Combining EBOO + Methylene Blue + Light Therapy

Yoshi Rahm, DO


  • Why use the O3D/EBOO/EBO2/Ozone dialysis version of ozone therapy
  • What is UBI and polychromatic light therapy
  •  Why combine Ozone with Methylene blue and Red light therapy
Christine Schaffner, N.D.

Welcome, everyone, to the Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit. I am so thrilled today to have our guest, Dr. Yoshi, and we’re gonna be diving deep into some new modalities that I think are really gonna move the needle in the chronic illness communities. So, welcome, Dr. Yoshi, it’s really an honor to have you.


Yoshi Rahm, DO

Yeah, it’s an honor to be here and I just look forward to spreading and learning knowledge.


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Combining EBOO + Methylene Blue + Light Therapy

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