A Deep Dive Into The Science of Epigenetics

Ryan Smith



Ryan Smith Will Teach You About Epigenetics 

  • A deep dive into the science behind the field of epigenetics 
  • How to test your biological age using a test from Trudiagnostic
  • What biological age is and how the body’s epigenetic clock works
  • How epigenetics can predict a multitude of health aspects, from cancer to aging to your likelihood of developing a disease 

The Benefits of Epigenetics to Your Health

  1. Testing to discover the biological age of your body, so that you can take preventive measures against aging
  2. Finding the body’s true age reveals your risk of developing cancer
  3. Discovering your tendency to develop disease


In this Dr. Talk, Ryan Smith speaks on epigenetics and the science behind it. Ryan Smith runs the company Trudiagnostic, which tests epigenetic clocks to determine someone’s biological age. Using this technology, his team is then able to prevent illness and disease. You can learn more about Trudiagnostic at trudiagnostic.com or through [email protected]. Smith can also be personally reached at [email protected]

The Science Behind Epigenetics

Epigenetics is a field of medicinal study that involves tapping above the genome to regulate gene expression. A relatively new field, epigenetics only began in 2010. Using epigenetics, scientists can test for a data set where they can see certain health markers and even predict health outcomes. Ryan Smith says that epigenetics is most applicable in age-related health diagnostics and determining biological age.

How to Test Your Epigenetics 

Consumers can find the test online at trudiagnostic.com. However, Ryan Smith recommends going directly to a physician for the test as they will be able to help make the process and results more understandable. 


Ryan Smith discusses the field of epigenetics, the science behind it, and how learning about it can aid health in this Dr. Talk. With his company Trudiagnostic, Smith helps consumers, either directly or through a physician, learn more about their biological age. You can learn more about Trudiagnostic and their test at trudiagnostic.com, or by emailing [email protected].

Kashif Khan

All right so, we’ve been talking a lot about genetics and the impact of genetics, cause that’s what we do as a company. What we know and what we understand and what we can teach. And in that we’ve been sort of sprinkling in comments about epigenetics here and that we’ve been talking about the impact of here’s foundationally, where you’re at, but you know, to understand your current spot in time that what’s that measure of, you know, where I’m at today. Where do I need to focus? What’s broken? Where your epigenetic speaks to that and everything we’ve been speaking about epigenetically up until now has been more about the choices. Meaning what do I eat? How do I exercise is versus what do I measure? That’s what’s been missing for some time because to measure has been so complex. So who’s joining us today, Ryan Smith, he runs Trudiagnostic, which a lot of you have already heard of, maybe even have tried to testing out, to determine your biological age, with very specific markers. What’s going on in the inside? And then exactly where you need to focus. Ryan, thanks for joining us.

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