A Root Cause Approach To Migraines and How To Eliminate Them Permanently

Amelia Scott Barrett, MD


  • Why you don’t need to mask the pain, but can get rid of it instead
  • Solutions you won’t find at your doctors office
  • Why are genes can protect us but also expose us
Kashif Khan

Welcome come back, guys. We’re gonna talk about something that’s near and dear to me because I suffered from it for many years. And a few months ago, I was at an event and walked and ran into Dr. Amelia Barret. And she said, guess what? I fixed migraines. I said, no, you don’t, nobody does that. And she said, yes, I do, that’s what I do. So her BA, I mean, as an MD, she’s trained at Stanford, went down the allopathic route, became a clinician. And I’m sure somewhere along the line heard I have a migraine, I have a migraine, I have a migraine. And there was this overall constant, everybody has this problem. Anyone you talk to at one point has, but there’s no real solution. And so Dr. Barret went down this rabbit hole said I gotta fix this. And she started researching and learning and bringing solutions and people like myself now can say that, hey, I don’t have migraines anymore. Which people don’t believe it’s possible. So, first of all, welcome, thank you for joining us.


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