Brain Fog, Long Haul, And Alzheimer’s

Dale Bredesen, MD


  • Similarities between COVID and Alzheimer’s
  • Brain fog in COVID
  • Treatment and prevention of brain fog
Eric Gordon, MD

Welcome, welcome. This is a really special addition of overcoming long haul and chronic fatigue. Today I have a pleasure of talking with Dr. Dale Bredesen. Dr. Bredesen has been an inspiration to too many of us in the field of I guess his since biology or just taking care of patients with illnesses that other people have felt were incurable or we’re waiting for the magic bullet to fix. And Dr. Bredesen is an M. D. And a researcher and he’s got first I’m gonna start off and let him tell us a little bit about his journey to treating people as they have a systemic problem. So Dr. Bredesen.

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