5 Steps To Attracting Your Goals Faster

Natasha Graziano


  • Unlock your limitless power within yourself to improve your self-esteem and your focus.
  • Learn how to get “unstuck” and motivated.
  • Unblock the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your greatest life using Natasha’s MBS Method (meditational behavioral synchronicity) this will be done as live mini meditation.
  • Learn how to transcend negative emotions into feelings of joy, compassion, love and focus. And Instantly improve your self esteem.
  • Learn how to become magnetic to attract your dream partner, career, better your health, financial abundance & transform your business.
Tom McCarthy

I’m incredibly excited about our next guest. I’m just really getting to know her, but she is fascinating. She has tons of energy. So, she’s gonna light this interview up and she also has a great story. She was at one point in time homeless, broke, sick with a chronic illness, a single mother and now she is so far from those things. She’s still a mother, but not a single mother, recently married and healthy, vivacious, and doing big things in the world. She’s the best-selling author of the Law of Attraction book. And she has a new book coming out. I don’t think it’ll be out until August, but you can pre-order it. So you’ll learn more about that today. And it’s gonna be about how neuroscience applies to the Law of Attraction. The book is called, “Be it Until You Become it,” which I love that concept, I’m a big fan of that. She also is huge online. She has over 10 million people on her Instagram and she really became one of the experts in promoting brands. She promoted brands online like Estee Lauder. And what we’re gonna talk about today though, is, well, we’re gonna talk about a lot of things today, but I’m really excited to dive into something she’s created called the MBS method, which is meditational behavioral synchronicity. It combines ancient breathing techniques with altered states to really create a shift in you that can allow you to create much, much more. So excited to have you on Natasha. Welcome to our summit.


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