Are Your Hormones Triggering Your Autoimmunity?

Dr. Tiffany Caplan


  • What is autoimmunity?
  • Hormone autoimmune connection
  • How you can identify if hormones are at the root of your autoimmune condition
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi ladies, welcome back to Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Sharon Stills. It’s great to have you all here. This has just been so much information, so many options, so many different paths and things for you to think about to help you in your hormone journey. And today, like always, we are gonna have a really important conversation because we haven’t talked about autoimmunity yet, and autoimmune disease is rampant and could be affecting you. You may already have been diagnosed with a autoimmune disease or maybe you know someone who was, and today we’re gonna tie it all together with Dr. Tiffany Caplan, who’s my guest, and we’re gonna talk about the connection between hormones and autoimmune disease, and why are women so prevalent in getting diagnosed with autoimmune disease and what you can do about it. So, Dr. Tiffany Caplan is here with me today, is a chiropractic physician and a functional medicine practitioner with a passion for helping people better understand and address complex chronic health conditions. Her passion for functional medicine stems from her own personal health journey. She started out as a patient of a functional medicine doctor while she was in graduate school, and she was then introduced into the world of autoimmunity, seeing many family members suffer from conditions such as Hashimoto’s and lupus, MS, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, and she saw the need to educate people with autoimmune conditions on ways they can reclaim their health. She’s a best-selling author, and she is generously here with us today to share her knowledge, and I’m gonna ask her about her story ’cause I’m intrigued. So welcome, welcome to the summit and thanks for being here.

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