Can We Really Live to 150?

Kashif Khan


  • A special tedX talk that answers the question of optimizing healthspan
  • Why does disease happen and why is it a choice
  • How your DNA can be your guide in controlling how you age
Kashif Khan

How much longer would you live if disease became a choice? If you could look out into the future and see what was coming and stop it in its tracks, how much longer would you live? How much longer would you live if you could understand aging? Those first white hairs or wrinkling skin, if you could tune dials and understand how to slow it down, how much longer would you live? Harvard put out a study, saying that there’s five simple habits you can adopt. And if you were to do that, you would extend your life by 14 years. I would argue, with current science, there’s actually a lot more we can do. I’m gonna tell you what those five habits are, but before we get into that, I’m gonna tell you about the science. Inside each one of our 57 trillion cells, there’s a literal human instruction manual. There’s a blueprint telling every cell what to do, instructing every cellular process. If we dive in and read that manual, we start to understand what our bodies are capable of. We then understand why diseases happen. The challenge is, we don’t do this. And what is that manual? It’s our DNA, our literal human instruction manual, your genetic code. There’s 22,000 genes that, at all given times, are telling your body what to do, and it’s unique for each one of us. 

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