Chemical Sensitivities In MCAS

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  • The latest research in chemical sensitivities and MCAS
  • The links with chemical sensitivities and COV!D
  • How to reverse your chemical sensitivities
Beth O’Hara, FN

Welcome to this episode of the “Reversing Mast Cell Activation “and Histamine Intolerance Summit”. I’m your host Beth O’Hara of Mast Cell 360, and I am so excited today to have Dr. Tania Dempsey with us. And I wanna tell you a little bit about her. She is an MD, she’s board-certified in internal medicine and integrative and holistic medicine. She graduated with her MD degree from John Hopkins. And in 2011, she founded her center that’s now called the AIM Center for Personalized Medicine. This is a destination practice in Purchase, New York. And she focuses on complex multisystem diseases. She’s an expert in mast cell activation syndrome, dysautonomia, chronic fatigue syndrome, tickborne infections and autoimmunity. She’s the co-author of a chapter on urogynecology and hypermobility.

And I just wanna make a plug for the book called “Disjointed”. This is a great book, really excited about that on EDS and hypermobility spectrum disorders. And she’s also authored several groundbreaking articles in the medical literature that’s been game-changing in the area of MCAS. One of the areas we’re gonna dive into today is this groundbreaking research on chemical intolerances which affect many people with mast activation syndrome. So excited about this and honored that you’re coming on to share with us, ’cause this is gonna help legitimize this awful experience of chemical sensitivities so many people with mast activation syndrome deal with and I had myself and then you’re stigmatized out there because people don’t believe you, they don’t understand, people are told they’re crazy. So I think this interview’s gonna be very valuable for both patients and practitioners. Thank you so much for joining us.

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Chemical Sensitivities In MCAS

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