Biohacking Your Mitochondria

Dave Asprey


  • Mitochandria is then your power house
  • How your cells respond to your environment and what that means for your health
  • What Dave learned after spending $1m biohacking himself
Kashif Khan

So we have with us today the godfather, the guru, the pioneer of biohacking. In fact, that word today you know it because of this man. If you went back five, six years ago what does that even mean? That would’ve been the answer. The reason you know what it means is because of Dave’s advocacy and saying that, you can take control, you can take charge if you understand how this thing works, that we all walk around. And there’s a lot more going on than what pill do I take, right. And that’s been Dave’s mission. He’s brought it to us. And what we’re gonna do today is hack to the sort of deepest level we can and try to understand the building block, the cell. Where does it all start? And, I’ve listened to Dave speak before the things that he said, mind blowing us as a biotech company that’s studying DNA. Where it all starts and where cellular construction starts. I’m hearing things from him that I’ve never heard before from the science team and is blowing our mind. So we have to share this with you. Dave, first of all, thanks for joining us. It’s awesome for you to be here.

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