Cancer Prevention – The Most Effective Diet and Habits to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

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  • How to change your genetic expression to prevent cancer
  • The evolution of our basal body temperature (and its role in cancer growth and prevention)
  • How to control your internal environment to fight off cancer cells
Nathan Crane

Hello, everybody. Welcome to The Global Cancer Symposium. 2.0. My name is Nathan Crane. I am the award-winning filmmaker of “Cancer; The Integrative Perspective,” as well as the director of The Health and Healing Club. You can learn more about that at But today I’m really happy to bring you Dr. Nathan Goodyear. And we’re going to talk about prevention, cancer prevention, as well as some of the most effective habits to help you reduce your cancer risk. Now, this interview is gonna be really helpful, whether you have cancer and you’re really, or you’ve overcome cancer, and you’re trying to prevent a recurrence, I should say. Or you have a family member, or a friend, or somebody that you want to share this with, who you’re interested in supporting them in preventing recurrence. Or just you yourself. You want to stay on top of things. 

You want to be proactive and you want to prevent, do the things to help you support preventing cancer to the best of your ability. So what you’re gonna learn today is gonna be really practical, and really give you some tools to take away. You can start making some powerful changes to implement in your own life starting today. I’m gonna read you Dr. Goodyear’s bio, and then we’re gonna dive right in and get to some really good nuggets of wisdom I should say, to help you on this journey. So Dr. Nathan Goodyear’s passion for wellness began with his own hundred pound, post-college football career weight loss. He lost a hundred pounds after college football, that’s huge. 

Dr. Goodyear is dedicated to disease prevention, disease resolution, and to the wellness lifestyle through a solution-based integrative medicine approach, founded in science. Dr. Goodyear received his Bachelor of Arts from Louisiana Tech, and his Doctor of Medicine from LSU Health Sciences Center. He’s board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. And served as the chief resident obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Goodyear has practiced integrative medicine since 2006, and is a Fellow in Functional and Regenerative Medicine, and served on the board of the American Functional Medicine Association. Dr. Goodyear is licensed by the Arizona Homeopathic and the Integrative Medical Board in Arizona. He’s also the medical director at in Mesa, Arizona. Dr. Thomas Lodi, who owns , who is in Thailand most of the time, is also a part of this symposium. Make sure you go listen to that interview right after this one. Or if you already listened to it, I’m glad you’re listening to this one as well. And you can find Dr. Goodyear at , Dr. Goodyear, thank you so much for joining us.

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