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Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back once again folks, you’re going to get introduced to another good friend of ours, who we’ve been working with for a while and who we respect and appreciate. She has an amazing background. Can’t wait for you to meet Cleopatra Abdou-Kamperveenmean. She’s a psychologist, author and professor she’s best known for her work on reproductive health. As you know, as health coaches, we have to deal with this infertility thing all the time. She’s also a very well known for her work in human flourishing, longevity, these kinds of things. Cleopatra Abdou-Kamperveen, PhDis an assistant professor in the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and department of psychology at the University of Southern California. Funny, I just interviewed another Trojan alumni but I accidentally said UCLA, I don’t think she was very happy.

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