Building an Oasis: Eliminate the Toxins in Your Home to Support Autoimmune Healing

Julie Michelson


  • The most important part of your home to detox 
  • The vital role toxic burder plays in autoimmunity 
  • The best resources to make a total home detox simple and stress-free
Keesha Ewers, PhD, ARNP-FNP-C, AAP, IFM-C

Welcome back to the reverse auto-immune disease summit series, everyone. I’m Dr. Keesha Ewers. We are on our fourth iteration of the reverse auto-immune disease summit series. This is of course the auto-immune detox component. We’re working with those four corner pieces of the puzzle. Each one of us are unique but we all have genetics that are going to play a part in our autoimmunity. We all have our gut and gut health that’s going to play a part. We all have our own stress loads and past trauma that play a part. And how those genetics are regulated or men are expressed and also our gut health is in the microbiota live in there. And then we also, that fourth corner piece is the toxic burden. And each of us is different in terms of how exposure to different kinds of toxins will impact us. 95% of Americans has Epstein-Barr virus is a good example, but not 95% of Americans have auto-immune disease with Epstein-Barr. 

So, what we wanna know is, so what is that component of toxic load and burden? And part of that is the genetic aspect of how your body detoxes, the toxins that you’re exposed to. And, what can we do in our exterior world to reduce the burden as much as possible, and be kind to these beautiful bodies that carry us around throughout this lifetime. So, I’m really excited to introduce to you Julie Michaelson who’s an international speaker, a best-selling author and a national board certified functional medicine health coach. She specializes in inflammation and autoimmunity. So, she has created RA the right way to partner with her clients and making changes necessary to reduce inflammation and optimize healing. And I’m really excited to have you here, Julie to talk about this. This is something that a lot of people are unaware of is, oh, I can actually reduce my load. I have some choices that I can do here. So, welcome to the series.

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