Avoiding Metastasis and Recurrence of Cancer

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Dr. Badakhshan has become a world leader in cancer care. She obtained extensive experience in both primary and urgent care. She holds the deep belief that the optimal way for her patients to achieve healthy lifestyles is through preventive health measures and endeavors to promote such measures at every opportunity in her everyday practice.

Nathan Crane

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, Director of the Health and Healing Club and Host of the Conquering Cancer Summit, and today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview. Today, we’re talking with Dr. Bita Badakhshan who started out as a primary care physician. She’s gonna share with us a little bit about her story, as well as some really fascinating information about preventing recurrence of cancer, as well as identifying if you have cancer and what you can do about it. You know, here I’m at the Cancer Center for Healing we’re doing a number of interviews here with this incredible integrative medical team that is approaching, helping people with cancer from a very multi-pronged approach and doing an incredible job at helping educate people not only in prevention but also supporting them on their healing journey for reversing cancer. So anyway, Dr. Bita, thank you for being here. Thank you for, for joining us and for sharing some time with us.

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