Ageless Vitality

Susan Bratton


  • The role our mindset plays in our confidence, sensuality and sexuality is the focus of this session
  • What is the role of mindset when it comes to our health and how does an experience like long C0v!d impact our body and our mind and how do we move beyond that experience
Jana Danielson

Welcome back everyone to The Medicine of Mindset Summit, I’m Jana Danielson, your co host for what I hope you have been experiencing is these little bombs of amazing this all week, the vision for this summit was to reconnect you with your body, your mind and your soul and the experts that we have been putting in front of you are catalysts to help you understand that this number that we connect with as our age or a phase of life that we’re in does not dictate the type of lifestyle that we should be living and so I am really, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my next expert, Susan Bratton and I, our paths crossed earlier this year and She may or may not know just how much of an impact that she has made on my life and she helped me see things really in a different light, as as a woman, you know, coming to the end of her 40th decade and definitely has spurred on some new ways of thinking, some old beliefs that I have shed like the skin of a snake and so when it was time to curate this week, she was at the top of my list, we’re talking all about ageless vitality today. Susan is the co founder of Personal Life Media, she has written over 40 books, she is the intimacy expert to millions and she’s just like a really cool badass chick that helps you just connect with who you are and so with all of that Susan, I just want to welcome you to the virtual medicine of mindset stage.

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