Even with IVF, two out of three women over 40 will not have a baby…

Discover 40+ Ways to Manage Your Biological Clock and Reproductive Journey at the Super Fertility Summit

Especially for those struggling to get and stay pregnant, and who want to balance career ambitions with fertility goals.

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD
Hosted byCleopatra Kamperveen, PhD Leading Fertility Expert, with 27 years of innovative research and experience, caring support for your journey to parenthood.
Hosted by Leading Fertility Expert, with 27 years of innovative research and experience, caring support for your journey to parenthood.

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Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD
Hosted byCleopatra Kamperveen, PhD Leading Fertility Expert, with 27 years of innovative research and experience, caring support for your journey to parenthood.
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They Said You're Too Late

Being of childbearing age is not what it used to be.

There are more choices, more freedoms, and more pressures. You’re investing time and energy, perhaps delaying childbirth for your degree or a career.

Not just because you can, but because you MUST navigate a world differently from that of our mothers and grandmothers.

An overwhelming 67% of Millennial women are concerned about their fertility.

Whether you’re considering IVF, egg freezing, or natural methods to enhance your fertility, this summit is designed to be your guiding light.

Step into a harmonious journey towards parenthood.

You Don't Need Anyone to Give you Your Fertility

This isn’t just about data. It’s about understanding how deeply your life choices are connected with your ability to conceive.

Your fertility journey is shaped by a world that is still catching up to the reality of modern womanhood.

You watch your friends cuddle their newborns, while you juggle deadlines and doctor appointments. Balancing your career, aging, and fertility feels like a tightrope walk.

Fertility isn’t just biological—it’s about managing stress, optimizing nutrition, and harmonizing hormones.

Here’s the truth: You hold the power – you don’t need anyone to give you your fertility.

There’s no better time than NOW.

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Learn From These 40+ World-Leading Experts

Day 1

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Active vs. Passive Pregnancy Approaches

  • Learn how not preventing pregnancy contrasts with actively trying and its implications
  • Examine how your choice of birth control or its absence impacts your family planning
  • Understand the subtle contrasts between passive and active strategies toward conception


Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Preventative Steps For Potential Fertility Challenges

  • Emphasize early reproductive health decisions if you anticipate fertility challenges
  • Identify early signs of conception difficulties to address them sooner
  • Learn steps to assess and improve your reproductive health, preparing for future pregnancy


Felice Gersh MD 400x400 2

Felice Gersh, MD

Uncover #1 Cause Of Female Infertility

  • Map out PCOS as the principal root cause of female infertility and its impact
  • Discover natural approaches that effectively mitigate PCOS symptoms and enhance your fertility prospects
  • Unravel the myths surrounding infertility and learn actionable steps to rewrite your fertility narrative


Joseph Antoun MD PhD MPP 400x400 1

Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, MPP

Discover The Power Of Fasting Mimicking Diets For Fertility

  • Learn how the fasting-mimicking diet revitalizes your metabolic health and reduces biological age to enhance fertility
  • Understand ProLon’s science-backed diet that delivers fasting benefits while allowing food intake
  • Discover key strategies combining stress management, nutrition, and social support to improve fertility


Nashat Latib

Nashat Latib, DO, FACEP, IFMCP

Uncover The Link Between Gut Health And Fertility

  • Understand how gut health can directly affect your fertility, influencing ovulation and hormone balance
  • Learn about how functional medicine can improve gut health and reproductive wellness
  • Discover personalized strategies to integrate stress management, diet adjustments, and a positive mindset to boost your fertility


Sharon Stills 400x400 1

Sharon Stills, ND

Optimize Your Hormones For Fertility Success

  • Embrace a holistic fertility approach that supports your emotional, spiritual, and physical health
  • Learn how to improve fertility by optimizing thyroid and progesterone levels, along with adrenal support
  • Discover the power of personalized care in transforming your reproductive health journey


Emily Hernandez ND

Emily Hernandez, ND

The Microbiome's Impact On Hormones And Fertility

  • Learn how microbiome can influence hormone levels, affecting your fertility
  • Understand the interaction between stress, cortisol, and progesterone, and how to manage it for hormonal balance
  • Gain insights into testing and supporting your gut microbiome with targeted probiotics and nutraceuticals to enhance fertility


Rosemary MacKenzie

Rosemary MacKenzie, BSN, RN, CEN, MMCP, NFP

Discover Mira For Effective Fertility Health

  • Discover Mira’s fertility tracker benefits for improving conception chances and health insights
  • Understand Mira’s effectiveness for those with PCOS or irregular cycles
  • Utilize Mira for deeper hormonal balance and overall health monitoring


Day 2

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

How Mental Health Influences Fertility

  • Explore the link between your mental health history and fertility
  • Learn practical techniques to boost reproductive health, including the impact of different personality types on fertility
  • Understand the effects of mental health disorders on fertility and effective approaches to improve pregnancy outcomes


Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

How Do I Know If I Need Help Getting Pregnant?

  • Recognize signs that you may need professional help to conceive and what to do next
  • Discover methods to enhance your chances of getting pregnant and when to take action
  • Gain insights into common reproductive issues and learn the right time and ways to seek fertility support


Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Boost Your Fertility With Guided Fasting Methods

  • Learn how informed fasting promotes cellular repair, enhancing egg and sperm quality
  • Explore Prolon’s diet that mimics fasting benefits without the drawbacks, supporting reproductive health
  • Understand how fasting cycles can decrease biological age, boosting fertility and prepping for pregnancy
Aumatma Simmons ND 400x400 1

Aumatma Simmons, ND, FABNE, MS

Top Fertility Trends Of 2024: What You Need To Know

  • Understand the critical role of tuning into your intuition for enhanced fertility outcomes
  • Learn about the pitfalls of following common fertility trends without personalized consideration
  • Gain insights into how personalized analysis can empower you to uncover and address the root causes of fertility challenges


Paul Turek

Paul Turek, MD, FACS, FRSM

Why Sperm Matters: Sperm Mapping And Beyond

  • Recognize the critical role of male fertility in reproductive health
  • Explore key lifestyle changes to enhance sperm quality and boost male fertility
  • Discover sperm mapping, an innovative technique providing hope for men with severe infertility challenges


Brian Stenzler

Brian Stenzler, MS, DC

Enhance Fertility Through Nervous System Care

  • Discover how chiropractic care supports the nervous system, boosting both general and reproductive health
  • Learn the DREAM lifestyle approach to holistic fertility enhancement
  • Understand the role of community support in reducing stress and improving overall health outcomes


Beverly Yates 2024 400x400 1

Beverly Yates, ND

Master Your Fertility With Blood Sugar Control

  • Learn how stable blood sugar supports reproductive health and boosts fertility
  • Discover how sleep quality and stress levels directly impact blood sugar and fertility
  • Get practical advice on blood sugar monitoring, optimizing sleep, and managing stress to enhance fertility


Day 3

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

  • Discover the key factors that may prevent pregnancy, including stress and hormonal imbalances
  • Learn how age and relationship dynamics influence your ability to conceive
  • Gain insights into managing stress and anxiety to enhance fertility


Deanna Minich

Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, FACN, CNS, IFMCP

Unlock Fertility With Creativity And Maca's Power

  • Explore how art enhances reproductive health by fostering emotional and physical healing
  • Learn about the different types of maca and how they can help with hormones and fertility
  • Discover how to reduce blue light exposure to improve fertility


Dr. Michael New

Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD

Empowering Your Fertility Journey After Cancer

  • Learn how to manage fertility impacts from cancer treatments for future family planning
  • Discover supportive lifestyle and nutrition strategies to support post-cancer fertility
  • Understand detoxification and health prep importance before pregnancy, especially managing HPV


Terry Wahls MD 400x400 1

Terry Wahls, MD

Revitalize Fertility With Autoimmune Health

  • Discover the impact of autoimmune diseases like MS, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus on fertility
  • Learn from Dr. Wahls’ research and personal battle with MS about the power of lifestyle changes to improve fertility
  • Learn how lifestyle changes for autoimmune conditions can enhance fertility and prevent disease progression


Katherine Zagone ND 400x400 1

Katherine Zagone, ND

How To Rewind Your Biological Clock

  • Discover how biological age influences fertility more than chronological age
  • Learn how the fertility test uses DNA methylation to tailor fertility interventions
  • Understand the impact of toxins on fertility and effective detox methods to combat biological aging


Dr. Amie Hornaman 400x400 1

Dr. Amie Hornaman

The Crucial Role Of Thyroid Health In Fertility

  • Learn the necessity of extensive thyroid testing to ensure optimal reproductive health and successful pregnancy outcomes
  • Understand how optimizing thyroid function before conception can prevent miscarriages and developmental issues
  • Explore how managing thyroid health also helps avoid postpartum depression and ensures healthier outcomes


Ann Shippy copy

Ann Shippy, MD

A Holistic Approach To Conception

  • Learn to identify and reduce environmental toxins like mold that harm fertility
  • Embrace mindfulness and stress reduction to boost emotional and reproductive health
  • Understand the necessity of testing your body and environment to safeguard fertility


Stephen Sideroff

Stephen Sideroff, PhD

The Nine Pillars Of Resilience For Fertility

  • Understand the critical role resilience and a proactive mindset play in boosting fertility
  • Discover strategies to enhance your fertility through lifestyle adjustments
  • Explore the concept of “islands of safety” to find relaxation and support during your fertility journey


Day 4

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Understand Miscarriage: Prevention And Care

  • Understand the common causes of miscarriages and learn practical steps to minimize risks in future pregnancies
  • Discover how hormonal balance and a healthy immune system contribute to sustaining a pregnancy
  • Explore ways both partners can enhance their health to support a successful pregnancy


Marc Sklar 400x400 1

Marc Sklar, DACM, LAc, FABORM

5 Things To Improve Your Fertility

  • Discover how a positive mindset and faith in your body are crucial for improving fertility
  • Learn practical strategies like prioritizing sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly to boost reproductive health
  • Understand how integrating traditional Chinese medicine principles can enhance your chances of conception


Izabella Wentz

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

Optimize Thyroid Function For Fertility Success

  • Discover the critical importance of thyroid testing for women trying to conceive
  • Understand how thyroid health influences mood, energy, weight, and overall well-being, and how to manage these effects
  • Explore actionable strategies to boost thyroid function and fertility


Kate Northrup

Kate Northrup

Unlock Fertility Through Nervous System Healing

  • Understand the role of the nervous system in fertility, and how stress reduction can unlock your reproductive potential
  • Learn the emotional and natural remedies that enhance nervous system health
  • Emphasize the importance of community and relationships in creating a supportive environment for fertility


Kela Smith

Kela Smith, PhD, DNM, DHM, MNM, BCFN, BCHC

Unlock The Mysteries Of Unexplained Infertility

  • Explore functional lab testing to uncover underlying causes of infertility that traditional tests might miss
  • Discover tests like DNA profiling, hormone analysis through dried urine, and microbiome assessments to enhance fertility understanding
  • Learn about the integrated approach of nutrition, supplementation, and stress management to optimize your reproductive health


Nicolas Pineault 2 400x400 1

Nicolas Pineault

How EMFs Impact Reproductive Health

  • Understand the impacts of daily device emissions on both male and female fertility
  • Implement wired connections, use airplane mode, and keep devices away, especially at night
  • Embrace proactive measures to minimize EMFs effects and enhance reproductive health and safety


Deanna Hansen 400x400 1

Deanna Hansen

Enhance Pregnancy With Fascia And Breathing Techniques

  • Learn how easing fascia restrictions enhances reproductive organ function and fertility
  • Discover how controlled breathing improves oxygenation and detoxification, crucial for reproductive health
  • Address the negative impacts of modern living on posture and breathing to support healthier pregnancies


William Pawluk 300x300 1 300x300 1 1

William Pawluk, MD, MSc

Boost Your Fertility With PEMF Innovations

  • Explore how PEMF therapy can enhance fertility by improving reproductive health
  • Learn how PEMF positively affects egg and sperm quality and uterine health
  • Get insights on how to use PEMF therapy at home to support fertility efforts effectively

Day 5

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Is It Too Late To Have A Baby?

  • Understand how your biological age affects fertility and discover strategies to manage it effectively
  • Recognize essential lab values and health signals that indicate changes in your fertility status
  • Learn methods to enhance egg quality for natural or assisted conception, boosting your chances of pregnancy


Joel Warsh

Joel Warsh, MD

How To Nurture Your Health For Your Child's Future

  • Discover the SEEDS of health strategy to boost your fertility and ensure a healthy pregnancy and child
  • Learn the single most impactful action you can take to enhance your chances of conception and child health
  • Implement easy lifestyle changes today for significant benefits to your fertility and your child’s future


Elisa Song 400x400 1

Elisa Song, MD

Empower Your Fertility: The Microbiome Connection

  • Explore the microbiome’s key role in enhancing fertility and child health
  • Learn to boost the gut-brain connection and vagus nerve functionality
  • Adopt mindful practices to build resilience and improve fertility outcomes


Dr. Susan

Dr. Susan Fox

How To Enhance Fertility At Home

  • Learn how combining Traditional Chinese Medicine and functional medicine boosts natural fertility
  • Gain insights into enhancing fertility with home treatments like TEAS and lifestyle adjustments
  • Understand the crucial role emotions play in fertility, with steps to achieve emotional and physical balance


Christina Bjorndal

Christina Bjorndal, ND

How Mental Health Impacts Fertility

  • Understand how mental health profoundly influences fertility, with insights from Dr. Bjorndal’s own mental health journey
  • Delve into the role of intergenerational trauma on fertility and the necessity of resolving these emotional barriers
  • Adopt a holistic fertility approach that nurtures mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness alongside physical health


Kim West

Kim West, MSW

Discover Gentle Sleep Training For Happy Family

  • Learn gentle sleep strategies that support the entire family without “cry it out” methods
  • Discover the wide-ranging impacts of sleep deprivation on mood and productivity
  • Get tips on managing postpartum mood disorders to enhance family well-being


Day 6

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Enhance Egg Quality For Pregnancy Success

  • Recognize how mitochondrial function and DNA repair contribute to the quality of your eggs, enhancing fertility potential
  • Learn how proper nutrition and staying hydrated are crucial in nurturing and protecting your eggs
  • Understand the significance of the critical 120-day period before ovulation to optimize egg quality for conception


Lindsey Mathews

Lindsey Mathews, DC

Mindset Shifts For Your Dream Birth

  • Shift to a thriving mindset by embracing feminine energy and proper nutrition
  • Learn from Dr. Mathews’ experience of giving birth at 40, emphasizing the role of mental shifts in overcoming fertility challenges
  • Build resilience and enhance fertility through consistent morning walks and tailored movement practices


Dr. Mariza Snyder

Dr. Mariza Snyder

Natural Fertility: A Holistic Journey To Motherhood

  • Learn how to harness your body’s natural intuition for enhanced health and fertility
  • Discover essential nutrients and supplements for maternal health and your baby’s optimal development
  • Gain insights into the roles of mitochondrial health and hormonal balance during pregnancy and beyond


Rebecca Curry

Rebecca Curry

Optimize Fertility With AI: Smart Reproductive Choices

  • Understand how AI technology revolutionizes fertility planning, offering informed decisions for parents
  • Explore the pivotal role of AI in enhancing longevity and vitality throughout the life arch
  • Learn how AI addresses the challenges within the fertility market, making navigation through vast information simpler


Dr. Hillary Fredrickson and Dr. Kara Burkhart

Dr. Kara Burkhart and Dr. Hillary Fredrickson

How To Improve Your Egg Quality

  • Discover natural ways to boost egg quality through diet, hydration, and lifestyle changes
  • Shift from infertility to potential super fertility, emphasizing self-love and positivity
  • Learn to balance nutrition and avoid toxins to improve egg quality naturally


Geeta Sidhu Robb

Geeta Sidhu-Robb

How To Use Femininity For Fertility

  • Understand the importance of embracing your femininity to harness internal power and influence fertility
  • Explore Geeta’s transformation story that redefines the concept of being a powerful woman in today’s society
  • Discover strategies to build self-identity from within, challenging societal norms and external expectations


Nicole Jardim

Nicole Jardim

Master Your Menstrual Cycle For Fertility

  • Understand how symptoms like irregular or painful periods signal deeper health issues that affect fertility
  • Learn the drawbacks of using hormonal birth control as a quick fix for menstrual irregularities
  • Explore strategies to improve menstrual health with nutrition, stress management, and understanding your cycle’s phases


Danika Brysha

Danika Brysha

Daily Self-Care For Enhanced Fertility

  • Discover how small daily self-care rituals can significantly enhance fertility
  • Explore effective self-care tools like checklists to manage and improve your daily health
  • Understand the importance of regular self-assessment to maintain health and balance

Day 7

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

How To Improve The Quantity Of Your Eggs

  • Discover how to improve your ovarian reserve and AMH levels for better fertility
  • Find out how specific nutrients and supplements can boost your egg quantity
  • Explore methods to reverse low AMH levels and enhance fertility


Roxanne Pero

Roxanne Pero, MD

Boost Fertility With Ozone And Mitochondrial Therapy

  • Learn how supporting the 600,000 mitochondria in each egg cell can enhance fertility and egg quality
  • Discover cutting-edge therapies that help increase cellular energy and reduce inflammation for better fertility outcomes
  • Explore how tailored nutrition and antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, enhancing your fertility journey


Barton Scott 400x400 1

Barton Scott

Optimize Your Fertility With Nano-Mineral Technology

  • Learn how nano-mineral technology enhances mineral absorption, playing a crucial role in balancing hormones and boosting fertility
  • Uncover the profound effects of magnesium on sleep quality, stress management, and overall reproductive health
  • Explore the necessity of ongoing personalization and education in maintaining optimal health and fertility


Stephanie Estima

Stephanie Estima, DC

Optimize Your Fertility At Any Age

  • Learn how aligning with your menstrual cycle’s natural rhythms can boost fertility and overall wellness
  • Avoid extreme fasting around ovulation and focus on balanced nutrition to support reproductive health
  • Implement sleep hygiene practices to improve hormonal balance and fertility


Kristine Gasbarre Qaderi

Kristine Gasbarre Qaderi, MA

How Emotional Strength And Self-Worth Drive Success

  • Discover the impact of emotional health on fertility, highlighting the importance of a nurturing environment
  • Learn the benefits of prioritizing self-worth and emotional resilience for reproductive success
  • Explore holistic “Prime Mastering” strategies, including diet and stress management, to prepare for conception


Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

Heal And Conceive: Emotional Health Keys

  • Recognize the impact of emotional and generational traumas on fertility, learning from Christine’s personal healing journey
  • Focus on emotional healing through self-love and inner child work
  • Discover how to embrace self-care and nurture yourself to balance physical and emotional health on your fertility journey


Natasha Graziano

Natasha Graziano

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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Whole Body Detox Guide

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Meet Your Summit Host

Cleopatra Kamperveen PhD

Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD

Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen, PhD, stands as a pioneering force in fertility, pregnancy, and intergenerational health. Her passion for this field was ignited by a deeply personal tragedy—the loss of her mother during childbirth. This profound event has driven her to dedicate her life to advancing fertility science. Dr. Kamperveen is distinguished as the first woman of color to hold a tenure-track position at USC Davis School, where she has developed groundbreaking research in epigenetics and nutrigenomics. Her innovative work has revolutionized fertility treatments, enabling thousands of women worldwide to overcome formidable fertility challenges and achieve successful pregnancies.

Dr. Kamperveen employs a holistic, evidence-based approach that integrates cutting-edge scientific discoveries with deep emotional intelligence. She specializes in creating personalized fertility enhancement protocols that address both physiological and psychological aspects of reproductive health. Her methods are not only about treating fertility issues but also empowering individuals with the knowledge and support needed to navigate their reproductive journeys.

Participating in The Super Fertility Summit under Dr. Kamperveen’s guidance is more than just attending another medical conference. It is an immersive experience that offers hope, education, and practical solutions to those grappling with fertility challenges. This summit is meticulously designed to provide attendees with the strategies and tools necessary to manage their biological clocks effectively, especially for those balancing demanding careers or facing complex fertility issues.

Whether you are just beginning to plan for a family or have been on the fertility journey for some time, Dr. Kamperveen’s insights and the collective wisdom of the summit’s speakers offer invaluable guidance and support.

Join us for The Super Fertility Summit and transform your approach to fertility and parenthood. Discover how to harness your innate reproductive potential and move closer to fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent.

Now is Your Time to Shine.

At the Super Fertility Summit, we recognize the deep frustrations of fertility challenges—the sleepless nights, the cycles of hope and disappointment.

Under the guidance of Dr. Cleopatra Kamperveen, a pioneer in fertility and reproductive health, this summit is your gateway to a new beginning. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge insights from over 40 leading experts in reproductive health, epigenetics, nutrition, and stress management.

Embrace powerful strategies to boost your fertility and create the conditions for a successful pregnancy. This summit is more than a series of talks—it’s a transformative journey, equipping you with everything you need to overcome infertility.

Join us and prepare yourself with the knowledge, support, and community you deserve to make fertility a vibrant, triumphant part of your life.

This is your chance to rediscover possibilities.

What You Will Learn at
The Super Fertility Summit

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Even with IVF, two out of three women over 40 will not have a baby…

Discover 40+ Ways to Manage Your Biological Clock and Reproductive Journey at the Super Fertility Summit

Especially for those struggling to get and stay pregnant, and who want to balance career ambitions with fertility goals.