The Covid Vaccine, Cancer, and How to Activate Your “New Biology” to Regenerate Your Health

Sayer Ji


Nathan Crane

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the Concrete Cancer Series. And I’m really excited you are joining us today for this really special interview with Sayer Ji. Let me read you his bio, and then we’re gonna bring him on and dive in. So Sayer Ji is an author, an activist, a speaker, and a widely recognized thought leader in the natural health and wellness space. He’s the founder of and co-founder of Stand for Health Freedom. His latest book, “Regenerate Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience To The New Biology” is available anywhere online. Sayer wrote this book in the hopes that he can help others who are experiencing persistent symptoms or sickness to pause and consider. 

That their bodies are sending a message that something they’re consuming, breathing, or thinking is toxic or biologically incompatible with wellness. It is a fantastic read. I encourage everyone to get a copy of the book today. You can go to or you can download a free chapter of the book. I clearly have marked it extensively because there’s a lot in here that we’re gonna cover in this interview that he covers specifically on cancer in the book that you’re not gonna wanna miss. So Sayer thank you so much, brother. Thank you so much for being here, for writing this book for doing the great work that you do. 

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