Behind the Scenes Look at the DNA results of Andy Walshe

Andy Walshe


  • “I study and train the most elite performance athletes in the world. You can’t unlock the true pinnacle of human performance without this DNA test.”
  • How genes affect human cognition and what separates the best athletes from the rest of the athletes
Harris Khan

Hello, everyone. Welcome again to our fantastic series here, we’re interviewing some of the top health experts from around the world. My name is Harris Khan, as always. The Director of Product Development here at the DNA company. And today I have a very very special guest and dear friend, someone I’ve known for a number of years now. Absolutely floored by the work that he’s doing there. And so I’ll hand it over to Andy Walshe. Please do introduce yourself. Thank you for joining us today.


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Behind the Scenes Look at the DNA results of Andy Walshe

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