Ridding the Body of Parasites and Accelerating Healing with Firefly, F-Scan and PEMF

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Dr. Bales has worked extensively with cancer patients, starting with a 1-year internship on the Oncology floor of Rady Children’s hospital in San Diego. At Cancer Center for Healing, Dr. Bales runs the Photon, Class IV Laser, PEMF, and Acupuncture therapies for Cancer patients. These therapies provide both primary and adjunctive-focused treatments to address increasing bioavailability of Hyperbaric Oxygen and IV therapies and providing non-invasive pain management when needed.

Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

Okay, so, hi, I’m Dr. Martin Bales and we have a device called PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and we’re gonna be applying it to our patient here. So this is the device and our patient. We’re gonna be using this particular attachment. I call it the butterfly. For our therapy today, we’re gonna be applying half of the time the patient’s left side of her neck. Is it okay? 


Mm hmm. 


Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

Okay. Okay, so I’d like you to tell me when you start feeling a tapping sensation, okay? We’re gonna look in to hear a tap first but tell me when you’ve started, but just like someone’s tapping on your neck. Nothing too much. 



Okay. Okay, right there. I can feel it in the teeth. Perfect. 


Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

Okay, is that good? Okay. So all of our patients here at Cancer Center For Healing receive PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and we use it to enhance the IVs that the patients are getting. Be them curcumin, vitamin C, mistletoe, et cetera. Research has shown that PEMF changes the cell wall membrane permeability. The word is electoral process. So we’re electro or electromagnetically changing the porosity of the cell, which allows for greater uptake of the patient’s IV, the contents that are in the IV but also greater exchange of waste because when we have a cancer or an area that is stagnant, it doesn’t exchange and it does not take in nutrients and just not exchange waste properly. 

So PEMF helps facilitate that. Tee best way to think of this that makes the IVs work better and more effectively for the patient. And I wanted to talk a little bit about thermography and the uses of it for detecting breast cancer. A little bit of history, my father invented the digital infrared camera in 1979. And there was thermography out before then. Thermography actually goes back to World War II for military applications. And it was especially used during the Korean conflict. So there were analog or film-based cameras way before then. So my dad did not invent thermography in general but he had the first digital infrared camera. And this is one of his models. We use it here at Cancer Center For Healing for early breast cancer detection via screening. So thermography is not a diagnostic. It’s a screening. It finds that something’s wrong with the breast. Now that could be cancer, that could be a fast-growing adenoma, can be mastitis, there’s other breast diseases obviously the cancer. 

How is it able to do that? Well, thermography is looking at the heat patterns emitted by the body or whatever the camera’s focused on it. And when there’s pathology in any part of the body, there’s usually an increase in circulation which would make that part warmer. So when comparing contra laterally, meaning one side to the other, one breast would appear warmer than the other. And when viewed in a vascular pattern mode in black and white, you can see blood vessels that could be supposedly feeding a tumor. As I mentioned, it’s screening. So further imaging is necessary such as ultrasound or mammography or contrast MRI. So how does thermography differ from what I from those other imaging modalities? 

Well, thermography is physiological imaging. It’s looking at the body processes as they happen or is the mammography, ultrasound and MRI are structural imaging. They’re seeing what’s actually going on. How is thermography able to see the changes much earlier? Most cancers take eight to 10 years to become the size of a pea, okay? Not very big. So with structural imaging, you’re relying on those eight to 10 years to actually see something the size of a pea, which is roughly where those imaging modalities are accurate. Whereas thermography is looking way back probably in year one or year two when that pea is just starting to form and it’s microscopic. So body processes always proceed the structure.


Nathan Crane 

So let’s say somebody had a positive scan on thermography. You say, look there’s an abnormality or something like that. What would be the next steps for that person? 


Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

Next step here at Cancer Center For Healing would be to go to our ultrasound. We have an ultrasound machine in-house. We also do refer to mammography on occasion and MRI is great but the problem with MRI is it’s a whole process. You have to do the gadolinium contrast dye, the regular non-contrast MRIs don’t work very well. There’s too many false positives. So the contrast dye is actually sugar with the contrast and the cancer eats up the sugar faster, as we know and is able to contrast to other tissues. So it doesn’t have the false positive problems of a regular MRI. Now, the other thing we use thermography for here is not just screening and detection but it’s also to track a course of treatments. 

So if someone came in already with breast cancer they say, well, why would I get a thermogram? I already know I have it. Well, number one, you would want to look at the other side. And also we want to be able to track the treatment progress. We can be able to ultrasound by checking the tumor sizes where we can also see those vascular patterns disappearing. And that tells us that our treatments are working. Thermography is non-contact, it’s safe. You could do it every day if you wanted to. The room is slightly cooled just to ensure a stable environment. And it also is safe for pregnant lactating women. So when we run the PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field here at Cancer Center For Healing, we typically do two sessions. Each of which is 10 minutes. So the total treatment is 20 minutes. The first session, the attachment for the PEMF is applied directly to the tumor area for 10 minutes as I mentioned. 

The second part is always running this blue mat, there’s a full mat to run the patient’s whole body. And we do that because all of us believe it or not have cancer. All of us have cancer right now but it’s in a form of circulating tumor cells and circulating STEM cells. So if we can treat the whole body at once we’re gonna cause greater uptake of the nutrients into those circulating tumor cells and circulating STEM cells with the hope of eliminating them. One Japanese study found that we have 70 million cancer cells in us all the time but they’re single cells that don’t take root. If you think about it, every tumor comes from that single cell. 

So the more we can eliminate those circulating tumor cells and certainly in STEM cell counts, the less chance of probability will be of getting cancer. Okay, so now we’re gonna preform an F-Scan. F-Scan is a technology that’s new, it’s Switzerland. And it’s able to, in about two minutes energetically scan the body to check for pathogens. Pathogens being parasites, bacteria and viruses. This new technology is different than previous energetic testing technologies in that it’s fast as I mentioned, about two minutes and also it comes up and tells by name the actual pathogen, be it a parasite, bacteria or virus. And most importantly, for us, the resonant frequency. What is the resonant frequency? Well, a resonant frequency is the frequency at which something when shaken it will destroy the pathogen. 

So if we know the resonant frequency, we can then do a treatment called Firefly using that frequency and thousands of other ones to destroy pathogens inside a patient’s body. Okay, so we have all of our patients here at Cancer Center For Healing, do an F-Scan. Why? Because most of the cancer patients and anybody really with any chronic diseases such as Lyme or neurocognitive like Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis has a high load of pathogens. And in the year and a half of having the F-Scan here at the center, we have found that holds to be true. Well, those pathogens over time work to decrease the immune system. They sit on the immune system and don’t allow it to do what it needs to do, which in this case would be to fight cancer or Lyme or a neurocognitive disease. 

Pathogens also contribute to chronic inflammation, which can then lead to cancer and other neurological diseases. So it’s kind of like the chicken or the egg. We don’t know which one came first or last, but at this point we don’t care, we just want to get rid of them. Okay, so now we’re gonna perform an F-Scan. So I’ll have my patient, please hold this in your left hand. Okay. And then please hold this, clip this right. Okay, and then just relax. Sound good, okay? 

So quick go. Okay, so how does this technology work? Well, like other energetic testing devices this machine is putting frequencies out through the cylinder that’s in the patient’s left hand. The frequencies are going through the patient’s torso and then the device is collecting skin resistance information on the finger clip on his right middle finger. So Vole back in Germany, back in the 1920s, found out that when a patient was given a frequency, he was trying to find a better, more objective way to do muscle testing, and muscle testing is where a patient holds something and then theoretically if it’s not good for the patient, they go weak. Whereas normally they’re in a strong state. 

Well, I like muscle testing, but I think I’d like the computer to be a bit more objective with it than subjective. So Vole found that when he gave just a frequency associated, let’s say with tuberculosis or something back that was a problem back then, that the patient’s skin resistance changed. So what this is doing is it’s feeding frequencies to the cylinder and then for every frequency it’s mapping the skin resistance over here on the right middle finger. And when it gets a reading, there becomes a peak in the chart. And that peak then is correlated with whatever the frequency of that peak is correlated to whatever pathogen is in the database. So it sounds pretty far out, but we’ve been doing this here for about a year and a half and about a year then using the Firefly treatment device and we’ve had outstanding results. 





Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

So it’s actually done already. 





Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

I’m gonna unhook you. 


Nathan Crane

Talk about some of the things that have happened with previous patients using this. 


Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

So in previous patients over the past year of doing the diagnostic and then the Firefly treatment, we’ve had people actually pass visible worms, visible flukes had their stool change color like they were doing an elimination or a detox and a lot of symptoms go away. And a lot of the symptoms weren’t necessarily abdominal the many of them were, they were mental. We had one woman, 38 years old who had been sick for five years. She tried to do everything natural first, she went to natural path, chiropractics, tried some Chinese herbs, just wasn’t working. She finally broke down and went to see the allopathic physician. They did a stool sample, came back negative. They scoped her up. They scoped her down. 

Everything was negative. So they told her she was crazy and she needed to see a psychologist. Now she’s 38. She has no energy. She was in bed all day and just extreme mental fog and fatigue. Now, why would a 38 year old have that? I wouldn’t call her crazy. Something’s obviously wrong. So she did go to see the psychologist just to humor them. And I asked her what happened. She said, well, we talked a lot about a lot of things from her childhood, but my childhood, but it didn’t really fix the problem. So she actually had had a friend of a friend come to our cancer center here and she found out that we have a cancer center but we also have Center For New Medicine. And we see a lot of everything from colds to cancer here. So she found out about Dr. Beda, Dr. Beda referred her to me for an F-Scan. 

We did the F-Scan and some interesting things came up. I don’t know all the bugs. Some of these bugs have really big names to them. I programmed the Firefly at the frequency and we did a 10 minute treatment over her abdomen. And she just said, it felt kind of warm. She was kind of skeptical which a lot of people are, and that’s fine. This is brand new. She lived about two hours away. So she drove home. And she said on the way home, she felt some gurgling in her stomach. Like not like hungry but just like a gurgle, not painful or anything. Didn’t think much of it. 

Three days or four days later, she went to go to the restroom. She was around the house and thought that she had gone number two, no problem. Went to wipe, there was no stool, got up, looked down and there was a three foot tapeworm in the toilet bowl. And she went through a rowdy reactions. Within 48 hours, she lost about eight pounds. So it tells you that, and she was not heavy to begin with. That was just all inflammation, that was all water. Just like when we sprain our ankle, what happens? It inflames for a purpose to become immobile. Well, same thing with the abdomen. 

A lot of it is inflammation. It’s not necessarily fat and it’s water that’s sitting there. So she lost eight pounds. And within again, the 48 hours her mental fog went way down. She wasn’t fatigued. It was a miracle. So now that was one treatment. And I’m not saying that for everybody but that was an incredible story. Okay, so you had some pics come up here on the F-Scan. So I’m gonna set this threshold. I’m very interested in this upper most peak right here. And we can see it’s associated with that frequency but let’s see what that frequency really means as far as the pathogen. Okay, so it’s a little different than other medical reports here. We are focused on the green section, okay? We’re not so much focused on the brown of the red. And the big thing that I’m seeing come up here is E. coli. And then also this Haemonchus contortus that is a barber pole worm. And I’ll print this report for you so you can search these on the internet if you’d like to. So we are going, it just so happens, the E. coli and the barber’s pole worm resonate at the same frequency. So we’re actually gonna treat all four of these 393. We’re gonna program that in the Firefly and give you a 10 minute treatment over your abdomen. 



Okay, yeah. Sounds good. 


Martin Bales, L.Ac. DAOM 

So my assistant Katrina is programming the function generator, which is on top of our Firefly device. And to mention ours, or my father and I, my father has been doing light therapy for 22 years. So this is the latest but it is a device that we manufacture and sell. She’s programmed it. And the function generator is then going to feed two channels of frequency information into the Firefly and my dad’s electronics inside there actually generate thousands of what are called side bands to those frequencies. 

So we’re not treating just at one or two frequencies. We’re actually running thousands of frequencies at the same time through this light. Scientists in the late 1930s, actually here in Southern California found out that when we run multiple frequencies through light or through what was called the Ray tube at the time, you can destroy pathogens. So the patient is being treated over the abdominal area because what came up in his F-Scan was the E. coli and the barber’s pole worm. 

We sometimes treat other areas such as the lungs if say pneumonia or a more lung born pathogen worm appear on the F scan. In addition, the Firefly can be used to treat neuropathy specifically here at Cancer Center For Healing, a chemotherapy induced neuropathy. A lot of our patients come here that have already gone through the regular course of what I call high dose chemo because we do a lower dose chemo here. It’s 20% that doesn’t usually cause as many of the painful side effects as the regular chemotherapy. It can, but it’s less likely. And we are able to get their nerves to function again. 

The Firefly is working by stimulating blood circulation to an area and this is achieved by dropping nitric oxide Hyde out of the deoxygenated hemoglobin. And I know that’s a mouthful but we have hemoglobin that transports our oxygen around into our body. And the oxygen transported becomes deoxygenated and nitric oxide is absorbed. Well, they found out that this combination of lights, blue, red, and infrared light actually cause the the nitric oxide to drop off of the deoxygenated hemoglobin and that that causes basal dilation which is opening up the blood cells, well, the blood vessels.

So the blood vessels then have more blood to the area to promote healing because the blood contains all the white blood cells which is our immune system which is part of the healing process. So even nerves and a lot of these patients are told by neurologists that, oh, well the nerves are dead, they’ll never come back. That’s not true. They’ve done FMRI or functional MRI studies that show that the nerves will grow back at a rate of about a millimeter a day. So obviously the more time someone’s had a neuropathy specifically the chemo neuropathy it’s gonna take longer to reverse them. 

Most of my patients see results in just three treatments. I’m not saying cured, but three treatments where they can actually feel their feet again. Sometimes that is increased burning and pain sensation because they’re feeling what they should be feeling. That usually passes and then the person can get out of a walker or can start driving again, basically get their life back.


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