Build Your Brand: Find Your Frequency

David Meltzer


  • Learn to build a brand that resonates with your audience and empowers you with the skills and knowledge to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Find the frequency of your brand.
  • Utilize the “Stage Theory” to find the right mix of content, access and mediums with which to connect to your audience.
Tom McCarthy

I am super excited about my next guest. He is someone I’ve gotten to know over the past couple years, and he’s got a huge audacious goal, and it’s to make over 1 billion people happier. Which I love that about you, Dave. And David Meltzer is a guy that originally started in the sports world, and it was just a Super Bowl played recently, which probably some of you have watched. If you didn’t watch it I know you heard of it. And Dave goes to all the different Super Bowls. Back in the day, he was a very significant force in the sporting world. He was a CEO of Leigh Steinberg Agencies, and the movie Jerry Maguire was actually based on Leigh Steinberg. So Dave had a big part in that. And every year when the National Football League draft came, they usually would have, you know, the number one pick or the top quarterback. So he played a big role in that, but he’s expanded beyond that now. He still works in the sports world and is very big in that, but he is an energy master, and that’s why we have him here today. He’s someone who’s really studied energy in his life. I was in, we were just joking around, I was in his office and he had this, and maybe he’ll tell us about it a little bit later, but he had calligraphy up on the wall and he had me trace it with my hand. And when you do that, there’s a certain, because it has a vibration, right? That symbol, it increases your energy for prosperity, which is one of the things we want him to talk about. A lot of people are struggling in life because they don’t know how to create prosperity in their life. And it’s just an energy issue that they’re really dealing with. So, Dave, I’m really excited to have you here. Thanks for being part of our summit.

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