Autoimmunity Unlocked: How To Heal Autoimmune Disease And Optimize Your Ability To Fight Cancer

Peter Osborne, DC


  • The #1 cause of all auto-immune diseases and how to get it out of your diet forever
  • The potentially deadly effects of gluten and how it can lead to cancer
  • What we need to know about vaccines and their role in autoimmunity
Nathan Crane 

Hello, everybody, welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0. My name’s Nathan Crane. I am the award-winning filmmaker of “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective”, as well as the director of the Health and Healing Club. You can learn more about that at, but today, I’m really happy, really excited to be bringing you Dr. Peter Osborne. And he’s gonna share with us how healing auto-immune disease can help us optimize our ability to prevent and reverse cancer. I’m gonna read you Dr. Peter Osborn’s bio, and then we’re gonna bring him in and dive right in. Dr. Peter Osborne is a clinical director of Origins Healthcare in Sugar Land, Texas. 

He’s a doctor of chiropractic, doctor of pastoral science and a board certified clinical nutritionist. He’s one of the most sought after alternative medicine doctors in the world. His practice is centered on helping those with painful chronic degenerative autoimmune diseases using natural methods. Dr. Osborne is one of the world’s leading authorities on gluten sensitivity and lectures nationally on this and many other nutritionally related topics. He’s the author of the bestseller, “No Grain, No Pain”. In addition, Dr. Osborne has served as the executive director and the vice president for the American Clinical Board Of Nutrition, and he’s on the advisory board for Functional Medicine University. 

Make sure to go visit It’s Dr. Peter Osborne and spelled O-S-B-O-R-N-E,, get a copy of his book and just dive into the extraordinary work that he does around helping heal chronic diseases like autoimmune disease. And today this is a really unique perspective, but I think really important one as Dr. Osborne was just telling me kind of behind the scenes here before we hopped on is, is how auto-immune disease can actually be a precursor to cancer. But also there’s a lot of things that are related between autoimmunity and cancer, as well as the solutions that you might apply for if you have autoimmune disease, also, if you have cancer. So there’s just a lot of interconnection between the two. I definitely encourage you to take notes. There’s some key points that you’re gonna wanna write down and learn and some really practical solutions that, you know, Dr. Osborne is really famous for sharing and helping us make this information practical in our lives. So, Dr. Osborne, thank you so much for joining us. 

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