Certificate Course in Environmental Health

Lara Adler



The Certificate Course in Environmental Health is a 5-month online course for health professionals like health coaches, nutritionists, and doulas to nurses, MDs, DOs, DCs, NDs, and others, who are eager to integrate the topic of toxins into their practices.

This course explores the history of the environmental health movement, from the turn of the last century up to modern-day public policy around toxins, exploration of industry front groups, epigenetics, toxicology, and detoxification protocols. We also explore the majority of the potential exposures we experience in and around our homes, from home construction, furniture, and carpeting, to bedding, personal care products, indoor air quality, basement, garage, and lawn care.

The Certificate Course provides a strong emphasis on the practical application of how to integrate this knowledge into your practice. It also offers comprehensive support around starting or growing a business and includes small group business coaching on topics like niche, program offerings, marketing, best practices regarding the discussion of environmental health topics, and more.

This course is comprised of 20+ hours of lectures and 36 hours of group and private coaching.

Currently qualifies for 30 CEUs from the NANP

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT 

Hey, thanks so much for coming back folks, I’ve got a really exciting guest for you today, Lara Adler Adler. She’s a friend of ours, has been for a long time, and she’s one of the leading experts on environmental toxins. And she’s a great educator. She has a, she’s a certified holistic health coach herself, and she teaches other health coaches, and nutritionists, and all kinds of holistic health practitioners, what we call the allied practitioners, how to eliminate the number one thing, holding their clients back. And guess what that might be? That’s the unaddressed link between chemicals and chronic health problems. And she trains practitioners to become experts themselves in everyday toxic exposure so they can improve client outcomes. That’s the whole game, right. Now that’s, now Laura has found a way to do that without spending hundreds of hours researching yourself. She’s can teach you from the bottom line up, she’s actually has beginners and advanced courses. 

So, we’re really excited to get to talk to her about that. And she’s got her own environmental health education not to mention business consulting, and she has helped thousands of health professionals over 25 countries around the world, elevate their skill set, get better results with clients and become the sought out leaders in the growing environmental health and detoxification field. Now, some of, you know too, that my background started out with environmental law and saving the planet. And 20 years ago, I turned that attention to, you know, from saving birds, bees, trees, what have you, to saving people hopefully. So, Lara Adler, I’m so glad that we have so much in common and look forward to this talk. Why don’t you tell us a bit about your background, how you got in here, and anything else you want to say, this is a chance for you to shine and let the folks know who Lara Adler Adler is? 

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