Cutting-Edge Sexual Wellness Solutions

Mark White



The three most effective treatments to optimize men’s sexual health:

  • GAINSWave Therapy for Men
  • Performance Enhancing Peptides
  • Hormone Optimization
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi there. Welcome to the Peptide Summit. My name is Dr Matt Cook and today I’m delighted to have my good friend Mark White with me. Mark’s the CEO of Health Gains, GAINSWave and FemiWave And I think he’s probably one of the great medical business minds in the world today. He started at the beginning working in hormone replacement and I think is probably the most important person to bring the technology of acoustic sound wave therapy for sexual health, both for men and women, to the world. And so he has an organization that teaches and educates physicians. They do business coaching, practice management and his clinics that I’ve been to and I’ve been super impressed by. He’s an amazing person, an innovator and a friend. And so I’m delighted to have him here on the Peptide Summit to talk about sexual health and all of the interesting ways that you can use modern science to kind of help your social life.

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