Biological Dentistry

Dr. Stuart Nunnally



How your oral terrain is the beginning of your immune system and the number one thing you must do right now to protect yourself.

Robby Besner PSc.D.

It’s Robby Besner. And yes, we’re back with another interview and this is a Blockbuster Interview. I probably have and will bring on to the Lyme Summit. Healing From Lyme Natural Summit. One of the top, if not the top, Biological Dentists in certainly in the US, I would almost say the globe, and I’ve had my own personal experience with Dr. Stuart Nunnally. He has an amazing practice in Marble Falls. And if you’ve never been to Marble Falls, Texas, it’s probably where God dropped a shoe. It is so stunning and beautiful there. It’s amazing. 

So I want to welcome Dr. Stuart Nunnally, not only to the stage or to the summit. Hey, Dr. Nunnally, thank you so much for carving out some time. I know how busy you are. I’ve been in your practice. I’ve seen you work. I’ve never been around or been in the audience in a place like your clinic, that you’ve got so many personnel, and they’re all, it’s like a well-oiled machine. I almost feel like it’s like a Maserati or something you know, and, but yet knowing how important your time is. 

When I was in your presence, in your chair, being treated by you. I felt like it was timeless that you gave me the love and the time and the personal attention that I felt that I needed, that I feel that everybody out there, people tuning in today, every Lyme patient listening today, you’re all special. And you deserve the attention of, and the caliber of a practitioner like Dr. Nunnaly. So with that, welcome to the Lyme Summit. Can you spend a minute or two and give us a little backdrop of, you know, like your interest in dentistry? AS it always been in dentistry? You are a particular kind of dentist. That’s not just a normal dentist. I would call you and maybe to correct me if I’m wrong, a “Biological Dentist”, which is sort of the new modern dentistry and applications. So how’d, you kinda get started and interested in that, and then walk us forward as to like the things that you focus on in your practice today.

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