An Unexamined Life Leads To Illness

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  • The Autoimmunity Connection & Freedom Framework: examining your story gives you power
  • How to develop awake awareness – looking in to know you are safe, loved and worthy
  • The most powerful epigenetic shifts are those that happen in your own perception
  • Learn to release toxins and trauma so you can optimize your genetic expression and recover from autoimmune conditions
Lyme, Mindset, Trauma
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everyone. Dr. Tom Moorcroft, back with you. And thanks for joining us for this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. And today, I’m really so excited to be having this conversation with Dr. Kiesha Ewers. You know, when I first got into medicine and started exploring functional medicine, I started seeing books from Dr. Keesha, I started hearing her name, and I just kind of saw all the things after her name, you know, like Apron and Ph.D. in the Doctor.This and the thing that was really struck me was she was talking about autoimmunity and healing from it, but in a way that other people weren’t doing it. And as a lot of the folks that we’re talking to in the summit today and this week have done is they see a problem. They see there’s not a great solution, but they see there’s a crack where they they’re doing a lot of work and seeing similarities. And the thing that I love about Dr. Keesha is that she dove in and really saw that there was this area that was really understudied. And she actually ended up doing this study called the Hurt Study, which is healing, unresolved trauma, and then created a whole hurt model for understanding how we get sick and how we can heal from that sort of from the inside out. And so that’s really one of the reasons that I wanted to bring this conversation to you guys today so that Dr. Keesha can share what she’s learned and we can dove into how unresolved trauma is, can actually prevent us from healing and potentially even creating that chronic illness in the first place. So, Dr. Keesha, thanks so much for being here with us today.

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