AI & Your Arteries: The Future Of Reversing Heart Disease

James K. Min, MD, FACC


  • Cleerly Coronary CT Angiography (CCTA) of heart arteries uses a widely available heart test and patented software to measure the amount and type of plaque in heart arteries in a precise manner that determines risk
  • A Cleerly CCTA offers a staging of heart disease 1-4 analagous to cancer staging
  • More aggressive stages of heart disease are offered more lifestyle and pharmacological therapies to reduce soft non-calcified plaque and reduce narrowings
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Hello everybody sit down, get excited right now. Welcome back to Reversing Heart Disease Naturally. Summit, Joel Kahn. We have a world expert. I mean we’re bringing world experts. We have a world expert to talk about. Probably I’m so excited it could be the number one. I don’t want anyone else to be offended. Most important interview of the entire summit because you cannot have a Reversing Heart Disease Naturally Summit if you can’t actually talk scientifically academically that you can reverse plaque. In the last decade. I’ve been using a digital carotid ultrasound called a C. I. M. T. And I see my patients plaques get smaller and smaller and smaller but that’s a brain artery. Very important. I have not had a technology to do that in heart arteries. I’m bringing you now Dr. James Min who is the world’s expert on how you document reversal of plaque transformation of plaque. So this is really an important session. 

One that may be very important to you. Dr. James Min is founder and CEO of clearly a healthcare come in the digital care pathway space supporting physicians and patients to reduce the risk of heart attacks Prior to being CEO of clearly he was full professor of radiology medicine, cardiology at the wild Cornell Medical Center in New York and director of the institute of cardiovascular imaging in New York Presby hospital. Dr. Min is on every society in the world of rage and imaging. Published over 500 papers. He’s a young man. A young doctor that is so many hours of work. He’s led more than 10 of the most important clinical trials on imaging of heart arteries. He’s literally changing the paradigm. I just want to stress everything Grandpa knew. Dr. Min is rewriting the book. So James Min without further ado, thank you for being here.

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