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Breast Health: The Connection Between Lymphatics, Teeth, & Wellness

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  • The danger of breast implants
  • The benefits of thermography to address breast health
  • Supporting breast health through movement and stimulate lymphatic tissue
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hello, ladies. It’s so great to be here with you again on day three. And today I’m gonna be chatting with you about the tatas, about your breasts. I mentioned them briefly yesterday, and I wanna dive a little deeper today, because it’s hard to be a physician working with women, and not be dealing with breast health, and with either preventing breast cancer, or treating breast cancer, or strengthening the immune system so breast cancer doesn’t recur. So I have extensive experience dealing with this, and I wanna share some tools and tips for you all, because I know even though cardiovascular is the number one, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in women, we all seem to worry more about our breasts. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t, because our breasts can be a breeding ground for developing tumors if we’re not taking good care of ourselves. So first just to continue from yesterday, implants. And this is a ginormous topic, which I don’t have time right now to delve into, But what I will say is that any patient of mine who has implants, and it doesn’t matter if they’re saline or silicon, because, unfortunately, the saline ones have a silicon encasing, so they all have the silicon in them, which is a known toxin in the body. It’s known to increase autoimmune disease, and reactions, and inflammation, and all sorts of problems. 


So if you have breast implants, I would say that’s something you wanna put at the top of your list is looking into getting explanted, which means removing not only the implant, but the capsule that it is in, because a lot of microbes and molds and things can grow in that capsule. And so you’d wanna do that with a surgeon. And this is not something you’re just gonna go out and do tomorrow, but it’s something that you wanna start talking to your holistic healthcare provider about, and seeing how you can get this done, and get it done properly. And so I just wanna kind of put that out there. Knowing that I’m not going as deep into this conversation as I need to, but just to put it on your radar as if this is something that’s in your body, it’s a good thing to think about getting out, just like we talk about getting mercury amalgams out. And so we’re talking about breasts today. But I can’t talk about breasts without talking about teeth. You may or may not know that I am a European bioregulatory trained physician. I studied extensively starting when I was in medical school. So over 20 years studying over in Switzerland, and Germany, and learning, because I just knew intuitively that the Europeans were far ahead of us in how they looked at the body and how they did things naturally. So I made it my purpose to insert myself over to the clinics over there, and learn their ways. And one of the things I learned first having to do with breasts is that you have to look at the mouth. 

With any cancer, actually. And that might seem weird, but we have to remember that every tooth has a acupuncture meridian connected to it. So like the front teeth are your kidneys and your bladder, the eye tooth is your liver, your upper molars are your stomach meridian. And the stomach Meridian runs right through your breast. And you can’t see my breast, but they’re there. And the stomach meridian is writing right through it. And so that puts the breast on the stomach meridian. And what we have seen time and time and time and time again is that root canals in this breast tooth, in the stomach meridian tooth, will contribute to a breast cancer. So something that I do for women, and something that I would recommend you look into is I do computerized regulation thermography. This is a noninvasive diagnostic tool from Germany that I have been utilizing in my clinic since the beginning, that measures over 119 points on your body, from your head to your breasts to your torso, and looks at contributing factors to how your breast health is. So it’s a screen for breast cancer. 

And I know we’re used to mammographies for screening for breast cancers, but mammographies don’t see things often until they are big. Because the thermography scan is a regulation diagnostic, it’s a test of the function of the autonomic nervous system, it can see things way before they grow big enough to be seen on traditional diagnostic imaging. So in thermography scans, we don’t just look at is there inflammation in the breast? And I wanna just caveat and digress here for a moment. Some of you may be familiar with thermography where you go and you get a picture, an image of your breast, then you can see if there’s inflammation. And that is not what I’m talking about here. I am talking about where I’m actually using a wand, and taking actual temperature readings all over your whole body and looking at the body as a whole, because not only does inflammation in the breast cause a problem, but problems like I said in your teeth cause a propensity towards breast cancer development. Problems in your lymphatic system. There’s so much lymph tissue in the breast, in the lymph drain, there’s lymph nodes here, and lymph can get stuck. And so lymphatic congestion is one of the biggest things I see and work with patients to reverse, to reverse a breast cancer from forming. And so there also can be issues with your ovaries, with your livers, the body is connected. And so it’s really important that we look at the body in a connected way, especially when we’re thinking about our breasts. 

So computerized regulation thermography, you can Google it. There’s not a ton of us, so hopefully there’s someone near you who does it. I do it here in Arizona, and sometimes I’m on the East Coast, and sometimes people get together, a group of 10 friends or colleagues, and they fly me out, and I come and scan everyone. But it’s a really important tool to be utilizing. It’s also the only diagnostic tool that can evaluate your lymphatic system. And your lymphatic system is the sewer drainage of our body. And it does not get enough attention. So what can we be doing for our breasts and our lymphatic system? One, we can be sweating. Sweating is really important to open up and get the lymph flowing and moving. So whether it be in a infrared sauna, or at a hot yoga class, or in a hot bath, with some diaphoretic tea like achillea, which is yarrow. But getting your sweat on could be a good session in the bedroom. It’s really important to sweat. To me, sweating daily is part of staying healthy and supporting our breasts. It’s also really important that we throw away the underwire, that we use organic, cotton bras with no underwire, because that congests the lymph to hold the girls up. Another thing we need to throw away is deodorant, because antiperspirants are anti-sweat. They may as well just be saying “Here, clog your lymphatic system. 

Keep the toxins in there.” We certainly don’t wanna be using anything that has aluminum in it, a known neurotoxin. And so we want to be looking at natural alternatives. I actually recommend for patients this wonderful detox deodorant. So it actually helps to drain the lymphatic system while keeping you smelling good. So we want to throw out the deodorant, we want to throw out the underwire, we want to be looking into thermographies. Now, I’m a doctor, but I’m not your doctor. I can tell you personally, I’m 54 years old, I have never had a mammography, I never plan to have one. The amount of ionizing radiation that is present, to me is a contributory factor to cancer development. So I personally have my patients do thermography scans, that’s what I do. If I see an issue, I might ask for an ultrasound, or an MRI, or some advanced cancer marker testing. And that is the way I do it. So I just want to put out there, this is what I do. I’m not diagnosing or telling you what to do if you’re not a patient of mine, but I just wanna give you, again, another way of thinking. I also, we talked about bioidentical hormones. I am a big fan. I know we have this belief that estrogen causes cancer, but it doesn’t. 

Estrogen is an umbrella, and there are different kinds of estrogen. Now, yes, there are some that are proliferative, means it makes things grow like E1 estrone and E2 estradiol, but there’s also E3 estriol, which hits the beta receptors, which actually is inhibitory, and makes things calm down. And so it’s a great misservice to just say estrogen causes breast cancer, because if it truly did, then when we were going through puberty, and estrogen was surging, or when we were pregnant, and estrogen is surging, we’d see a lot of breast cancers develop, and we don’t. We see a lot of postmenopausal breast cancers develop when hormones are dropping. And so, again, it’s a misconception. And it’s working with someone who understands the different forms of estrogen, the different interactions. There’s actually estrogens, such as 2-methoxyestradiol, which is a metabolite that I learned about years and years ago over in Europe that they used to treat breast cancer along with estriol. And so, again, it’s not having this overlapping, “Oh, this is scary, I’ll stay away.” Sometimes we have to dig deeper or find someone to work with who really understands and can dig deeper with you. But I can tell you that part of my be breast cancer prevention, treatment, and support for preventing recurrence always involves the use of properly-dosed and monitored bioidentical hormones. The other thing we can do for our girls is we can move them. So let’s see. So we’re gonna fluff. We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna move them side to side. Not the best angle for that, but we’re gonna move our breasts. I do this when I get ready in the morning, and that helps to move the lymphatic tissue. We can get on a vibration plate, and that helps to move the lymphatic tissue. 

We can get on, I have a unit called the FLOWpresso that you get in, and it snuggles you, and it compresses, and it moves the lymphatic tissue. We can get acupuncture, we can get craniosacral, we can get massage, we can get hands-on-body work to move things, to get things moving. So that is something else that’s really, really important, moving your breasts. And we want to be thinking about our breasts and what they mean to us emotionally. So our breasts have to do with our femininity, they have to do with nurturing. And so I ask you to look at how do you feel about being a woman? How do you feel about nurturing and self-nurturing yourself? Are you being loving and kind? Are you putting yourself first? Is self care at the top of your menu for the day? And I know we’re all busy, but there’s lots of little ways that we can insert self care into our daily lives. So I really, really want you to think about that. How do you feel about your breasts? Do you feel comfortable in your body? Have you allowed yourself to suppress your own needs and desires? Because that’s what this is about here. A lot of times, I see in women who are dealing with breast cancer, they were betrayed by a male partner, whether it be a husband or a boss or a father or a brother. And so we have to look at our relationships to others, and to ourselves. A lot of time, women who have issues with their breasts, they don’t feel good about themselves. 

They’re not putting on their own oxygen mask before they put on others. And so, again, this is just the opening, just an invitation. There’s a lot of work to be done here. And I love helping guide you through this, but I just wanna kind of plant some seeds to start thinking. We really need to start tying in the mind to the body. They are not separate. That’s why I have my RED programs to reinvent your health, address the physical body, explore your spirit to address the emotional body, and then to discover your sexy, to discover what sexy means to you, because it means something different to all of us. And I think we’ve been taught that sexy is a nice butt, curvy waste. And maybe it is, but maybe it isn’t. To me, sexy is the thoughts you think, the actions you take, the love you give to yourself and to others, it’s how you move in the world. That’s what sexy is, it’s feeling comfortable in your body, in your spirit, in your life, and owning what it means to be an amazing, powerful, menopausal, magic goddess. 

So that’s what I wanna share with you today. And you’ll see, in most of my talks I go a wide range, because that’s how I help people heal, that’s how I heal myself, that’s how I work with patients who are going through menopause, breast cancer, autoimmune disease, whatever it is, we have to look at it all. We can’t just say, “Okay, you have a root canal here. It’s infected, it needs to be removed, goodbye.” That’s part of it. We can’t just say, “Throw out your deodorant.” We can’t just say, “Get the right test.” We can’t just say, “Take some hormones.” We can’t just say, “Do I love myself?” We have to say it all. Because when we only focus on the mind or we only focus on the body, we miss a big, important piece. We are physical beings. We have these physical bodies. We have to love them and pay attention to them, but we are energetic spirits, humans, emotions, and that needs to be paid attention to, too. So, again, thank you for being here. Thank you for hearing what I have to say. I just love, love, love sharing, and opening this conversation. We are just getting started.


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