The Breakthrough Code for Health

Tom McCarthy


  • The 3 Step Code for creating a breakthrough in your health.
  • Focus on Less, Then Obsess.
  • Upgrade your story, Upgrade Your life.
  • Pack Your Day With Effective Action
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Welcome to the healing from, Lyme Summit Naturally. And today got a blockbuster interview in store for you, a really cool guy named Tom McCarthy. His body of work is an area that I think is so underserved and it’s the up and coming. There’s two areas that I think are going to explode in health and wellness, and that is emotional health and healing using energy, energy medicine. And this guy’s all about it. In fact, he graced me with interviewing me on his up and coming summit, which I hope we’ll talk about as we get towards the end of our interview. Tom, welcome to the Lyme Summit, Healing from Lyme Naturally Summit. Thanks for joining us.

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