Correct Your Eyesight Naturally – Without Glasses Or Surgery

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  • Discover the connection between your eyes and the regulation of your nervous system
  • Understand why sunglasses could be harmful and whether Lasik surgery is a viable option
  • Learn how to naturally improve your vision without glasses or surgery
  • This video is part of the Mastering the Menopause Transition 2.0 Summit
Sharon Stills, ND

Hello and welcome to Mastering Your Menopause Transition Summit 2.0. Save your hair, your figure, your mind. Today, we’re going to talk about saving your eyes because I can tell you that I see so many patients, so many of my perimenopausal and menopausal patients come in and yes, they have the complaints we are all aware of the sleepless nights, the hot flashes, the weight gain, the hair loss, etc., etc.. But they have eye complaints. Their eyes are changing, their eyes are dry. And our eyes, I mean, I get up every day and I do my gratitude and I’m always grateful for my eyes. I always think about like how I take it for granted, but how my eyesight and what I’m able to see. The beauty in the world is so, so precious and not to be taken for granted. So I wanted to make sure during this summit we had a talk about your eyes, because they are so important and you may be having questions. I thought, who am I going to invite to have that talk with you? It was a very quick conversation in my brain because I knew it had to be Claudia Muehlenweg, who is a natural vision teacher and is a dear friend and colleague, and I had her on my podcast probably a while ago. But you can also go check out our podcast interview after you listen to our summit interview. But she changed my life just learning about eyes. She was very instrumental in me not being addicted to my sunglasses, which I was very, very addicted to. We’re going to have that conversation. You’re going to find out why you shouldn’t be addicted to your sunglasses and so much more. So, welcome, Claudia. I’m so happy you’re here. I’m so excited to chat with you today.

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