Cognitive Decline in Complex Chronic Illness

Eric Gordon, MD


Heather Sandison, N.D.

Welcome back to the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Heather Sandison, and I’m so thrilled to have my dear friends, Dr. Eric Gordon and Dr. Nafysa Parpia here today. She is another naturopathic doctor, a colleague of mine who works with Dr. Gordon in the Gordon Medical Center that he started in the San Francisco Bay area many years ago. 

Together, they have decades and decades of clinical experience diving deep into chronic, excuse me, chronic fatigue syndrome, mold and mycotoxin illness, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, and of course, dementia and autism. They are just a delight to be around. I’m so excited to have them here to share their wisdom, their experience about diving into some complex and somewhat messy issues when it comes to reversing dementia. They’ve seen it in their practice, and they’ve wrestled with the confusion and complexity in complex medicine for a long time. Welcome to the show, you guys.

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