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The Covid Vaccine, Cancer, and How to Activate Your “New Biology” to Regenerate Your Health

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Nathan Crane

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the Concrete Cancer Series. And I’m really excited you are joining us today for this really special interview with Sayer Ji. Let me read you his bio, and then we’re gonna bring him on and dive in. So Sayer Ji is an author, an activist, a speaker, and a widely recognized thought leader in the natural health and wellness space. He’s the founder of greenmedinfo.com and co-founder of Stand for Health Freedom. His latest book, “Regenerate Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience To The New Biology” is available anywhere online. Sayer wrote this book in the hopes that he can help others who are experiencing persistent symptoms or sickness to pause and consider. 

That their bodies are sending a message that something they’re consuming, breathing, or thinking is toxic or biologically incompatible with wellness. It is a fantastic read. I encourage everyone to get a copy of the book today. You can go to regenerateproject.com or you can download a free chapter of the book. I clearly have marked it extensively because there’s a lot in here that we’re gonna cover in this interview that he covers specifically on cancer in the book that you’re not gonna wanna miss. So Sayer thank you so much, brother. Thank you so much for being here, for writing this book for doing the great work that you do. 


Sayer Ji

Thank you, Nathan. And without you out there, like really just blowing up this space of awareness around alternatives, people like me, wouldn’t get our message out. So thank you for your work and yeah, I’m just happy to be here.


Nathan Crane

Yeah, I’m a, obviously a huge fan of your work. And I think this book “Regenerate” is truly a comprehensive guide into a lot of the misunderstanding and misinformation about cancer and about health in general. So I’m excited to dive into that with you, and I’d love to start a little bit on your own background. I was reading in your book, you talked a little bit about your own kind of personal childhood health challenges, which eventually led you to the great work that you’re doing today. Would you mind sharing a little bit about kind of your personal journey of healing? And share with all of our listeners, what led you to discovering, this more natural approach to health and healing and creating Green Med Info and eventually writing this book? 


Sayer Ji

Sure, I’d love to Nathan. Thank you, so my health journey began probably pretty early in terms of being a sick infant and having the need for allopathic interventions to extensively save my life. Because I was diagnosed with bronchial asthma at six months. They used to inject me with epinephrin and give me various pharmaceuticals. And ultimately what happened is I was a pretty sickly, depressed, sad child with a lot of medical trauma. And it wasn’t until I went to college, actually that I started to explore alternative views of health and wellbeing. And I started to clean out my diet and start, engaging, detoxification and that’s when I was amazed. I never needed an inhaler again, unless of course I cheated on my diet, which was primarily dairy free. To me cows milk was really my, a thorn in my side. And so that was what brought me to this space, it was really not so much an academic pursuit. It was more of a life-death necessity for me to learn what were the actual causes at a root level of my disease and my elements. And then as I went deeper down the rabbit hole, I started to understand that there’s this massive body of science that actually documents how. In fact folkloric medicine and grandma’s kitchen cupboard cures are really, evidence-based in a way that I’d never knew about. 

And that there’s huge research on the unintended adverse effects of the conventional standard of care. Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, even diagnostic technologies like x-ray and mammography, can contribute to cancer. These things just blew my mind. And ultimately over many years of working with people, helping them also to regain their health through natural approaches. I realized that fundamentally people needed well that first of all, I need to scale myself because I would actually spend hours telling people the same thing. Like, “Okay, let’s go to the produce case at the health food store and let’s talk about how kale and carrots are like the best medicine.” And then after hearing myself talk for 10 years, I was like, “Okay, there’s gotta be a better way.” So that’s the birth of social media, 2007 and eight was when I created Green Med Info and started to index all this research from Medline.

Which now is about almost 80,000 abstracts across 10,000 health topics that give you the evidence that many still believe doesn’t exist on how natural medicine is actually extremely powerful and very much based in science. And that’s how I came to ultimately do the work that I love to do. And that has unfortunately become very politicized because pharma is a very much in control when it comes to the media, the government. And we are presently being defined as enemies even of the state for simply advocating informed consent. And hey, there’s this information out there, so they’re like, “Let’s kill the messenger, let’s defame the messenger.” And that’s really what I’m seeing happen to myself, and many of my well-respected colleagues. 


Nathan Crane

Well, we’ve seen that in cancer specifically for decades, right? But now with COVID like we’re seeing it at an all time high, the censorship, this, trying to eradicate anything other than what the mainstream narrative is based upon, right? And discrediting anybody who is coming out and saying, “There are natural solutions for your health with this. You don’t have to be as afraid as they’re telling you, right?” And you being truly one of the leaders in this space helping to inform and educate people on what they can really do to take back control of their health have been ostracized, among some of the others more than anybody. I mean, how has that been for you in knowing that what you’re doing is one truly serving people’s higher good? But then being completely, discredited or falsely discredited by the media. I mean, what’s that been like? 


Sayer Ji

Well, yeah, thanks for asking. I mean, really I’ve been working through it and ultimately, like there is this quote about how, if you tear out a man’s tongue, you’re not proving him a liar. You’re just proving that you’re afraid of what he’s saying. And that’s what we’re seeing with massive deep platforming and cancel culture where, open debate. And of course you’re constitutionally protected, freedom of speech is essential more than ever. Not just for democratic principles and processes, but obviously for informed consent, which is really a medical ethical principle that if we don’t obey, then we’re violating basic human rights. Meaning in order to have informed consent, you need access to the information that clearly shows you the, both the risks and the benefits. 

And that’s all that really I’ve ever done is attempt to put out a free resource that people can use to access that peer reviewed, published research. And instead of people taking issue with JAMA and Lancet and whatever journal we’re basically citing, they instead try to attack the messenger. And really try to make an example of him or her so that people are intimidated to not speak out. But of course, what we saw in this, the last election cycle is an active sitting president. 

Whether you love Trump, hate him or indifferent was deep platforms, across social media for contradicting a narrative that, I feel is worth questioning. ‘Cause you should be able to question things, and ultimately now even questioning the Orthodox truth when it comes to medicine and science is considered heretical and crazily. The Department of Homeland Security just two weeks ago, released a bulletin saying that any questioning of COVID vaccines being effective, the origin of COVID, COVID policies or election fraud could be associated with domestic terrorism now. So it’s like, I’m watching this as I know you are, and I’m just like, “Is this really, is this like a science fiction film that’s happening?” 


Nathan Crane



Sayer Ji

I think that people should be standing up to protect everyone’s right to free speech and open dialogue. I do that, I mean, Stand For Health Freedom, the non-profit that I co-founded is actually standing up for every American’s right to choose whether they wanna vaccinate or not. If you’re pro-vaccine you wanna vaccinate, we’re actually standing up also for your right to choose. It’s your parental rights and responsibility. That’s not an anti-vax advocacy. But that’s what they’re doing is they’re throwing that term on minority groups like us, which actually, I think there’s a sleeping majority that has yet to awaken, who we share our values. And then they’re saying basically that they are a threat to society. That they’re killing people and that’s why Biden said that about me and my wife and actually 11 others that we kill people by spreading disinformation. When in fact we’re kind of doing the opposite in my opinion. 


Nathan Crane

And then I saw recently that they came out and said, “Actually you’re not the big spreaders of disinformation. Like we had thousands of news outlets report upon, right? And we’re sorry, right?” Well, actually they didn’t even apologize, they just came out and said. 


Sayer Ji



Nathan Crane

“We made an error.” After all the damage has already been done. 


Sayer Ji

Exactly well, dark foreign money group, okay? The center for countering digital hate, which is the ultimate Orwellian inversion, right? Of language and the truth. Went ahead and stated that myself and Bobby and Sherri Tenpenny and Kelly Brogan were responsible for over 70% of the vaccine misinformation. And then Facebook came out with the actual stats, which is that our 12, 13 accounts have only been connected to 0.05% of vaccine related content, not anti-vaccine content, but any content. Basically showing that we’ve been subject to massive defamation, which now is about 90,000 results for the phrase disinformation dozen. So they’ve defamed us around the planet to the point where the President is saying I’m a murderer. And now it’s clear that we never were responsible for what they claimed that we were. So, but no apologies of course. 


Nathan Crane

Yeah, right? Then and all you’ve been doing is sharing the science with people and sharing truth, and they don’t like it. And that’s the problem we live in today, that kind of transitions to my next question, because in the book you talked about medical monotheism, right? And I think it was a great segue into that. Can you explain a little bit more about what that is? And why it’s important for everybody tuning in to recognize the validity in seeking safer evidence-based forms of natural holistic? Or even integrative medicine outside of the standard of care that most medical doctors practice today. 


Sayer Ji

Yeah, it’s a great question. The term medical monotheism basically describes the system that we’re presently within, where there’s only considered to be one right way to treat someone. So that means that, presently it has to be an FDA approved treatment for it to be considered worthy, legal, safe, to administer and offer to the public. Now that precludes virtually everything on the planet that’s been used, right? To get us to the point where we survived as a species over countless millennia. And those include foods, they include basic herbs, they include alternative therapies from prayer to Reiki to emotional freedom technique, to, you can imagine. 

I mean, there’s entire worlds of healing that are available to us just through intention and through kindness and humans right touch. And it says basically if, for example, you’re in Florida and you say to someone in a health food store, “You know what ma’am you want cherry for inflammation? We’ve got it, it’s good for that.” Michigan State University did a study that showed it’s better than ibuprofen. You hand the lady, the study, you tell her this, and that’s a Class D felony. You can literally go to jail because now you’ve implied that the natural substance is a drug by FDA, FC, FTC guidelines, which means it prevents, treats, cures or diagnoses a disease. 

So what they’ve done is effectively preempted everyone on the planet from having a choice to do with their bodies. With nourishing foods and multi culturally validated, over vast stretches of time, safe and effective remedies. And so medical monotheism basically is what we’re living under. And it’s based on scientism, right? ‘Cause scientism is itself a religion of sorts. It’s not based on science, right? Science is not a destination, there’s nothing called settled science. It’s a process of discovery. And ultimately it’s only scientific if it’s open to question and debate and then reproof, proof. So anyway, scientists. 


Nathan Crane

I love that. I just wanna take a pause right there because I would love for you to highlight that a little more. I mean, what you just said is so profound that, we think of science today as the end all be all. Well this scientific study said this, so that’s a fact. And actually I just did a video on this the other day that the, our own CDC director came out and did a press release on a very tiny study that had five flaws notated in the study. 

So it had five limitations. And then they came out and said, “This is fact.” And then thousands of news reports came out and said, it’s also a fact, right? And so that’s like the time we live in, one little tiny study with five known limitations, all of a sudden becomes universal fact. And what you’re saying, science is not that at all, science is actually, it’s meant to be questioned and torn apart and relooked at and reexamined, right? And right now we’re living in a time where if you question any of it, you are considered a domestic terrorist now. 


Sayer Ji

I mean, you hit it on the head. Now, the interesting thing about the CDC is they wear military uniforms and they’re basically organized in that pure metal controlled structure. So it comes from the top down as far as what the orders are and what the truth is. And it’s really not what people think, the CDC doesn’t operate under what you would consider evidence-based medicine, protocols or an ethos. It’s eminence-based medicine which gains, right? It’s a cult of authority, it’s the belief in the sort of medical priesthood. They even wear robes and there’s like this whole thing about, evidence-based medicine, it’s about the scriptures of published science. And the reality is that it’s science by proclamation. 

So you’ll go to the website of the CDC and you’ll see this like statement, vaccines do not cause autism, right? And they will barely ever even link to the research to substantiate that. And in fact, on Green Med Info we’ve indexed over 1300 abstracts indicating that absolutely there are many signals of harm to the nervous system. From vaccines in the schedule that can then be linked to autism spectrum disorder. So the point is, is that when you go against that system, you are labeled as a heretic and you will literally face inquisition. And what is now a digital burning at the stake, which is what’s happened is that. 

Myself and many others have literally been put on a digital hitlist as they would do in fascist times and start crossing us out as they turn the screws on the political machine. I mean, all the way up to a congressional hearing, where they were asking all the heads of big tech, take these 12 people out tomorrow. And it was all being directed by this shadow reform group called the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which is a hate group. They’re literally causing hate, fomenting hatred towards us, really, really it’s a disturbing situation. But again, this is about medicine no longer being based in actual science and debate and experimentation. It’s really all about a political agenda. 

And when it comes Nathan to COVID-19, I’ve said from the beginning, what they’ve done, essentially in a post microbiome world, okay? Where we know there’s a viral, and we know we’re full of viral particles and exosomes that actually serve essential functions for our immunological wellness. And that they basically have proposed that these viruses, these invisible particles, just jump from point A to point B. They have no internal mechanism to do that, right? They’re dead by definition, they need a host to reproduce. And they’re basically trying to make people think that this is why the world closed down. No, germ theory was weaponized as a geopolitical instrument, which in the sort of like MKUltra universe of mainstream weaponized media, people just believe what they’re told, they do what they’re told out of fear. And that’s what this was used for, germ theory was used as a political weapon and a sort of mind control mechanism. And that’s ultimately why I call this more, a cultured church, medical monotheism than anything based on science and reason. 


Nathan Crane

Yeah, I mean, it’s so true. And I think you cover that in so much depth clearly in the book. And I wanna kinda go to, transition a little bit into your chapter on cancer in the book. It’s, the chapter’s incredible. It’s called beyond gene mutation. And you open up with a history of when Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971, which allocated $1.4 billion at the time to fight the war on cancer, right? Can you speak a little bit to the disastrous results of that so-called war, that we’ve been experiencing for a number of decades now? And how in the last 50 years, since then, and billions and billions of dollars later, right? That 1.4 billion has turned into many, many more billions. How our scientific, pharmacological, medical approach to cancer has not really reduced the cancer diagnoses or deaths? And in fact may have contributed towards its proliferation. 


Sayer Ji

So I think people probably need to understand more about the history of how we came up with the so-called mutational view of cancer’s origin, which is this concept, right? That there’s this nucleus within all our cells and it’s like a ticking time bomb. There are these mutations that we were just born with. ‘Cause the universe is based on really fundamentally chaotic and nihilistic principles and life kinda sucks. And it’s just a matter of time before you go. And it has nothing to do with the environment. Another chemicals you could have smoked for decades and it’s yes now we know there’s a genetic link with smoking, et cetera. But back then the idea was, you know what? Was actually believe it or not, the idea was to cover up the known environmental causes of illness with the idea of something equivalent to a germ, which is what the gene based view of disease was a twin of. 

Which was that again, the genes are responsible, not what you do to the cell. Not the fact that the tobacco industry, for example, funded a lot of the original genome research into cancer. Because they were trying to distract from the reality, which is they already knew that smoking caused cancer. So instead of, right? The smoking gun, literally not just a metaphor the smoking gun, they wanted people to think, “No, it’s something else buried in your genes.” It doesn’t have anything to do with that. And the same is true for germ theory. It’s always a way of getting around the fact that the causes of disease in the cell are very clear. 

You either have nutritional incompatibilities or deficiencies, or you have environmental exposures, non-native EMF, toxicants, radio nucleotides. There’s an infinite number of chemicals that are carcinogenic, genotoxic, mutagenic, but that was the whole CYA, the chemical industry spawned Pharma actually. If you look at IG Farben and they’re focused on dyes and other chemicals, they happened to invent the original pharmaceuticals by accident. I mean, in fact, there’s a lot of psychogenicity to things like artificial food colorings, cold tar food colorings. So that’s why they don’t use them in Europe. In the U.S. everyone is pretty much on default, low dose psychiatric, which is why ADHD and food coloring is so linked. 

But IG Farben and the chemical industry spawned Pharma, which is why Pharma actually uses that seed stock a lot of the petrochemicals to produce their highly toxic xenobiotics, okay? So, xenobiotics means foreign to bio, so life or the body. Pharmaceuticals by definition are pretty much synthetic and alien to our metabolism, they’re poisons. So they’re patented poisons that have certain side effects that they’d take the primary side effect they want like it could be amnesiac. So they call it ambient and they market it as like beneficial, even though it’s like literally killing people, it’s like a black box label now, a warning. And so in other words, the whole thing was a scam, right? 


Nathan Crane

Could be. 


Sayer Ji

From the beginning, so allopathy is a form of sorcery in my opinion, it’s meant to deceive and it actually means that literally Pharmakeia and Pharmakos and all these ancient words in Greek, okay? So, Pharmakeia there’s a human sacrifice, meaning there, there’s also poisoner, that’s literally where the word pharmaceutical comes from. And they basically deceive people into thinking they’re not responsible for their health. Nothing that they feel in their body is real, disease comes from a lack of drugs or from exposure to invisible particles. 

So then you need to trust the witch doctor in the white coat with these magical vaccines, they inject into you or these little magic pills, which are like the Eucharist, right? ‘Cause it’s the church, it’s like a little wafer that you bow down to, you’re indoctrinated to. And that is basically what I have observed. Now in my book, I don’t go so poetic, mythological, I go more into the actual detailed science and history. But when you really look down the rabbit hole, you find out that the history of treating cancer and fighting the war against cancer, was really just a war on the body slash the populations that at that time needed to be captured and controlled by another system. That ultimately just basically deceived people into thinking that again, illness is something that just happens to you. You have to manage it, you have to be controlled by the priesthood of the medical monotheis and that we are hopeless fundamentally. 


Nathan Crane

Wow, I mean, you’ve explained that better than I think I’ve heard anybody ever explain it up to this point. And it’s so true and so sad that well, it’s hopeful on one hand that we see millions of people waking up to this truth that you’re talking about. You write about in the book, the great work you’re doing, you’ve done through Green Med Info. And yet there are still so many people that are so asleep to the fact that there are natural solutions for our health. That cancer is not something you catch, it’s something you make, right? It’s something that’s actually could be considered to prolong your life because of the lifestyle choices or the environment that you’re living in, or have been living in, or has been handed down to you, right? From your own parents, your grandparents, and so forth. 

And that we do have control over our destiny, that our genes are not our destiny, right? That we actually can through environmental behaviors, through environmental lifestyle behaviors, we can actually express genes on and off, right? That we can allow the suppression of cancer genes, and we can create the activation of cancer genes. And this is still taught in medical school today. I had somebody write to me recently, she was in, I think her third or fourth year of medical school. And she wrote to me, and she said, “You are killing people. You are lying to people. They teach us in medical school that, natural medicine doesn’t work. There’s no science that backs it up, and I’m reporting you right now.” And I was just like, it blew my mind, right? That this is still what is being taught. Even through Green Med Info you have 77,000, almost 80,000 abstracts that show, the evidence-based approach of natural medicine for health and healing and reduction of chronic inflammation and metabolic diseases and all the, so much proof there. And yet they’re still being taught in medical school that this stuff doesn’t work. It just, it blows my mind. 


Sayer Ji

Yeah, well, you said some really important things, like, for example, cancer isn’t just something bad that happens to you. But it’s something your body does as an intelligent and adaptive response to the environment. So, I wrote a book with Dr. Charles Majors and then Dr. Ben Lerner initially called “Cancer Killers.” And it was all summarized in this very good phrase around, you don’t get sick because you have cancer. You’re already sick and cancer is an expression of that. So that’s one way of describing it. Or basically what’s happening when people experience cancers, which is something we’d wanna talk a little more granularly about. ‘Cause it’s a term that’s thrown around without proper nuance. Is that ultimately your body is activating an agent survival kit, which is founded on regeneration actually, because what happens when a normal cell, right? That’s mortal, right? It has a certain life cycle. 

If it’s a liver cell might last, a few months or something, a skin cell or epithelial cell, a few days. And then it’s replaced by a new cell, because there’s a stem cell that’s relatively immortal. That’s there waiting to regenerate that tissue. So cancer is actually a by-product in good number of cases of those regenerative cells being continually assaulted and taxed with the job of having to constantly replace destroyed tissue. Let’s say he smoked, right? For decades. The miracle isn’t that people that smoke or I’m sorry, the oddity isn’t the people that smoke get cancer, it’s that they don’t get cancer much, much sooner. It’s, and some live longer than people that look ostensibly healthy, right? That just eat too much. It’s because our bodies are working 24/7 to replace the tissue that’s being harmed. And so what’s happening ultimately is when those stem cells are recruited, some of the same hormones are released that you find in conventional cancers. That you do when you repair tissue from injury or other forms of adversity. 

And so it’s hard to really distinguish the two. So I want people to understand that when you look at cancer through a regenerative lens, you start understanding the body is actually very intelligent. And it’s recruiting what is fundamentally a immortal cell line in your body. The stem cells come from the germ cell line, which is basically, sperm and egg. And those cell lines have been replicating for at least 3.4 billion years, depending on what timeline you apply. And in fact, the first cell was believed to be deposited here through the panspermia hypothesis through a media. Now does not preclude necessarily a more biblical explanation for the origin of life. But the point, because both what I’m saying is that even the science and biology and astrophysics and all these different converging disciplines show that life is actually a mortal. And when people started to understand that we have a deal in our body as Metazoa, complex animal life. 

That most of ourselves are programmed to die and be replaced because the point is to pass on the immortal seed to the next generation. So cancer is actually when some of that regenerative process gets taxed too much in a lifetime due to what you might call the Anthropocene. Which is the epoch of all these novel, new chemicals again, going back to Pharma, going back to high tech. Applications like coal tar firing and nuclear plants, and non-native EMF, all this stuff has contributed to a natural response. It’s a cause and effect just that karma, that’s all that means to a very unnatural way of living. 


Nathan Crane




Sayer Ji

So given. The right conditions, the body will repair and will heal, a quick example of that, is if you look at some of the research on cancer cell lines, which I’ve indexed on Green Med Info reported on. Simply administering something like vitamin C can sometimes cause an epigenetic regression of an immortalized cancer cell to a now differentiated and mortal cell. Calling that an anticancer agent isn’t really appropriate. What it’s basically, we’re saying is that cancer isn’t caused by a lack of chemotherapy or radiation. It’s a lack of neutro-genomic information that is required to regulate the epigenetic and genetic infrastructure of our body. Through an ancestral dietary template and lifestyle template. So it’s really divergence from nature, which is again, saying response to these artificial conditions. 

That’s caused cancer as a symptom, but it’s not what people think, cancer isn’t this juggernaut of chaos and death. It’s basically a way to wake us up and say, “Hey, there’s something off and it can be healed. You just have to change the conditions and actually detox the body.” Because it’s interference with the body’s self-healing that causes disease. It’s not like, the genes were just set up to, by the way onco genes actually are regenerative genes. The most ancient ones were actually responsible for some of the miraculous behavioral capabilities and physiological capabilities of species like the hydro, which are a mortal species. These things, yes, you can incinerate them, but they, if you break them into parts, they actually replicate into a full adult forever. 

That, or mortality exists in life. It’s just hidden in little cells and then some species, deep in the ocean, whatever is still exhibited. And that’s ultimately what can be tapped when you’re dealing with what we’re told are incurable diseases like cancer. And that goes through the whole spectrum. Every single disease on the planet can be healed. And that’s something that you don’t need Jesus, necessarily to have the evidence for. It can actually be found in my opinion, in what I call the new biology or the new biophysics. 


Nathan Crane

I’d love to get into a little bit of that with you and some, maybe some natural therapeutic approaches that you’ve discovered. And you outline in your book that people could, some great takeaways that people can look, have some hope towards in helping to help their body regenerate naturally. And before we do, I just, it keeps coming to the back of my mind. So I’d love for you to talk a little bit about it because you’re so immersed in the research, hands on talking to people, looking at the data around COVID and around vaccines. And specifically, I’d love to hear your thoughts on COVID and cancer, and cancer and the COVID vaccines. And from a framework of if somebody has cancer or is trying to prevent cancer, should they worry about COVID? 

And then two, should they worry about the vaccine or what should they know about either and both? And then we could get into some, I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately as well from people emailing me saying, “I took the vaccine, I feel I shouldn’t have, what can I do?” What can I do to detox? What can I do to help my body heal? Maybe that’s another question we get into as well. But yeah, I’d love for you to talk a little bit about that. 


Sayer Ji

Okay, so. When it comes to this topic, it’s very complex, but I would say, first of all, when it comes to what we call cancer, the reality is that a vast majority of so-called cancers. Like let’s say, when people say, “I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer,” they’re over diagnosed. What that means is that fundamentally in things like x-ray mammography, which actually picks up things like calcifications with a type of calcium, like hydroxyl, apatite calcium. Those crystals show up, ’cause the gamma rays are basically lighting up the calcium that is not necessarily equivalent to what we consider to be deadly cancer. In fact, a lot of my research over the past 13 years is about looking at the evidence that ductal carcinoma, in situ is not actually cancer. 

In fact, that was the ultimate result of research that was eventually published on a topic, which were vindicated. People like myself and even Mike Adams, interestingly, was the first to introduce me to this rabbit hole. So my point is, is that with x-ray mammography, which there’s a long backstory on that one. But the diagnostic technology that’s used, first of all, uses as a type of low dose radiation, which has now been found to be actually far more carcinogenic than high dose radiation or breast cancer, actual invasive metastatic breast cancer. So the diagnostic technology that is being promoted as a form of prevention in healthy populations. This should ring some bells for people that have been watching the case DEMEC with PCR tests, being used in healthy people with no symptoms. They get false positives and they’re like, “I must be sick and a threat to others and no symptoms.” Same with ductal carcinoma, DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ. 


Nathan Crane

And they rush to the hospital. And then the media reports on hospitals overflowing. And then people think, “Oh my God, we’re, everyone’s dying of COVID.” When in fact most of these people are either false positive, right? And, or they have a few sniffles and they’re gonna be fine, but they’re still in the hospital. So now we’re hearing all these reports, all these people in the hospital. 


Sayer Ji

Well, yeah, and I mean, the psychogenic shock of any diagnosis of that. That everyone’s being told, this is the new black plague you’re gonna die if you get this, at least initially. Why wouldn’t someone go into almost shock over knowing they have COVID? And then they treat them or they do something crazy, like put them on a ventilator and that’s almost like a death sentence anyway. So then with the changes in the way that you define COVID deaths that happened March, 2020. Where you didn’t need proof or even viral testing to write someone dead from COVID, that’s the greatest scam that’s ever occurred in human history according to what I know, and a lot of my colleagues, in fact. That’s why at Stanford Health Freedom, we’ve called for an investigation of the CDC on this topic of the hyperinflation of deaths statistics, which were based on zero clinical proof for evidence. 

So that’s unfortunately part of the problem is people still don’t realize that there has never been an actual confirmation of COVID-19 deaths. Because they didn’t even require virus testing, nor could they administer it at scale at the time anyway. So it was all based on conjecture. And why did the seasonal flu disappear last year? Because they redefined every single influenza like illness case as COVID-19, they didn’t need to even talk about flu anymore ’cause COVID had way better PR, it’s. 


Nathan Crane

For people who are hearing this for the very first time. I mean, this is 100% fact you can find the documentation from the CDC, I’ve seen it. I read it when it came out in March of 2020, where they instructed doctors in hospitals. That if the patient is showing symptoms of COVID, which the symptoms are a massive range of symptoms, anything from a sniffle to a headache to vomiting, anything. I mean, it could be anything that one they do not have to test them. If they just assume that this person had COVID and they died, then they were instructed. 

They were not recommended. They were literally instructed to write COVID on the death certificate. And when I interviewed a number of doctors back then last year about this, they had told me they’d never seen anything like this before in the history of their practice, which just, it blows my mind, right? And then you go and look at the studies from the CDC themselves, and how many COVID deaths are only attributed to COVID by itself. And again, these are not even fully 100% accurate because doctors were not testing people. Only 5% are only attributed to COVID and not including, one, two or three other comorbidities, right? So, as you’re saying, it is a huge disservice, not only disservice, but should be illegal, what they’re doing. 


Sayer Ji

Nathan, you did such a great job of articulating that. Yeah, I mean, from when we started looking at this, what I would call psychologic operation, because that’s what I believe it was. We reported on so many aspects of this, including Fauci’s own article, the New England Journal of Medicine that stated this was probably no worse than a seasonal flu. So many contradictions, so many data points around this being completely hyper inflated, breaking federal law even. 17 years of federal law was broken ultimately by the CDC to push through hyper-inflated death stats. That is incredible and very little, if any reporting has occurred on this. 

So the point of course, is that something similar has been going on for decades with cancer diagnosis. Which is that women who had no symptoms of any breast abnormality subjected themselves through x-ray mammography. ‘Cause they were told, “Listen, if you don’t do this, you could die of deadly breast cancer.” When the mammographic technology itself was carcinogenic. And then when they saw an abnormality, i.e some calcium deposits, they said, “Oh my God, we have to apply the precautionary principle.” Which is more like the preemptive war doctrine. 

We’re gonna attack the breast, lumpectomy, mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, follow up pharmaceuticals like Arimidex. These women’s lives were devastated and get this. They were told that their lives were saved and they became weaponized brand ambassadors with all the marches for the cure and all the, “I was saved by Pharma.” When, in fact, now after years of actually me speaking to this literature, questioning DCIS. We’ve been vindicated because now we know that DCAIS probably should not even be called breast cancer. I mean, sometimes they were labeling at stage zero for good reason. In situ means non-moving. Cancer has the name cancer ’cause it’s a crab it spreads outward. What is a non-moving mover? I mean, it’s a contradiction. It was, and so ultimately over the years now, and it’s documented in depth in my chapter. 

There’s an awareness that over diagnosis is probably one of the most traumatic of all medical atrocities that has happened and still people don’t know about it. So my first thing for those who’ve been diagnosed with cancer is you need to find out what that really means. And a lot of my book is actually looking at the many different views on what cancer actually is. Because if you think you have to eradicate it at each and every particle, you misunderstand what the body is, what the cell is, what stem cells are, and what cancer fundamentally is. 

You can cut, you can burn. Okay, you can radiate. But that does not mean that if you had done something different, which is address the root causes, first of all, detoxify the party, add neutro-genomic support. Because when we look at things like research on pineapple, bromelain being superior to conventional like doxorubicin. Why is that? Well, maybe because it’s a natural compound, that’s infinitely more intelligent and has the ability to articulate what’s known as selective cytotoxicity. If there is healthy tissue, it leaves it alone. 

If it’s a cancer stem cell, which by the way, is the root of all tumors, the malignant subpopulation, and maybe one in 1000 cells in a tumor is actually capable of spreading. And so what conventional chemo and radiation has done in surgery is you cut out the bulk of the tumor, you shrink it. And in the same moment, you’re enriching the resilient cancer stem cells, which then come back like an antibiotic resistant infection. It’s the same concept. And interestingly antibiotics and chemotherapy is in the same category, is that you’re reproducing the same fatal flaw in thinking around what cancer actually is and how to heal it. And there’s so many other dimensions, Nathan, which I know, you know, which a lot of it has to do with psychogenic beliefs and reasons why we suppress anger and hold toxicity in our body. We could go on and on really about alternative approaches and causes of cancer.



Nathan Crane

Yeah, thank you for that. I know you, it’s outlined really well, in your book. I want people to go pick up a copy of this “Regenerate” at the, you can also get a free chapter at regenerateproject.com. But you mentioned neutro-genomic approaches as one of the effective natural things that people can do. We do go into a lot more depth in the other episodes of real, impactful evidence-based solutions using natural holistic, and even some forms of integrative medicine for helping prevent and heal cancer. But what would you say are, I mean, you’re talking about detoxing the body, right? Obviously, we do get a lot into the power of the mind and beliefs and epigenetics throughout this series as well. But what are like a couple of your favorite, top favorite things that you think are, you have found to be incredibly effective of cancer? 


Sayer Ji

Of course, yeah. Well, first of all the topic that you’re asking me to expand on like neutro-genomic, for those who don’t really understand at least my definition is that. Food is information is a pretty powerful concept because we’ve been inculcated to believe that food is either a source of energy. Like fuel for the machine of the gas for the car, or just the building blocks, right? Proteins, carbohydrate, some minerals and that’s where we build our body up with and that’s it right? But the reality is that food is information and actually contains we now know these things called exosomes. 

Which are these nano particles indistinguishable from actual viruses that contain nucleic acids like viruses called micro RNAs. And they have other RNAs like messenger RNAs, but the primary ones are micro RNAs, which sounds small, but have huge effects. Because now it’s known that micro RNAs supervene or coordinate the majority of the protein coding genes in the human body. And there’s been this fetishization of the human genome. And then what they’re talking about is just the 2% of the sequences in our 3 billion base pair, long genetic code. It turns out that 98% of the code that we don’t talk much about, the dark matter of the human genome includes RNAs. And micro RNA is essential for regulating the expression basically of your genome and it’s in food. 

So what that means is that we owe, what’s happened is over the many, many, many billions of years of human evolution. We have outsourced the regulation of our genome to the foods that we eat. It’s a beautiful system, which means why do walnuts look like a human brain? Because literally, right? It’s got encasement of a skull, it’s got bi-hemispheric nut with meat that has a mega three, and neuroprotective substances, has the Meninges, like web. It’s crazy, but you know what? It’s because there’s been a constant horizontal transfer of micro RNA from our bodies to the plants bodies. And that’s how co-evolution has happened with angiosperms, which are the fruit bearing flowering plants, which constitutes 70% of the human food supply. And then complex animal life Metazoa, like birds and bees and mammals. And they co-evolved and wove their DNA, and their stories and desires together into this beautiful poetry. And it’s micro RNAs that coordinate this. So why am I talking about all this? 

Okay, because food as information is such a powerful concept, it helps explain why you could eat a certain diet with flax seed and see, or turmeric and see complete reversal of chemotherapy and radiation refractory cancers. How is that possible? Well because once again, cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy radiation, or some even fancy, natural supplement. It’s when you take the genetic rug out from under a species that requires certain essential gene regulatory compounds in foods, that co-evolved with. 

You’re taking away actually something as important as our own DNA. And that’s why when you put the stuff back in, it could be just fruits and berries and vegetables, and you will potentially produce the framework for complete regeneration and healing. So when people get that food is that powerful and they understand that Pharma is that toxic. And can never come even close to reproducing the intelligence, built into something as simple as a nut or a seed that the whole game is over. Pharma loses, the multi-trillion dollar industry that now rules the planet politically is dead. And that’s why I think this is really revolutionary. 


Nathan Crane

It is revolutionary. I love your explanation of it too. And it really just helps us realize that, how I like to look at it, is why we have such a proliferation of disease today is because we’ve lost our deeper connection to nature, right? And the more we get reconnected to nature, to our natural selves, to the nature around us, to the natural biology of this planet. Of growing our own food, of living in community where we share ideas and support each other, not isolate ourselves away in fear and cover our faces and fill our bodies with drugs, right? But actually come together and support each other and communicate with ourselves, with the plants, with the animals, with the planet, breathe fresh air, drink clean water, all these things. 

That, as you’re saying, it’s, cancer is not a lack of chemotherapy, it’s not a lack of drugs, it’s not a lack of even supplements, right? We can get kind of lost in our approach sometimes and think I need all the supplements in the world and I need the greatest technology and I need the newest, sauna or PMF device. And all those things can be helpful, those aren’t what you’re lacking, right? Which has caused the cancer to proliferate in your body. I really believe it is because we’ve lost that connection to nature. And the closer that we can reconnect with our natural selves, with our deeper essences as regenerating which is the best title for a book ever. 

A regenerative faculties as human beings, we won’t see this kind of disease that we’ve seen explode around the world. And in fact, I think we can actually, and this is my hope, in doing all this work that we’re doing is to actually start reversing the cancer pandemic. Actually start seeing the numbers go backwards instead of continuing to increase every year. And so I’d love to if you wouldn’t mind sharing a little bit about your thoughts on the vaccine and people with cancer, should they be concerned? 


Sayer Ji

I’d love to, I would probably reiterate what others have said out there, which is that this is actually not really a vaccine in any conventional sense of the term. Because when they’re implementing a technology that was actually funded and conceived by DARPA, right? Which is a military advanced research sort of program within the deep state government. I mean the word deep state is sort of been weaponized. So I would say permanent state, you mean like look at Fauci. He’s in five consecutive administrations. Did I vote him in? No, okay, so he’s clearly more powerful than the political layer, which is really just the entertainment division of the military industrial complex point according to Frank Zappa’s great, great quote. 

So the point is, is that the COVID-19 vaccine is a novel new gene experiment. Don’t even think about using the word therapy, which has been rolled out in violation of all human rights. Okay, it was a war time act that was invoked, right? An emergency use authorization that’s suspended our constitution, suspended informed consent, which comes from the medical ethical codes written in the Nuremberg Trials in 1947, right? Which was all about if you’re gonna be experimented on, at least give people access to information on risks and benefits. 

But you can’t do that, because the clinical trials won’t even be done until maybe 2023. And then that’s only short term. You can’t assess 20, 30 years out. So what they’re doing is they created a technology, which I think Bill Gates did the best job of explaining colloquially in his Gates notes blog. That this vaccine turns the cells of the body into vaccine antigen, manufacturing plants. I mean, literally this is science fiction. They’re saying they’re genetically modifying humans to create antigen, which means that theoretically, your own immune system should now attack those cells. How the hell do they think that the body is gonna know how to titrate this gene therapy in a way that will not cause devastating harm to the body? This was DARPA again, this was military. That’s why it was deployed by the Pentagon. 

So when you think about what’s actually happening here, this is what some people describe as World War III, for a reason, this is not poetry. They again, invoked a war time, justification and acts in order to roll out this human experiment and mass. And so people who think the vaccine is confirmed protection, don’t understand the history of vaccines or the quasi or anti-science of vaccinology. First of all, they don’t understand, again, what we’ve kind of touched upon. Which is when you start tinkering with RNA, you’re basically interfering with the very fundamental code of life itself. And you’re not just doing it in one dose, you’re altering a human into what is a trans humanistic, degenerate, degeneration of our species. I mean, trans humanism is central to this program. 

It’s why Gates was working with Epstein and MIT Labs over developing technologies like this. Including implantable, RFID capable, nano technology, like quantum dots. So that they could know that you’re tracked and identified like cattle once they administered this gene therapy. And it’s also something that can feed into electromagnetic fields. And then you’re fundamentally no longer in a human realm any longer. I mean, this stuff sounds like science fiction, but it’s all open source. You can find all the data, they’re not even hiding it. So COVID vaccine. 


Nathan Crane

I mean you can see. The patents, right? You can, I have a colleague Dr. Robert Young, who is a, he does microscopy, right? He looks at the blood under very high tech microscopes. And we’ve heard a lot about graphene oxide in these vaccines. And the company said, “No, there’s no graphene oxide. You guys are crazy, it’s conspiracy.” Well, him and others have actually pulled the blood of somebody after taking the vaccine and has shown. And you can find his slides that the blood actually has graphene oxide in it, right? And this is just one of, and we know it’s a very toxic thing to have in the human body. But, which is also has a magnetic field to it, right? 


Sayer Ji

Yes, and that’s the tip of the iceberg because Antwan, Antoinette Gotti, who is a Italian researcher identified several years ago that the European vaccine, the vaccines had nano particles in them that were, the whole range of metals basically. And now there’s new research that their findings are conium, oxide sulfate residue, perhaps also. So there are surreptitious ingredients. Some of them, the vaccine developers didn’t know we’re in there, for example, Simian virus 40 from polio vaccines and other onco genes that are now being found adventitious or surreptitious viruses they’re known as. There’s a nightmare within the history of vaccines, okay? If people actually take the time to look at it, and then there’s a nugget here in the new phase of gene therapies that they’re rolling out. 

Which by no means will be able to be validated as safe and effective for our generation, because it would take an entire generation even to do a study, to see what the long-term effects are. Do you see how obvious it is, that people are not realizing that you cannot determine long-term safety when you don’t have? You can’t go ahead, 30, 40 years in the future unless you have a time machine. So the whole thing is really remarkable that we are at this moment in history. But I do honor those who have resisted this agenda, who are using informed consent, precautionary principle, parental rights to stand strong in knowing. That no one should inject anything into their body, no matter what, unless you as a participant, want to participate in it. I mean, that’s basic human rights here. 


Nathan Crane

Well, I love what you’re doing through Stand For Health Freedom, because that’s what it’s about. In no way are we saying here, we’re against vaccines. Like we’re not anti-vaccine, right? What we’re saying here is we’re pro choice and pro information and pro having all sides of the story, all the data, right? So you could actually have informed consent. And the problem is right now, we don’t have informed consent. One, we don’t have long-term studies and data on these vaccines on the damages, but the short-term data we have already. I mean, VARS system, as of recording this right now has over 600,000 adverse events submitted to it. And 13,000 deaths from the vaccine submitted to it already. And if you go to the department of health and human services, right on their website, which I report on this recently, the VARS system only attributes to about 1% of real vaccine adverse events. 

So if you multiply, those numbers, the real potential deaths. I’m saying potential, ’cause it’s not clinically verified, right? But if we’re depending on doctors and people to submit their adverse events and deaths after the vaccine. That means 1.3 million potential deaths, so far from this vaccine and over 60 million potential adverse events, right? And so the whole point here is that people educate themselves, that people learn more about the dangers and that people have true informed consent. 

So you can make better decisions for your own health and the health of your children and your grandchildren, right? And so I love what you’re doing through Stand For Health Freedom and through Green Med Info because that’s what you’re doing. You’re informing and you’re empowering people. What would you say is a good Stand For Health Freedom? Like what’s a great place for people who wanna learn more, get more involved, understand more of what’s going on with COVID, with vaccines, with their health? Stand For Health Freedom’s a great resource obviously, but what could they do there to help contribute and support in a bigger way? 


Sayer Ji

Yeah, thanks. So with Stand For Health Freedom, we’re a 501C4 nonprofit. And so we designed it so that we remove the barrier to access to the elected officials. So within 20 seconds, you can basically fill out the form. We’ve worked really hard on creating a customized email template on various central issues related to forced vaccines, forced vaccine passports, forced masking and social isolation and contact tracing. And you can go ahead and it’ll populate by zip code, your elected official, and you can modify the message and go ahead and make a real impact. We’ve had over, I think, 1.5 actions taken thus far on the platform. It’s only a little bit over a year old, it’s completely user supported. There’s zero administrative costs. Like we are literally all volunteers and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen because as you said, you’re correct. We can enlighten people all day long to the information and it’s still so depressing. But when you provide a means to positive action, and you put a megaphone up to the silent sleeping majority, then the elected officials, the powers that be, they actually take notice. 

So we are really happy about what we’re seeing. I do believe Nathan, that we are seeing in the window of COVID the real silver lining is a new political center of gravity that is truly transparent or includes all parties. I mean, you’re a Democrat, you’re a Republican, you’re independent, great. 

If you believe in bodily sovereignty, if you believe that you should have a choice, including if you’re pro-vaccine that you really do need to be behind this. Because if you take away people’s choice to determine what happens to their bodies, their loved one’s bodies. You’re basically saying that you’re no longer free. The state owns you and your children. And this is exactly what’s happening. 

The District of Columbia pushed through a bill that basically allows your children to consent to deadly vaccination without having to inform you, without you having the right to say no. And without them having to even tell you, that’s the state taking your children away by legal definition. And that is unfortunately part of the agenda that is not a conspiracy theory is being written into state legislatures. And it is why we have created Stand For Freedom and why I do believe there will be a great American sovereignty party. That will form, that will be inclusive of those who share these fundamental values, which happened to dovetail perfectly with our constitutional rights as well. 


Nathan Crane

Yeah, standforhealthfreedom.com for everybody, please go there. I’m a supporter of the nonprofit. I’ve also filled out just about every single form on the website, because it is incredibly easy to use very resourceful, and that’s what it’s about. It’s standing up for your own medical sovereignty. I mean, I’m at a place now where, I really believe that if we allow these medical mandates to continue and to proliferate from state to state and country to country, this will just be one of many more to come. And while some people are tuning in might approve of some of these medical mandates, because you believe it’s going to stop the pandemic and it’s the right thing. And in all in you’re saving lives, which, we talked a little bit about that, but it’s a whole other conversation. 

That’s not necessarily what’s really happening, but if you believe that the problem is, is this will only be one step towards a never ending step of medical mandates until it gets to something where you don’t want, right? And by then it could be too late. And so this is not a pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, it is a pro-health freedom conversation. It is a look we wanna protect everybody’s rights, yours, mine, my children, everybody’s from the state, from governments and pharmaceutical companies, and from technocrats and oligarchies. To come in and us what we can and can’t put in and on our bodies. Because if we lose that freedom, guess what? They will never give it back without some kind of unfortunate war or massive fight, which I would never want to see happen, right? So this is like, it is one of the most unbelievable things we’re experiencing as human beings right now. 

And yet I think it is one of the most important issues of our time. And it is very much tied into cancer, because if they move forward with this what’s to say that they won’t start forcing you to take chemotherapy against your will? What’s to say they won’t start forcing you to take radiation against your will? Or to use some new experimental biological drug against your will that’s unproven, right? They’ve already done this with children with cancer, right? Where they took the kids away from the parents and said, “We have the kids’ best interest in mind.” The parents don’t want chemotherapy, but the state believes the kid needs chemotherapy. And they’re forcing that on children in the United States. I mean, it’s unbelievable. And I think what you’re doing through Stand For Health Freedom is commendable, unbelievably important. And I highly encouraged people to go there and get involved and support the mission today. 


Sayer Ji

Wow, thank you for that, Nathan. So helpful for sure. 


Nathan Crane

Yeah, thank you, Sayer. I mean, I just, I wanna say thank you so much for your time, your wisdom. I would love to talk to you for like three or four hours on this topic. You have so much to share. 


Sayer Ji

You have to do a followup.


Nathan Crane

Yeah, you had so much to share so much wisdom, truly a poet and a scientist and very eloquent with how you explain things. I just appreciate all your work. I wanna encourage people to go to regenerateproject.com, get a copy of the book. It’s a great read, you will love it, you will learn a lot from it. Again, Sayer brother. I appreciate you, thank you so much. 


Sayer Ji 

Same thing, Nathan, you’re doing great work. And this is one of my favorite interviews. So thank you. It’s, we’ll get it out to the people that need to hear it. 


Nathan Crane 

Awesome, great. Thanks brother, take care everybody. I wish you ultimate health and happiness, we’ll talk to you soon.


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