Beyond Vagal Stimulation– How a Comprehensive Brain Based Approach Will Aid Your Mold Strategy

Joe Smith, DC


  • How inflammation effects the brain
  • How our physical appearance
  • Reflexes reflect brain inflammation
Eric Gordon, M.D. 

Welcome, welcome to another edition of mycotoxins and chronic illness. This afternoon, it’s a pleasure to be diving on a discussion with Joe Smith, DC. Dr. Smith is a chiropractor, he is board certified in neurologic chiropractic which we’re gonna talk quite a bit about today. Very interested in this subject. He also is a fellow of the American College of Functional Medicine with specialties in neurodegeneration and child development disorders. He has a diplomat status to the International College of Applied Kinesiology, and he’s a bachelor of science was in psychology which I think has helped form his approach and deep understanding of the nervous system which we’re gonna talk all about today. I think to start off, Joe, I would really like for the listeners to give us a little background in what a neurologic chiropractor is. And let me preface this.

I’m gonna do something a little different here. It’s just because we do have probably a fair amount of physicians listening and many doctors will bristle at the idea that a chiropractor is a neurologist, but after working with Dr. Smith for a while, I can tell you that he is a very good neurologist. It’s just that it’s something that it is not understood what a neurologic chiropractor does or what their training is. Though the idea that chiropractors are not doctors is been slowly diminishing. It’s still kind of a background bias in the medical community. In fact, probably not so background, it can be pretty strong. But those of us who work regularly with chiropractors have realized how important their contribution is to the health of our patients. So, with that little caveat, tell us about what a neurologic chiropractor does.

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