far-reaching. 

Healthy sleep changes everything.

At the Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia, you’ll discover cutting-edge strategies to tackle sleep disorders and techniques personalized for your rejuvenating nights. Dive deep into the science of sleep. You deserve a better sleep. 

At this summit, you will gain access to easy-to-consume insights from over 40 experts in the field. Join a community committed to better sleep and brighter days.

We know that for millions of people who struggle with sleep disorders, a restful and deep sleep feels like a distant dream-but it doesn’t have to be.  

Our Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia is here to guide you on a transformative journey toward that dream.

Your Journey to Joyful Mornings Begins Here!

We all have that family member or close friend who wakes up tired no matter how early they go to bed. Maybe that person is you. Your days feel long and hazy, filled with coffee breaks and moments of yawning and lost focus. Every night feels never-ending, like putting out fires while being very alert.

If you are tired of being tired, know that there are solutions and strategies to guide you on your journey to better sleep. Today can be your first day towards reclaiming your restful nights.

Sign up for the Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia and learn about cutting-edge strategies to combat sleep apnea, innovative techniques to promote restorative sleep, and the latest breakthroughs in insomnia treatment. 

Join us and discover the secrets to rejuvenating nights and energized days.

The well-slept version of you is the best version of you. 

Your Journey To Joyful Mornings Begins Here

Learn From These 40+ World-Leading Experts

Day 1

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Sleep Myths Explained: The Truth For Better Rest

  • Understand the importance of getting 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Learn practical ways to manage irregular sleep patterns and why naps can be beneficial
  • Discover why consistent sleep loss isn’t easily recovered and how snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea
Sarah Silverman MD 400x400 1

Sarah Silverman, PsyD

Transform Your Sleep With A Holistic Approach

  • Realize that OSA and Insomnia can coexist and learn the role of CPAP and medications in treatment
  • Understand that CBTI is more than sleep hygiene and how it can improve or even resolve insomnia
  • Gather information on the importance of mindset shifts and sleep identity for therapy success
William Hsu MD 1

William Hsu, MD

Enhance Your Sleep With Fasting-Mimicking Diet

  • Understand the heightened risk of sleep apnea in individuals with type 2 diabetes and how sleep apnea can elevate glucose levels
  • Explore the fasting-mimicking diet, its role in reversing type II diabetes, and its effectiveness in aiding weight loss
  • Learn about the ideal candidates for the fasting-mimicking diet and how it can positively impact both diabetes management and sleep quality
Yunha Kim 400x400 1

Yunha Kim

Sleep Reset: The Truth Of Insomnia & Sleeping Pills

  • Understand the profound effects of insomnia and sleeping pill usage on daily routines
  • Dive into compelling research statistics showcasing how Sleep Reset positively influences factors like Wake After Sleep Onset (WASO) and more
  • Hear patients’ transformative experiences and testimonials with Sleep Reset
Heather Sandison ND 2 400x400 1

Heather Sandison, ND

Boost Brain Health: Your Sleep Defense Against Alzheimer's

  • Discover how quality sleep is critical for optimal brain function and maintaining cognitive health
  • Understand the changes in sleep patterns that occur with normal aging and their impact on brain health
  • Learn about the link between sleep disorders and Alzheimer’s disease and lifestyle practices that support brain health as you age
Fleet Maull PhD CMT P 400x400 1

Fleet Maull, PhD, CMT-P

Achieve Restorative Sleep Through Mindfulness & Responsibility

  • Embrace ownership of your sleep quality and the daily structures that promote healthy sleep
  • Learn about mindfulness meditation as a powerful tool for developing better sleep patterns
  • Understand the importance of restorative sleep for personal and spiritual development
Saundra Dalton Smith MD 400x400 1

Saundra Dalton-Smith, MD

Discover The 7 Secrets To True Rest

  • Discover the seven types of rest needed for personal and professional thriving
  • Learn how to implement practical restorative activities into your busy schedule
  • Understand which types of rest you’re most deficient in and how to cultivate an effective rest strategy
Michael Breus 400x400 1

Michael Breus, PhD

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm

  • Understand the concept of chronotype and how it affects daily activities
  • Learn practical methods for identifying your unique chronotype and how it may change over time
  • Discover how to optimize activities such as sex, productivity, eating, and socializing based on your chronotype for better health

Day 2

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Sleep Apnea's Role In Heart Health

  • Hear Eddie’s compelling story of how skepticism about the serious effects of sleep apnea led to a life-changing heart attack
  • Learn about the often-overlooked link between untreated sleep apnea and heart attack risk
  • Understand the importance of proactively treating sleep apnea to prevent major cardiovascular events
Alex Howard New 400x400 1

Alex Howard

Healing Sleep: The Echo Of Emotional Trauma

  • Learn how nervous system dysregulation impacts sleep
  • Learn about Alex Howard’s personal journey of healing and how he overcame the impact of emotional trauma on sleep
  • Understand how boundaries, safety, and love can impact emotional processing and sleep health
  • Gain insights into the broader effects of emotional trauma on sleep patterns and quality
Philip Ovadia 400x400 1

Philip Ovadia, MD

Unlocking Sleep: Avoid The Operating Table With Better Rest

  • Uncover the critical link between bad quality sleep and increased risk of heart disease
  • Explore how poor sleep can exacerbate insulin resistance and overall metabolic health
  • Discover actionable strategies to improve metabolic health, sleep quality, and potentially health outcomes
Beverly Yates 2 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Unveiling Myths: Diabetes & Sleep Disorders

  • Understand the intricate connection between diabetes and sleep
  • Learn how sleeping well helps manage diabetes
  • Gain insight into the importance of vigilance in screening for sleep disorders in diabetes management
Joel Kahn MD FACC 400x400 1

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Protect Your Heart By Sleeping Smart

  • Learn how poor sleep can affect heart health and its bidirectional influences
  • Understand the preventive role of healthy sleep on conditions like CAD, HTN, and HF
  • Gather insights on leveraging exercise to improve both sleep and heart health
Heather Hammerstedt 400x400 1

Heather Hammerstedt, MD

The Link Between Mindful Eating, Gut Health, And Quality Sleep

  • Explore the practice of mindful eating to improve your meal experiences tonight
  • Learn the difference between mindful eating during the day versus night, uncovering food choices and their impacts
  • Understand the timing and type of food that promotes quality sleep and the influence of the gut microbiome on sleep patterns
Robert Lufkin MD2 400x400 1

Robert Lufkin, MD

The Undeniable Link Between Sleep And Chronic Disease

  • Understand the dual importance of sleep quality and quantity in maintaining optimal health
  • Learn how disrupted sleep can be a driving factor in major chronic diseases that affect longevity
  • Recognize the link between disrupted sleep patterns and insulin resistance, emphasizing the need for approximately 8 hours of restorative sleep
William Pawluk MD MSc 400x400 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

PEMF: Your Tool For Enhanced Sleep Quality

  • Understand the benefits of PEMFs in enhancing sleep quality
  • Learn how PEMFs work to improve sleep and the science behind it
  • Discover the right equipment and resources for effective PEMF therapy for sleep

Day 3

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Navigating Night Waking: Tips To Fall Back Asleep

  • Learn easy steps to fall back asleep quickly after waking up at night
  • Understand the emotional dimensions of sleep and how they influence our ability to return to rest after waking
Ronnie Newman 400x400 1

Ronnie Newman

Sleep Like A Baby: Your Guide To Blissful Nights

  • Uncover the internal and external factors affecting your sleep and take empowered steps to improve your sleep quality starting tonight
  • Master the art of skillful breathing to unlock one of the most powerful tools for achieving deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Learn how to turn environmental disruptions into a peaceful sleep haven that supports a blissful night’s sleep
Azizi Seixas 400x400 1

Azizi A. Seixas, PhD

Revolutionize Sleep Health With Technology Innovation

  • Dive into the groundbreaking innovations that are transforming our understanding and management of sleep
  • Understand how cutting-edge technology offers customized solutions tailored to your sleep needs, ensuring accurate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment
  • Discover how advances in sleep technology could redefine our methods of monitoring, managing, and improving sleep for a lifetime of better health
Steven Park MD 400x400 1

Steven Park, MD

Get The Facts On Sleep Apnea Surgery

  • Learn a whole-body approach to addressing sleep apnea, including breathing through the nose
  • Understand the need to try non-surgical options before opting for surgery
  • Learn about the Inspire surgery and criteria to qualify
austin perlmutter 400x400 1

Austin Perlmutter, MD

Neuroinflammation & Habits: Pathways To Restful Sleep

  • Learn how inflammation can influence your sleep patterns and why it’s essential to address it
  • Understand why cultivating positive habits plays a pivotal role in achieving consistent and restorative sleep every night
  • Uncover the often-underestimated impact of air and noise pollution on sleep and actionable strategies to mitigate their effects
Kavetha Sundaramoorthy MD 400x400 1

Kavetha Sundaramoorthy, MD

Your Spouse’s Insomnia: A Guide To Coexisting

  • Understand how insomnia affects emotional and sexual relationships within a couple
  • Learn effective strategies for reconciling different sleep habits and their impact on intimacy
  • Learn how sleep quality influences your mood and relational flexibility
Mollie Eastman 400x400 1

Mollie Eastman

Unlocking Wellness: The Power Of Circadian Health

  • Learn about circadian rhythms and how they affect sleep, mood, digestion, and cognition
  • Identify and mitigate modern lifestyle factors, such as blue light exposure, that disrupt natural circadian rhythms
  • Become familiar with the growing focus on circadian health in wellness by learning practical strategies
Arin Schultz 400x400 1

Arin Schultz

Your Guide To Healthier Sleep With Organic Mattresses

  • Uncover the harmful chemicals often found in mattresses and their effects on health and sleep quality
  • Learn about the benefits and differences of organic mattresses, focusing on their non-toxic and health-friendly nature
  • Explore the personalization options,and availability of Naturepedic’s organic mattresses, ensuring both comfort and safety in your sleep environment

Day 4

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

The Serious Risks Of Ignoring Sleep Apnea

  • Understand the critical issues of low oxygen levels and sleep interruptions caused by sleep apnea
  • Learn about the far-reaching negative effects of untreated sleep apnea on the heart, blood vessels, brain and more
  • Recognize how sleep apnea not only affects the physical organs, but also significantly impairs daytime functioning and overall well-being
Anne Germain PhD 400x400 1

Anne Germain, PhD

Master Insomnia Relief Through CBTI

  • Learn the intricacies of insomnia, including when to consult your physician for sleep problems
  • Understand how to treat the root cause of insomnia and manage it alongside other disorders
  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of sleep aids and the effectiveness of CBTI as a treatment
Susan Hughes MD 400x400 1

Susan Hughes, MD

Unraveling Sleep Disorders: From SID And TBI To CPAP

  • Learn how different brain functions are intricately linked to various sleep disorders and their impact on health
  • Explore the sleep patterns of individuals with autism, problems such as reduced sleep duration and frequent nighttime awakenings
  • Understand how Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) significantly affects sleep health, leading to a range of disorders including insomnia and fatigue
Anna Esparham MD 400x400 1

Anna Esparham, MD

Recover Deep Sleep With Mind-Body Therapies For Pain Relief

  • Learn how bad sleep connects with chronic pain and find out how treatments like mind-body therapies can help
  • Engage in techniques such as tapping (EFT), hypnosis, and aromatherapy for better sleep
  • Explore the optimal practices and timeframes to expect improvements when using mind-body therapies
Lida Fatemi DO MPH 400x400 1

Lida Fatemi, DO, MPH

Cannabis & Psilocybin: New Avenues In Sleep & Wellness

  • Understand the role of CBD and psilocybin in improving sleep quality
  • Delve into the specific indications for the use of CBD for sleep disorders and explore its efficacy
  • Learn about the potential benefits and applications of psilocybin on mental health and sleep
Betsy Greenleaf

Betsy Greenleaf, DO, FACOOG (Distinguished)

Sleep's Impact On Libido And Hormones

  • Discover how sleep disorders are the leading cause of low libido and hormonal imbalances
  • Explore the brain-gut-pelvic connection, understanding how sleep impacts the microbiome, fertility, and hormone regulation
  • Learn about sleep’s role in exacerbating pelvic pain, overactive bladder, and recurrent infections
Edward Walker 400x400 1

Edward Walker, PhD

Amarasate's Power: Curbing Hunger, Enhancing Satiety

  • Understand how Amarasate triggers the release of GLP-1 and other hormones that signal fullness
  • Learn about the scientific evidence showing Amarasate’s effectiveness in reducing calorie intake and hunger
  • Discover the comprehensive pharmaceutical approach behind the research and development of Amarasate
Sahil Chopra 400x400 1

Sahil Chopra, MD

Tailored Care For Sleep Apnea & Insomnia

  • Discover the unique approach of Empower Sleep clinic and how it differs from traditional sleep clinics
  • Learn why multi-night testing is crucial for accurate sleep diagnoses and how it aids in crafting personalized treatment plans
  • Understand the importance of ongoing sleep monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of sleep therapies and improve overall sleep quality

Day 5

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Your Sleep Loss: Understand Its Weight Gain Impact

  • Discover how lack of sleep influences weight gain
  • Understand the changes in appetite-regulating hormones like leptin and ghrelin due to sleep deprivation, leading to increased eating
  • Learn about the behavioral and metabolic changes caused by sleep loss, including impulsive eating and mood changes
Lara Barbir Psy.D 400x400 1

Lara Barbir, PsyD

Healing Sleep: Navigating Trauma And Sleep Medicine

  • Gain insight into the complex relationship between trauma or PTSD and sleep patterns
  • Understand the challenges individuals with trauma or PTSD face in adhering to sleep medicine recommendations
  • Learn effective approaches to treating co-occurring trauma and sleep-related issues
Daniel Gartenberg PhD 400x400 1

Daniel Gartenberg, PhD

Unlock Better Sleep With Smart Tech Choices

  • Understand the pros and cons of technology for better sleep, including limitations of sleep trackers
  • Learn how to use technology as a complement to CBTI for insomnia treatment
  • Gather insights on recommended tech tools like Wesper and apps such as Somryst and Sleepi-o for better sleep management
William Noah 400x400 1

William Noah, MD

Vcom: Easy Fix For Common CPAP Challenges

  • Discover the innovation behind the development of Vcom and how it addresses common CPAP challenges
  • Learn how Vcom improves CPAP comfort and encourages consistent nightly use
  • Understand Vcom’s effectiveness in reducing oral leaks, air swallowing, and noise
Carolynn Francavilla Brown MD 400x400 1

Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD

Learn The Sleep-Weight Connection For Healthier Living

  • Know if weight loss would impact your health and the challenges in maintaining it
  • Learn the role of nutrition and exercise in sustainable weight loss
  • Understand how medications can aid in weight management and their implications
Funke Afolabi Brown MD 400x400 1

Funke Afolabi-Brown, MD

Ensuring Restful Sleep In Kids: Pediatric Sleep Disorders

  • Understand the unique challenges and treatments for sleep apnea and insomnia in children
  • Learn why teens are particularly vulnerable to insomnia and how to manage it
  • Gather key behavioral strategies for addressing sleep issues in children
Ryan Neely 400x400 1

Ryan Neely, PhD

Unlocking Better Sleep With Wearable Neurotechnology

  • Understand what insomnia and poor sleep reveal about brain activity
  • Dive into the world of neuromodulation and its profound effect on sleep onset and deep sleep phases
  • Realize the potential of neurotechnology and its future in sleep improvement
Cox Tan Ngo 400x400 1

Cox Tan-Ngo

Find Your Perfect CPAP Fit With MaskFit AR's Tech

  • Explore the challenges faced by physicians and patients in selecting CPAP/BPAP masks with traditional methods
  • Learn about the FitChecker’s AI technology that enhances mask fitting success, prioritizing user security and privacy
  • Discover the versatility of MaskFit AR’s FitChecker and how it empowers patients to choose the most suitable mask for their sleep therapy

Day 6

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Apnea Treated, But Why The Continued Tiredness?

  • Explore the reasons why you may still be tired even after treatment for sleep apnea
  • Understand how various factors might still be affecting your sleep quality and energy levels
  • Gain practical strategies and tips to keep you energized throughout the day
Michael Greger MD FACLM 400x400 1

Michael Greger, MD, FACLM

Sleep's Role In Disease Prevention

  • Learn how even slight reductions in sleep duration can increase your risk of various diseases
  • Understand the limited role of genetics in health compared to the powerful impact of lifestyle choices and dietary habits
  • Explore the link between minimal sleep deprivation and its effects on disease risk and unhealthy food cravings
Keith Matheny MD 400x400 1

Keith Matheny, MD

Decode Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Role Of The Nose

  • Learn how your nose’s structure can block air and disrupt your sleep
  • Understand the implications of nasal airway obstruction for sleep apnea and overall health
  • Gather information on the various treatment options available for managing this condition
Valerie Cacho MD 400x400 1

Valerie Cacho, MD

How To Navigate Sleep During (Peri)Menopause

  • Learn how hormonal changes during (Peri)Menopause can affect your sleep
  • Understand the common sleep disruptors for women in midlife and how to manage them
  • Gather practical tips for improving sleep quality during this life stage
Andrea Matsumura MD MS FACP 400x400 1

Andrea Matsumura, MD, MS, FACP

Small Changes, Big Sleep Impact: Everyday Choices

  • Learn effective strategies to create the ideal environment for a restful night’s sleep
  • Understand the impact of caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol on sleep quality and patterns
  • Discover the role of over-the-counter supplements in managing insomnia and which ones can aid in improving sleep
Patrick McKeown2 400x400 1

Patrick McKeown

Breathing Re-Education & Sleep Apnea Phenotypes

  • Understand why deep breathing can sometimes be harmful and learn proper breathing techniques for better sleep
  • Gain insight into the multifaceted relationship between breathing patterns and sleep disorders, emphasizing the shift to nasal breathing
  • Learn practical strategies for assessing and correcting breathing pattern disorders and incorporating functional breathing into daily life
Lee Surkin 400x400 1

Lee Surkin, MD

Discover How Oral Appliances Transform OSA Treatment

  • Understand who benefits from Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) for obstructive sleep apnea
  • Learn how oral health is linked to heart health and how to determine the right oral appliance for your needs
  • Explore the success rates of oral appliances compared to CPAP, and their use with dental problems or braces
Jennifer Rooney 400x400 1

Jennifer Rooney, BSDH

REMplenish: Simple Tool For Better Sleep & Health

  • Discover REMplenish and learn how this innovative nozzle improves sleep
  • Understand initial discomforts such as tongue fatigue and how to gradually increase use for maximum benefits
  • Learn how to experience more restful nights, reduced snoring, and overall health improvements

Day 7

Audrey Wells JPG 400x400 1

Audrey Wells, MD

Losing Weight: A Solution For Sleep Apnea?

  • Learn how being overweight or obese directly contributes to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Explore the four key benefits of weight loss for improving both sleep quality and overall health
  • Understand the importance of not stopping OSA treatment prematurely, even as weight loss progresses
Carlos.Nunez 2

Carlos Nunez, MD

8 Hours Of Sleep And Still Not Rested?

  • Discover the link between breathing and sleep apnea, and find out how better breathing can lead to better sleep
  • Learn how good sleep boosts energy and health, and see its effect on hunger and weight
  • Explore the connection between sleep, weight loss, and GLP-1 medication
David Federici DMD 400x400 1

David Federici, DMD

Discover How Oral Appliance Therapy Benefits Your OSA

  • Understand the fundamentals and benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Learn the criteria that determine candidacy for OAT
  • Gather insights on the insurance and Medicare coverage process for OAT treatments
Evan Hirsch 400x400 1

Evan Hirsch, MD

Sleep vs Fatigue: A Functional Medicine Approach

  • Explore chronic fatigue and long COVID, and learn how they differ from regular tiredness
  • Learn about different approaches in functional medicine to address and resolve fatigue
  • Differentiate between symptoms of poor sleep and fatigue and discover how functional medicine can promote healthy sleep and combat fatigue
Joshua Lennon 400x400 1

Joshua Lennon, MD

Smart Sleep: Unpacking Consumer Sleep Technology

  • Discover how consumer sleep technologies offer valuable insights into individual sleep patterns
  • Recognize the limitations of these technologies compared to medical-grade studies
  • Learn how sleep technologies can revolutionize our understanding and management of sleep
Raina Gupta 400x400 1

Raina Gupta, MD

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Your Inner Clock

  • Explore the complex nature of our Circadian Rhythm and how it governs our sleep-wake cycle
  • Dive deep into common disorders associated with Circadian Rhythm and their impacts on our health
  • Learn about effective treatments to manage and correct Circadian Rhythm disorders
Matt Berg 400x400 1

Matt Berg

Mastering The Intricacies Of Healthy Sleep

  • Learn to implement best practices for an optimal sleep environment, and behaviors that foster consistent, healthy sleep
  • Understand your personal sleep patterns and analyze sleep data to set individualized, achievable sleep goals
  • Explore the profound impact of sleep on weight, metabolism, cognition, and emotional health, applying behavioral medicine principles for overall wellness
Laurie Marbas 400x400 1

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA

Nutritional Keys For Restful Nights

  • Understand how the quality of your diet directly impacts your sleep and learn practical tips to enhance both
  • Gather insights on the relationship between weight loss through dietary changes and improved sleep quality
  • Learn the importance of reversing chronic diseases through diet for better sleep
Nishi Bhopal MD 400x400 1

Nishi Bhopal, MD

Uncover Peace: Managing Sleep & Anxiety

  • Understand the bidirectional relationship between sleep and anxiety, and how to manage both
  • Discover the role of nutrition and behavioral changes in reducing anxiety and improving sleep
  • Learn a range of micro-practices that can enhance your sleep and mitigate anxiety

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You've Got Sleep Problems... So Is It Time For A Sleep Study?

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How To Know If CPAP Is Right For You

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Sweet Dreams: Your Guide To Managing Diabetes With Super Sleep

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Sleep With Ease To Beat Back Alzheimer's Disease

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Did you know that sleep disorders such as sleep apnea have been linked to an increased risk of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease? Use this guide to understand how sleep changes with Alzheimer’s disease, get sleep tips for people with Alzheimer’s disease, and advice on using sleep medication.

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How Losing Sleep Makes You Gain Weight

How Losing Sleep Makes You Gain Weight

By Audrey Wells, MD

Did you know that sleeping 6 hours or less per night is associated with gaining 10-15 pounds per year? Inside this guide, discover 4 ways that losing sleep affects your weight, how much sleep is enough, and more valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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How To Breathe Through Your Nose For More Comfortable CPAP Therapy

How To Breathe Through Your Nose For More Comfortable CPAP Therapy

By Audrey Wells, MD

Nasal breathing makes CPAP therapy more comfortable, but what if you are a mouth breather, have allergies, or are sick? Use this guide and DIY kit for things you can have at home to help you breathe through your nose.

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Better Sleep Sets The Stage For Better Blood Sugar Better Weight

Better Sleep Sets The Stage For Better Blood Sugar & Better Weight

By Beverly Yates, ND

Do you want to have better blood sugar and better A1C levels?

Chronic problems with blood sugar, weight issues, metabolism, memory, remaining alert, relaxed and focused tend to plague people who don’t sleep well.

If you have persistent sleep problems, here are specific steps you can take to get a good night’s sleep for better blood sugar control.

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Sleep Problems The PEMF Solution

Sleep Problems - The PEMF Solution

By William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Do you struggle with insomnia? Do you wake up in the middle of the night most nights of the week? Sleep problems are SO common, but most of us just take sleep aids or accept defeat. Inside this guide, you’ll learn the simple, at-home tool that heals sleep problems at the source.

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Weight Care Guide For Sleep Apnea

Weight Care Guide For Sleep Apnea

By Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD

This guidebook will help you understand how sleep apnea and weight are related and direct you towards a path of healthy, sustainable weight loss.

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How to Maximize airway health for the best undisturbed sleep

How To Maximize Airway Health For The Best Undisturbed Sleep

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Three Simple Skills To WIN Against Nighttime Awakenings

Three Simple Skills To WIN Against Nighttime Awakenings

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Having trouble going back to sleep in the middle of the night? Here are three simple things you can do and what NOT to do during a nighttime awakening.

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How To Choose A CPAP Mask

By Audrey Wells, MD

Make choosing a comfortable CPAP mask easier! Use this guide to learn about the types of masks, the parts of a mask, pressure settings masks can handle, cost estimates, and more.

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Rise And Shine Good Sleep Hygiene

Rise And Shine! Good Sleep Hygiene

By Audrey Wells, MD

Sleep hygiene describes habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well and on a regular basis. Learn the top sleep hygiene practices from a sleep doctor to improve your sleep AND wake quality!

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3 Steps To Uplevel Your Sleep Confidence Free Sleep Masterclass for Women Cover

3 Steps To Uplevel Your Sleep Confidence: Free Sleep Masterclass For Women

By Sarah Silverman, PsyD

This free sleep masterclass for women is for you if: Your mind starts to race as soon as you hit the pillow. You lack confidence in your ability to sleep naturally. You’re ready for more predictable, consistent nights of quality rest. What is sleep confidence? Having confidence in your own natural sleep ability, and trusting that your mind and body will take care of sleep for you. Inside, you’ll learn:

  1. How to harness the power of your circadian rhythm for optimal health
  2. How to regulate your nervous system for mind-body healing
  3. How to develop a confident sleep mindset & overcoming limiting beliefs about sleep
  4. The myths & truths behind using sleeping pills & sleep supplements
  5. The exact steps to master your sleep & ditch the sleep aids FOR GOOD


Plus, a special invitation & bonuses to the Holistic Sleep Academy™️ – my signature sleep coaching program for women.

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The Holistic Sleep Guide 3 Steps to Optimize Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed. Without medications Cover

The Holistic Sleep Guide 3-Steps To Optimize Sleep And Wake Up Refreshed... Without Medications

By Nishi Bhopal, MD

An e-book outlining the 3 essentials of optimizing sleep, including the body, the sleep system, and the mind.

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Get Your Best Sleep 3 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Slumber and What to Do Instead Cover

Get Your Best Sleep! 3 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Slumber (And What To Do Instead!)

By Nishi Bhopal, MD

A 30-minute video masterclass on how to optimize sleep quality.

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Create Healthy Sleep Habits for Restful Sleep Cover

Create Healthy Sleep Habits For Restful Sleep

By Funke Afolabi-Brown, MD

Are you a busy mom constantly juggling a hectic schedule? We understand your challenges, so we’ve created this essential checklist to help you regain control of your sleep. The CREATE healthy sleep habits checklist offers you:

  • Proven techniques to quickly fall asleep and enjoy deeper rest.
  • Tips for crafting a sleep-friendly environment even in a bustling household.
  • Strategies to tackle bedtime stress and unwind effectively.


Don’t let sleepless nights drain your energy. Join us on this journey to reclaim your well-deserved, peaceful sleep.

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5 Science Backed Secrets for Better Sleep E Book Cover

5 Science-Backed Secrets For Better Sleep

By Austin Perlmutter, MD

Our sleep quality is one of the most important aspects of your health.
So what can you do to improve your sleep tonight?

​In this 25-page guide, you’ll get science-backed, simple strategies for better sleep.

Scientific research shows that getting good sleep is simply essential for the health of our bodies and brains.
But most people treat sleep as an afterthought, or struggle with sleep problems for years without doing anything to improve them.

So why do so many of us have trouble sleeping, and what can we do about it right now?

In this 25-page e-book, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Austin Perlmutter explores the powerful science of sleep and provides tips on simple steps to improve your sleep, starting tonight!

With a focus on key strategies scientifically linked to better sleep, this guide is a powerful tool to help you reclaim a great night’s rest.

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The Dentists Role In Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The Dentist's Role In Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

By David Federici, DMD

An in-depth look at what Board Certified Dentists in Dental Sleep Medicine do for OSA. It’s both for physicians and patients and it interrelates and serves as an educational pathway for both patients and their doctors to understand what and how we provide this valuable alternative to CPAP.

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10 Tips For Deep Rejuvenating Age Reversing Sleep

10 Tips For Deep, Rejuvenating, Age-Reversing Sleep Timely Advice From World-renowed Success And Performance Expert Debra Poneman And Award-winning Harvard-trained Mind/Body Researcher Ronnie Newman

By Debra Poneman and Ronnie Newman

Learn from award-winning Harvard-trained mind/body researcher Ronnie Newman and success, lifestyle and natural health expert, Debra Poneman.

  • What is the optimal time to sleep for increase in skin elasticity, fat burning, muscle mass and bone density.
  • When and why you should and shouldn’t nap for increased immunity, alertness, productivity and cognitive performance.
  • What you can do to ensure greatest production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.
  • Why you do NOT want to sleep with your head in this direction if you want undisturbed sleep.


Debra and Ronnie also provide a list of natural sleep aids that are very effective with few, if any, side effects!

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Use The Power Of Your Nighttime Breath

Use The Power Of Your Nighttime Breath 11 Things A Sleep MD Wishes All Women Knew About Snoring And Sleep Apnea

By Valerie Cacho, MD

“11 Things A Sleep MD Wishes All Women Knew About Snoring and Sleep Apnea” is a comprehensive guide authored by Dr. Valerie Cacho, an integrative sleep medicine physician and a women’s sleep expert. This educational resource delves into the often-overlooked issue of women’s sleep health, particularly addressing snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Cacho shares her extensive experience and insights, aiming to empower women with knowledge to improve their sleep quality. The guide covers a range of topics, from debunking the myth that women don’t snore to recognizing less-known symptoms of sleep disorders in women.

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Sleep Better With Daytime And Nighttime Non Negotiables

Sleep Better With Daytime And Nighttime Non-Negotiables

By Susan Hughes, MD

This short but impactful course with written action worksheets will help you establish your daytime and nighttime non-negotiable routines to improve your sleep and priorities. There is a lot of wisdom in this FREE gift including tactics to help you eliminate time wasters and focus on what is important. Enjoy!

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Finding The Right Mask Is Key To Successful Therapy

Finding The Right Mask Is Key To Successful Therapy

By MaskFit AR

DrTalks Friend & Family Special, 25% off the recommended mask list during the month of February. Regular price is $9.99 for up to 9 mask recommendations.

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Meet Your Summit Host

Audrey Wells MD Host Image

Audrey Wells, MD

Dr. Audrey Wells has 15 years of experience helping people with sleep issues and weight management. She combines her medical knowledge and life coaching skills to help people sleep better and control their weight.

As a graduate of the well-known University of Michigan and a board-certified specialist, Dr. Wells uses a whole-person approach to health. Her own struggle with insomnia and her journey to find deep sleep show her dedication to her field and make her a person others can relate.

Through her platform, Super Sleep MD, she champions education, resources, and online courses for people dealing with sleep apnea. Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Wells has faced her own sleep problems, including insomnia caused by stress and challenges with weight control. Now, having found the secrets to good sleep, she wants to help you find peace and rest.

Join the Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia to harness the power of rejuvenating sleep, elevating your daily energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being. Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and tools to take control of your sleep, ensuring long-term health and resilience against daily stressors. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a doctor who not only prescribes solutions but truly understands what you’re going through. 

Start your journey to better sleep today.

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Sleep Deep Summit: New Approaches To Beating Sleep Apnea and Insomnia:

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